Teach EFL in Argentina

Date posted:2009-12-09 | Writer: Escuela Bilingue Puerta del Sol | Email: [email protected]

Escuela Bilingue Puerta del Sol has two vacancies to complete a team of 5 Native English teachers for this school year. Start date: March 3rd (to the last week of November).

We offer full lodging (home and 3 meals/day) and a Spanish course for the entire 9 months period. In exchange, we ask you to teach 12 hours per week at our school.

Our Fundacion was created with the aim of offering all kids in our small community high quality education at the lowest possible cost.

The school is not a business and we, parents and teachers, work very hard month after month, most of us, ad-honorem- to fulfill our goal and include each year more and more students that couldn't afford private education otherwise.

At this stage, our priority is working toward implementing a full bilingual program, and we want our students (who come from all corners of our town, regardless social or economical status) to have contact with "real English", and that's when you come in.

We are gathering a team of 5 teachers who'll be sharing a home. Fully furnished, with lots of comfort details (Jacuzzi, floor heating -loza radiante-, microwave, TV and DVD set, etc).

Candidates MUST be Native English speakers AND have a TEFL certification of A MINIMUM of 60 hours.

You must be enthusiastic, original and willing to make English lessons fun but productive.

Apart from teaching 12 hours at the school, we ask that each teacher dictates at least one extracurricular course, open to the entire community (all ages), for which you'll get 30% of all fees collected. This will help you cover your personal expenses while in Trevelin.

Trevelin is a beautiful touristic center in our Patagonia, originally a Welsh settlement, and receives each season thousands of tourists from all around the world.

In order to be considered you must be immediately available to make your visa and travel arrangements so as to arrive in Trevelin by March 1st and stay for a period of 9 months (travel expenses are not covered by the school). The school will send you a letter that you can submit to the embassy for Visa purposes, where we state that you come for a 9-month Spanish course with us and that you�ll be doing some volunteering at the school as ESL teachers as well.

We will need to receive from you: - a recent picture of yourself - your resume - an email/cover letter saying why you think you'll be an asset to our school and mission - a scan of your teaching or university certificates/accreditations, along with the transcripts (qualification sheets related to your teaching education)

Upon receiving this information you'll be contacted for an online interview. Thanks in advance for your time!

Email us at the address given on the job heading. 

Below you can read feedback from an ITTT graduate regarding one section of their online TEFL certification course. Each of our online courses is broken down into concise units that focus on specific areas of English language teaching.


In this unit I learnt about the receptive skills listening and reading, and how important it is to incorporate both skills in a lesson plan to ensure an effective and balanced class. There are listening/reading skills for entertainment and listening/reading skills for for skills. There are sub classes for these which are predictive skills, scanning, skimming, detailed information and deduction from context.This unit; teaching special groups explains the different learning groups in EFL teaching. These groups are; the beginners, individual students, young learners (children), and business English students. Teaching techniques for every group is discussed with possible problems in some cases, class discipline and motivation. This has given me more knowledge and confidence in handling any of the mentioned group.