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A.A. - Japan said:
English as a global language As the 21st century unfolds, the rapid rise of globalization and information has spread throughout the world significantly and continues to do so. One of the fantastic aspects of this is that language which is one of,if not the most important medium to communicate has become the prime mode to which information is distributed across the globe. Due to the rapid global expansion of languages and businesses, English has grown to be an internationally recognized language and powerful tool to be able to yield. Growing up to be privileged enough to be able to learn one of the most universal languages, it is this privilege that drives me and motivates me to want to pass on that knowledge. To help and mentor those that have learned their custom and native tongue but seek to learn English to enhance their educational capabilities drives me to provide with the best of my ability the opportunity to give others the chance to learn such an influential and pragmatic language. Not only am I able to be a mentor, but I am able to challenge myself to be able to teach to those in which our languages may differ but both seek to learn something from one another. This is one of the big factors in teaching the English language in a country which the language instructed is not the native tongue. I am able to be teacher and also be taught. This allows me to have a deeper understanding, and appreciation in wherever I may go. My educational philosophy is reflected in nourishing the inquisitive mind. As much as grades and performing well on tests are necessary, the real goal of a teacher is to provide wisdom through experience and passing onto their students this learnt wisdom and knowledge whilst encouraging sensible questioning. This kind of educational philosophy is also rooted in wanting to go where the world is going with information. Where economics, culture, and politics exist, so does the need for people to want to be more connected with world. As English continues to provide this growth, a working knowledge for whatever use, whether it be personal communication, business related or educational can be very enriching and open doors and break down barriers that exist amongst cultures. This is a growing phenomenon in the world where English has become such an important constant to know even the most basic modes of communication, most countries throughout the world taken it upon themselves to teach it alongside their native tongues. It seems as though governments of many countries realize the economic advantage of promoting themselves using English along with other languages. This can lead to increase tourism and lead to increase in business in nations that do embrace English. Although in reality, regarding the benefits ESL/EFL can have in other nations, it can conflict with the growth of the native language especially if it is one of a kind and can at times feel as if it is impeding on its growth. It is my own personal belief in the matter that although the challenges that do exist such as language barriers, culture barriers, and sometimes outside political situations involving English as a global language it can only be an overall positive that allows people to grow and learn, about such a large part of the world?s language knowledge. These are the small things that expand and create tolerance, knowledge and breakdown communication barriers that exist amongst individuals. As with most languages, an insight into the language can also provide insight into its culture(s) giving even a small part of this can be one of the most rewarding situations for teachers, and it has been for me so far. This one of my strongest attractions to experiencing a new culture as an global EFL/esl teacher, as it challenges your customs and norms and pushes you to experience something that may be different, allowing you the chance to grow in wisdom and knowledge, life experiences: that books, videos, pictures cannot show you, this is what I believe global teaching can do for all individuals whether teachers or students.