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C.R. - Italy said:
Building confidence in studentsThere are many methods of building confidence is the students. One way is by drilling, but making sure to not over do it. Role play is another method that works well especially if they are familiar and can relate with the topic. It is important to remember that during the role play to not interrupt the student, or you could break the student's confidence. This is a very good confidence building exercise. Grammar is also a good confidence builder. Grammar allows students to create sentences in order to communicate and express their ideas. It is important to break the intimidation of not knowing a language very well can create. Once this is broken the students feel a relief. Feed back is also another important part of the confidence building process. This is a big responsibility that lies in the hands of the teacher. It is very important to remember to never laugh at a student, this could be very devastating to a student who is trying to learn. This could also lead to the student building a wall around himself and losing confidence. It is pretty easy to build the confidence of a student with simple things like a nice smile, a positive glance or a simple ?good job?. It is important to remember to not over do things by giving too much positive reaction or it will become less concentrated and loose the strength. Remember to keep a balance of too much and too little. Some other ways to help build confidence are to be calm and to pay attention to student's questions and concerns. Don't be so rigid that the students don't feel free to communicate comfortably and ask questions. Get to know your students and treat them like a human. students need comfortable learning environments and need freedom to express themselves. Distractions from the outside world should be limited as much as possible. This will depend much on the teacher. Be gentle, caring, encouraging, sensitive, enthusiastic and motivated. With these factors present you will be in a good position to create a positive learning environment. Also remember patience. Another key is to create inner confidence and then projection that inner confidence to the students. students also need the teacher's trust so they are free to speak. They need trust in their own ideas. Another confidence builder is giving the students something where they are instantly successful. This can be something that is accomplished early and will create a good start for the student. Positive feedback and praise are also very important and gives a boost to continue studying. When they make a mistake let them know that it's OK. Be sure to always recognize and appreciate the students. One of the easiest and most important things is to greet them when they arrive by giving a smile and asking them how they are. When needed always remind students to never give up!