ESL positions in Tunisia

Date posted:2014-03-15 | Writer: AMIDEAST | Email: [email protected]

AMIDEAST  is now recruiting qualified EFL teachers for full-time positions in our Tunis and Sousse offices. AMIDEAST teachers work with learners of all ages who are eager to expand their opportunities. We also partner with businesses and public agencies to train employees in English for special purposes and provide communication and business skills to youth and others seeking to transition into the job market. In addition to English language training, AMIDEAST offices offer a myriad of other program and activities, including scholarship and exchange programs, professional training, free advising on opportunities to study in the U.S. and daily cultural activities that are open to the public. AMIDEAST English language teachers benefit from the following: • Hotel accommodation provided upon arrival for up to 15 days • Assistance in finding housing • Work permit and help with other legal paperwork • Introduction to colloquial Arabic language instruction • Professional development workshops • Opportunities for other educational or professional experiences within AMIDEAST • Locally competitive hourly rate based on qualifications and experience starting at 20.28 Tunisian Dinars Candidates should meet the following requirements: • Excellent English language proficiency • University degree • EFL/ESL certification course of 100-120 hours with teaching practicum* • One to two years experience (preferred) If you are interested in joining the AMIDEAST team of over 50 teachers in Tunis or Sousse please send a cover letter and a CV to the appropriate contact below. Please note in the subject heading of your email which city interests you.

Below you can read feedback from an ITTT graduate regarding one section of their online TEFL certification course. Each of our online courses is broken down into concise units that focus on specific areas of English language teaching.


What I appreciated most about this unit is that it explains concisely what you should keep in mind when selecting texts and how best to use them to maximise the development of receptive skills. It also provided me with a greater understanding of how people tend to read or listen to information. This seemingly simple bit of information has informed my process when selecting texts for my students.My biggest takeaway from this unit was realizing the complexity of english grammar and how difficult it must be as an english language learner ti start out, especially at a more mature age. The irregular nature of the English language is something I hadn't given much thought until recently and I think this was a very helpful lesson in the way that it helps teachers empathize with their students.