Where in South Korea should I teach?

Teaching English abroad is an incredibly popular choice, with Asia being the top region. Amongst this, South Korea stands out due to the vast array of opportunities it offers, making it an attractive destination for teachers worldwide. A substantial number of job openings, impressive infrastructure, affordable living cost, low crime rate, and competitive salaries are all factors that make Korea shine. Moreover, the additional benefits such as paid accommodation and airfares mean that it is commonplace for teachers to save a good portion of their income. But where in Korea should you choose? Here are some of the best cities in the country for teaching.


The capital and biggest city, Seoul, tops the list with the highest number of teaching opportunities. However, the competition can be intense, particularly for first-time teachers. This city never sleeps; from big festivals to diverse nightlife, there is always something to engage in. Although traveling across the city can be time-consuming due to its vastness, the never-ending excitement and high average salaries compensate for this. Although the living cost is higher in the capital, teachers often save around $1,000 per month, depending on their lifestyle.

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For those seeking a less frantic lifestyle than Seoul but still want city life's attractions, Daegu fits the bill. It is significantly smaller than Seoul, yet boasts a thriving entertainment district. Its southeastern location is an added advantage, with beautiful beaches and popular tourist resorts just an hour away. Salaries are attractive, and the cost of living is lower than in the capital, making it an excellent option for savings-oriented teachers.

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Just an hour away from Seoul by high-speed train, Daejeon is a technological hub and a paradise for outdoor lovers. Known as the country's heart, it is an excellent base to explore all corners of Korea. Daejeon's myriad of natural attractions like mountains, lakes, and hot springs offer a great way to relax after a week's work.

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Although Incheon might seem like an extension of Seoul on the map, it is a bustling city offering plenty of job prospects and attractions. This city is less hectic than Seoul, making it an excellent compromise for those new to big city life. Its status as a transport hub, coupled with the accessibility to Seoul via metro, adds to its charm.

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Jeju City

Jeju City, located on the country's largest and most famous island, offers a unique experience. This tourist hotspot is quieter during off-season, offering warmer weather and less crowded streets and beaches. While job opportunities are fewer due to its size, the lesser influx of teachers gives you an advantage.

In conclusion, whether you prefer a bustling city, a tech hub, or a peaceful island, South Korea offers numerous options to suit your preferences. Each city has its unique charm, and it is just a matter of finding the one that fits your lifestyle the best.

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