How to get a TEFL certificate for free?

An internet search for free TEFL courses will yield numerous results, including several free options and many seemingly budget-friendly ones. While these may appear attractive at first glance, it is crucial to evaluate them carefully before signing up.

Does the course come with certification?

Free or unusually cheap TEFL courses often don't provide any certification. After completion, they may offer you various certification options for an additional cost, such as a digital certificate or a physical one mailed to you. With a reputable, globally recognized TEFL course like those provided by ITTT, all certification costs are included in the original course fee, and you will receive a PDF certificate via email immediately upon passing, as well as a hard copy via registered mail.

Does the course have enough study hours?

Though some free TEFL courses might be of little value and not recognized globally, others might be genuine but include only a limited number of study hours. Such brief programs might provide basic training and potentially a form of certification, but they may not meet most employers' expectations. Most quality TEFL jobs require a minimum of 120 study hours.

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Does the course result in a recognized qualification?

Before enrolling in a free or low-cost TEFL course, ensure the certification provided is accredited and accepted internationally, especially if you plan to teach abroad. It is crucial that your qualification is recognized by the country's authorities, as you will likely need a visa or work permit, and unrecognized certification can disrupt your plans.

You get what you pay for

As the saying goes, if something seems too good to be true, it likely is. If you aim to embark on your teaching journey with confidence in your knowledge, skills, and the strength of your qualification, consider investing in a legitimate TEFL course. While a high-quality, well-structured TEFL course that offers globally recognized certification comes at a price, ITTT offers all this at an affordable cost.

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A checklist of TEFL course features

When selecting a TEFL course, consider the following questions:

  • Is the certificate internationally recognized?
  • Does the course come with a hardcopy certificate for work permit uses?
  • Does the course have at least 120-hours of study?
  • Does the course cover teaching skills and language awareness?
  • Does the course have continued job guidance and support?
  • Does the course lead to higher possible certificate levels and specialisms?

Free or heavily discounted TEFL courses are unlikely to meet all these criteria. When seeking a high-quality teaching position, these factors are essential, and settling for less could be counterproductive.

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