Living and Teaching English in Belize - Habits, Customs & Curiosities

Central America is a very popular choice with many EFL teachers due to its close proximity to the USA.

This convenient location makes traveling to and from your chosen country both cheaper and less time consuming than traveling farther afield.

However, as it is one of the smallest countries in the region and by far the smallest in population, Belize is often overlooked as a possible destination for teaching English abroad.

These guides provide a good introduction to visiting Belize, from basic travel advice to the types of food you can expect to enjoy during your stay.

Travel Tips For Belize

Despite its small size, Belize is a very popular destination due to its tropical climate, beautiful beaches and fascinating culture.
Other popular activities include mountain trekking, parasailing and simply relaxing on one of the country’s many great beaches.
It is a particular favorite of scuba divers and snorkelers who can enjoy some of the best dive spots in the region, including the Great Blue Hole which is considered to be one of the most spectacular natural attractions in the world.
Here you will find a list of some of the most popular beaches to look out for and some local specialties that you might want to sample for breakfast, lunch or dinner.

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Guide to Mayan Temples

Of the many attractions available for you to enjoy in your free time in Belize, one of the most fascinating has to be the thousands of ancient Mayan ruins that are scattered throughout the country.
Some of the more famous sites for you to visit are listed here, including Caracol which covers a huge area and is one of the most impressive and important Mayan sites in the whole region.
Many have been excavated and are fully geared-up for visitors, while countless thousands remain virtually unknown and are just waiting to be explored.
The other sites shown are all worth exploring for an insight into the civilization that dominated this part of Central America for thousands of years.

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Belizean Food Guide

One exciting factor about visiting another country is the chance to indulge in a whole new cuisine that you may never have experienced before.
This list of local favorites includes some well known dishes, such as rice and beans and stewed chicken, as well as some more exotic offerings.
Allegedly, Queen Elizabeth II declared it to be delicious on an official visit leading to its common nickname, the royal rat.
If you choose to live and work as an EFL teacher in Belize then you will have plenty of time to work your way through every diverse dish that the country’s cooks have to offer.
Probably the most unusual dish recommended here is gibnut which is a forest dwelling rodent that is considered a delicacy in many parts of Latin America.

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Ten Reasons to Live in Belize

There are always a wide variety of reasons why people choose a specific country as their preferred destination for teaching English abroad and here you will find just a few good reasons why Belize might be the right choice for you.
The warm tropical climate is also a big attraction for many, as is the short two hour flight time from the southern parts of the USA.
One big appeal is the significantly lower cost of living than in North America and other Western countries.
Other bonuses you can enjoy are virtually no personal tax to pay and a famously laidback attitude that permeates through virtually every part of daily life in this beautiful, friendly country.

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