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The Main Points of Teaching Grammar

The Main Points of Teaching Grammar | ITTT | TEFL Blog

The teaching of grammar in the classroom is a fundamental issue for learning any language. The study of its methods, as well as the problems and challenges that students and educators must face, will be of invaluable help in such an interesting company.

This post was written by our TEFL certification graduate Andreina H. Please note that this blog post might not necessarily represent the beliefs or opinions of ITTT.

Understanding Concepts

And teach grammar efficiently and rigorously, and if possible, enjoyable, so that students can assimilate the essential concepts and aspects for language learning. It is important to understand that the concept of amenity must be complementary to the essential, which is that of effectiveness. The teacher must, therefore, be effective, making sure that students learn the required concepts.

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Grammar in Second Language

The teaching of grammar in the study of a second language is admitted as essential by the doctrine. In the past, some doctrinal currents considered that a language is learned exclusively by speaking it without the need for any grammatical instruction.

I refer here to the figure of the teacher in a specific way, for being in charge of directing, controlling, evaluating and putting into practice the teaching-learning process of his students.

In addition to focusing on the figure of the teacher, the figure of the student in the classroom is essential. It is convenient to help you become aware of the importance of our task, which is common and encourages students to develop an attitude and predisposition to learning, based on effort, work, and responsibility. Several factors drive the student to want to learn. There is no doubt that with adequate motivation and a firm desire to want to learn from the student, the teaching work will be much more efficient.

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Types of Materials

It is important to take into account the types and varieties of materials that we can use in the classroom for an optimization of the teaching-learning process, at a time -the present-, in which audio-visual media play a truly important role.

It is also important to focus on the proper teaching of grammar in a second language, the different doctrinal currents, and their most outstanding characteristics. On the one hand, we and in turn also deal with the approaches focused on input or teaching mechanisms that emphasize the information the student receives and on the other, those that are based on the output. In this case, the teaching process focuses on the moment in which the student, once the information has been received and processed, must produce a result, a response. It is about that product in the form of a response, which is influenced when it comes to profiling, improving and focusing the greatest teaching efforts.

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One of the aspects to take into account the methodology in grammar teaching is that of the learning context. Different works have shown that the advances in the study of a language are related to different factors surrounding the student: the activities he performs, his age, cultural level, mother tongue, country of origin, etc. We must be aware of them, to individualize the teaching mechanisms.

It is important to highlight the contemplative method of teaching, a different and very attractive way of approaching knowledge, inspired by the development of consciousness in the classroom. It has been shown that a decisive factor in effective teaching-learning is not simply the amount of time allocated to the acquisition of knowledge, but the quality of attention allocated to that mechanism. If the student's attention and interest are not found in the classroom, it is difficult for the teacher and the teacher to teach and learn respectively with a minimum of efficiency. This approach to teaching seems very interesting to me and can, in my opinion, help students to be focused and prepared in class, with a suitable attitude and work ethic.

And finally, it is important to emphasize the communicative method of teaching and reflexive teaching.

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The important thing is to make the teaching of grammar in the classroom an effective, interesting, attractive and motivating mission that helps students see in it an instrument to improve communication and at the same time, immerse themselves in a world full of exciting details, also decorated with culture, tradition, and customs.

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