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T.W. - U.S.A. said:
Why Complete a TEFL courseThe opportunity to teach English as a foreign language in another country is a chance many people never take. Being able to immerse yourself in another culture, while teaching learners your language, would be a wonderful learning experience. But, where does one start? A new teacher cannot simply jump into a classroom and know exactly what to do. This is where the tefl course comes into play. The tefl course is designed to give teachers a basic knowledge of what they will be doing in a classroom. I have learned from experience. Before taking this course I had literally no idea what I was getting myself into. I had already moved to South korea, had a job lined up, and not a clue as to how to teach. The tefl course gave me direction and showed me how to conduct a lesson, what to teach, and how to do it. The tefl course provides one with the skills he or she will need to be a sufficient teacher. The tefl course allows one to teach English in a foreign country and is an amazing asset to have when looking for a job. Personally, I wanted to make a difference in people?s lives, but I just did not know how to go about it. Finding a job teaching English in a foreign country was a great opportunity for me, but I wouldn?t know a thing about the job if it were not for this tefl course. Knowing your material is a must when it comes to teaching. The teacher needs to feel secure with his or her knowledge when teaching a classroom of students. When the teacher knows his or her material, the students will gain trust and confidence in their teacher. When students have confidence in their teacher, they tend to be more motivated to learn. The tefl course is designed to show a new teacher the ropes, explain lesson plans, grammatical structure, phonetics, speaking voice, and a lot more. Basically, if one does not really know much about teaching English in a foreign language, or if a refresher course is needed, the tefl course will be extremely beneficial. The tefl course provided me with a tutor who gave me feedback on my lessons. This was a great help to me when I had difficulties with units. The course can get difficult, the tutor is there to help and give advice. It was great to be able to hear a fellow English teacher?s perspective on how to go about teaching a room full of foreign language learners. The tutor is a great asset of the tefl course and I would recommend getting one to anyone who is looking into taking the course. I feel that the tefl course is essential when it comes to teaching English as a foreign language. Before taking the course, I was nervous and did not know where to start. I thought about walking into the classroom on my first day and just cringed with nervousness. After completing the course, my outlook has changed greatly. I may have a little bit of stage fright at first, but I feel that I will go into the class with some sort of background knowledge and security, all because of the tefl course.