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5 More Fun Activities to Encourage Your Students to Speak

5 More Fun Activities to Encourage Your Students to Speak | ITTT | TEFL Blog

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To keep the Activate Stage more fun and lively, offer your students one of these cool speaking activities. They will definitely enjoy the conversation and get creative with the tasks. Remember that any of these exercises can be easily used online.

1. Teacher For a Day

Students share their ideas on how to make class more interesting and engaging. Let them discuss an ideal day in your ESL class and then propose their ideas to you.

2. Describe a Picture

Give each student an unusual photograph (use photostocks for that), and ask them to create a story to go along with the picture. After they have planned their stories, have them share their pictures and stories.

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3. Redo Your Talk

Students identify a conversation in their past that was unsuccessful, perhaps when they were first learning to speak English. Ask them to redo that conversation by looking back, identifying their mistakes, determining how to avoid the, and then role play the conversation with a classmate.

4. TripAdvisor

Ask your students to plan a field trip. For this activity, you need to choose a particular topic to limit the conversation. They can plan a family dinner, a sports event, etc.

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5. Communal Story

In a circle, a volunteer student starts a story with "Once upon a time". Each student adds 2-3 sen­tences to the story, keeping consistent with what their classmates have already said. Continue around the circle, finish with "And they lived happily ever after."

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