TEFL Positions in Singapore

Date posted:2018-03-27 | Writer: BlueSky Education | Email: [email protected]

BlueSky Education  are global educational holiday camps provider with operations in Singapore, UK, and Australia. We run year-round English camps in Singapore. We are currently recruiting TEFL qualified staff for our camp that runs between June and August 2018. We need native-speaker teachers to work with us to deliver a fun and educational camp for our students. Our students will be between 8-18 years old coming from China, Vietnam, Korea, Japan, Indonesia, Thailand and Laos, among other countries. Applicants must be in Singapore now.


We want EFL teachers who can deliver engaging, public speaking focused classes, to suit international students aged 8-18. We will provide lesson plans and we expect you to execute them with skill and flair and motivate the students to be the best they can. Our curriculum focuses on building confidence in public speaking and a key focus of your role is to get the students ready for a public speaking competition which will take place during the penultimate day of camp.


Lessons are given in the morning and usually begin at 0830 and last for 3 hours. 5/6 lessons a week as part of our standard program.

Candidates who can commit to teaching for the duration of one camp run - this equates to minimum of 9/10 classes over 2 weeks with 3 hours of are preferred.


Begin classes on time and complete all tasks in Bluesky’s curriculum.

Take time to prepare well for classes and ensure the aim and content of the lessons are well understood.

Build students’ confidence in public speaking.

Give students maximum speaking time in class.

Manage student behavior and quickly resolve any issues in class.

Create an environment where students feel confident to express themselves without fear or judgement.

Enforce an ‘English only’ in class rule.

Supplement our curriculum with your own team games and activities which are designed to foster a sense of team spirit.

Introduce students to Singaporean culture and history.


English native speakers, with recognized English teaching qualification, such as TESOL/TEFL and minimum 2 years of classroom teaching experience.


30 SGD/hr


If interested please send CVs to the email address given on the job heading.  

Below you can read feedback from an ITTT graduate regarding one section of their online TEFL certification course. Each of our online courses is broken down into concise units that focus on specific areas of English language teaching.


In this lesson, I learned the beneficial approaches to teaching beginners and children. I learned that one should ever use the students’ mother tongue, as it disrupts immersion. I also learned the several ways to keep children engaged with the lesson, as they are prone to boredom and distraction. In this unit there are many helpful tips to assist with motivating students as well.This unit was presented in a nice and easy to follow layout. It simply and clearly identified the usages and forms of the various future (and future-affected) tenses. The teaching opportunities associated with each of the forms throughout the module are very helpful to see. Having the student mistakes given with the forms helps see areas that may require extra attention when teaching.