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A.A. - Korea said:
Why Complete a TEFL CourseWhen I first began to research the idea of teaching English internationally, I had this sudden vision of myself being this fun, interactive teacher, but only envisioned an introduction to the class. For the most part, I had no other knowledge of teaching ideas. Although the close-relations of family members as educators taught me the importance of an education, the skills to teach a student, much less abroad were rarely provided. The moment I began to research the outcome of every teacher who didn?t take the certification prior to teaching (which was never a good one), I was convinced that tefl certification was absolutely necessary. Prior to the tefl certification registration process, the option of having a tutor also became available. According to the ITTT, the tutor would help you towards completing the TEFL by commenting on the completed coursework you provided to him/her, as well as focus on any problems that you might have along the way. At first, I was skeptical due to the price increase and amount of time it would take. However, my decision to register for the TEFL, along with the addition of a tutor proved to be just as important as the certification. The tutor at the ITTT was able to give a clear and simple approach towards each unit, highlighting my strengths and needs of improvement in a timely fashion. Although a tutor not only seems costly at first glance, such an addition has proven to be a useful tool for the understanding of the TEFL?s several topics of information. Following the first few units of the TEFL program, I was suddenly overrun with frequent grammatical terms and definitions that were unknown to me, or were long forgotten in my days at a University. Although my general knowledge of grammatical terms, such as past, present and future tenses were known, I had no previous familiarity to the many sub-categories that were introduced and commonly used in the English teaching world at an International level. Such terms of present simple, future perfect and past perfect were finally given to me and with it, the confidence to teach abroad. My level of confidence only strengthened with the units that introduced various teaching skills and strategies. Before my certification began, one of the countries I researched for English teaching required an unknown term (at the time) known as a lesson plan. With no idea of the term or structure, I decided to look elsewhere. However, the completion of the tefl course has introduced me to the Lesson plan and all of its benefits towards a successful international teaching career. Although the TEFL can seem intimidating through it?s countless levels of information, it has proved to be one of the most important pieces of information that I have gathered towards my path as an English teacher. With the ITTT?s well-written units and helpful tutoring staff, the tefl certification will not only introduce the knowledge given for a successful future in English teaching, but also gain a level of confidence that each inexperienced teacher needs in order to benefit themselves and his/her students as a whole.