How to Pronounce 'ANEMONE' - English Pronunciation


In this episode, we cover the pronunciation of the word anemone. This word is used as a noun and refers to brightly colored flowers of the buttercup family. The word comes from the Greek word anem?n? meaining 'windflower'.

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Unit five explained how to manage a classroom. It focused on the way the teacher acts, the students act, and the way the room is setup. All of these factors help in the process of keeping the lessons focused on the needs of the students and keep them focused and well behaved. From this unit I learned the benefits and failures of the ways I could choose to set up my classroom.This unit was interesting in that it touched on many different scenarios in which a Second Language Teacher may find themselves in. These real-life lessons with real-life applications were great to read and learn about as I will be going and teaching young learners in a few months. It could have given more information on putting these lessons together but overall it was great

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