What Scams to Look Out for When Looking for TEFL Jobs


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and how to avoid them very important how to avoid them so that's what we're gonna do today
and yeah guys let me know have you ever applied for a tefl job
before um and if you did you know did you ever experience a tefl job scam
what's your experience are you aware of any tefl scams have you ever come across or some
of your friends let me know in the comment box leave a comment if you have and what sort of
scam it was i'm really curious meanwhile i just want to
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what uh what today's topic is sorry i want to go back to that one so looking for a tefl job what scams do
you need to look out for and i asked a couple minutes ago if any of you have experienced any tefl scams
have you ever experienced a tefl scam feel free to let us know what kind of
scam that was and a little bit about you know what happened and how you dealt with it and
how you found out it was a scam and also at any time during this life it's probably gonna take about
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so awesome seeing you know the same people week after week it's really great and then seeing some new people
that's it's really awesome that's why i love doing these live sessions so anyway moving on
oh we did that okay so first of all i want to talk a little bit about what
what do they want why do people scam like why are there tefl scammers and
what do they want um you know unfortunately in the world there's all sorts of scammers
especially now with the internet you know it's so easy to do online scams so we really really
need to be careful and also with any kind of scammer the same goes for teflo scammers
they most of the time they try to take advantage of teachers looking for jobs overseas for pure
financial gain so they want your money that's just how it is
most of the scams are revolved around money so they ask you to send money beforehand
or also some of them might try to get credit card information
or you know other personal information so it's most of the time financial gain but it
can also be personal like personal information theft right so if you if
they ask you to send in like a copy of your passport or like your id or like a social security number
bad sign bad sign so do not do that um yeah so that's their
premise that's why they do it um and now we're gonna get into the most common
scams the most common tefl scams to look out for and also how to avoid them because
that's the most important thing what can you do how can you spot them and then how can
you deal with it so that is today's topic and again thanks so much for watching today for
tuning in let me know where you guys are watching from just throw in a
quick hi i'm watching from so and so so like i said i am in south korea it's
friday morning um it's a very foggy day but um you know we have to deal with it and
yeah i think i wanted to say something i forget but anyway uh let's just jump into the topic and um
see what the first scam is all right so the first scam that i want to talk
about is using the name of a well-known school so most countries abroad
they will have um you know big and well-known like school chains
um i know that a lot from you know china and south korea there's just some of those um chains
that are very big in every city they have a school so those are very very well known and generally as a teacher we want to
get into one of those really well-known schools right so
one of the most common scams is that in the job ad when you read the job
advertisement online they would use the name of a reputable
school in the job ad um but obviously they're not the real school
so they would use a typically a similar email address with a different domain so
if you look at what i've written here so for example as an example school of english at instead of jobs at
so the at gmail whenever it's like a generic email address like that
like gmail or yahoo or whatever it is um it's often a scam
especially if it's a big school because a big school a big chain they have their
own domain so they have their own email addresses with their name in it instead
of gmail right so instead of school of english they the real one would be jobs at um so that's one way to tell however
it's true that you know some smaller schools who don't have the resources to get their own
domain they're often gonna do that they're often gonna have a gmail email address so this scam sort of you
can only tell from if it's a big school and um
you know they should have their own domain so that's a little bit it's a little bit tricky with that one
but um for bigger schools it's definitely true so how can we
how can we avoid this particular scam
the first step um even you know to figure out hey is this a legit email address or not because it says at gmail
at yahoo do your research on the school name online and then if it's a big school they're
likely going to have their own website so you can check if the email advertised
on the official home page is the same as in the job ad right but sometimes
they do use a different email address for like hiring so it can be different but if their official email is like
um at and then the school name instead of gmail then the gmail one might not be the correct one so but if
you're still not sure a great way to find out whether this job ad
is legit or not is just to email the school via their home page or social media
account and say like hey i saw this job ass i just want to check you know i just want to check if
that is really from you guys is this job advertised through you guys is this
really you so um that's a great way and then they'd be like yes yes that's us um and you're like okay cool and then
you can apply or they're like oh no we we're not looking for teachers right now or oh no that's not our job and we
haven't advertised on this side or like something like that so that's a very great way to figure out
if you're if they're trying to scam you right and that's a very common scam actually and they even use
use the logo because you can copy and paste it right so it's very easy
to um for schools to fake it and pretend to be a well-known school or they even make up
their own school name right um that doesn't even exist so
always do your research if you find a school in a job ad it typically says you
know what school it is the school name so you can be like school of english in beijing is this a
real school and then see if it shows up or not and then you can always reach out to them
like i mentioned via email or social media and make sure that the job ad really is from them
does that make sense i hope all right we have yousef here
hi and yusuf is watching from algeria and it's 2 a.m in the morning
wow thanks so much for tuning in yusuf that's great awesome and we have moses hi
hey there hi moses good to see you again and we also have ahmet hi there
awesome great so this was the first tefl scam i wanted to talk about and has
anybody experienced the scam before um let me know let me know if you've
experienced this particular scam before and how you dealt with it
if any at any time during um this live you know you have a tefl scam story it would be just great
if you could share it because we all benefit from your experience and maybe there's a scam
out there that i'm not mentioning today so it'd be great because i mean the scammers are trying to
are trying to always come up with a new scam right it's their business so they're trying to be creative and come up with new scams
all the time um so it would be great to get your input as well if you have
experience with tefl scams
all right it always i and i always say that but there's a 20 i think it's a
20-second delay from me talking to you guys than seeing it
on facebook or youtube just for like facebook um security reasons so that's why
sometimes i'm waiting for you guys to answer if that makes sense
but um yeah i'm just gonna move on to scam number two and if an answer comes
in i have my eye on it and then we can talk about it all right okay so a very
common scam is uh requiring upfront payments so that's
when they really get into the nitty-gritty and they're like hey you need to send me money okay
you're trying to get hired and they request money from the teacher very early on in the
application process and typically they're asking for things
like airplane tickets visa fees security deposits for housing all of
those things so that's a very very common scam that a lot of tefl scammers are trying
to pull off and you know sometimes it can be it can be like
you're not quite sure you know is this a scam or maybe because you you don't know the country right if this is if you're
trying to get hired into china and you've never been there before you don't know anybody there and
then they're telling you well yeah we want to hire you but we need you know the security deposit for your house
so when you get here um you have a place to stay and maybe
you know you don't know you don't know how things work in china so maybe you believe it and then you pay
the money and then um they are they disappear with your
money so that can happen so how can we avoid this scam when
they're asking for upfront payments what can we do
so typically no tefl employer will ask for flight money up front
especially the flight money or also security deposits i've never heard about that before
so typically you know many employers either provide free airfare and free
housing you know especially in countries like china south korea um places like that in
asia most of the time so they will never ask for that money
if they do not provide free airfare then it's typically on you
to book your own flight right so um you would book your own flight with your
own money and then many employers will actually reimburse you with the money once you start
working or will be deducted from your first salary and things like that so typically some some scammers they'll
be like yeah we book your flight so give us your credit card information so we can book your flight
no don't do that or they're like hey we're booking your flight the flight costs i don't know a thousand dollars
so please send us a thousand dollars or please send us half of that and then half when you get
there or something like that no also now typically
you do not send your employer any money beforehand if for example in my case i went from
china directly to south korea now i had some issues um getting the korean work visa in china
because you typically have to do this well i don't know there were just some issues and i couldn't do it in china so i first
went to south korea on a tourist visa and then i had to go to japan to do a
visa run um go to japan to a south korean embassy
to get my visa there so how they did that with my school
um they basically booked the i took the ferry they uh booked the
ferry for me they booked a hotel for me all of those things and then i think
with my first salary they deducted all of those things from my salary so that could happen so
either they're like they sponsor you completely they take care of it they pay for it because you are their hire
or um they pay for it in advance you give them like your receipts and
stuff or if they booked it for you i mean they have the receipts themselves um and they would take it
from your salary for example so usually it's done like that it's never like
you giving them upfront money typically like i feel like in no culture
this would be okay right so um and also i think the whole
thing to think about if it feels wrong it's probably wrong so you also have to
trust your instincts yeah and your intuition right if it doesn't feel right just don't do
it you don't like you don't want to you know be there any possibility of you
getting scammed so if it doesn't feel right just walk away from it there's gonna be another
job there are so many different tefl jobs this is not the only one right so don't i think a lot of people
think like that that they're like oh oh what if i can't find another job like
i need to take this job no don't think like that don't take the first best thing
of course if it feels right and it's great take it but you know what i'm saying like don't fall for a scam because you
think like oh this is the only job offer i'm gonna get no okay no don't think like that
um so anyway back to the scam so how can we avoid it when they ask for upfront
payments um take a look so especially if they ask for visa fees
right um you can take a look at the visa fees on the official embassy website like in
your country for example so at the korean embassy in in the
states for example you could check the website look at the visa fees and then you can
even ask the embassy and call them and be like uh you know are the visa fees
proposed by my employer do they sound legit are they all right what do you think and they'll probably
gonna be very helpful and um you know give you advice but typically
no employer will ask for upfront payments so if they ask for upfront payments it's a little bit of a red flag and it's
probably better to just walk away all right i have a question from ahmed
he's asking did you work in china before yes i did i did so i actually worked for
um i did teaching also i was a teacher in china and i also worked for a um chinese
german company in china as well i spend um half my time teaching and have my time
working for that sort of yep
okay all right then moving on to scam
number three that's i think also very common scam and obviously a huge red flag
that is getting hired without an interview
so you would apply for a job you would send them your resume and then they'd be like great you're hired and you're like oh
cool i guess no not so cool okay um most employers they conduct tefl
interviews via skype or phone if it's not in person most of them it's online it's a skype
interview or a phone interview like i said or like zoom or whatever so um that's pretty much the norm
they want to see you they want to get to know you and at the same time you want to see them and want to get to know them
you want to see your future employer or coworker manager whoever it is and also see if
it's a good fit right so if an employer hires you without even asking for an interview chances are very
high that this job is a scam all right now why would they do
this again probably to move on to one of the scams the scam that we just talked about
great you're hired now let's book your flight or great you're hired now let's give us money for your
housing things like that right or great now give us all your personal information
so be careful i think that is a huge red flag i mean would you work for a company that
just hires someone based on sending in an email um i don't think so i wouldn't want to
work for a company like that right so um yeah i have another question
here asking is there a full-time job in china as a teacher of english yes there are
tons of full-time jobs totally so my first i started out working for a german
german chinese company and then i actually transitioned to full-time teaching in china but
there's tons of actually china is the biggest esl market
for teaching for teaching english as a foreign language abroad it's the biggest market there are more
vacant job positions than there are applicants to fill them with so china is definitely a great a great
place to start out as an english teacher or even for long-term career whatever you like
definitely yes lots of opportunities in china
okay so getting hired without an interview how can we avoid this scam
all right so well should the employer not interview
you it is very safe to assume that the job is fake and you should just walk away just
walk away but if you feel like you know it might actually be genuine
you you should request an interview with the employer and with the employer and then see what they say
if they don't offer you nuri but chances are like this if they hire you without an interview
it's just a big no-no um but like i said if you still feel like you know i want to give it a chance
um ask them for an interview and then go from there and see what they say
right okay cool and then we have
scam number four all right and this is also a very very
big red flag if this happens it's not allowing you to speak with
current teachers so a lot of the time when you want to work at school this is
part of your deciding process decision process basically you want to speak with teachers who are
currently teaching at that school to get to know them they might be your future you know colleagues or just to
get a feel for like the work culture and like how is that school in general so it's always a great idea to ask for
uh that to ask for you know can i speak with any current teachers there and should an
employer refuse to let you speak with teachers currently working at the school it raises a red flag there most likely
aren't any current teachers there because the school doesn't exist
now granted if it's a really small school there might only be one teacher um but still like there should be at
least one or if it's a new school and it hasn't even started yet then i guess yes i could see that
happening where they're like oh sorry we're new we don't have any teachers
and you're like okay i guess that would be a scenario where it could not be a scam but other than
that you should always ask for um you know speaking with
current teachers there so what can we do in this case if they don't allow you to speak with
current teachers you should ask the employer why it is not possible to speak with a current
employee and see what they say and if you know they are concerned about any
about giving up personal information about their teachers what you can do in that case is you give
them your information like your instagram id your facebook your email address uh
whatever it may be and then you ask them to uh
contact you so um they can navigate that
without giving you personal information if that makes sense
okay there is a question let me just take this question so nar is asking
hold on nara is asking i'm currently taking up
the 120 hour tefl course wanna work in china so how would i get a
chance to work there and when should i apply for a job and what visa is needed i'm from india
okay great question and also congratulations on taking the 120 hour
tefl course that is awesome yeah so like i said china is the biggest market for teaching english as a foreign
language and it's also still a great place to go and teach there if you're not a native
english speaker right so people from all different backgrounds and countries
um are able to get hired in china so um my advice would be to do a lot of
research you know figure out where in china maybe you want to be and then there's also a lot of
great great um tefl recruiters and i can actually share our partner
site we have different um if i can find it
um different partners hold on that we work with in their recruiters
recruitment agencies in china and so we have been working with them
for a long time so those are very reputable recruiters you can reach out to all of them
and they will help you get a job in china i'm posting this one this link into the
comment section now so you can check it out it's this one
it's um slash efl minus esl minus jobs
so and they will be able to help you with you know what documents you need and visa
and things like that so definitely possible
also from yeah also from algeria some someone's asking i have the same
question like nar but i'm actually from algeria i'm currently taking the 220 hour course with tutor support
great yes the same answer check out and actually after you finish the course
um you will receive lifetime job support so you would speak
with one of our post course coordinators and they will help you find a job in the location that you want
and they will put you in touch with our tefl recruitment partners as well you'll receive a whole bunch of information
about jobs um especially if you tell tell the coordinator hey i want to work
in china they will give you specific information for china and a lot of resources and networks
you can reach out to sure okay so i think this is the last scam
that i wanted to talk about yes okay awesome so
now it's time uh to open up the q a officially um if you have more
questions and also i'm going to share the the 30 off link
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was good are you talking about this live session yeah today was a bit a bit of a quicker
one i think but yeah so we were talking about tefl scams you can probably tell from
the title somewhere yeah but um so i would really like to invite you
guys anyone and i mentioned this a few times but you i know there is some new people joining us so if anyone of you has a
story about a tefl scam um i invite you to share it in the comments
share it with all of us so we can all learn from your experience and know what to look
out for obvious obviously if you don't have a tefl scam story that's
great um but if you do it would be awesome if you could share it so that we can all benefit from it
also if not that's fine um if you have any other questions about tefl or tesol
teaching abroad i'm in south korea if you have questions about that
um let me know now is your time to ask basically
um and yeah i also want to say that you can always watch the replay of all of
our live sessions they don't disappear after the live is over so
um once the live is over it is saved either on our youtube channel in our live section or on facebook
um in our video section and you can check it out there you can always re-watch i also encourage you to
re-watch older episodes like i said last week we did a good one about the 15 most
asked questions during a tefl interview that was really interesting um i also talked about you know what
it's like to go abroad um alone as a woman
um tips for that that was a really good topic um i talked about the different courses
of course at itt one time i showed you all uh the
online course platform live and how it works and everything what it looks like so
things like that so if you're interested uh re-watch and like i mentioned my colleague lisa
she always um let me make myself bigger again my colleague lisa she goes live every
tuesday and she's from russia she's a russian english teacher so she
talks a lot about the um non-native english speaking teacher
side which is very very interesting and she knows a lot more about that than i do as a native
english teacher so i think that's why our live sessions are so great because you can get
two perspectives from a native english teacher and a non-native english teacher and so our
lives are very different very different topics there's a lot of variety so if you have time you know uh tune in
on tuesdays as well tune in on fridays with me or thursdays depending on where you are
and you know it's a great resource free resource and then you even get 30
discount links like it's great it's awesome so let me know any questions that you
guys have that's what i'm here for anything there are no stupid questions okay i want to just mention that
okay juliana says i did not meet a tefl scam before but i met a tutoring scam
four years ago oh what was the tutoring scam i mean that's probably similar so if you
like share your story with us that'd be interesting i know that some of us
when we go abroad to teach a lot of teachers they take on tutoring gigs to you know make
some extra money supplement the income so we also want to be aware of any tutoring scams that's
interesting awesome please let us know more if you want to share
another one from good person i love this name but anyway he said he or she says
linda if any school asks for any certificate to proves that i have a good level in english
language can i prove that using my bachelor's degree in english language or master's degree in english language
that i have from my country okay um actually my colleague lisa did a great
live session about that um i think it was this week on tuesday about english language
certificates so i highly recommend you check that out um it's on our youtube channel it's on
our facebook if you look on the page um you know the main page and you scroll down a bit
you'll see my lovely um colleague there my lovely colleague
there and you'll see her and she did alive about that so she knows all about that
and i think um it's definitely a plus if you also have
one of the official you know the big recognized english proficiency certificates like ielts um
what else is there uh lisa is doing what is it called see see pet
i'm not sure watch her life she knows all about that so i recommend tuning in to lisa lisa's live
from tuesday if you scroll down on our facebook page you'll see it
okay good stuff good stuff um i wanted to say something and not
forget again
anyway oh yes uh one thing i wanted to mention so
besides our live sessions we always turn these live events into podcast
episodes so if you're a person who likes podcasts you know the audio only format
this might be really really great for you so you can go on itunes on google
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itt and all of our previous live sessions
are on there as well as podcast episodes and we just recently hit 1 000 um
podcast episode downloads super exciting so yay us
uh yeah if you're interested in that i recommend it
all right now we are 45 minutes in almost um good timing i still have a little bit
of time if you want to ask some questions ask away now now is your opportunity or you have to
wait another week to do so uh
just checking the comments if i missed anything i don't think i have
but yeah a lot of you guys are currently taking tefl courses that's great i think now um is a great
time to do that now is a great time to take a tefl course you know
um and even despite you know the pandemic schools are still hiring so i have a lot
of friends who just recently came to south korea to start teaching
um you know schools are still hiring so don't think like everything's over
it's not actually um you know moving abroad as a teacher is one of the one of the few ways that
you can actually travel long distance now at the moment because you will be you will have a work
visa a long-term visa so you actually are able to enter the country so just throwing that out there
all right i see there's still a lot of people watching um but you're just quiet or maybe you're
typing a lot that's okay i'll wait a little bit
no but just kidding um also if you have any suggestions about
topics we can talk about during the live sessions in the future
also please please write down your recommendations or your ideas
in the comments section that would be really awesome we always appreciate it
all right well if nobody has any additional comments or questions
i think we might sign off here just gonna give it a few more seconds like i said because there is this delay between
me talking and you guys um seeing it so i want to give everybody the opportunity
to ask you know a question so um that's what i want to do and don't
forget the 30 off link guys don't forget
um it's a great deal and let me just make that or let me just paste um the discount
link one more time into the comment box so that everybody can see
here and if you're listening um
to this on the podcast it will be in the description the link so you can also take advantage
of 30 off as a podcast listener no problem
all right i guess um yeah i see people are already signing off so i guess this is our time to say goodbye
and yeah if you have any other questions you know later on don't be afraid just
let us know you can also reach out to me directly via social media at linda goes east feel
free to uh say hi send me a message on instagram if you want i really appreciate it and then yeah
i'll see you guys next week again i hope you have a fabulous weekend and a great week
and i hope you tune in again next friday i'm sure we'll have a new and exciting topic waiting for you and
also don't forget to join my co-worker lisa and her live sessions on tuesday like i
said she's a non-native english speaker from russia who has an amazing teaching career um i
hope you found this session helpful um you know i hope you found it helpful
i'm sometimes i'm just rambling and i feel like maybe i don't make sense but i hope it was alright
thank you juliana juliana says thank you for the session and have a nice day thank you guys also have a nice day and
i hope to see you next week again um stay happy stay healthy and i see you
next time and for anyone who's taking um a tefl course at the moment
um you know good luck with your course and we highly appreciate your support
and um yeah you know keep joining us for our live sessions and ask us
questions there are no stupid questions not at all we're here to help you guys
and to guide you through you know the sometimes very confusing uh world of tefl
teaching so um absolutely all right
here yousef says thank you lyndon lee's site is very useful oh great so you've watched lisa's before as well that's
awesome take advantage of all the resources that you can get for sure oh we have heck matula
again hi i'm just signing off now the session is already over please watch the replay um or maybe you
have watched and just didn't say hi i can see like i can see how many people are watching but i can't see who
is watching so unless you say hi you write a comment i cannot see your name so but anyway thank you so much and i
hope to see you again next week again stay happy and healthy
and i'm signing off now for real i don't want to keep on rambling so this is it guys
thanks so much for watching and if you missed it watch the replay and take advantage of 30 off don't miss
that please don't miss that if you're thinking about taking a course this is the perfect time
take advantage of the discount and yeah that's all from me goodbye goodbye for real