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Roles of a TeacherA Teacher is a person who provides education for students which is usual formal and ongoing. As in other jobs and professions teachers have roles which have to be implemented to ensure they achieve the best possible results for themselves and their students. The teachers? roles are manager/controller, organizer, assessor, prompter, participant, tutor, resource/facilitator, model and observer/monitor. When a teacher plays all his/her roles there will be greater participation allowing the teacher to achieve all of his/her objectives. Manager The role as a Manager or controller means the teacher is in full control of the class. It is important that a teacher plays this role to ensure that the subject and lesson objectives are obtained. If the teacher doesn?t play this role, then the students won?t learn and there is nothing gained by the students or teacher. Organizer As a teacher you have to play the role of organizing your students whether it is into groups, pairs or just for individual work. As an organizer the teacher is also required to make sure that the task are done and there is no confusion. It is important that this role is acted on to avoid misunderstanding of the subject and that all is done within the time you have planned. Assessor As an assessor it is important that you know how to evaluate your students and correct them in a manner of which will not affect they motivation to learn. It is important that this role is played out so that you help your students understand what level they are in and how to improve. As an assessor you have the responsibility to be fair and consistent with all the students. The teacher has to also be sensitive when correcting a student because the means of correcting may either encourage or discourage the students from learning. Prompter Another role of a teacher is a prompter. A teacher is required to help the students out when they have run out of ideas or become stuck for ideas. Teachers should only prompt when necessary and it is not advised to do it too often because the students will rely too much on the teacher and not try to work things out on their own. Participant A teacher has to also be a participant when he/she thinks is necessary. The teacher may decide to participate for a number of reasons such as, attempting to liven up activities or evening the number of students for certain activities. It is important for the teacher not to dominate the group decisions or activity. Tutor A tutor refers to more of a one on one base, where the teacher tries to support a pupil on a personal stage. It is important for the teacher to do this because it allows the teacher to know the level of knowledge of each individual student. It will help to assist, improve and encourage the student to excel. The teacher needs to be aware of his/her time spent with each student in order to be fair. Resource/Facilitator To act out a role as a resource or a facilitator a teacher will create activities that will allow the students to learn a language for themselves. The main role of a facilitator is to assist the students to achieve the goals of the lesson without too much teacher input. The teacher has to be care not to spoon feed the students. Modal Teachers have the responsibility to set an example for the students to follow. A teacher has to be a modal by speaking proper English, using proper vocabulary, grammar and pronunciation. When you do this you encourage your students to speak English and try to imitate or compare to you. This helps them to enhance their learning. Observer/Monitor In order to obtain information as to the time spent on an activity and how successful it is a teacher has to act as an observer of monitor. This role requires the teacher to also note mistakes that may have to be corrected later on.