Green Thumb - English Idioms


The idiom "green thumb" refers to the ability to grow plants well, for example: Whenever I buy a plant, it always dies shortly after. I really don't have a green thumb. Because my plants always die, I don't have the ability to grow plants well, hence, I don't have a green thumb.

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This unit´s content is about raising awarenes of the needs different aged students have and what it means to be a good teacher. Also you learn about the different roles a teacher needs to fulfill and how to seperate language skills into different levels. This unit made me understand the role of a teacher more and raised awareness of how to become a good teacher yourself.This unit reviews different types of assessments, including what their purposes are and when they are delivered. I learned about various types of external exams that I had not heard of before, particularly the Cambridge exams, and developed a better sense of the types of objectives that students have for taking English classes and studying for one type of exam over another.

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