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Striking Reasons Why to Complete a TEFL Course

Striking Reasons Why to Complete a TEFL Course | ITTT | TEFL Blog

Why complete a TEFL course: As a child, I did always have a passion for English language and teaching as a profession. This desire started while I was a child, having been opportune to had lived in one of the biggest cities in my country and attended some of the good schools around, I was good in English and literature classes and my grades were always good. I exhibited a great interest in the English language, teaching and volunteering to tutor the less privileged ones amongst my family members and friends within my reach.

This post was written by our TEFL certification graduate Suleiman Nurudeen S. Please note that this blog post might not necessarily represent the beliefs or opinions of ITTT.

Job Requirement

To focus on the subject matter ‘’Why complete a TEFL course?As it is a basic and one of the most important teaching certificate required in most countries by the authorities followed by a minimum of two years working experience, I am opportune to find myself studying in China and still living in the country for approximately 8years now, knowing it’s essential, with paramount importance and having an interest in teaching I decided to search and know how beneficial and important will it be for me not just for the main purpose of using it to secure a job but rather to gain more extensive/expand my knowledge and have more insights on the course methodologies.

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Course Program

As surprising as it’s I came across a wide range of topics from learning specific English teaching methodology and classroom management etc, in which I haven’t thought of or had no much clue, idea/concept about them. I have learned a wide range of in-depth knowledge in different units and also got to know more sites to check for materials which have aided me in learning more and conducting a series of research. A big thank you and thumbs up to the ITTT team.

Confidence Building

Another factor which I derive from the TEFL course is the fact it builds up your teaching confidence and you will be able to teach confidently anywhere you find yourself in a classroom around the world and also makes you get a better feel for your students. It also teaches you on how to navigate your new career and the core benefit of the TEFL certificate are the hours spent learning to learn the language and how to approach the language from non-native speaker’s perspective.

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Demand in Qualified Specialists

As an educationalist having undergone my Undergraduate degree, Masters and presently undergoing my Ph.D. program in the country (China), knowing much of their culture, traditions, and laws, I came across so many teaching jobs from one to one, Kindergartens and Young learners in general. The offers are as much and in demand everywhere across the region.

I decided to undertake the TEFL course in order to seize the opportunity to help these young people who have a better future, perfect myself, be able to give out a required standard way of teaching/instruction to both the young /old and also venture in to the teaching job in a much professional way and a manner in which is more acceptable and legal without having to be watching my back, as it has always been my dreams and am so keen about being a teacher and adopt it as a career.

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Lastly, I would like to extend my profound gratitude to the ITTT team for this great work and the in-depth knowledge, learning opportunities and the vast varieties of topics presented to me. I have acquired a vast field of knowledge for a lifetime use. I sincerely do appreciate and thank you to you all!

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