The Top Hiring Seasons for Teaching English Abroad


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today exciting topic um the top hiring seasons for teaching
english abroad so we're gonna go over different countries in different continents and
what their hiring seasons are so when's the best time to you know go job hunting and also some tips for job
hunting in those places so sometimes you need to um some countries hire from like in
advance when you're still in your country and you can do like online interviews and stuff but some countries they really need you
to um apply in person so we're gonna talk about that as well
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saudi arabia and work as a tefl teacher for a living any advice when's the best
to apply yes so stay tuned i will be mentioning saudi arabia
very very soon so keep watching that will come up very soon so i'm going i'm going to go
over um basically the different countries and different continents we're starting with asia and then we're going to work our
way through we're going to talk about europe countries in europe uh middle east
is there central america and south america that's on the agenda today
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with um this topic right now so the top hiring seasons
for teaching english abroad and so please also i said is i know i said say this every time but
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best here for you guys all right let's get started with
today's session and um i always start off with a little
self-introduction so my name is linda dunsmore i am a travel writer and content creator under
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um yeah i am originally from germany and the usa so my
mom is german my dad is american i have dual citizenship i spent time in both
countries and then i've pretty much been living in asia since like 2012. so i moved to
i moved to um china and now i've been based in south korea
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okay and um yeah i've been living in south korea for almost six years uh time goes by so fast and
um i'm i'm enjoying my life here i've been teaching and you know working for itt and all
that good stuff so yeah on the other hand i am a tefl and tesla marketing professional for itt
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you can find that okay thanks so much for helping out each other with the captions
thank you you guys are awesome i love our little community it's so
great to see you know the same people every week and then some new people and we all you know engage with each other that's
what i want my life sessions to be about you know not just me talking like a lecture or something but in exchange you know
with each other i always learn so much from you guys as well so um it's really interesting
all right then i would like to ask you guys first you know before we're jumping into the different
um hiring seasons where would you like to teach so where are you most interested in
teaching i know that somebody was asking about saudi arabia which is really awesome
i know tiana wants to go to korea um what about everybody else where
where is like your favorite place where you would really like to go and teach or yeah or would you like to teach
online from home from home or would you like to teach online on the road and travel everywhere or what's
what's what are you most interested in okay or somebody ash ashok i hope you're
saying that right a shock wants to teach in china awesome i taught in china a little bit i love
china i actually um studied mandarin chinese and then i moved to china and i also
taught english there and it was it was great i love china i really want to go back
as soon as the borders open oh yes tiana south korea of course
jennifer hi jennifer jennifer says i'm flexible online is cool that's awesome i also recently
started teaching english online uh for one of those platforms i might talk about that in the future too
and it's been really fun you know you get to meet so many interesting people it's really cool that's i think my
favorite part about that because you never know who you're going to talk to or who you're going to teach and
those people like some of those people are incredible what they're doing it's amazing
luciana i would like to teach in egypt i am from brazil oh that's awesome yeah cool i
also i'm also going to talk about egypt so that would be great but maybe you can also help me later with
some things about brazil um in the hiring seasons i'll also be mentioning that later
but maybe luciana you have some input about you know the school year when the school year starts and stuff in brazil i'm
gonna get back to you i'm gonna ask you in a little bit okay and maybe you can share that um
giuliano hi oh you have a new picture it's cool i love it he says i'd like
to teach in china but online oh yeah we actually are getting more and more job offers
like that for it is in china working for chinese school chinese company but it is online so um
we are working with a company like that so if you're interested you can hit me
up and maybe i can put you in touch with them um yeah just a suggestion
okay all right somebody wants to teach in the usa
that's also really good you can also teach english in an english-speaking country so that's also a possibility gwen says
i'd love to try teaching in a few places maybe thailand china south korea and japan and maybe
also costa rica cool yes definitely and i think that's one of the
great things about tefl and teaching abroad that you don't have to just stay in one place you know you can just
move on to the next place and go teach there so um yeah a lot of people do that you
know they stay for a year there and then they move on to the next country one of my really good friends she's taught uh
she's taught english in japan for three years and then she moved to korea for three years
or no it's more five years six years five years and now she went back home to the us and
she's teaching online and she wants to do maybe go to mexico and things like that so you know
everything is possible [Music] okay let's see juliana
i'd like to teach online and tutoring my community but i like to visit my friends in their
countries awesome yeah that's also really good okay juliana's also interested
in malaysia and singapore maybe you can ask gwen about malaysia
and singapore they're very close um so maybe gwen can help you out
jennifer says i like the sound of teaching business english online i like the sound of that too
that sounds really nice cool [Music]
i'm kind of interested in teaching english for businesses in korea yeah that's also really good
nice and gwen i like the flexibility of online teaching but i far prefer face to face because i think
some nuances of communication are lost over video conferencing yeah no definitely for sure
okay and noor says a country with good payment and good life while including
travel around the world that is the perfect place right that sounds really nice that sounds like a good choice don't we
all want that that's awesome cool okay thanks so much for your input that's very interesting very
very mixed um answers here you really want to go everywhere around the world so that's
awesome so let's start looking at um the first uh continent and the top hiring seasons
there and we're going to start off with asia so the hiring seasons for teaching
english in asia so there's basically a primary hiring
season which is literally year-round so asia is great for year-round hiring
except for taiwan and thailand so i'm going to talk about that in a little bit
and of course the biggest one in asia is china and you can actually find
positions in china year round they don't really have a hiring season so it's always hiring season in china
there's there's too many positions that need to be filled all over the country so china is great
for literally any time of the year and they also hire teachers from like in advance from when you're still
in your country which is great you don't have to go there first also because of visa things and stuff so
china is great at any time and then korea especially the epic program which is a
government funded program that places english teachers in public schools that one has a that one has two hiring
seasons so the first one is spring and early summer for august and september
start dates and then there's also a smaller recruitment in the fall for positions that start in
january february or march so that's what it looks like in korea so if
you're interested in teaching in korea those are the two hiring seasons that you need to watch out for
and that's when most job uh offers are gonna show up online and on job boards
and wherever and the obviously also the epic um website and their deadlines so definitely be
sure to um check that out then we also have japan
over here japan and the jet program very similar to epic it's a government-funded
program that places teachers into schools around japan and their deadline is always the first
of december for positions that start the following autumn the following fall
season so they hire way in advance so if you want to go to japan and you
want to work for the jet program then you need to have your application in by 1st of
december for the next fall okay so keep that in mind for your planning for your timeline
then let's talk about thailand and taiwan so in thailand may and then again in
november are the two main hiring seasons and for thailand you can find positions um
from abroad while you're still in your country but they also do a lot of face-to-face
in-person interviews so if you want to go to thailand
um then you should um visit you know be in the country
in either may or in november or shortly before that and then you can interview in person for
taiwan the main hiring season is after chinese new year which is different every year so you
kind of need to check sometimes it's january sometimes it's february because they followed
lunar calendar and then again in july and august so those are the peak
hiring seasons and taiwan also hires in advance so you can you know you don't have to go there
before you can find positions online and then interview online so yeah that's what it looks like mainly
for asia um you can definitely find positions year-round
especially private schools private schools they pretty much hire all the time um but you're definitely going to see
you're definitely going to see more job opportunities during those times that i just mentioned and that are
listed here tiana has a question is there a specific job are there
specific job websites you'd recommend for looking for jobs in korea yeah there's a lot um there's um you
know the all-time favorite dave's esl cafe that one's really good um then there's also our job section
i can share that with you as well um let me check and we actually also sort
our jobs um by country so you can check that out i'm going to share that into the comment
section right now [Music]
looks like this slash tefl minus jobs and you can select you
know the country where you want to go to and you'll find all the most recent job offers there also you
know if you see a job offer that you really like and it's already a little bit older i would still recommend reaching out to them even if it's you
know older because they're they're the turnover is just so high there's always um
you know people looking and teachers leaving from the school and then they need a new one so yeah
um and then also about you know how to find jobs in korea or literally for anywhere uh i
think facebook groups are i mention facebook groups a lot but i think facebook groups are a great
resource there is literally a facebook group for everything i think there is a facebook groups a facebook group um jobs in korea and
people advertise there a lot so you can check it out um you know be a member there's probably
also teaching jobs in china teaching jobs in costa rica wherever there would be a facebook group
i definitely recommend that so or efl teachers in korea esl teachers in
china there will be groups for that on facebook
all right noor is asking are the visas available currently during the pandemic yeah so actually um moving abroad
for an english position as an english teacher um is actually a great way to travel at the
moment is one of the only ways because tourist visas are pretty much um you know not available in a lot of
places but work visas long-term resident visas and things like that
are available so i know a lot of people who got hired into korea um you know this past year of course
they have to go through like the quarantine and all that stuff they have to take their corona test and have a negative test
they have to stay in quarantine for two weeks and then they get out and then they start you know their life in korea so
or wherever um this happens quite a lot especially in asia asia so because asia is pretty much the
biggest um continent biggest region you know for efl for teaching english as a foreign
language it doesn't stop even you know despite coped it doesn't stop
hiring is still going on um all right good question
laurie's asking mostly who got hired are native speakers what are the chances of non-native speakers getting hired yes
so actually asia is still great has a lot of opportunities for non-native english speakers so
especially southeast asian countries like vietnam i also think thailand cambodia laos
also japan is actually the jet program is not only open to native
english speakers which is really great so japan is open for anyone korea is a little bit more difficult um
the epic program you need to be from an english-speaking country
um but yeah i'm also thinking there was oh china china of course china
also you don't have to be a native english speaker you need to have a tefl you need to have two years work
experience work experience not only teaching experience which is great so
um yeah there's a lot of opportunities for non-native english speakers and i know that my colleague lisa she
did a live about that before a live session so you can go back and check that out in our playlist um
it's called it has a similar title so teaching english abroad as a non-native
english speaker or something like that and i also actually did a live session with her together and we talked about
that too um the difference is what it's like for a native english speaker versus
a non-native english speaker who want who wants to be a teacher so
go and check that out there's a lot of good information in there giuliano says do you reckon recommend
any group okay so the facebook group um
i know i'm part of one for korea i can't remember the name i have to search um teacher is it teachers in korea
tefl teachers in south korea you can just search on google oh esl teachers in korea then there's
another that one has 10 000 members then there's another one um english
teaching jobs in korea esl teachers private lessons one group that one has eight point four thousand
members there's a lot of groups in there so you can go and check them out i'm just gonna share them into the comment
section right now so you guys can check it out and pretty much there'll be groups like this for
every country so you can just replace korea with china or with
peru or whatever and you'll find a group pretty likely you're gonna find a group
so for example this one you can click on that that's the efl teachers in korea group english
teachers in korea group check that out all right let me see noor is asking how
do we apply for a job in an asian country do we go to an embassy or check a school's
website yes a good question so you can you know just google
teaching jobs uh in wherever the country you want to go to
there's also recruitment agencies that you can uh reach out to and those are free for teachers so those
are great especially if you you know you don't live abroad yet you don't have any experience of moving
abroad or to that country um we have we work with a couple of different
recruiters and many of them also specialize in asia so you can reach out to them and then
you can tell them hey i want to go there i want to teach you know children i want to do this this this
and then they'll find a job for you that matches your preferences so that's one way
um then you can also use the facebook groups and reach out and you know respond to job offers and
then you would you know get a list of things that you need to
prepare for your visa for going to that country and then you would go to the embassy
for example your tefl certificate your resume your passport your all those things that
you will need background check it always depends on what country you're going to so those requirements are different
but once you have all of that then you go to the embassy and you give them everything you submit
your application and then you would receive your visa and you can go abroad and you can you know take the airplane
and go to that place that's how it works
oh yes tiana also has a good group yes tiana why don't you um paste the link to
your group into the comment section oh yeah you did okay this is tiana's group it's also a
really really good group you can all connect on there and share information it's really really good
check that out as well
all right juliana is asking does south korea have any summer camp opportunities
yes they do also winter camp that's very popular however i think for
those positions most of the time only people who are already in korea get hired
unfortunately um not so much from abroad because of the visa thing you know it takes it's expensive to get
the visa and usually those things are hired from people who are already here
typically but um
noor is asking does my nationality matter or is the language i speak that matter a lot um it depends
on you know where you where you want to go so some countries like korea where you need to work like
that work visa you can only get if you're from an english-speaking country um but you know some other countries
like the jeff program in japan they don't care about your nationality they care about your english level so i
think you also have to submit some kind of english proficiency certificate so it depends on where you
want to teach so yeah
[Music] you're asking does the bachelor work to apply for a job in china so bachelor's
degree yes you need at least a bachelor's degree for working in china
i believe yes and for a lot of other countries but even if you don't have a
degree there's still some countries where you can teach um it's not
impossible but it's going to narrow it a bit down but it's still possible like
places like cambodia i think also vietnam you know laos southeast asia places like
that and then also i think latin america a lot of places there a lot of countries
don't require you to have a degree and then there's also a program called the talk
program in korea where you you can enter it if you only have a
two-year degree so after an associate's degree for example you can also teach in korea with that in the
talk program
juliana's asking does it count when we just have experience teaching in our own country yes of course
yeah absolutely for like china you mean for the visa yeah it just for that it just says
two years work experience it doesn't really matter what kind of work it doesn't have to be teaching related
and also where of course your own country is also okay it doesn't have to be abroad
all right noor is asking if we apply for a job in china as an example would i be required to go there
like for the interview no so most of the time especially for china you don't have to
interview in person they would do a skype interview and then um if you get hired you they send you
your contract you sign the contract and with that signed contract you then go to the embassy
and you know submit all your other paperwork and then they issue you your visa the school will book your
flight and then you go to china that's typically how it works
another one if i got the job in china would i get anything like getting free flight tickets getting a free house or
money to buy the house or make life somewhere with someone yeah so china
typically has pretty good benefits you do get free airfare typically and you might
also get a house a teacher's apartment those are pretty typical benefits for china that you can get yes
gwen is asking do employers usually sponsor the visa process or does it change between countries and
employers yeah it varies most of the time especially in asia
it is all sponsored um by the employers yes for sure so um
they also pay for air fare typically the visa costs aren't even that expensive
um so they sponsor that however what you need to pay for is like you know getting like your um
sometimes you need an apple still a special stamp on your documents for example on your tefl
certificate or on your um college transcripts or things like that your criminal background check
when you need to get all of those documents you need to pay for that the school doesn't pay for that so the
school pays for your visa usually and then for your airplane free flight tickets typically
[Music] um all right
then let me move on to the next one uh i know a lot of people have been
asking about the middle east as well so i also want to talk about that so the top hiring seasons for teaching
english in the middle east also primary uh literally year-round
except for public schools so year-round would be private schools they hire all the time
but then public schools they vary so in the uae qatar and saudi arabia
and throughout much of the arab world um the top hiring season is during the spring
and early summer for august and september start dates and then again in the fall for positions that
begin in january february and march and then morocco
egypt and jordan are a little bit different so what you need to know about that they
have similar hiring seasons however some language schools there they hire in advance
but most of the jobs in morocco and in egypt and in jordan they will be found locally in the
country so that means if you want to work there you need to go to the country
during those hiring seasons and job hunt on the ground they typically do not hire
from advance so because somebody was saying um they wanted to go to brazil
they wanted to go to egypt they are from brazil wanted to go to egypt so that's something to look out for
that you need to be in the country for job hunting in morocco in egypt and in jordan but pretty much
the hiring seasons are the same throughout the arab world
okay does that make sense it's so quiet now maybe i guess asia is
super popular right middle east maybe not so much for everybody but yeah so
good if there is no question about the middle east i'm going to move on as well because i think we're going to
have some more questions all right here's a question from irma hi
irma i want to know in your opinion what is better being in the country while applying for a school to teach
to teach or online application to secure a job before going to the place so this
really depends on where you want to teach so because for example here in morocco
egypt and jordan it would be better to go there and job hunt in the country during those
hiring seasons and we're going to talk about latin america in a little bit as well and many countries in that part of the world
are also the same however uh for korea for china it's not really typical
to go there before and then job hunt in person it's pretty much done only online and
the reason for that is because you need to have your work visa ready before you
go so for example in china you can't even get your work visa
in china or at least it was when i was there you needed to get your visa from your
home country so you need to apply for a chinese work visa in your own country
and only then you can get it so if you wanted to um you know job hunt in person in china
you would fly to china you'd get your tourist visa which also costs money you would go there you would job hunt
and then if you get a job you would have to go back home to your country and then get the work visa and then go back to china
again so that's very very um un like complicated and unnecessary and
that's why it's just done online so it depends on the country you want to go to so research about the place you want to
go to and how the application process works in that place
okay another question hi may i ask what about in australia is it difficult to
find a job if teaching online am i required to have my certificate first
okay so um australia uh i don't know too much about australia
i have to be honest but um i know a lot of foreigners who went to australia for work and it's
quite easy um there's a lot of like working holiday options um i don't know too much about teaching
english in australia there are opportunities for sure
and then when you say teaching online do you mean like teaching online while
in australia so that would probably also be possible with a work visa
with a working holiday visa so you could look into those options i think working holiday visas
might probably be um a good option for that and those can also be extended as far as
i know but um i would recommend either reaching out to people
who are teaching english in australia you can find blogs perhaps or facebook groups and then um
you could also you know call your local australian embassy in your country and
ask them i'm not too familiar with that unfortunately
okay another one from noor thanks thanks for being so active i love
it if i got a job as an english teacher do i have to get the visa from my own
country or am i able to do it from a different country because i am not in my country
i am in a different country that i don't have its nationality yeah so um that is going to depend on you
know the country where you're going to in the country that issues your work visa
so sometimes that is possible so actually i moved from china right to south korea and i wanted to get
my korean work visa you know in china
and i went to a korean embassy um in china and it did not work for some
reason it was just not possible um so then what i had to do was and
that's what my school recommended go to japan so i actually went to korea um i entered
on a tourist visa and then i left to go to japan i think two weeks later or something
and i got my work visa in japan it took like three days um at a korean embassy and then i flew back
to korea so that is possible but i think for some countries like china it is not possible it needs to be
in your home country so it depends what their rules and regulations are so you need to
the best way would be to call the embassy of that country and ask them hey do i have to do with
the visa process in my home country or can i also do it in another country for example in this country at the chinese
embassy or whatever embassy um and they will be able to answer it you know 100
correctly i'm not sure for every country it is possible for some countries but for some countries it is not possible
unfortunately okay let's move on to the next region
we are going to europe hiring seasons for europe i think nobody
today in our little group here mentioned europe anything about teaching english europe
why europe is great but it's it's also hard to get into right so i understand so there's two main hiring
seasons the primary hiring season for europe is september and october
and the secondary one is january um i also want to mention that turkey
russia and georgia they actually hire year round so you can find positions there
throughout the year um regardless of those hiring seasons um also interesting to know the
government assistant ship programs in spain and france so that is
tape in france and um the cultural ambassadors program in
spain they require their applications to be filed by march for positions starting in
september so if you want to enter one of those programs that's the timeline you need to
follow then a lot of people also do summer camps
so these are typically filled like locally from people from within the eu or like
with eu passports but not only you can also find summer camp positions for people from outside
of the eu americans or anywhere else canadian or from other parts of the world it's also
possible and they typically hire during the winter and spring or recruit during the winter and spring
for the following summer so if you want to do a summer camp job then
you would have to find and job hunt in winter already or in spring
okay oh yeah tiana says i would love to go to germany because
i'm half german or italy cool yeah all right newer what countries give
a good life with everything needed for language teachers in europe um yeah so we actually always say
for people you know outside of the eu and english teachers it is
a great um way to start your europe teaching
journey in the czech republic um so the czech republic is a good place
for teaching english as a foreign language because the visa regulations aren't that strict compared
to many other european countries so it's quite easy to get into and
the cost of living is also much lower compared to many other european countries
so if you're interested in europe we always recommend the czech republic as a good starter
option and then you can network and then you can figure things out locally and maybe you can move on to a
different country and i mean the czech republic is so beautiful prague is an amazing city
there's so much to see and once you're there and you have your visa you can also travel all across europe no problem
all right next we have central america hiring seasons for
teaching english in central america because central and south america are very different in terms of their hiring
season so primary hiring season for teaching english in central america is
june july and the secondary one january february and then i
um have costa rica here because it's a little bit special so they interview in
december for positions beginning in january
i don't know why i put that up i think because most of them would do that i think in december
or maybe it's a little bit more short term and what's special about mexico actually
is that language schools in mexico are hiring year-round so they don't really stick to those main hiring seasons
so in mexico you can find positions year-round and what's very very special and unique
in this part of the world is that you would have to be on the ground with your tefl certification
in your hand during these hiring seasons to interview in person so in central america interviewing in
person is very very common and they don't really do online in advance hiring so that's why if you
want to find a job in central america you would have to go there
typically in june or july be there maybe may a little bit earlier and also in december january for
starting in january and february you would have to be in person have your resume and your tefl certification ready
to interview and there's a lot of also facebook groups um that you know help with this
situation for people who have been through that the job hunting in central america
so you can also find groups like that on facebook like you can pick this like i mentioned you
know uh teaching positions in costa rica teaching positions in mexico or
efl teachers in mexico join those groups like those groups are so valuable and you can ask your questions and you
get answers from people who actually live there they've actually been through the process so that's always a really great
way to find you know the most current information because sometimes things change quite a lot
and we at itt we're not in we're not an embassy you know and we don't we're not
officially from like that country so we might not know everything a hundred percent
because things also change so quickly
i hope that makes sense all right um
okay let me move on now we're talking about south america the primary hiring season
in south america is february and march and the secondary one is july and august
and i've listed like the most popular countries here and all of their hiring seasons so that you
can like compare and it's more detailed and maybe we had somebody from brazil in the beginning if
you're still here maybe you can say a little bit about that and validate if that's correct so
for argentina it says march april july and august then for brazil it says middle of
february march and august ecuador february march july and august colombia middle of
january february july and august bolivia middle of february middle of march
july and august chile march april july and august so if you
if you're not sure when to go july and august seems to be a great time so you should
head there or beginning of the year and also a lot like central america you need it
you would need to be on the ground in south america and interview in person
that is just part of their culture and their hiring process so they just do face-to-face interviews
a lot more than hiring in advance online so yeah
that's it about south america and i think is there one more continent left i think we're through it
all now and at the end let me see yes so i just
listed um basically the 10 countries with the highest demand for teaching
english abroad at the moment or 2021 so that you kind of know you know where
is the hottest places like where should you focus on where should you go those are really great places not to say that all the
other places aren't good um but those 10 countries
are the hottest right now that's where it's at so number one no surprise china still number one
china is always i mean china has been number one for a long time it's a huge country a
huge efl market there's more vacant positions than people to fill them with
so if you want to go to china you can definitely find a job there um you know maybe not in beijing or
shanghai or whatever but um you can also find a job in some smaller cities so when i
lived there the first time i lived in guangzhou which is one of the biggest cities in
china actually and it's very close to hong kong and it was great it was my favorite i
love the city um and the second time i went to a city called changsha and that's very
unknown even for chinese people a lot of chinese people don't even know but it's the it's the capital city of
hunan province um huge city you know a lot going on and
it was also great so you don't have to only stick to like the most well-known cities those are more
competitive but if you branch out a little bit you can still you know find a good place then number two
south korea south korea is hiring like crazy at the moment as well despite kobit and anything sure you have
to go through your covet testing um and then also quarantine for two weeks but after that
you're good and you are ready to teach and everything is pretty much normal and we also don't really have a lockdown
really at the moment um so everything is pretty much
i mean it's not like you know like before but people are wearing masks and um
everything is open normally pretty much so it's not even that bad could be worse
let's say that then we have japan japan also quite similar to korea you
know um everything's still going everything's great vietnam as well thailand i have a friend
currently living in vietnam and she um you know it's also pretty good there
people are still hiring schools are hiring i think you also have to go through a quarantine process i actually did a live
about um the best places to teach english in 2021 a couple of weeks ago and they also
mentioned some quarantine situations per country so you can refer back to that one if
you're interested in how that process works um but i'm also sure that some
things have changed i know that thailand is now open for tourism again
um that's what i heard however i think you need to do you need to be vaccinated maybe
uh don't quote me on that but um that's what i heard thailand is open again under like this condition it might be
you have to have a vaccine um not sure then we have taiwan
so as you can see like from one to six it's all asia so asia is where it's at
at the moment and it has been for a while for teaching english abroad um juliana says i have a friend
here who went to taiwan to teach english in one of their summer camps yeah so that's
really great that's what i would love to do too um taiwan is a really really beautiful place i really want to go back there
again um then tiana was asking um how would you get a job in hong kong
yeah hong kong also they have a um teaching program called the net scheme you've probably
heard about it and um i know a couple of people who went through the net scheme
and it was really good they earned quite a lot of money in hong kong but also hong kong is expensive
and the apartments are quite small so i mean you know it's all pro and con but hong
kong um if you're new and everything i would definitely recommend you know going through the net scheme
um we've also had some itty grads and there was a guy from i think italy
and he went to hong kong and taught english there and it was not through the net scheme he just taught for a um private school i
believe um and he found a job there so you also don't even have to be a native english speaker
you can be from anywhere if as long as you you know have um as long as you have
a good english background um yeah hong kong is great i definitely i
definitely recommend hong kong it just you know it's similar to singapore where it's
a just a really big city and um so it depends on you know if you
might feel trapped a lot of people especially now i know some people living in singapore and with the lockdown and
everything you can't go anywhere else you can't go out and so they just feel really like
kind of trapped because singapore is so small and they haven't left in more than a year now so they're like
i've seen everything in singapore i've seen everything in this city it's so boring but like i mean
yeah it's you know can you complain or not i don't know but that's what some people say um
yeah there is quite a good demand in hong kong for sure and i think the net scheme is really good you should definitely look into that
then also on the list we have spain and france and they also have the teaching programs so like i
said in spain they have the um cultural ambassadors program and in france they have the tape
if program that is what does tape of stand for teaching oh i forgot
tape if i forget what it stands for but i did a live about that too the the
most um popular government-funded teaching programs around the world and tape if was one of them so you can
also go back in our playlist and watch that one that's also really interesting then number nine united arab emirates so
we also talked about that a little bit i think that also that is especially in the middle east region i
think the hottest place for tefl teaching at the moment we also see a lot about
qatar and oman recently i think so those are good places and then czech
republic like i mentioned a little bit ago so in europe if you really want to go to europe and you're not
an eu citizen um the czech republic is really a great entryway into your um europe adventure
so i definitely recommend that if you're into europe
um nikki's asking what about new zealand yeah i think it's similar to australia you know there's some opportunities
definitely for working holiday visas i'm not too sure about you know
teaching english um i'm sure there are positions but they might be very
competitive and usually they're filled from low by locals right so it might be a little bit challenging
but if you are from new zealand you can definitely find some positions there um i highly recommend reaching out you
know on facebook to different people facebook groups i know i've mentioned it like 10 10 times now but
um facebook groups are great you know you can connect with people who are doing what you want to do right now
so um it's it's great i recommend it good okay now um we're almost
we are pretty much an hour in so i just want to mention the 30 off link once again and i'm going
to share it with you guys one more time in the comment section so you can click on that and you can get
tefl certified 30 off any tefl course
it looks like this or you can scan the qr code same thing will also get you 30
off and then i'm going to take a couple more questions if there are any and then i am going to sign off for
today and um yeah
it was fun today good group lots of questions it was really awesome thank you so much
thank you so much maybe since a lot of people are also
interested in hong kong i'm going to try and get a guest on who has taught in hong kong i think that
would be really interesting um an itt great
course grad who um i think is teaching still in hong kong or has taught in hong
kong um i think that would be cool and we could ask him or her questions
i remember there are a few we have quite a few in hong kong itt grads um so i hope i can get somebody on
in the future that would be really great juliana says for now i just want to stay
at home because it makes me safe right sure i mean i think right now is a
great time you know for getting your tefl certificate for getting all your things ready for
doing as much research as you can so that when you feel ready when you feel like it's the right time
that you have everything and you can go abroad so definitely smart it's not yeah it's
definitely a good idea gwen says thank you so much for today linda sorry i was so quiet i was trying
to take notes and everything you're taking notes are you kidding oh my gosh you're great you're awesome
i love that taking notes that's cool i'm always worried you know i'm just rambling or i don't make sense
or i don't know but um i love you guys it's awesome tana says i need to see the
world it's been my dream since i was a kid yeah you know um [Music]
you know there was this really cool quote that somebody said um not too long ago and it was like so
i'm i'm i'm doing peloton i don't have a tread or i don't have i don't have the um what's the other thing
the bike um if you know peloton it's um it's a workout thing they have treadmills and bikes
that you can buy but they also have the apps where you can follow an app where you can follow the workouts and
stuff so i'm doing this workout it was like a run and i always do runs like from the same
instructor i love her and she she's really cool and she's italian like
her mom is italian her dad is american so she lived in italy born and born and
then lived there until she was 10 and then she moved to hawaii she moved to everywhere literally um
and now she's in new york city working for peloton and she was like what was it like you went to see
of course now i can't really say it but i don't remember it it's like life is like
a train or something and you want to experience all the different seats because if you're you know sit in
somebody else's seat you see new things you learn new things
and when you change the seat you go to a new seat you see something new and you find new does it make sense
i'm so bad at like retelling stories and stuff but um i don't know i need to write and i'm
gonna listen to it again i need to write it down and then i can tell you more about it but i just thought that was such a good
message you know you need to experience other people's seeds
um and then you see more in different things and experience more things that's basically the essential message and i
think that you know teaching english abroad and tefl is such a great way to do that so
tennis is love all the information i've never been outside my country yeah it's high time then
tiana what are you waiting for no just kidding all right cool then
um i think i'm gonna sign off tennis says you can send it to me
which one the quote uh juliana says uh the first place i
want to visit is definitely daegu the second one is ozaka oh osaka is great we were there in 2019
um at the beginning of cherry blossom season it was amazing osaka is awesome
okay guys thank you so much um for joining today's session and for being so super active and kind
and um you know sharing your information helping each other out in the comment section it was really really great
and um i hope to see you again next week and yeah stay
safe everybody you know um maybe you can find some really cool facebook groups until next week and you can share them
with everybody that would be cool teaching groups um tiana's got her group
but maybe we can find some other groups that we can share with each other um and um i don't know yet what i'm
going to talk about next week if you want to hear something specific feel free to let me know
any topic suggestions let me make myself bigger again i want to see you better here any topic suggestions feel free to
let me know no problem um and yeah don't forget the 30 off if you haven't
taken a course yet um i highly recommend it and um yeah have a great weekend and um i hope to
see you next week bye guys bye bye bye