How to Pronounce 'QUIESCENT'- English Grammar


In this episode, we cover the pronunciation of the word quiescent. This word refers to a state of inactivity. Synonyms for quiescent include inactive, idle, at rest, and quiet.

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This really took me back to being in high school choir for many years, as well as taking professional vocal lessons. That's where I learned about word stress, the IPA, and how shifting vowels can change meaning and sound. It was a great review of some of the concepts, as well as an introduction to the breakdown of linguistic classifications of different vowels and consonants.In this unit we have learned about the different types of tests, pre-course, post-course, needs analysis and when and how to use them, then we learn the different types of syllybus used for specific purposes, and how to create them acoourding to our course length and learners need. This information has been very helpful to me as I often need to create courses for my classes.

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