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Z. B. - South Africa said:
English as a global language Given the ever increasing global connectivity, be it through the internet, social networking, studying, business or just plain old relocation languages are crossing boundaries like never before. English has been slowly edging itself into becoming one of the global languages. In the past, English has been prevalent in countries that have been under colonel rule. However, this has evolved and the dialects and forms are varied. For instance there are the straight British and American English variations. This is then further broken down into formal and colloquial versions of the language. Now in the days of modern technology there is a further breakdown into text, email and twitter speak. The areas in which people stay, the cultures they come from and even the music and other arts have had their say on how the language is being used, as can be seen by slang and HIP HOP talk that people have included in their vocabulary (English Online, n.d). As people moved closer to each other and the world started getting smaller in terms of relationships, many schools and other institutions have begun to include English as either a required subject or an elective in their curriculums. This means a lot more people are now being exposed to the language. As people move jobs or go to study in foreign countries or even if they go on vacations, even if there is not a formal form of studying the language, people are learning it from each other. It is being used in administration, education and government and as a means of communicating between speakers of diverse languages (British Library, n.d). The growth in technology means that people who have access to the internet or satellite access have an opportunity to learn languages from what is available to them. Many websites offer their content in different languages but there are so many opportunities that will enable one to use the web to either do online courses, read books and other publications in English or read news stories or watch videos that have English as a language available to them (Associated Press, 2004). In the same token, the television networks, radio and the internet have made artists and movies available to the masses across borders. For instance, someone in china may love the music of Bryan Adams or love Sandra Bullock and may learn the language through the music or her latest movie. There is an economic influence on the adoption of English as a language as well. All countries want to have a say on the world?s finances and other world affairs. For this reason, those countries that use a minority language as the primary language have in some instances adopted English as one of the languages that needs to be kept in the communication arsenal (Crystal, D, 2003). While the English language as it is used today will continue to be used across the world, people are not neglecting their own languages and are going further to enhance them. In addition to this it can be assumed that as more people learn the language in other areas, as the arts evolve and as technology changes so too will the English language. References: Associated Press. 2004. English won?t dominate as a world language. [Accessed: 1 June 2011]. British Library. (n.d). Minority ethnic English. [Accessed: 1 June 2011]. Crystal, D. 2003. English as a global language. [Accessed: 31 May 2011]. English Online. n.d. English the global language. [Accessed: 31 May 2011].