TEFL TESOL Courses: Course Topics


By choosing an online TEFL certification course you are in no way compromising on the theory of English language teaching as they cover a wide range of essential topics. Our most popular course, the 120-hour TEFL certification, includes in-depth units on all the main subjects you need to know about before you start your first teaching job. A great deal of coverage is given to English grammar subjects and how to teach them in the classroom. These include the tense system, conditionals, modals, passive voice and much more. Initially these subjects can seem a little scary, but there is nothing to fear as our high-quality materials will guide you safely through each topic.

Another very important part of teacher training is classroom management skills. Regardless of the age or nationality of your students, your job as a teacher will be that much harder if you are unaware of the basic methods for organising and controlling a classroom. Once again, this is covered in detail during our online courses. Other important areas of teaching theory that are covered during an online course include teaching methodologies, how to find and create classroom materials, how to use technology in the classroom, and the ins and outs of evaluation and testing.

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