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Why I Would Recommend Taking a TEFL Course to My Friends

Why I Would Recommend Taking a TEFL Course to My Friends | ITTT | TEFL Blog

I never thought I needed to take a test to teach English before doing the TEFL course. Graduating from an all American boarding school to doing my undergrad in Denver, Colorado and using my time off to teach English in India I did not think a test would benefit me in any way. It was not until I was required to attain a teaching certificate in the country of Thailand where I did my research and decided upon taking the TEFL. There are two main reasons as to why I think the TEFL would benefit anyone: 1. Time efficient and 2. Educational.

This post was written by our TEFL certification graduate Karen R.

Taking the TEFL course is time efficient.

Out of the very many courses offered I took the 60-hour TEFL course. Taking this course was perfect as time was of great importance to me. It allows you up to six months to complete the whole course which is more than enough time to rest easy and go at a relaxed pace. It is structured so all your questions can be answered once you log in under the instructions tab so there is no hassle once you get started. The TEFL course allows for the option to download the units. Being able to download the units is extremely convenient as you can read it anywhere and anytime. It is especially useful when there is no internet connection to log back into the website.

There are so many things I was able to learn from taking the TEFL course.

I never knew there was so much more to a role of a teacher that affects the learner or even that there were so many roles of a teacher. Because I teach young learners of different ages I was able to benefit from unit 1 where it distinguishes the different level of ability in English and how my students do in comparison to the breakdown. Learning about EFL methodologies was another thing I found to be very informative. Before taking this course I did not even know about the ‘ESA’ method.

I realized I had been following its structure lightly but needed to really enforce the method into my teaching. After I started doing so, there was a better flow to my lesson plans and my students’ reciprocation to the teaching. Another crucial piece of information I was able to learn and then correct in my teaching is using student’s names. I used to call on the name of my student before asking a question but I now know it is much more effective to call on their name after asking the questions. My students now all stay alert, as they do not know to whom the question is going to be addressed to.

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The TEFL course is time efficient and has proven to be educational.

My conclusion thus far is that the TEFL course was something I needed to take to teach English in Thailand. With all my experience I still was able to learn so much and reflect on the many ways I had to improve to better help my students learn. The TEFL course is time efficient and has proven to be educational which is why I would recommend it to all my friends looking to teach English as a foreign language in a country it is accepted.

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