The Top 10 Questions You Need to Ask Before Enrolling In a TEFL/TESOL Course


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you guys what today's topic is you already probably seen it in the title but today we're basically talking about
10 questions you need to ask before enrolling in a tefl or tesol
course so what you need to make what you need to look out for you know to make sure you
get the best course that fits your personal needs and all that good stuff
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for watching this that's awesome okay guys so today we're talking about
10 questions that you need to ask before enrolling in a tefl or tesol
course so just to make sure that you get you know the the right course that you need for your
teaching goals for your career goals and all of those things so that's what we're talking about today
and we have gwendolyn back here hi gwen from malaysia yeah you also celebrate
lunar new year then right okay awesome are you already off
a lot of people are already off on lunar new year vacation in korea today and tomorrow is a holiday
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all right so this is today's topic and like i said as always feel free to
keep your comments coming i'm always interested to know you know what you're thinking
about what i'm talking about you know if it makes sense it doesn't make sense um you know just let me know at any time
and then we take it from there so yeah ten questions you need to ask before enrolling in a tefl or
teasol course and maybe quick question who here has already completed
a tefl course who's currently taking a tefl course and who's thinking about one but hasn't
started yet let me know in the comments that's also very important so that i know
uh what i need to focus on in this presentation so let me know who has already completed
one who's currently taking one and who is thinking about taking one but hasn't
started yet let me know and i'll have a sip of coffee meanwhile
i know that there's a couple of people who probably have already taken one and a couple of people who um
are thinking about it but it'd be interesting to know how many
what's the what's the percentage
i just love coffee in the morning i mean who doesn't right who doesn't so
there's always a delay i have to say there's always a delay um on the lives you know between me
talking and then you actually seeing it there's about a 20-second delay which is actually quite long so when i'm
asking a question and i'm waiting for answers um there is this awkward gap in between that i need to
fill with something so that's what we're doing right now but okay now the
answers are coming in so moses is saying i am taking tefl classes right now awesome
that's really good great and he also says how have you been i've been pretty good
i've been pretty good i'm ready for um the lunar new year um i always love lunar new year so um it's very exciting
but obviously it's very different this year you know you you can't really celebrate how you normally would but
i mean we're all going through the same thing it's probably the same everywhere so um yeah but still it's exciting how have
you been moses how have you been nadine says she completed a tefl course
but thinking of taking another specialized one for young learners great awesome that's always a good idea
i also took all the so first the first one that i took was the 120 hour course
and then i also took all of the um specializations because like why not you
know they're so great to have they add on to your professional portfolio they're just great
all right then we have marine marine from pakistan i hope i didn't
butcher your name i'm so sorry um awesome pakistan thanks for tuning in on youtube great
okay so a couple of people already finished it a couple of people have finished and are thinking about taking more courses
that's great all right then let's jump right in
um and yeah always i do is sort of like a introduction about myself i know for
people who've already been here a couple of times probably gets kind of boring but we have a lot of new people every week
so i also just want to include those that don't know me so my name is linda
dunsmore i'm a travel writer and content creator under the name
linda goes east you can find my personal website at and
on social media atlanta goes east so if you're interested in living and working and teaching in asia
in china in korea all of those places um feel free to reach out you know you can always direct
message me no problem at all i'm originally from germany at the usa
so um i have actually dual citizenship my mom is german and my dad is american so i sort of grew up in both places and
now i'm based in south korea for the past it's gonna be six years
soon so um a while and i've really enjoyed it here and then i'm also
a teflon tesol marketing professional at itt the international tefl in tesol training
you can find us at and on instagram at international tefl
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um so if just a tiny percentage of them came over to instagram and gave us a
follow it would mean so much to us and yeah itttt is a leading teflon tesol
course provider worldwide so um yeah that's what this is about and
um so just moving on and i have a couple of more questions or answers actually responses to my
questions so moses says glad to know i have been great can't wait to complete my tefl and
start looking for opportunities abroad thanks for asking cheers yeah i
mean you know i've already seen you a couple of times in my lives and i appreciate it so much you know people
coming in here regularly it's just it means so much to me um so
thanks so much for being here taking the time um yeah it's just awesome and all the
best for your um job search like i mentioned um a couple
minutes ago we have lifetime job support so just reach out to us and we can help you
find a position that you know fits your needs preferences portfolio anything
like that shinta i've taken tkt
but not for tefl anyway which one is better or what's the difference tkt
i feel like what's tkt i'm standing i'm like it's early in the morning i feel like my
brain's not working um because we usually in our industry we talk about
tefl or t sol there is also celta um
tkt we have um ctbe which is a certificate for teaching business english so you take a certificate for
teaching english to young learners ctyl things like that but tkt i'm not quite sure what that stands
for if you could elaborate then that would be great oh awesome then we have mu
mujahid i hope i said that right from pakistan thanks so much for tuning
in awesome a lot of people from pakistan awesome great okay so let's get started with
question number one of 10 questions that you need to ask before enrolling in a tefl or
tesol course first question question number one so you should ask
are the teflor tesol courses accredited and do they meet international standards
that's pretty much one of the most important things with any certification really right when you
take a test or an exam um a certification you need it to be
accredited right or invalid so that's the same with any teflon tesol course and believe it or not with
so many different providers out there um some of them are actually doing you know
their own uh sort of internal accreditation and
things like that so there's no uh one like standard in the tefl industry so it can be a
little bit difficult to um figure out you know which one is the best so you want to look out for
accreditation bodies for example the ones that i've listed here you know you have to teach your
training council you have ottsa which is the online what is it online
tefl training standards agency or online teacher training standards agency
don't quote me on that i think it's online teachers training standards agency i should know that but um yeah you can
look it up so that's one that's a big one and then also the college of teachers for example
so anytime you see any of those accreditations um you can be sure that
the courses meet international standards and are valid all over the world and
basically um yeah itttt has all of these accreditations
so itttt's teflon tesol courses are um internationally accredited
valid all over the world so um yeah you can be sure that if you take a
course from itt that they meet international standards
all right okay okay so tkt the teacher knowledge
test from cambridge interesting i haven't heard about that one before let me write that down
teacher and then i'm gonna look it up teacher knowledge so is that also for teaching english
specifically or just teaching anything interesting okay cambridge
t k t see i learned something new that's why i like those lives and engaging with
you guys because we learn from each other and it's just great so um yeah i'm gonna look that up and
then i can um help you you know figuring out which one
is best for you so hi sonam
thank you good to see you too how are you doing i hope you're fine
okay so yeah back to the accreditations so that is the first thing that you need
to look out for make sure that you know the tefl course provider that you're choosing
um has accreditations usually you know they should be visible on the
website like on itdt's website if you check it out you see one section
at the top bar of the page where it says um accreditations or affiliations and if
you click on that you can see all the different um accreditations and affiliations that we have particularly
um but that's what it should look like if you go for a different provider as well
um again let me just mention the qr code that you see in the upper right
corner feel free to just grab your phone scan the code at any time and you get a
thirty percent discount in of any teflor tesol course i'm also going to share a direct link to
that um discount in a minute so um yeah at any time you've you can just scan
that and then get a discount just want to throw that out there so we don't forget
all right so moving on question number two that you should ask
when before enrolling in a teflor tesol course what services are included in the course
price and that's very important that's a very very important question guys um because we get this question quite a
lot or i get this question quite a lot as well you know when people reach out to me personally and they're like hey you know i found this
um this like what twenty dollar tefl course on coupon or groupon or whatever the
sites are you know why is this good you know why are your courses like over a hundred
dollars and this one's just twenty dollars like um this is why this is why
the services that are included so the cheapest course it's kind of like a budget airline
that's how i always like to compare like a really cheap airline right when you take a
really really cheap airline the ticket price is super cheap but then you need to pay for literally
any other service extra right you need to pay for your luggage you need to pay for food you need to pay for water
you need to pay for printing out your ticket you need to pay for i mean what the luggage tag i mean
literally anything else you need to pay for so at the end it actually turns out to be quite expensive and
that's kind of similar what those really cheap uh groupon coupon tefl courses are they don't have
anything included and so um if you compare that with a high quality tefl course where they have
high quality materials that includes like stuff that you can print out you know lesson
plans lesson materials uh you know games activities all that stuff
that you can print out and you can literally make a huge folder like this after your course you have this huge
folder of materials that you can use in your entire teaching career after that or you have like a good um
base of stuff that you can use after you graduate and then you start teaching so that's one thing high quality
materials then also support during the course so when you buy
a 20 or whatever much groupon tefl course there's
not really any support there's nobody you can ask for anything nobody you can reach out to
nothing um a high a good quality tefl course you know always has
a support team that you can reach out to our courses they always come with a
tutor or non-tutored option so the tutored option is even more support there's a
tutor that you can always reach out to that you can ask questions at any time directly this
tutor is only there for you so you know that's the support and
obviously if you have technical difficulties you can always reach out to us at any time you can call us you can
email us you can reach out to us on social media all of that stuff
and then also obviously a very very big one is job placement assistance so with
any good quality tefl course any good quality tefl course
should include job placement assistance in any way
so for example at itt we offer lifetime job support to all itttt
course graduates so that goes until like for the rest of your life
right even if you take a tefl course right now and then you're not really gonna teach for like the next year
five years 10 years doesn't matter even after 10 years you can still reach out to us and be like hey
i'm an itt course grad please help me with finding a job here here here or a
job online or whatever so um also we work with
a lot of different you know schools around the world tefl or tefl recruiters recruitment
companies agencies you know online providers all that stuff we have a lot of different partners who hire
who specifically hire itt graduates because they know um our courses they know the value they
know the quality and so they hand pick our grants for their jobs
for example so those are three main things that you need to make sure that your
tefl course has before enrolling so those are the most important services i would say high quality materials
the support during the course and after and job placement assistance
all right again please feel free to keep your comments coming
also if you have any additional ideas you know anything else you want to add to that feel free to do that
um yeah so then let's take a look at question
number three
okay so another important question you need to ask before enrolling in a teflor tesol course
is who teaches your tefl courses and then specifically for you know
in-class courses or like zoom courses where you have a actual
teacher trainer that you're working with um so you need to make sure that you know
you know who are they like you know what's their background what are their qualifications are they
qualified what's their teaching experience you know do they know what they're doing things like that um if they
you know can't tell you then um that's probably a bad sign so um yeah
and also your tutors obviously like i mentioned itt courses
have a tutor so also ask about tutors you know who are the tutors um pretty much
any teflor tefl or tesol course provider they should have a whole team of
people who have been through the same exact thing that you want to go through right so the team
should be people who have worked abroad who have you know taught fellow teachers
who lived abroad who basically enjoy the same things that you enjoy so that they
can provide you with things with the most um best feedback um because they've been through
the exact same thing so that's an important thing to look out for you know who are
who are um the teachers who are the trainers and um ideally any especially the
in-class centers you know they would have on their website these are our trainers and then like a little resume of them or
like their little yeah like life about their life about their career experience and stuff so that's
something you definitely need to look out for now the next one i really like
so question number four question number four is three questions or actually more than that so
can i get a job and a work visa as a us citizen to teach english in italy where can i earn the highest salaries do
i need a degree to teach english in china blah blah blah blah so all of those things all of those specific questions
any tefl or team course provider needs to be able to answer all right and if they just say yes yes
yes yes yes to all those questions that's also a bad sign um so they need
to be honest with you because for example uh can i get a work visa and this and
this in this country you know it always depends on your personal um nationality your background
and all of those things so a good tefl course provider shouldn't just
promise you or make promises um they should also be honest and upfront with you and they
should be able to answer all those questions because also um those regulations you know they
change frequently so we um at itttt at any tefl course provider we need to
be up to date we need to inform ourselves you know about all those changes
you know especially countries like china they change their regulations all the time when i was working in china a couple
years ago um a tefl course was not a requirement for
getting the work visa there but now it is so changes like that are
huge in the tefl industry and every tefl or tesol course provider needs to
know those things so if you're asking questions to the provider of your choice and they are not
able to answer them that's a bad sign right
so um just keep that in mind and you know don't be afraid to ask questions you know we have a big
team at itt and maybe some of the questions that i don't know my colleagues will definitely know
the people who are in charge of you know the student recruitment and things like that they know a lot
more than i know actually to be honest so um we all work together you know
so feel free to just call us up or send us a message on social media an email and ask your
specific questions you know um there's no stupid question
and because it's a big decision right teaching going abroad or whatever like a career change it's such a big
change uh big step and we know that and we want to be there with you along the way
so yeah that's what we're here for all right question number five
yeah that's also very important so do you provide job assistance
kind of we already talked a little bit about that so you need to make sure that you know that the course that you buy does it
include job assistance or not and some tefl course providers they will actually
ask you to pay for job assistance so some of them they have um like
job placement programs and you need to actually pay and then get a job but that's usually
more like an internship if the timing would be limited you might be able to work there for like six
months and then that's it and they that's what they do right you pay for it but
it's not a long-term solution it's not a long-term career basically so
what they do they try to take advantage of that and always get you know new interns for
like a six months period a lot of time not always but um a lot of times that's
what it ha what happens and you need to pay for it or they charge an in a ridiculous amount of money for you
know just job assistance in general um but for at itt for example we offer
lifetime job support that is completely free okay that's included in the course fee
um you don't have to pay for any job placement nothing like that we also help you
in writing your um teaching resume and cover letter uh we also provide like
help for teaching interview prep because a lot of interviewers for schools
they will ask you to actually hold mock lessons so they ask you to like oh can you teach
like can you teach a 20-minute class about this and this and this topic and so that can be quite daunting right
because you're like there and then you need to teach uh your potential like bosses or
colleagues something and that's that's that can be really scary so we also have a couple of
resources you know about that if you tell us hey they want me to teach a mock lesson about this and
this and this we can help you so those are all things that you need to look out for before
enrolling in a tefl course to make sure you know exactly what you're getting into are you getting job assistance or not do
you have to pay for it or is it free how long does it last some tefl companies they have a limited
time on their job support so it might only be good for a year or something like that but at itt
lifetime even like i said if you don't teach for five years you don't teach for ten years it doesn't matter you can still
come back to us and be like hey i'm an itt grad please help me and we're like
yeah sure you know so yeah job support is a big one
definitely look out for that all right
moving on question number six also very very important and let me take a sip of coffee
meanwhile okay always when i'm like halfway
through my lives i feel my throat kind of um uh
losing it but yeah i'm still here i'm still i'm okay so question number six to ask before you
enroll in a tefl or tesol course can i see alumni reviews
that is a very good um way to gauge you know the quality of a tefl course
company looking at reviews and actually should have added one more here
so those are really good sites to look for um reviews genuine reviews especially
trustpilot and reviews that i owe because what companies will do and we're also doing
that um we send out review requests to our graduates and then because we sent
them out directly to our graduates they are verified so trustpilot and reviews that i owe they
will actually make sure that the people that are reviewing the service or the product or
the tefl course are actual graduates so you can be sure that when you look at those two sites
that the reviews are real they're from real people from real course graduates so those are two really great sites to
look at before enrolling in a tefl course to make sure you know check out what the people are saying
um and stuff like that and also check um not only what the people are
saying the reviews but the responses that uh like from the company so do they
respond do they not respond how do they respond you know if they don't respond
i would also say that's a bad sign seems like they don't really care um so you want to make sure that they a
have a lot of reviews a lot of good reviews what are the people saying and then the responses
are they responding to the reviews they receive and especially to the negative ones right but um also
to any resp to any review and then we also have google reviews so that's another good one to
um check out for reviews and then also actually i forgot to add that here um the facebook page you know facebook
pages all have a review function and you can also check that out and then you can
you know if you have further questions you might even be able to reach out to any reviewers directly over facebook
um and ask like them questions um obviously don't like spam people but
like that's that would be one idea you know if someone's like hey i took the course
and now i'm teaching and i'm teaching in uh argentina and you really want to go to argentina then you
could like reach out to this person perhaps um so that's why facebook is a also a really good um
resource for gauging the quality of a tefl course provider and like social
media in general i mean i always check out social profiles from
companies um you know before i purchase something especially you know depending on how much it is but
if you see like they're active on social media that's always a good sign right so i recommend that
what about you guys do you check any of those sites i'll be curious to know
i'm curious so do you check google reviews do you check trustpilot do you check reviews that i owe do you check
facebook page reviews um please let me know in the comments or is it just me i mean i don't really use
trustpilot or reviews that much i would say depends on maybe the service i
definitely google them and i think social media i use social
media a lot for um you know getting an idea of the quality of
um a product but obviously you can't always really tell on social media um because they always obviously show
you what they want you to see right um but like comments you know on posts and stuff
um but yeah let me know do you use any of these review sites when before you make a purchase
let me know meanwhile let me get the discount
link actually okay so moses says yes i do i just
google to find out what people think okay great yeah or i mean you you can just google
like right uh for example itttt reviews and then probably all of those will pop up
trust pilot reviews facebook whatever and then you can pick and choose right yeah cool yeah i think reviews are
definitely um important nowadays
okay um i'm just going to share this 30 off link into the comment section
real quick um just so that you know we have it and if you are watching on a mobile
device or you can't scan the qr code up there right now you can just click on the link i'm going
to share the link later on again before i head off um and then we go from there
all right mo's is cool moses says itttt has some good reviews which is why i enrolled with itttt
yeah so there you go awesome that's good to know
we're actually we're working really hard on getting you know reviews um on those major platforms because reviews
are so important and um yeah we work really hard for um
you know customer satisfaction that's pretty much number one right so cool that's good to know
so you should see um this discount link now show up in the comments either on
youtube or on facebook and then if you click on that you can get a 30 off discount if
you apply through this link and uh get one of our tefl courses 30
off so that's a really great deal don't miss it if you're thinking about taking a
course now's the time okay question number seven
also very very important that they are able to answer that so which tefl course is right for me most
tefl course providers will have at least three different kinds of courses online
in class and combined right so three different formats um there's different distinctions
sometimes between online in class or nowadays like the online in class gets merged where it's like zoom classes it's
like in class but like on zoom so that's another one that's kind of popping up now
but um yeah so um definitely check that out
online in class and combined so if you ask if you have if you're just starting out in the tefl
world right and then you're asking the tefl course provider well which course is right for me
um then if you only receive like an answer with links
back not so great right they should take the time asking you you know what's your goal
what do you want to do with a tefl like what's what direction you want to go in and then you go from there also what's
your budget where are you from you know are you able to take four weeks off
yes okay maybe the in-class course would be right for you are you currently working are you busy
then maybe the online course is right for you if you're near a combined course center
maybe you want to take advantage of that and take it to a take a combined course oh my god can't talk
take a combined course so those are all the options out there and they should take the time
and really explain that to you and then be able to you know recommend the right option for you
obviously you are then free to make your own decision but like at least they should be able to offer you you know
several reasons why this one is better than this one for you or this is in your case this one's better that one's better and stuff like that
so um yeah i know that online is very popular and it's recommended
you know to a lot of people especially because like nowadays right most people just take the online course
um yeah a lot of in-class courses are even cancelled unfortunately so online
is just a great option to go and then there's different online options as well right
so um there's different tefl course hours right so the standard one is 120 hours but at
itt we offer anywhere up to 550 hours of training so which course is right for you which
one should you take the 120 hour the 550 hour to 220 hour
which one you know so that's what any tefl course provider should be able
to help you with making that decision so yeah ask them ask them many many
questions and they should be happy to answer them and then you know oh this
is a good provider and i should go with that one
okay question number eight
do you and your staff have personal experience living working and or teaching english
abroad so that's also an important question to ask and i actually added my own picture there so that's me it was like a couple weeks
ago and it snowed in korea um but anyway so like i said a couple of minutes ago at itt
all of our staff have you know lived worked taught english abroad all of us
so we know exactly um you know what you're going through you know what our customers are going
through and i think that's really what sets us apart um that our entire team is like that and
also most of our team works um all over the world in different countries so i'm in south korea so i
really know i especially i'm especially familiar with um the south korea
situation you know in terms of teaching you know the epic program teaching in korea teaching in asia
so i'm kind of that expert east asia expert then we have people my colleagues
that are in thailand they've taught there one guy he's been there i think 20 years so he knows all about teaching in
thailand southeast asia as a british person or like a teacher
you know and um so all of that and then we have people you know in europe and america
so we're really all over the place and are familiar with the different markets everywhere so that's very important and that's
something that you should consider when choosing a teflor tesol course you know are you going with a company like
that or are you going with a company that you know has their headquarters in new york but everyone's just in new york
and you know maybe they took a gap year after university or something like that
or before university who knows but um yeah that's just something to you know gauge
um but it's very important
okay okay then question number nine what are
my chances of landing a job with your tefl certificate so that's also a very important question
that you should ask um any teflor tesol course provider before signing up for a course what are my
chances of landing a job with your tefl certificate and then they should be able to tell you
honestly and that's where honesty comes in you know because everybody's different and unfortunately you know some laws and
regulations don't allow people from you know certain people to teach
their or like europeans to teach their americans to teach in europe you know there are so many different laws and
regulations that for some people it can just be difficult to teach you know where they want to teach and a tefl course provider just
needs to be honest and upfront with that don't make any false promises
so if you're let's say if you're like um you're american and you
um really want to go and teach you know in italy well it can be a little bit difficult
because uh you know in the eu people tend to prefer hiring people with eu
passports because of you know the paperwork can be very expensive to hire somebody from um so that something that
a tefl course provider should tell you but then they should also tell you about yeah but there's an option
where you can for example sign up as a sign up for italian language classes in italy and
then you get a student visa which also allows you to work so that's what a lot of americans do
or there are many options like working holiday visas or teaching programs that specifically
target people from north america um in those places so those are you know that's what a tefl
course provider should tell you up front all of this information they shouldn't just say like oh yeah yeah you can teach anywhere our
certificate you can teach there you can teach there anywhere when it's just not the truth and so um i
think that's one of the most important things and that's something you should really look out for
um and also another great resource with this kind of stuff is um you know
other fellow teachers so things like um blogs um
or facebook groups um i mention this pretty much anytime but like on facebook
there's a lot of groups like english teachers in korea english teachers in china anywhere you can find
groups like that you can join and then you can ask those questions and then you can you know
compare that with the answers that you get from the tefl course provider
and be like well you know who do you think is those that better knows the truth people who are actually
there and doing it or the staff of course provider you know so they should match right
um those answers if that makes sense i hope i make sense
um sometimes i feel like i'm just rambling and it's too much in my head but um i hope it makes sense what i'm saying
uh yeah so that's very important and then we're moving on to the final
question that you should ask before enrolling in a teflor tesol course
and that is what makes your tefl or tesol certificate better than
others so that's you know it's it's a interesting question to ask but like
yeah they should have an answer for that you know if you ask a provider they should be able to say like at least like
three four or five different things why they are better than others right and yeah at itt we actually have
an entire page of reasons why itttt is the best um tefl
course provider um i'm just going to drop that into the comments so that's here best minus tefl minus course and you can check out i think it's almost like 50 different reasons
why you should go with itttt um yeah the page looks like that like this but yeah so definitely check
that out um and that's something you should ask you know and they should be able to
answer that so for example for itttt it's like we've been in the industry since 1997 1998 so
very long time we've been one of the first ones um all of our staff you know lived
and worked and taught english abroad we're open to not only native english
speakers but also fluent english speakers from any background there are no hidden costs involved in
our courses we offer lifetime job support all different payment methods are
available um you don't need a degree to take the course there is no
age limit anything like that so those are just a few of the reasons that make itt really stand out from the
crowd um and yeah you can check out all i think it's like 46
47 reasons nearly 50 on that website here best tefl course so
slash best minus tefl minus course and you can check them out there's so many many reasons why you should go with
itttt and um yeah oh gwendoline has a comment
here gwen i recently got a tutoring job and i haven't even finished my itt
certificate yet we'll see there you go that's awesome so you got a job but you haven't even finished um the certificate
yet so that is awesome i mean that's a great success and that's actually what a lot of people do
so you can start applying for jobs right even while you're taking the course and you can tell um
potential employers hey i'm currently taking the course i'll be done soon and then i can show you the certificate later that's
also possible awesome congratulations that's great yeah moses also says
congratulations i love how supportive we all are that's so great
oh yeah and juliana says my tutoring platform also accepts itt graduates cool what's your tutoring
platform juliana could you share that with us that would be really great maybe we can work together let me know
i'll be open to you know a collaboration between your tutoring platform and itttt
why not we can support each other that would be awesome
all right so this is the end now i'm open for a q a you can ask me
any question that you have about tefl tesol teaching or korea or i don't know
anything anything that's on your mind and also don't forget you can scan this qr code
to get 30 off if you can't scan the code i'm just going to share
this link one more time and even if you're watching the playback um look into the comments
you'll see this link it looks like this at the end facebook
live minus linda that's the link also on youtube
check it out and you get thirty percent off any itttttt
tefl or tesol course that's a really good deal don't miss it
oh irma's here too hi irma thanks for tuning in you've been so quiet today
didn't know you're here awesome irma also says congratulations to gwen awesome
yeah so just want to share that again um yeah
all right so juliana says actually i taught an esl student from south korea
cool all right christina long comment okay christina
says this is really helpful all these lives that you do are so helpful and informative and clear
and you deliver them so well and it really makes sense and you have a lovely way about you oh
you do this so well and it really helps us on the path to choosing and learning and becoming certified and teaching
thank you linda thank you so much christina that's so sweet of you that's really sweet that means a lot
because um you know before starting the lives i was kind of worried um
i don't really like being on camera that much so in the beginning it was kind of hard getting used to um but
you know and i i sometimes don't know if i make sense when i talk and you know after a while just rambling
um you know i just i don't know but your comment really um yeah means a
lot to me and thank you so much it encourages me too awesome
i really enjoy you know now i really enjoy these lives i really like coming on here and especially because we have
so many people that are tuning in um week after week you know it's the same people and then we have new people
coming in and then it's just such a great community it turned into such a great community and
uh we actually started that like a few lives before um we're like a tefl family
right and it's just so it's so nice so i really appreciate that christina it means a lot
um yeah so that makes me feel really great and yeah makes me feel
you know makes me want to go and continue so cool go on and continue
awesome all right so um yeah if there aren't no
other questions then i think i'm signing off
oh irma oh that's cool irma said sorry for being quiet today i'm currently at
work but i'm listening to your discussion oh no i was just kidding i was just kidding
i just didn't know you were here i can't see like you know exactly who's here i just see like how many
people are watching so good to see you you know next time just throw in a high
or something that'd be great so i know that irma's here as well uh but yeah thanks so much for tuning in
and thanks so much for all you guys support you know you're always um here it just means so much
gwen also says you're doing great going live is nerve-wracking it's a nerve-wracking ordeal and no
minor feat yeah i know right and then i say this every time but like i have
two laptops here one is my presentation one is this for streaming and then i need to look at the comments i need to look at
you know i need to navigate everything so it's sometimes it's overwhelming but like i'm starting to get the hang of it
and um i just hope uh you enjoy them and it's you know it's useful for you that's the
main thing that's the main thing let me just make myself a little bit bigger i think you can still scan the qr codes
what do you think about the qr codes anyway um we just started doing that not too long ago and i don't know if it
makes sense um because i think nowadays especially because of uh covet
um you know there's more and more qr codes nowadays in our lives they kind of died
down a while ago and now they're because of kobet i feel like they're i don't know why i'm whispering but like
because of the pandemic they're kind of experiencing this revival i feel like so
we're kind of um using the qr codes but yeah we'll see how it goes
uh yeah so thanks so much for tuning in today again as always i really enjoy you guys
having having you guys here and listening to what i have to say um and yeah thanks so much for your
support and i wish you all the best and if you're
celebrating the lunar new year um you know have fun with it
eat a lot of uh rice cakes or whatever you're eating we're eating a rice cake soup in korea
so i'm excited for that i'm already a little bit hungry um and yeah then i'll see you guys
next week next week i think it'll be friday again because there's no holiday or anything so
um yeah next week tune in on friday but we'll also always share uh share a post you know in the facebook
group or on youtube you can check it out um so that you know exactly when we're going live and also the topic
and yeah feel free to reach out to me personally at linda goes east on social media on facebook anywhere
feel free to reach out if you have any questions don't forget the 30 off link right here
um take advantage of the offer if you're thinking about taking a course now is the perfect time
and um yeah i appreciate you guys you're so um sweet thank you christina
you're welcome yes keep going with it thanks yeah i will juliana also says thank you i really
enjoyed the session great moses see you thanks so much irma says i will send
greetings next time thank you linda yeah cool all right thanks so much guys
i'm tuning off now and um yeah i'll see you next week and if you have any um topic requests feel free to message
me those um and then i can a lot i can do a live session about that whatever you wish to hear and um yeah
then i'll see you next week and signing off now thanks guys bye