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B.W. - U.S.A. said:
Teaching Self AnalysisWhat makes a good teacher? Or better yet what makes you a good teacher? In every job or as in so many things in life you are evaluated. Even if there is no formal evaluation you will do so in your mind. Acquiring new skills or better your existing skill requires evaluation. How can you know what you need to improve upon if you don?t evaluate those things .I think if you truly care about what you are doing or what your students are getting out of your class. You as a teacher should do a self assessment. I think it is a very simple and is an easy way to improve your skills. First you should decide what criteria is important in evaluating yourself, everyone has been a student at least one point in time in their lives. So image yourself as a student in your own class. What aspects of the class do you think you would like and what aspects of the class you think you would find challenging. I think in order to be good teacher you must also learn yourself. To be a good esl teacher you must know what works in your class room and what doesn?t work. So what?s important? How you presented the material? Was the material easy to follow? Did you use your classroom time wisely? How was the material received? Are your students retaining the information given? There are a number of areas in which you could evaluate your skills. I think improvement only takes place when evaluations are in place. No matter if it?s just a self assessment or a combination of peer, student and self evaluations. I think if there is an honest review to assess areas of growth opportunity a positive effect will occur. I also think self evaluation alone will not make a teacher better at their job. Incorporated it with training and peer evaluation will help to improve a teachers skills. Sometimes spotting trouble areas can be difficult for one to assess on their own. I do ultimately think there is only one person responsible for the improvement in a teacher?s skill, which is the teacher but once an evaluation is done there a certain steps that have to be take to help achieve the desired outcome. Having a sense of self awareness is important to the learning process. How can any teacher be effective if they have no idea what they are doing in the classroom is effective or not. Once an evaluation is complete what do you do to improve your skills? How do you incorporate that into your classroom? At the end of each lesson you can do a mini analysis of what went well in your classroom and what didn?t go over so well. By doing this it will help you focus on what to add to each lesson plan and how to alter your lesson to make them better. Once that is done you can insure that with research, proper preparation and practice it will undoubtedly add value to your overall teaching abilities and classroom. By doing this you will help yourself grow as a professional. Being able to make the appropriate changes to your lesson on the spot makes you an asset to your students and your school. You can ensure that you don?t waste valuable time re-teaching subject matter to confused students because you didn?t recognize what was an effective teaching technique. This can only be accomplished by being aware of what is going on in the classroom and how to attack it. Which in turn are skills that can only be developed from a self analysis and training. So why is a teacher?s self analysis important? Without it how can any teacher improve their skills and recognize what is working in the learning process. It is critical that every educator strive to gain new skills to help their students get the most out of each and every lesson. Reference page