Why You Should Take a TEFL Course Right Now - Even If You Aren't Leaving Yet


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that's awesome great okay well
today we are going to talk about why now is the perfect time to take a tefl
course even if you're not leaving like leaving to go abroad to teach yet so that's our topic
for today because i think a lot of people are wondering like you know it's now a good time to take a tefl course with
everything considered um you know or should i wait or what should i do i think a lot of people are unsure
so i wanted to take this opportunity to tell you now is the perfect time
and why i'm gonna go into five reasons why you should take a tefl course right
now even if you're not leaving yet so that's on the agenda today before we
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she's a non-native english um teacher from russia so that's very interesting for people
who are also non-native english speakers because she's an amazing english teacher she has had an amazing career teaching
abroad she lived in china and thailand now she's back home in russia she's
teaching mostly online nowadays so she knows a lot about teaching online teaching in china as a non-native
english speaker um also a lot of like online lesson planning stuff so even i get my ideas from her she's
amazing actually yeah she did a live about teaching online platforms
this week on tuesday it was really great and she did one before i think it was like february and after i
saw that i actually signed up to a teaching platform and i started teaching because of her suggestions
so check her out she's great um cool then we have khan watching from
vietnam hey there thanks so much for tuning in and we have a question from rebecca do
these certifications ever expire good question so let me show you before we jump in let me show you my
certificate real quick i always have them right next to me during the live i have a couple
i have this one is the um the standard 120 hour tefl certification
and no they do never expire so they are good for life they never
expire and what's great about these is that they have this unique identification number right here
so that you or especially your employer wherever you apply can come to the itdt website and they
can type this number in to make sure that um it is a real certificate
um that it's really you who got the certificate because there's a lot of people who actually
fake and photoshop tefl certificates so this is how we work against that we issue
unique certification numbers um different for every certificate so you
can punch that in on the itt website and your employer as well so that you can make sure and your
employer can make sure especially that this is a legit certificate
and that you also it's you who took the course so yeah they never expire so that's a
great thing and i think it's great to you know have multiple certificates obviously so i
have the main one and then i also have the specializations we have teaching business english here
we have teaching english to young learners and i also have the teaching english online certificate
um but i don't have it here in my in my um thing here but i don't remember where i
put it because i used it the other day i made like copies of it and then i
misplaced it so i need to find it but i have that too anyway that's that right
off the bat so then uh uh let me just get rid of
all the stuff here okay let's jump right in as always you know me i like to prepare
some visuals for you guys and also um
what did i want to say yeah feel free to ask questions at any time even if it's
not related to what we're talking about today anything teaching related korea related because i
live in korea or asia in general um tefl tesol whatever you can ask at any time
but there also be a q a at the end um if you want to wait and see you can ask
questions later as well so don't be shy as you know i like to have my live
sessions as sort of an exchange i like to have a dialogue with you guys so it's not just me talking
i want to also hear more about you and your goals and your tefl journey and your experience and things like that
so anyway yeah why you should take a tefl course right now even if you are not
leaving yet that's what we're talking about today but first let me just introduce myself real quick
so my name is linda i am originally from germany slash usa so my mom is german my dad is
american but i was mostly born and raised i was born and raised in germany spent most of my time
there but then i also finished my degree my bachelor's degree i went to college in san diego
which was super super nice and yeah i'm also a travel writer and content creator
under my own uh name linda goes east east because i've been based in asia
since pretty much 2012. first china then korea
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linda goes east i've been based in south korea since 2015
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all right then yeah itttt is a leading teflon tesol course provider we have a
ton of different course options uh and i know i got asked that last time please do a live about the different
course options and i will i've done one i did one in like october last year i think
um but we have been going through some changes we're tweaking some courses here and there so i'm just waiting to kind of have
these changes finalized to then do a new life about the courses
the changes and stuff like that so it is coming it is coming uh very soon and yeah we're
open worldwide we also have in-class tefl centers worldwide online courses and combined courses so
yeah a great variety something for everybody right okay then
uh oh we're jumping right in usually i put this slide twice anyway
too fast why you should take a tefl course right now even if you're not leaving yet
so please let me know in the comments real quick who is already TEFL certified
and who isn't and maybe you're thinking about taking a specialized course or like an add-on course
let me know who's already certified and who isn't i would really like to know
before we jump in so that i can get an idea of what sort of crowd i'm dealing with
and i'm gonna have some more coffee meanwhile
all right we have good person here who's already TEFL certified okay great what kind of tefl certificate
do you have do you have the 120 hours
okay juliana says tesol i'm t-cell certified great so some people might be like tefl
certified some people might be t-cell certified um it always uh depends you know where
usually you are from uh the acronym tesol is mostly used in the us
and i believe in australia tefl is more used in the uk
i think and uh in south africa i believe so it depends on
the region but they mean the same thing and the training is also the same
okay great moses is TEFL certified good person 220 hour oh great cool so
that's basically yeah that's this right here me too cool okay
awesome okay so maybe you can um share some of your own comments and
experiences for what i'm gonna talk about next to help others
also make the decision maybe we can do like that
okay constance i am t soul certified the course from itt was so interesting that's
awesome thank you so much great okay all right then
let's look at the first reason why you should take a tefl course right now even if you're not leaving yet and then
maybe the people who are already certified can share some of their thoughts to that
reason or maybe that was that also applied to them right okay
so the first reason that i want to mention is that um taking a tefl course right now or a
tesol course it makes sense from a financial standpoint and now you're going to be like what a tefl course costs money how does
that make sense from a financial standpoint okay hear me out so when it comes to
moving abroad to teach there are basically three main expenses
the first one is your tefl certificate then we have transportation flights and then we have
the basic startup costs to help you through until your first paycheck so those are the three
main expenses that you're going to have to deal with when you move abroad right so um
okay some jobs of course they cover transportation costs um but some don't so this depends on you
know where you're going to work and basically it costs anywhere
depending on where you're moving you know and where you're moving from how expensive is the flight how expensive is housing where you are
going to live et cetera et cetera but it's going to cost you a couple of thousand dollars usually to
move abroad to make that journey right so we usually recommend to register for your
tefl certification course anyway anywhere from one year to six months
before your desire desired date of departure i actually recommend a minimum of one year before even maybe
earlier uh especially nowadays because we're not really sure when we can move abroad
um i think definitely one year or even a year and a half two years before you want to move uh is
a great timeline and so basically what you want to do and what i mean with it makes
sense from a financial standpoint is that you want to split up your main expenses
right so first you would get that tefl certificate cost out of the way a year a year and a half
before you're leaving you have that right so you don't have to worry about that
anymore then you can focus on your transportation flight costs that
will come next maybe six months before you're leaving and then you can spend six months before your
departure on figuring out your basic startup costs maybe you already have some savings
maybe you don't if you don't you could take that time
um to start working online for example and gonna talk about that at the end as well but you can take some
time and figure out how you're gonna get your startup costs in those last maybe six months leading up to your
departure so that's what i mean by it makes sense from a financial standpoint
because you want to get your tefl or t-cell certificate as early as possible so you can get that part of the costs
already out of the way if you wait and you get you do everything at the same time you're gonna
have one huge expense and you might be overwhelmed financially
does that make sense i hope it does let me know what you think also the people who already took the
course does that sound right um yeah just let me know but that's typically how it goes and what we
recommend and especially nowadays like i said i think a minimum of one year before your
departure that's a really good timeline to start looking into options and i know a lot of you um are
doing that because you come back here week after week after week you're getting as much information as you can and that's really
great so i know a lot of people a lot of you who aren't certified yet are um
doing that and you are in that phase um and so yeah i just want to mention real quick again that we have that
30 percent off right so yeah now is a great time to take a tefl
course really great so um take advantage of that wait i wanted to
share the link one more time yeah here so 30 off that's a really great deal
that you're gonna get okay makes even more sense to take a course now to get the 30 off
all right
good then um if there are no comments i'm just going to move on to the next reason feel free to you know
leave your comments at any time no problem so that was the first one from a financial point of view
now we're gonna talk about um a little bit more logistically basically
so you want to get started on your job search and take advantage of as many options as
possible as early in advance as you can okay so
it's important to keep in mind that it can take between three and six months to line up a teaching position abroad
sometimes even longer depending on you know if you're thinking about like teaching programs
like the korean epic program talk program the japanese jet program
many of those programs they actually hire even more in advance like up to a
year in advance so think about that think about where you want to go um and adjust your timeline accordingly
again the earlier you start thinking about that the earlier you complete your tefl course you are ready to apply
and you are able to take advantage of as many options as possible as more options if you get certified
earlier right so for example like someone wants to teach english in let's say like
costa rica right they get um their main hiring seasons we talked
about that before i think it's like august july right but you take your course in june
uh you start you know you know you start thinking about going abroad to costa rica um you take your tefl course in june are
you gonna be ready in july and august to go to costa rica to take advantage of the hiring season
no probably not so keep that in mind you know hit us up our team will be able to let you know
exactly um when's the right time to go where you want to go
so that you can plan out your timeline um and even like around half of it course
participants they haven't even decided on a destination upon signing up so they just want they know
they want to teach english abroad or maybe online um they sign up but they don't really know where to go yet so
during that time of taking the tefl course they um consult with our consultants
and our team to find the perfect fit for their destination also some people they come to us
obviously with having a very clear idea where they want to teach but then along the way along the tefl
journey they find out oh actually oh italy doesn't seem to be a great fit for me i actually want to go to vietnam
to teach so keep that in mind right um so yeah get started on your job
search and take advantage of as many options as possible the earlier you do it the better so
that's from a logistical point of view
all right good person says i would like to teach english in china and i'm doing my best to find a job there
oh fingers crossed fingers crossed china is great china is great there's so many opportunities if you don't just stick to
beijing in shanghai where everybody wants to go you know just be more flexible
broaden your horizon you know go to other cities then i'm sure you can find a job
for sure and also um you know watch some of lisa's lives especially the one from saturday if you
haven't seen it i think you have i think i've seen you in the comments there so maybe you got some really interesting information from that
um live session with a itt course grad who is currently teaching in china
okay all right then we are moving on to reason number three
and i think this is actually one of the most important ones um especially for people like me who
like to procrastinate put off important work this one is very very powerful and
important so why you should take a tefl course right now
taking the first step of enrolling in your tefl certification course gives you then more time to think about
teaching abroad so what i mean by that is once you take the first step of
enrolling and starting your tefl course you're already so much closer to your goals of
living and working abroad because we all know how hard it is to take that first step
right we dream about moving abroad living abroad to teach it's great it's a
dream but once you decide to take a tefl course you enroll
this is your first step now your adventure starts and your mindset is going to
completely change right because first it was just a dream
it's just something you want to do it's a dream but once you start your tefl course
it started you're you're living the dream you're starting to live the dream right okay that's what i mean so your mental
state is going to change dramatically and you're going to feel
super motivated and energized you know to get this going
and i think that's a very important reason
because otherwise maybe you're just putting it off you're putting it off oh now is not a good time now is not a good time oh i'm so busy
right now i can't finish the course right now i need i'm gonna wait well when is the perfect
time there might never be the perfect time how you imagine it right
so yeah i think this is such a powerful reason um yeah
i hope i'm making sense but from a mentally mental point of view right this um i
think is very very important and even in a situation like this you know
um a lot of people are like oh why should i take a tough course right now with like everything going on with the
pandemic actually now is a great time because you're probably going to spend a lot of time at home anyway
you can take an online course you can probably even finish it much faster or you have more time
to do a lot more research to do a lot more in-depth self-study to get a lot more information
you have more time maybe to research things so now is actually a really great time
because you can get as much information um there's so much available with our
lives not even our lives our blog not even us like there's so many other resources you know
um you can take specialized courses additionally yeah so now i think i start rambling but
you you know what i mean you know what i mean right so yeah i think this reason is
very powerful what do you think how did you feel once
you signed up for your tefl course everybody else you also feel more
um motivated and like you're finally you know getting somewhere like
you're starting your dream you're building your dream life
that's definitely how i felt i was super uh yeah super motivated once i started my
tefl course because once you start that you can then like think about everything that's gonna come
after right so i took my tefl course while i was already teaching
in china and i wanted to move to south korea so while taking the course this was my
first step like to korea right so i was thinking about oh i want to get this done you
know i want to go to korea like this is great i was really in a really really great mindset
basically okay yeah i hope i'm making sense
i'm not getting a lot of responses but it's cool it's cool i see there's people watching i
appreciate you i appreciate you so
yeah all right can i move on i think i'm going to move on now to the
next one all right let's move on
hello okay okay good then reason number four
we have connect with fellow itt students and travelers so the earlier you sign up
um you know with with a tefl course you can get in touch with fellow
students fellow course takers and also grads from all over the world and other world travelers
and that's really a great way to exchange your thoughts and make new friends before you even arrive in your
new destination so we have a really really big network of itt grads
you can find and reach out to them on our facebook page for example we have a review section so you can check that out you
know and get in touch with people or also our blog is a really really great resource
when you go to blog we have a lot of alumni reports
from people teaching in japan and the jet program we have people teaching
in um i think there was one girl really interesting in colombia um we have people teaching in hong kong
really everywhere argentina china korea there's so many interesting people
out there that share their experience on our blog and um you can reach out to them you
know if that's something that you're interested in you're interested in going to argentina you can reach out to that itt grad most of them are very very
you know interested in helping others also figuring out their journey
um we are also affiliated with a lot of our course grads who moved on to amazing careers and they
have started you know their online platforms we have a lot of people on youtube tik tok uh bloggers instagramers who
are ittd course grads and they're documenting their journey on their socials and they love their experience with
itttt so they affiliated with us and they're now sharing their experience on their platforms
to get other people to sign up so we have that as well so that's always a great way or you know
just even google like teaching english in korea and maybe you even find my site
i wrote a lot about teaching english in korea and i always welcome people emailing me and asking me
about what it's like what i would recommend how i did it and i always like to share my
thoughts and advice to others and there's so many other bloggers or you know in influencers who do the same
so yeah that's definitely a great way to um get started with your tefl journey
and also maybe along the way like i said before you come into this thinking like oh yeah i want to go to
china to teach love it want to go to china 100 and then you realize with talking maybe with
other people you're like oh actually uh just doesn't sound like something i would enjoy
there's the culture just seems like very different i think i want to go to peru for example
that seems like a better fit and then you can reach out to people from there so yeah
all right then i think we're moving on to the last reason that i have for you
today and it's a very very very good and important reason so um
basically and i touched on that before so you can make money teaching english online the sooner you
sign up for your tefl course the sooner you're done with that you can start applying for your
adventure abroad and while you're waiting for that you can start by teaching english online that
for one you gain valuable experience that will prove extremely useful for your teaching job in the actual
classroom later on abroad but also you earn some money on the side that you can then use for your adventure
abroad to for example cover those startup costs because typically the first month it can
be a little bit rough because you are starting a new job so you're waiting for
your first salary the time until then um you need to have some kind of
starting start capital so teaching online is a great way to sort of uh you
know earn some money to get you through that first month or even if you're moving to a country
where you have to interview in person you have to move there you have to go there for the interview
process so you pack all your things you go to that country that's very typical in parts of europe and also parts of south
america so if you're interested in teaching there you typically have to just go there during the main hiring season
and then interview and find a job there so that can take some time right so you need to you need to have money to cover those
costs staying in a hot hotel in a hostel guest house wherever food you know
transportation costs all those things so the sooner you finish your tefl
course the sooner you can start making money to make your transition to go abroad
easier right and teaching english online is just such a great way to do that
i also because of the pandemic i started teaching english online in february march or february
it was really great um i still do it it's really fun um you get to know so many interesting
people uh it's i think it's even more interesting because of the people like you me
it's really interesting so i love that and obviously it's also you know money
on the side so that's great but yeah keep that in mind
okay we have a comment here from goodperson linda i wish if it is possible to have
some conferences online and offline where can other english teachers all over the world to share their
experiences yeah i'm sure there is something like that already i know that some facebook groups do that
i know i mention facebook groups every live but facebook groups are great um there are
facebook groups for like um you know teaching english teachers in
korea for example english teachers in peru whatever there's a facebook group for that and they that's where you can
exchange information as well so that's also a great resource for sure
okay so those are my five reasons why now is a great time to take
a tefl course i hope it made some sense i hope i was able to help you maybe
make a decision and yeah so now we're moving on to the q a
part and don't forget the 30 off so you can scan that qr code
or you can just go to this link straight away fill out your application
and you can get 30 off any ittt tefl course
that actually should also be a reason why now is a great time to take a tuple course
so yeah now let's take some time to do a q a
you can ask me all your questions you have about teaching abroad taffle tesol whatever you want to know
i'm going to take a couple of minutes before i'm signing off to answer all your questions
so here we are i'm just gonna show you until we have a question because there is a delay between me talking and you
seeing it um just want to show you again the certificates what they look like and
i'm gonna make myself a little bit bigger i showed them at the beginning but maybe
there's some people who didn't see so this is what the itt um
tefl certificate looks like can you see like that it's it looks
really nice and even this one is i think
six or seven years old and it still looks like new it's really nice it's very nice like
thick paper um yeah it's really nice and like i
mentioned earlier it has this unique identification number that you can use to verify that this is
a legit certificate and also your employers can um use that to verify
that it's a legit certificate so yeah that's what they look like very very
nice itttt certificates and this is the 120 hour one
so this is the one that we usually recommend to get you know as a standard first step
basically that's also what i did i got this one and then i think the next one that i got
was the teaching english to young learners
so because i was teaching mostly children and also when i moved to korea i taught
kindergarten at elementary so i thought this was a great add-on to get and then i also got the teaching
business english certificate which also looks like this um and i actually started teaching business english after that as well and
that really helped me because it's obviously very different teaching children versus business
executives so definitely great and i also got the um teaching english online specialization but like i said i
misplaced that certificate because i took some copies of that a couple of days ago and then um
i put it somewhere and i can't find it right now but yeah and then i started teaching english online as well
all right we have a question from brett possible required reading it was
suggested that i purchased the practice of english language teaching in english grammar and used books
should i buy them now or use in tandem with my course okay so i know that i don't have these
books um actually but english grammar and use i heard is really really good
and lisa has that one so my colleague and she does the live sessions on tuesday
she might also have the other one but i know she has english and grammar english grammar and use and she loves
that book she loves that book so it's really yeah i definitely recommend it
you can use that and if it's anything like i have a book there it's korean grammar
and use so if it's anything like that it's super super useful super useful for
sure and you can like uh photocopy pages out
of it or even just for the explanations you know even not for making any photocopies for your students but just
for yourself the explanations how the different grammar things
work i think is very very useful so many useful for that
what course did you sign up for brett let me know
okay so great
oh and brett where do you want to teach in korea right in korea do you want to do you want to
go with um the epic program or private school do you already know
i would love to know i have a lot of friends who you know teach you both so a lot of
friends who teach under the epic program in public schools and then a lot of friends who work in
private schools it both has like pros and cons right so
ah you signed up for the in-class course cool which where in the u.s
or which one in seoul we have a new one in seoul it's quite new
super interesting or exciting to have one now in korea it's cool i hope you can hear me
i'm talking oh in rome wow that's so cool when are you going i
think you told me last time i forgot i'm sorry i remember now in rome oh my gosh i love rome
have you ever been before beautiful and i think now is actually a great time
because there might not be that many tourists so now is a great time i think to see it
with like less people when i went i went i think two years ago
or three years ago two or three years ago in august or july
and it was packed oh yeah early july oh so exciting
oh i'm so excited for you i want to come too that's so cool okay so what made you
decide um to take an in-class course versus an online course maybe you can share with
others what made you decide to go with an in-class course because most people do take an online
course just for flexibility and also the price but um yeah let us know
brett why you chose an in-class course over the online one we're all interested to know
just waiting for brett's answer i hope he's still here
oh bad but rome oh my god italy in general right italy is just a
fairy tale
oh yeah i need to start living my life and i want to travel that's so great ah love that
proud of you i'm proud of you ah awesome cool but didn't you last time
didn't you say you wanted to teach or you're interested in teaching english in korea are you not interested in teaching
english in italy or just wherever
what about everybody else where would you like to teach here where would you like to teach
everybody else let us know i would actually
so what i really would like to do because i do have a full-time job i would like to do some
kind of volunteer teaching for a month in like southeast asia that's what i really want to do or
south america like i want to spend a month in like vietnam and volunteer teach that would be so
awesome or like cambodia something like that or even like somewhere tropic
really tropical but like in the philippines or something with a nice beach i don't know that's
what i would like to do or south america i've always really wanted to go to peru um that would be great
so just like a month volunteer teach at a school i would
really like that that would be so cool
okay brett says i'm not familiar with the different hiring agencies but i do know that i'd like to start as soon as
possible okay cool all right well fingers crossed good luck for you sounds
like a great plan it sounds like you're like open you know flexible uh so i think there's
nothing in the way that nothing nothing stands in your way i think you're good to go
good luck to you sounds really awesome okay well
if there are no more question in today's q a section um i might sign off but you know me i'll
be back next week uh and if you watched last week's live
it was about teaching english in asia and i talked about i think it was seven different countries
the countries with like the most demand and i'm gonna do the same thing for europe probably next week
so if you're interested in teaching english in europe i know it was a request um i think even brett maybe requested it
i don't remember somebody requested oh duo do teaching english in europe so i'm gonna do that
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to start your tefl journey now just like brett who is going to roam in july i'm so
so excited for you brad low-key jealous not gonna lie but um please eat all the gelato and all
the pasta from me for me um yeah love that all right thank you guys
pretzels thank you lanila of these sessions thank you brad good person thank you linda for
everything thank you i hope today was um interesting
and yeah i forgot to mention if you're interested in podcasts um we always turn our live sessions into
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