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A Teaching Career as a Future Goal

A Teaching Career as a Future Goal | ITTT | TEFL Blog

Are you pondering about becoming not only a teacher but a successful and great teacher?

There is a lot of information, books, and many experienced teachers that one can get the information from and be able to learn key tricks to become a successful teacher.

We all know that teaching is not an easy task, but it does not mean it cannot be enjoyable. We need to have a lot of perseverance, consistency, and hard work to become a successful teacher.

There is a very long list with countless strategies to help teachers to build a successful career.

This paper intends to provide some of this insightful information on how to become a successful teacher.

This post was written by our TEFL certification graduate Glaucia S. Please note that this blog post might not necessarily represent the beliefs or opinions of ITTT.

Here are five supporting points that can help any teacher to enhance their careers.

  • Believe in your students, by having a positive expectation from them.
  • Take risks by being innovative in your lessons.
  • Be creative in capturing the attention of your students by bringing new subjects that match their reality.
  • Being a good communicator, by understanding your audience.
  • Being a listener to your student by investing time to hear their concerns to be able to counsel, advise, and lead them into the right path.

These points combined can guide you through a successful road career.

Let’s look a little bit more to each one of these points and see how we can apply it in your daily life with your students.

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Believing in your student

who never made assumptions about how the students are going to perform in their exams and got discouraged to teach when one noticed that their pupils are not being able to assimilate the information given in the lessons?

However, it is in these crucial moments that the teachers must put some effort to keep believing in their students by having a positive expectation in their potential of learning and growing in knowledge.

Motivation is the key to make your student improve even when they are failing in understanding the topics. We can push them to their limits and make them go out of their comfortable zone showing to them that they can have great achievements when they work hard.

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Take risks by being innovative in your lessons

Being innovative is a great way to increase one’s performance, but it comes with risks of failing to be understood or having several requests to repeat the lesson. Nevertheless, teachers should not refrain from innovating their teaching methodology, content, or even the way they perform by using different voice tones.

It is an awesome way of demonstrating to them how to be confident by exploring the unknown and learning to build self-confidence.

Be creative in capturing the attention of your students by bringing new subjects that match their reality.

Being creative means to think differently, unconventionally or see things in a new perspective, and having creative thinking.

It can be easily applied while one is performing the lessons in the classroom, by bringing new content that relates to their context or even using different media, such as audio, visuals, and practical activities in class.

Such tricks may create a huge positive impact on the students in such a way that we can grab their full attention throughout the lesson time. Being creative and “thinking outside the box” can expand the way of teaching and learning and even change the way one looks at life.

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Being a good communicator by understanding your audience

The dialog is very important to maintain everyone on the same page. When we face any critical moment with the students, staff, or employer one needs to be very careful with the way the communication flows.

One should ensure that all the interlocutors have a clear understanding of what is being conveyed to avoid further confusion and miscommunication.Applying proper words in a proper context is extremely important to be clearly understood from the first time.

Being a listener to your student by investing time to hear their concerns to be able to counsel, advise, and lead them into the right path.

Showing empathy to your student is a powerful skill that all successful teachers possess.

To be able to understand the students, the teachers must build a bridge of reliability by showing constant empathy.

Reading their behavior should be a normal practice of every good teacher, by doing it they can quickly perceive such a student’s need of a listener.

A listener teacher is the one who can understand the moment when their students fail or are not grasping the lesson and perceive what really is going on with them and then be able to help them to get rid of all external problems that are drawing their confidence.

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When the teacher can get a diagnosis, with the student’s consent, they can refer it to a counselor and address the issues that are affecting directly the student in their class performance.Depending on the teacher's capacity level, some advice can be given to encourage the student to be resilient in such times, but always having in mind that if your student is facing a big challenge in life do not hesitate to get assistance from school on how you can manage the situation.

Being a teacher is a God-given gift that can make a major difference in one’s life. To be an excellent teacher and build a successful teaching career one must look carefully at these points and apply it effectively, in doing it the results will surely appear in their student’s life.

Therefore, believing in your student, taking risks, being creative, and thinking outside the box, being communicative, and listening to your student is an awesome recipe to be a successful teacher.After all, the teacher will look back and realize that all the investment of perseverance, consistency, and hard work to become a successful teacher paid off with good satisfaction in life to see productive citizens.

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As you start this journey of being a teacher have in mind that teaching is a long journey and to apply each one of the tricks and obtaining experience takes time, so the more we walk into this profession more we grow and so our students.

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