The Past Tenses - Overview - Past Perfect and Past Perfect Continuous


In this video, we provide you with a useful overview of the various past tenses. We focus here especially on the differences between the past perfect and past perfect continuous.

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After this unit of study, I learned the different ways of evaluating students? levels and progress. As an English teacher who has three years of teaching and tutoring experience, I have to admit it is extremely important to have a placement test before you put a student in a class. In such way, you could have a better understanding of what class you are going to teach.This lesson is focused on \"what to do next?\". It focused on the importance of getting familiar with the cultural differences and how to be sensitive to the cultures and people you will be teaching. It provides valuable resources to get information before you and how to get prepare to ;look for a job overseas including the personal data that is required for the \"match\".

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