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A.C. - Japan said:
Course Experience I enrolled at the 140 hour DVD course with tutor support. I took this course because I wanted to qualify to teach in schools and I wanted to make a change in my career. The japanese schools have required non-native english speakers to obtain training certificates before they are hired. The teachers must meet their high standards of education. I made sure that I chose the best tesol teacher training school and that is ITTT. I enjoyed every lesson in this course and the DVD set was informative. It supplemented facts and information in the course materials. Throughout the course I felt like I was sitting in a classroom listening to the instructor. Whenever I wish to review, I played the DVD again. The course materials were very useful. The different illustrations and charts made reading easy and not boring at all. Every unit was detailed and understanding the contents was never a burden. The topics were suitable and important to the practice of teaching English. The course had its challenges and I made a lot of mistakes. All thanks to my tutor, who has been very helpful. She extended assistance whenever I needed clarifications. The feedback and corrections that she provided helped me understand English better. Having experienced this made me want to be as helpful as I can be to my future students. The course experience had changed a lot my views about a teacher's role in the teaching and learning process. Realizing that the students should be able to speak more rather than the teacher; giving them first hand encounter with the English language. Considering the students ideas are also important. This contradicts the old ways of teaching where the teacher does the talking most of the time. New ways of teaching students include various activities such as: cooperative and competitive games (for pair work and group work) that never fail to hold the students' attention. Learning can be fun. Thus, producing the desired outcome, the students are capable of using English in their daily lives. As a guide, the teacher is prepared to help them when they are in doubt. Being a teacher means being able to get the best out of your pupils. The course experience taught me how to devise lesson plans using the ESA (Engage, Study, Activate) method. The ESA method is a sure way to add life and color into the classroom. Learning can never be boring again. lesson plans should be flexible, equipped with back up plans. And they can also be modified to meet the needs of the students. I never have regrets in choosing ITTT as my tesol training school. It has provided me a greater understanding of the English language and has given me confidence to teach. It has equipped me with the necessary knowledge, skills, and techniques I needed for the profession I long for. It has engraved in my heart the best and only way to do great work is to be passionate about it.