Belizean Food Guide

One exciting factor about visiting another country is the chance to indulge in a whole new cuisine that you may never have experienced before.
This list of local favorites includes some well known dishes, such as rice and beans and stewed chicken, as well as some more exotic offerings.
Allegedly, Queen Elizabeth II declared it to be delicious on an official visit leading to its common nickname, the royal rat.
Teach English In Belize
If you choose to live and work as an EFL teacher in Belize then you will have plenty of time to work your way through every diverse dish that the country’s cooks have to offer.
Probably the most unusual dish recommended here is gibnut which is a forest dwelling rodent that is considered a delicacy in many parts of Latin America.

SOURCE: belize-travel-blog . chaacreek . com/2016/03/top-9-belize-food-infographic/

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