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This teaching idea for the past perfect involves matching pictures of historical events with the appropriate sentence and describing what had just happened in the picture using the past perfect tense. For example: A picture of the Titanic would be matched with the sentence "hit an iceberg" and the student should say "It had just hit an iceberg". As the trainer notes in the video; the scenarios in this activity are western centric. When teaching English overseas it is important to bear in mind how you can adapt your activities to make them more suitable or more interesting to your students. Learning about the local culture and history can make your lessons more relevant to your students and therefore more engaging.

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I honestly don?t know that there is so many roles of a teacher. I am glad that i learned them because now, i learned how should act In my future classes. Espesially the age section is the best part for the teachers. Because as adults sometimes we forgot how was being a child or a teenager. I always keep in my mind the details of post puberty, pre-puberty and very young learnersThe final unit is also very helpful like the rest of the units in this course. I appreciate the guidelines in making CV/resume and also the tips for new teachers planning to work in another country. Upon reading the articles on the websites mentioned, I have learned a lot about cultural differences and on how teachers can survive the first few weeks of teaching in a new environment.

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