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How to Organize Your Classroom Effectively: Alumni Piece of Advice

How to Organize Your Classroom Effectively: Alumni Piece of Advice | ITTT | TEFL Blog

Classroom management is a term which is described as ways or techniques used to ensure the smooth function of the class , it refers to ways the teacher uses to ensure their classroom runs effectively, in order to achieve this task suitable for learning, the teacher set up rules that eliminates behavior that gets in the way of learning. Different teachers will have a different approach in the respect, taking into consideration the age and level of the kids.

This post was written by our TEFL certification graduate Sahmbong N. Please note that this blog post might not necessarily represent the beliefs or opinions of ITTT.

What is Classroom Management for?

Classroom management paves the way for the teacher to engage the students in the learning process and make teaching and learning organization and interesting and this further creates a friendly relationship between the teachers and student, which boost corporation within them and facilitates learning. Good classroom management will help the teacher to know the level of learner and thus change strategies, There is also the need for evaluation of learners to know their progression in the lesson.

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Methods of Class Control

For these goals to be achieved the teacher has to be the full control of the class, The teacher has to take his job seriously, be devoted and be serious and equally to be patriotic of his profession he chooses who to talk and at what time, he should be a role model, set rules and instruct student in the course of his lesson. Teachers should encourage learners and give more positive feedback than negative ones. Another important point to consider is that the teacher should be able to speak aloud and clearly to be understood by everyone and also apply the right theories at the right time to ensure coherence throughout the course.

The teacher should some times celebrate students' success by throwing a class party just to motivate them and to make them understand that success is rewarded that will encourage them to always make the teacher proud of them.

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The teacher should avoid getting every student to involve in punishment caused by a few ,this can train teacher and student relationship thus jeopardize the smooth running of the class, What the teacher should do is to call students in a friendly manner be polite when asking question to student, this approach will help you get along easily with students.

The remark is another way to make the student feel their teacher is concern about them like giving tangible rewards to active students, for instance, those students who are active throughout the lesson attentive and responding to questions the teacher can applaud them that will push other students to want to gain that same reward thus getting others hard working.

The most important thing to ensure your class is well managed is to have a solid plan before day one, with this solid plan you can outline and give a rundown plan on how the school year will cover then you have prepared their minds and they will be ready for the task and take the challenge, the more your students have a clue of what the year will cover gives them more chances to be successful and make sure you enforce your rules and consequences consistently and get your student to involve and excited throughout the year.

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The Point of Concern

Furthermore looking at the strategies which the teacher applies is first of all to be a role model in his class, the teacher should portray good qualities that students admire and are ready to copy. Qualities like speaking politely, love and treat all equally and giving all students an equal opportunity in the classroom. Another important point is for the teacher to praise and encourage students for their good performance.

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to conclude classroom management is inevitable for the proper functioning of a classroom suitable for learning. With this concept teachers and learners can achieve their goal thus teachers should learn more principles for it is very important to know how to handle situations in your class.

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