OTP Demonstration Lesson - Iban - Present Perfect


In this demonstration lesson Iban covers the present perfect tense. He starts the lesson with a warm activity. He then goes on to focus on the tense in more detail covering the structure and usage. He ends the lesson with activities to encourage the students to use the language point they have learned in the lesson.

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In this unit, I have learned the objective and way of lesson planning. Each stage has an appropriate procedure. It is applicable to any topics such as a particular grammar tense and a general topic. I think a lesson without an appropriate plan is not so effective for students. We need to understand the requirements in each ESA phase and make a good plan depending on the phase.Unit 16 deals with conditionals and reported speech. There are subtle differences between the zero, first, second, third, and mixed conditionals but it is these differences that define the rules of usage. For instance, the first conditional is used when we're talking about a \"real\" situation in the future that is possible, or even probable, once certain conditions are met.

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