How to Pronounce 'ILK'- English Grammar


In this episode, we cover the pronunciation of the word ilk. This word describes a person or a thing that is similar to a person or a thing previously referred to. Suitable synonyms for ilk are type, category, sort, and class.

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This unit is receptive skills which are reading and listening. The unit does deep down to cover the important points about the skill together with how to teach the skill to tthe students using the ESA method. I learnt in this unit the nature of the receptive skill and it is to be presented in the class. What's more interesting is how to choose the right text for the students.I have learned the qualities and roles of a teacher as well as the motivation, language level, and qualities of a learner. As a teacher, you need to be aware of yourself, your teaching methods and capabilities, as well as your student's level and motivation to learn. A teacher needs to adapt quickly to the roles needed in the learning environment, switching roles when needed.

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