Bad vs Badly - English Grammar - Teaching Tips


In this video we explain the difference in using "bad" and "badly". The key difference is that 'bad' is used as an adjective and 'badly' as an adverb. Therfore, 'bad' describes that something is not good, while 'badly' refers to something that is done in a bad manner, harmfully or in correctly. A good example sentence for 'bad' would be "Jenny had a car accident today. This is bad". Let's look at an example for 'badly': "Austin behaved badly". I'm sure you'll never confuse the two words again.

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This unit provided useful information about course books and lesson materials. In fact, it was beneficial to know what must be considered to choose a course book. Additionally, using authentic and created materials in a proper way is quite essential. By eliciting the use of a course book, it makes me more confident to modify the course book according to the students? need.This unit explained the different types of ways to manage class. This included classroom arrangement, use of eye contact, discipline, etc. From this I was able to learn how to keep a class under control and what I should do to prevent misbehavior. This can be done by by being a professional and mature figure in the classroom by arriving on time and earning the students respect.

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