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Principles of Establishing Rapport in a Chinese Public School

Principles of Establishing Rapport in a Chinese Public School | ITTT | TEFL Blog

I choose" establishing rapport" as the topic of my summary, cause that's my priority and very important to me.establishing rapport is often overlook and undervalued by teachers.basic my own experience, building rapport with your student makes your student value the class more. they more motivated, they participate more. and their focusing class is much better.why? because of the experience I my mind we all can pass the exam to be a teacher if we study hard. but that doesn't mean you can be a "qualified" one.

This post was written by our TEFL certification graduate Doris M. Please note that this blog post might not necessarily represent the beliefs or opinions of ITTT.

School System in China

I'm from China, I'm still here. We have schools that are public and private. For the public, teachers are quite strict and they only like students, who studied very good. As long as I can recall, I wasn't good at any teachers liked me. until high school, I met a teacher, who taught English. even I was still around the "C" and "D" level after the exam, but she just kept encouraging me. I've never met a teacher like her. day by day, I felt I liked the English class more and more. I started to raise my hand to answer questions. I became confident then I have never been.

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Relationships with Students

I'm not saying that the teaching part is not important, but "Establishing rapport" is the first step to me. Teachers are the key to the student. It's like "light the matches", you can be a teacher just teach them the knowledge, but how much do you care about them? I think students can feel that, as I felt.cause we were all students once.

Let's say, same class by different teachers, and both qualified, but for sure, students will have different responding. So everything I would pull back such as how to teach grammar or vocabulary, or even classroom discipline instead of showing my affinity. I would like to establish a relationship first. I wanna students like me, be a friend with me, they can talk to me free with no pressure. such as my teacher did to me.then the knowledge.

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Downsides of the Education System in China

I shared the story because that's my experience, also I have seen a lot of students have the same experience as I had. They suffered from their studies, stressed by their parents. (study is very important in China). Even by their teachers. (as I said, teachers only like students with A)I think I wanna be an English teacher, also had some influence from my teacher. If I had never met her if she had never established a relationship with me. I don't think my English or my personality would be like now. From my experience, build rapport with students also can build their confidence. Like English in China, we are too shy to speak it. If teachers can be friends with students, they will not be embarrassed by express themselves in the class.

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I have experience in teaching adults and kids. but I might just focus on kids in the future. I'm sure I've given enough reasons. I hope all kids here can learn English well, then they can use the language to see the world.communicate with the world.even study abroad. I have been abroad before, that changed my mind and broaden my I wish kids in China can see the horizon too.that's also why I'm learning TEFL, cause I want to challenge myself, of course, be more qualified. and I enjoyed the course, even part of them was quite difficult for me. ok, I think that's pretty much of my summary, thank you!

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