The Best Government Programs For Teaching English in europe


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about the best government programs for teaching in europe
okay i did a live session before about um the best teaching programs all over
the world in general i found some new good ones specifically for europe so we're going to talk about
only europe today uh government programs for teaching in europe so what are those programs well
they are established programs typically that a country's government sets up that
hires foreign teachers into their schools um
and these programs are typically really really great for people who have you who haven't moved abroad before who are
looking for um that kind of assistance um
but they're also sometimes programs that enable you to teach in a country where
you're otherwise normally wouldn't be able to go to um because they have europe especially
tends to have kind of stricter visa regulations and these programs will really kind of help you
get your foot through the door in europe so to speak so that's what we're going to
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uh let me see if there's anything else i need to mention before we jump in i don't think so um
so while you guys keep introducing yourselves in the comments let me know where you're watching from i'm gonna
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time my name is linda i am a travel writer and content creator under the name linda goes east
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and then um i actually have a first question for you all so now you shared a little bit about where you are from
now i wanna know now i wanna know where would you like to
teach where would you like to teach my first question for you guys today
so i taught english in china and in south korea and online
for over a year a little over a year i started teaching english online which has also been super fun you get to meet
so many interesting people from all around the world i really enjoy that and also i like teaching in china
where i liked teaching in china and um south korea as well
all right oh cool margaret is interested in teaching in hungary and france i'm gonna mention both of these today so
you're in luck there are programs in hungary and also in france that i'm going to
talk about so maybe one of these programs will be good for you good literacy japan and south korea
awesome yeah both really really great options for teaching abroad
um not going to mention those today but i did mention them in previous live
sessions so if you want to learn more about teaching in japan in south korea feel free to check those out or you can
ask some questions during the q a at the end about south korea i'll know more about south korea but i also have some
friends who taught english in japan as well todd hey todd good to see you online and
then south america that's awesome yeah i would love to actually go to south america too and teach that'd be amazing
cool yeah very very good
awesome so today we are focusing on europe only
so um if you're not at all interested in europe feel free to um
uh leave but i would love for you to stay though you can still learn something maybe there's a program that
really fits you and you're like hey actually i wanted to teach in south america but now i'm going to europe so
you never know or you just want to know what's out there that's really great but also check out our previous live
sessions where we talked about all of these other places before um and also every week we're going to
talk about a new topic so you never know what's coming but yes tanya germany uk czech republic great
we're going to mention some of these today for sure awesome
good all right then let's jump jump in
first up so like i said today's topic best government programs for teaching in
europe we're going to focus on europe only but feel free to ask questions about other places and other
things at the end during the q a um so no problem at all
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no problem and then we have juliana here hi also again watching from illinois great interested in teaching english in
france nice we're gonna mention france today as well awesome all right
perfect let's jump right in uh as always thirty percent off again during this
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let's go um i'm gonna mention six different programs and actually a
couple more there's one country that has a couple of different programs i'm going to talk about so
um no particular order just right off the bat just random order
so let's start with the first one which is france so juliana listen up
so we have the first program i'm going to talk about is tapif in france and that stands for teaching
assistant program in france so this is a government initiative that places applicants into
french state schools to work as teaching assistants and this program has been around for a
long time that's the one i've also mentioned before in a previous live session
but it's a great opportunity to live and work in france and this especially because france can
be is a country where long-stay visas can be difficult to secure for non-eu
citizens so if you don't have an eu passport the tapif program can be a great way to
get your foot into europe basically
the website the website to apply is so if you want to learn more about that you can check that out and
also to apply um so applications are evaluated based
on um french language skills so you do actually need to have french language
skills in order to do this program however
you know if you really really really want to do it you can learn some french and then
you can probably get into it teaching experience is also preferred
obviously the more things you kind of check on this list the better and the higher
your chances are experience working with children is also great or with adults and experience
living abroad and demonstrated adaptability are good for this program
um and the level of applicants university studies depending on what kind of degree you have that will be
evaluated and general motivation and professional trajectory in in the field of teaching
or education and also letters of recommendation will be looked at
so a lot of things that they want not super easy to get into but it's a great program for those really interested in
france and going to france so there's more information let's look at some more stuff
how to apply so that's the thing what you need why you need to know french so you need actually a 500 word statement
of purpose in french so why do you want to take this program why should they pick you
basically um then you also need obviously a scan of your passport university transcripts
language uni language evaluation from a university french professor
so that's why you need to actually have learned french in order to do this and
you also need a letter of recommendation from academic or profession from an academic or professional
and there is a 60 us dollar application fee application is now already closed for
this year so you can apply in january 2023
but there's a long list of things that you need to get ready so um starting earlier is better anyway
um so if that's something that you're interested in the next application is in january of 2023
so until that you have time to kind of brush up on your french if that's what you want to do um but yeah this is actually one of the
most popular programs in europe um and also because france is so popular
in general and like i said in the beginning it is kind of hard for non-eu citizens
um non-eu passport holders to get into france or like work wise to work there
so this program is a great opportunity and if you already know some french and
you're interested in teaching english in france in this program might be really worth looking at so i highly recommend
checking out the website to learn more and to apply and you can
also email them directly to get more information so we at itt
um only provide this information and i presented to you we are not affiliated with any of these programs
um just kind of i'm just passing on the information so maybe some of this information
might you know not be up to date anymore even though i checked before um i i did this live so it should
be up to date but what i'm saying is you know contact them directly if you're
interested in taking this program um they will be able to better help you
and know even more about it so that is france this is the only
program of this kind that i found in france
so if you're really set on france this is something you should look into
juliana and obviously other people who are interested okay
good so this is france up let's see which program we have next
and we also have lilia here hi lilia how are you doing from mexico cool so next up we have this
program nail nelcap in spain which stands for north american language and culture
assistance program this program actually had a different name before
um so i mentioned it in a previous live session it changed the name so now it's called now cap
which is kind of the biggest program in spain which is why we like to mention it and it is run directly by the spanish
ministry of education culture and sport and it's particularly especially for
american and canadian citizens so with this program 2 500 american and
canadian citizens are placed to teach english in spanish primary and secondary
schools all around spain the positions they require you to work a
set number of classes a week and then you also get a stipend of
702 that's a typo 700 to 1000 euros a month you also get health insurance
coverage and a long stay work visa applications for this program are still
open so if you want to apply to teach english in spain you can still do so for the next um intake
here applications are still uh running until april 7th 2 p.m local
madrid spain time so if that's something you're interested in go for it you can still apply for it
requirements you need to be either american or canadian aged between 21 and 60.
there is more about this program um this is also what they will evaluate so it's kind of similar to the french
um version so tapif you also need to have some spanish language skills
um college transcripts high school records and spanish language certificates can be submitted
um you also need to have physical and psychological suitability so a medical form is required i believe that they
will give that to you and you need to go and fill it out have it filled out by your doctor um you also
need to have um your your academic achievement will be evaluated so a bachelor's
or bs is a minim a bachelor of science is a minimum university junior senior or graduate so you don't have to have
graduated yet but you have to be enrolled in at least a bachelor's degree bachelor's course
previous teaching experience is always a plus also again experience working with children experience living abroad all of
those things are taken into consideration and also a teflor t-cell
qualification it's not compulsory but highly beneficial so again similar with
the french program the more of these things you have the better for your
application because this program is also very um competitive a lot of people want
to get into it because it's the biggest one in spain it's very very popular
here is the how to apply so for this one you also need to write a statement of purpose 250 to 300 words but it's in
english the other one was in french so a little bit easier you also need to submit a
copy of a reference letter from your employer or university
and you copy of your diplomas and any other qualifications you want to submit and your passport just to show that
you're american u.s u.s citizen or a canadian citizen and here is the website where you can
apply so if there's something that interests you you can just take a screenshot real
quick or go come back to it later to get the links this is the one in spain
most popular one has been around for quite a long time already we've mentioned this before in a live
session as well um it did change the name though
what was it before i can't i can't remember now but in my previous live session i talked about this program um
it was the other name should have written that down
but it's the same good so then for spain there's actually a
couple of other options as well besides the nail cap and then we're going to talk about those now so spain actually
has quite a few programs teaching programs these are also worth worth
checking out so the one is the uh beda bilingual bilingual education
development and assessment and this one is mostly in madrid in the
capital city of spain and mostly for catholic schools actually
for this one you also need to be a native english speaker and have at least a bachelor's degree
and the term and the start is in september for this one
you can also google and find the official website to find more information on how to apply but these are also really good options for people
um the other one that you set you said tam not sure how to say this one and the
second one um this one is for all over spain schools all over spain spain hiring you
also need to be a native english speaker also minimum bachelor's degree and it
also starts in september so it's similar to the first one to beta but um
all over spain whereas beta or beta is only in madrid
and catholic schools then we have up international education
this one is kind of great for people who want to teach young children in particular it places teachers into
infant primary and secondary schools also again all over spain and this one
they say a degree is preferred but not necessary if you have teaching
experience or experience with children and this program starts in october
then we have the last one here conversa spain which is again in madrid or
mauricia this one is also looking for native english speakers the age between 20 and
65 and they also require a bachelor's degree
okay good so if maybe the nail cap doesn't work out you can try out any of these
other programs again google them to find the um the place to
apply just wanted to put these out there because i found them and i didn't know that spain actually had all these other
programs um so i thought i would just add the slide in to add a little bit more information about them so you can
also check these out good so we covered france we covered
spain and spain actually has multiple programs that you can look into next up let's see what we're going to
talk about next up yeah this one is actually i think one of my favorites so this is in
hungary which i think is really really awesome so this one is called the central european teaching program
c c tip c atp well i guess ctp sounds better
this is also actually a long-running program that places applicants into schools all across hungary to work as
english language teachers and the contracts for this one
lasts approximately 10 months and usually from september to june mid-june
but they also have in some special cases mid-year placements for people who just
want to get a six-month experience and then this one usually lasts from january to june
so that's great because some people maybe don't want to commit for a full year or or they just don't have a full
year they just want to do six months so then this program would be great for you because that's actually very very rare
that they allow you just to do six months so um
yeah juliana says spain would be a good choice sure you can look into spain as well
i think they're all really really great programs it just depends on you know where you want to be and what kind of
background and for friend for the french one you need to be able to speak french for the spanish one a little bit of
spanish so um whatever suits you
but back to hungary so like i said they also have these half
contracts for six months only which is awesome for people who don't have a full year or they just want to go somewhere
for six months and they're actually also hiring year-round which is great
so with the other programs usually it's very very strict like
the intake or the application process is only from this to from here to here very very strict like you said you saw in the
in the spanish one 2 p.m spain time that's when it ends the application process very very strict
whereas with this one you can apply whenever you want year round so that's awesome more information
here's cetp dot info you can check this one out um this one seems to be super organized
they have a five to seven day orientation in budapest prior to the
beginning of the school year so there's a lot of support there if you decide to work with this program
you will be teaching 22 to 26 class meetings per week so working hours
teaching hours per week you're also paid a salary in the local currency according to the
same pay scale as native teachers um so that's awesome then we have uh you'll
see ecp teachers are also covered under the health care system there so that's great you have access to that
accommodation are provided and paid for by the host institution or
the government which is also kind of rare with these programs most of these you actually need to
figure out your own accommodation they will help you but you need to still pay for them but here it's all taken care of
which is really really awesome so that's really something to look out
for and cetp also provides all documents necessary to receive your work visa
after arrival in hungary so there's really a lot of great support there um
which i think makes this probably a favorite program all of the other ones um because they're just i think in more
more popular countries um they they kind of get away with not
offering all of these benefits because they're spain and france but hungary here has probably the best program in my
personal opinion with all the benefits and the support that they offer so it's definitely worth checking out
and i've been to hungary budapest is amazing i would definitely live there it's amazing beautiful place lovely people
so much culture great food so i'm kind of trying to sell you
the ctp program not affiliated with them at all uh i just think that's such a
great program very rare to see this especially in europe so um
you can take my word for it if uh you're in doubt if you're if you're having doubts this one i think is really
really good to look into all falzon is so sweet forzan's is high
looking lovely today thank you thanks for being here awesome
okay i think there's some more information for this um that i can share with you yes so the requirement of
course so what are the requirements so this program again is open to native english speakers from the us canada the
uk or any other eu country so it's a little bit more open you the other ones
were kind of you need to be u.s american or canadian here you can also be from the uk and
other eu countries so a little bit better
there is no official upper age limit which is also great because the other ones were 60 and 65 so if you're older
than that you can still apply to this program which is awesome you need to have a bachelor's degree
and a minimum of a 40 hour online tefl course
so if you're if you go with the standard 120 hour that we offered itttt you're
definitely covered and it'd be a huge advantage because you have actually much more than 40 hours what they require
another great thing partners friends or families they can often be placed together so you can
actually bring your partner or friend or even children if you have children you can also bring them along
and then also a really really interesting thing that i wanted to mention is the other thing where it says
can i teach anything else besides english so this program is actually not only for english teachers
but um if you teach english most of the time you will teach conversational english
but there's also some schools where you can actually teach classes
like history literature then they also sometimes look for german teachers
social studies american and british culture as well as various other subjects so all classes except german
are taught in english so some teachers um even coach basketball or soccer or or
other sports as volunteer activities so there's really um a really a good option here and i think
also for german if there's any german speakers or german nationals you can apply to this program as a german for um be a
german teacher that'd be also really cool actually so yeah again so i really like this program i think it's really great and kind of rare to see all these benefits and great
um level of support that they seem to offer um compared to the other programs so that's why i think this is my
favorite one so far for sure in europe and you should go and check it out if you're interested in teaching english in
europe and specifically hungary which is a great country to be in any way
all right let me see at the con let me have a look at the comments before we move on so we have fawzan again this
isn't really how really i mean you always are but today you're looking so beautiful love
the thing around your hair don't know how you call it there yeah it's some kind of like hairband
headband thank you i actually got this uh on
like two days ago we had like a street market outside of our apartment it was
really cute and i thought you know what i'm gonna wear this just for you guys today so thanks so much for noticing
i appreciate it okay so this is cetp in hungary
um next up let's see what we have yay so another really really awesome
program the tlg in georgia georgia the country
so tlg stands for teach and learn with georgia
so this is actually an education movement initiated by the georgian government and
administ administered under the georgian ministry of education and science what's
the purpose of this program basically um the recruitment of english teachers not
only english though this program also is looking for french italian and german
teachers so not only english if you can speak any of these other languages you can
also apply um and basically you will co-teach alongside local teachers in public
schools throughout this country throughout georgia their website is
dot g e for georgia they also have a lot of really really
great benefits actually so you will get a monthly salary of georgian lottery so
that's their currency over there you also get free round-trip ticket to and from georgia which is something that the
other programs do not offer so that's really awesome you also get free medical insurance you have paid
vacation during winter and holidays during winter holidays excuse me um you
also get housing and living accommodation sim card which is cool you've got sim
card you will get a sim card on the tlg corporate network um you also have 24 7 support from the
tlg staff so if you have any problems while you're there you have a contact person that you can always reach out to
which is really really cool um there's also an orientation training upon
arrival you also get some midterm trainings there's also airport pick up
and professional practice and life experience oh i guess that's what you get from the program professional
practice and life experience cool so um
this was one of the programs that i have not mentioned before and i really wanted to put it in because i think it's such a
unique program and also georgia is a very very unique place to go to it's
sort of um between europe and asia so i think it's a really
really interesting place to be in interesting culture to experience and might be a really really great
option for anyone who's looking for something something a little bit different right so this one's really
cool yeah juliana also says i think this program is a great one
yeah absolutely so let's take a look at the requirements and what else we know
about this program so you do need to be a native speaker of the language that you will teach so
either english french german or italian then they also want somebody with a
bachelor's degree and you also need to provide a clean nationwide criminal record check
you also need to get a medical test you need to do a medical test and be cleared of any of these um
diseases here and drugs um then well they also want somebody
with who who's flexible who has an open mind and a willingness to make a difference which i always really like
um yeah how can you apply when can you join you can apply right
now so selected volunteers they will be joining the program in september and the
latest you can submit your application is the 20th of august so that's really
really cool and then the contract will last from september to the following year june
so um yeah their deadline is really really
really really long actually so you have time until the 20th of august to try it
out and again where can you apply you just head to this website
very cool also plays i've never really considered going to but when i did my research
about this program i always look for pictures to add in obviously to my presentation and i always do some
research about the countries and it just seems like such a cool place very different from other places um you
know that you normally look normally see normally look at when it comes to these programs so i
think if somebody's looking for something completely different i think this program would be great for you
okay good let's see what's next next up we have a program in the czech republic
it actually exists it is called aia which stands for
academic information agency so the aia is sort of an intermediary
between primary and secondary public schools in the czech republic and teachers of english so they kind of are
if you will like a recruitment agency they kind of connect teachers with the schools in a way
um and basically um they get the applications and then
they hand over this list of applicants to the schools regularly usually before
the start of a new year like in september and before the midterms again so two
times and then the schools will pick teachers who they want to hire down here is the website it's a little
bit longer so take a look at it d z s dot
z c uh zed and then this ending so take a screenshot and
then or just google aia check republic you you're gonna find the same website um
so what more about this program so you will receive a salary according to the same principles as czech teachers like
the other programs which is really cool so you will get approximately 30 to thirty five thousand
czech is a chrome krona not sure check crona crohn's not sure uh but
around a thousand three hundred forty two thousand five hundred sixty us dollars a month this is before taxes and
deduction of medical and social insurance payment payments um
you will take up your position for the entire school year september 1st
to june 30th so with this one you have to do the full year you can't do half a
year like the um the program we mentioned before in hungary that's why i was saying the one in
hungary is really unique in that way because normally they just hire and you need to do the full school year you
can't just do six months and then a full-time schedule in this
program consists usually of 24 teaching hours per week
at the school there is more information i'm going to share with you so the requirements they
also want a somebody with a university or college diploma also a teacher certification
registration if you have it if you don't have that then they want to see a tefl certificate
um the accommodation for the teachers coming from abroad should be arranged for by the school so they will help you
but you will usually have to pay for that yourself but they will kind of give you
um they will help you find like the best uh and all prize wise they kind of work
with accommodations where all the teachers live usually so um it's
a good price typically um and also the schools they usually
help the teachers to get acquainted with the new environment and most schools they also offer inexpensive
meals in their school cafeterias
so that's the program in the czech republic this is also one that i haven't mentioned before and that i found not
too long ago and i just wanted to share with you because the czech republic is one of those places that is really
popular especially in europe because it kind of doesn't have as strict
requirements for teachers outside of the eu to come and get a work visa that's why the czech
republic is very popular all right illustrate hello linda linda nice to see you again
hope you're having a wonderful march i am having a wonderful march thank you so much i hope you too
thanks for checking in today good so this is the czech republic
i believe there is one more program i'm gonna talk about today and that's also a new one that i learned
about um just yeah a few days ago for this presentation
and it seems to be really cool because it is in italy so it's called the site program which is study intercultural
training experience in italy um this one is and they call it an
internship program and the teachers are also not referred to as teachers in this
program but interns um so this is an internship opportunity
for english speaking teaching assistants in schools in lombardy so that's a
region in italy in the north of italy so only in this region that's why it's very specific um that's why i haven't heard
about this before because it's not nationwide it's really just in this one region but that's where the beautiful
city of milan is in lake como it's a beautiful region so i highly recommend
going there and the internship lasts for a total of eight months from october 1st
to may 31st which is also really cool if you join this program you get 700
euros net monthly and um typically the teachers or interns
stay either in a flat on their own or you can also stay with a host family which can be really cool
and this is the link where to apply you can check that out um and there's more information about
this so this is the region where it is up here um that's where you will be working if
you um go with this program this one is however only for recent
graduates from us universities so only if you graduated from a u.s university
you can apply to this program unfortunately you need a gpa of
3.25 minimum and you need to be a ba or ma holder and
they really prefer somebody who kind of studies or majors in italian
um that's kind of what they're looking for so that's why it's very specific
but i just still wanted to mention it because we rarely hear of a program like this for italy so maybe someone who's
super super super into italy and maybe uh you know wants to take this path and
apply um so if you're interested in that you should contact the site program
at um this email address and special cases will be taken under
consideration so even maybe if you don't have these things what they require
still reach out to them and they might um consider you anyway or they might be
able to give you some other information maybe some other ways how you can make it um there
so that's it the side program very cool
oh i want one of those april sprits though love it
love this vibe especially milan milan is really great yeah
liturgics is so informative this would be a great help to qualify teachers who are interested great programs
particularly cetp hungary thank you for sharing yeah right i think the cetp is
is great that's the best program out of all i think it for me personally um
juliana wow it is also a great choice it is if you you know have all the things
that they're looking for because it is so specific if you really want to be in this region of italy if
you are studying italian then maybe this would be a great opportunity you never know
all right let's do a mini recap um of all the programs that we talked about today so we had the tapif program in
france we had the nail cap in spain and then i
also mentioned uh four other teaching programs in spain so spain really has a lot of options if
somebody's interested in spain go and check them out and obviously you can apply to all of them right you don't
have to choose just one also either country you can apply to all of them and then see which one
you can get into cetp in hungary awesome program lots of support there um
and i think they really care about their teachers it seems to be super organized lots of
support again and i think it's a great program tlg in georgia cool somebody i feel like
this program is ideal for somebody who's looking for something completely different not the euro france and italy
and spain kind of thing but hey georgia why not i think it's really great it also seems to be um
very organized and they give you actually round trip flights so that's really awesome
something that no other program does then we have the aia in the czech
republic which can be a great choice because the czech republic really is a great place especially for non-eu
citizens who want to teach in europe because their visa regulations aren't as strict as other countries
and then site in italy again that's for the region of
lombardy lombardy i've been saying this right in milan um
so basically they're looking for somebody who is an italian major and then
uh from a us university so it's very specific but they also said they consider other
people in other cases so just email them if this is something that interests you if
you speak a little bit of italian if you're a us grad email them and see what they say
so these are the programs i picked out for today i think some of them are super interesting i mean all of them are super
interesting but honestly um there's somebody for something for everybody
so i hope that maybe one or two of you today found something
that they're like oh my god i'm gonna apply right now um that would be awesome and then let me know how it goes
let me know how it goes and then maybe question which one of these programs interests you the most
now that you've heard um this presentation and all the information about all the programs which one kind of
do you think is the best which one interests you the most and why where would you like to go
where would you like to go let me know in the comments please which one of these programs kind of interests you the
most for me i think cetp in hungary i think
it's a great program i would love to go there but also georgia i'd be super interested in
experiencing that i'm always looking for something like unique i think
we have min min pay hi from myanmar how are you doing hello
awesome yeah so which program kind of interests you the most and why
where would you like to go let me know
and then we can jump into q a very soon
and i can answer some of you guys questions that you might have let me know
think about it which program you prefer which program you think is a great choice for you
personally let me know and i just want to share with you all how you can find itttt
again our website is on facebook we're on facebook we're on
twitter we're on instagram we're on youtube where some of you are watching right now um
yeah follow us give us a like subscribe we always share a lot of great content
every day on youtube and also especially on our facebook page uh we always put a lot of
great material out there teaching material but also uh job offers actually so
um yeah anything really
okay let me go back to this we have a question here from margaret so these programs are great if you're going to
the country yes that's what we're kind of focusing on today for going to europe the question is what assistance or
programs are there for teaching online yeah that's a good question so i think there aren't really programs uh for
teaching online like programs programs they're just a lot of teaching platforms that you can choose from and directly
apply to the platforms um i did a live session before and also my
colleague lisa did a live session before about different teaching programs um so you might want to check that out
so typically with a teach with teaching online you just apply directly to the platform
and then have interviews online and then you set up your profile etc and you
start teaching or some teachers also set up their own website teaching website so
it goes just through you and not through any platform that's what some people are doing as
well okay
then let's open q a if you have any other questions let me know
if anything was not clear if there's anything else i can do for you
i would i'm trying my best to help you out and again thirty percent off because it
just says it here thirty percent off any teflor tesol chorus from itt which will help you
in your journey of becoming a teacher abroad or online i'm going to share the link again
if you cannot scan this qr code you can just copy paste this link here fill out your
application and you'll see a 30 off discount off of any teflor tesol
course from itt okay good
and then we still have some time i can answer some questions that you have either about today's topic or something
different totally up to you whatever is on your mind there are no stupid questions feel free to ask away
whatever is on your mind
whatever is on your mind i'm trying my best to answer it for you
we still have some time i'm still here for you all i don't want anybody leaving
um and then regretting not having asked a question so please if there is anything that
you're curious about or just a comment but anything that i've said if there's anything else you want to add to today's
topic feel free to do so
or if you have a topic suggestion for my next live session feel free to let me know as well
all right here question from min min pay how much does this all cost yeah we have
a couple of different options so it depends on what you're looking for if you are not
yet certified at all you have a couple of different options so i recommend you go to our website
[Music] here i recommend you head over to this
website prices they range between
249 us dollars all the way to 999 so it really depends um
249 us dollars is for the 120-hour tefl tesol course which is the standard
course that you want to have uh which is our level four course
um so it meets the requirements for teaching english abroad and online the
120 hour course um and again 249 but you can use today's code
which is 30 off so you're gonna save a lot of money so check out this link and you'll see
all the options there and don't forget to use the discount i already put the discount this facebook
live minus linda is the discount at the end of this link so when you use this link and then you apply you will see 30
off in your application all right
good i'm super excited let's see anybody else have one last question before i sign off
and jump into the weekend so to speak well it's just 11am i still have a
little bit of work to do today but yeah
let me know y'all let me know if there's anything else i can do for you
or if you are happy and content
i'll give it a couple of more couple more seconds usually there is a little bit of a delay
uh between me talking and then you seeing it on facebook or on youtube so i
just wanna you know see if there's any anybody else having a question or
what's going on or we just say our goodbyes for today
i'm just gonna give it 30 more seconds and then i'm gonna say goodbye and i'm gonna sign off
but i hope you learned something good today um something interesting i always learn
so much also when i prepare myself for these live sessions and i always really
enjoy engaging with you all exchanging information and especially all the
people who come back every week i know i say this every week as well but i really really really appreciate you like um so
nice to see you all come back every week and then also see some new people so i really really appreciate it
um the turk is saying thank you so much linda all great programs have an amazing
friday thank you so much have an amazing friday as well margaret thanks linda for the helpful
information thank you so much you're very welcome that's what i'm here for
all right then i think it's time to say goodbye thank you all for being active for asking questions um
for being here and giving a little bit of your time to me today i really enjoyed that juliana says
thank you so much i learned about new teaching programs in europe today yeah that was my goal
to show you a couple of new ones that maybe you haven't heard about and now it's up to you which one you
choose where do you want to go the world with a tefl certificate the world is your oyster you can choose where you
want to go so i'm going to leave with that and you can use your weekend to think
about maybe where you want to go what you want to do and if you have any questions um that come out from that
i'll be here next week and you can ask me then or you reach out to me via dm on
instagram always open to that alright guys thank you so much have a
lovely weekend and i hope to see you all again next week i'll be here i hope you
too all right bye guys bye bye