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The Important Rules of Successful Classroom Management ESL Teachers Should Follow

The Important Rules of Successful Classroom Management ESL Teachers Should Follow | ITTT | TEFL Blog

The classroom is the place where the students spend a big part of their life. Building safety and organized classroom environment is a very important task for the teacher. Many researchers explored problems of classroom management to create a safe classroom for the students and to establish rules of conduct.

This post was written by our TEFL certification graduate Rozalina K. Please note that this blog post might not necessarily represent the beliefs or opinions of ITTT.

What does classroom management includes

Classroom management includes all organizational and procedural and control measures in the classroom. Usually, this is a wide range of actions, which teachers make and maintains conditions facilitating the effective learning of the classroom. This is a long process, involving and motivating students to participate in the lesson so the teacher can have feedback about the student’s activities. The ability of classroom management is very important for a teacher’s success.

children and teacher

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Teachers’ Responsibilities

Also, it is a criterion for teacher’s proficiency. Research shows that classroom management is the main source of stress, related to teacher’s carrier. It’s a combination of techniques and the ability of the teacher to organize and manage the behavior of the students in the classroom. Applying different strategies and methods in the classroom are necessary and also it is a way teacher to learn and feel satisfied with the job. The teacher creates rules, routines, instructions, and expectations so they can control the classroom. The teacher often has good discipline strategies that create a well-organized classroom environment. The successful teacher knows that the classroom must be stimulating and inviting and they aim to help students to reach the highest possible level of achievement. The teacher will spend less time disciplining and more time learning when there is a good management plan.

Common mistakes teachers make

Many new teachers often have problems with classroom management because of their inadequate techniques or inappropriate behavior in the classroom. To avoid this chaos in the classroom teachers should have a good classroom management plan with specific rules and different strategies to manage the classroom. The accent of classroom management is to understand the behavior of the students. Classroom management includes teacher’s effort to manage the classroom including student’s behavior and training. The basic view is that unacceptable behavior can be avoided when needs are met. When the focus is on the choice, students are motivated and positive. Many good teachers can prevent all behavioral problems by keeping students interested in learning by using classroom materials and activities.

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Best way to succeed

Success in classroom management depends on the teacher, teacher’s personality, activity and teaching style. Students learn best when they know what is expected of them, and what they can expect from the teacher. Students follow the rules and routines and focus better on learning lessons when teachers use effective classroom management. Such management is important and needed because it optimizes student’s achievement and studying in an orderly learning environment. That is the reason why student achievement depends on the effectiveness of their teacher in the classroom. The teacher should have a good discipline plan that will create an effective well-organized classroom environment. Classroom management is a difficult task that requires the teacher to work hard and continuously for maintaining a positive learning environment. Research shows that classroom management is a complicated dialogue process that depends on the context.

Benefits of classroom management

Classroom management is extremely important because it is increasing student’s success by creating a positive learning environment. Usually, teachers want to maximize training results and to decrease discipline problems in creating a safe environment. Relationships between teachers and students are the most important component. One important part of classroom management is respect and trust between teacher and student. Classroom management is very important for the effectiveness and quality of the learning process. It also is considered to be a function of organizational systems, providing for the preservation of a certain structure maintaining and regulating the state of the system of the realization of the learning process and goals. The main functions of the teacher in classroom management are planning, organizing, coordinating, motivating and controlling. These functions are very important and necessary for the effective learning environment in the classroom. Classroom management involves actions taken by the teacher to establish order to engage students or ensure their cooperation, including all organizational and cultural measurements to control the process in the classroom.

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Key elements

Providing an appropriate classroom environment is a requirement for achieving effective learning. Classroom management is a collection of different approaches and methods that teachers use to create a positive school environment. Essential in the classroom management process is the individual characteristics and abilities of the students. Creating a positive mental climate in the classroom has a beneficial effect on the functioning of the students and teachers. Building an effective learning environment involves organizing classroom activities, teaching and physically organizing the environment to minimize behavioral problems and disorganization. The relationship between teacher and student is crucial in mastering student knowledge and skills. Every classroom needs rules and established order to function effectively.

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Classroom management is important and needed because is the most important teacher’s aim that’s creating and keeping a positive learning environment. A lack of management in the classroom can cause stress and chaos which can create and negative learning environment for the students and an unsatisfactory work environment for the teacher. Therefore, it is important to use effective classroom management strategies. Classroom management is needed because it is the main part of effective teaching. When the teacher creates a positive learning environment than effective teaching will take place. Classroom management is the key to success in any classroom and is the most influential factor in the quality of learning and student achievement.

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