TEFL Q&A for Non-Native ESL Teachers: Ask Us Anything!


hello everybody uh it's another live stream with itttt and my name is lisa
uh i'm super glad to welcome you as usual uh it's been just a week but uh it
felt so long as for me uh because i really like going live and
being helpful and today's live stream session is actually going to be pretty simple
because um this is just a q a session um for non-native esl teachers
hopefully um you will find it useful and um maybe
you have some questions that concern you most so that's the time when you can
actually ask these questions so feel free to use the comment section
because i'm here for the next uh 45 to 60 minutes
uh right for that so let's have this nice and lively conversation
and to begin with um i think we can just share our feelings and maybe locations so as for
me if you don't me if you don't know me yet um my name is lisa
so i am a non-native esl teacher and a tefl expert at itttt
i'm based in ukaterenberg russia it's the euro region of russia which
isn't that popular and by the way you know um my neighbors
are currently having their um repairment or something like that
uh so maybe there are some noises can you hear them um i actually can but i'm
not sure uh if my mic um you know consume consumes them as well
so if you hear anything let me know i will try to fix my my
microphone and change the settings somehow but yeah in general just let's have this
conversation going i hope that i won't speak uh to myself for another
hour or something uh so i can see actually adam here nice
to see you adam oh look um the setting in this um
streaming application changed and now comments look much better than before
so i'm glad to see some [Music]
regular visitors to this live stream sessions so happy to see you adam from
dubai um i wish i were in dubai right now because in my
city it's like five degrees below zero or something
like that it's not actually cold but the weather is really gloomy although today
it's um you know sometimes it's sunny sometimes it's uh really really uh dark
because we have those regular um storms um not storms maybe a blizzard
some something like that so it's actually snowing in this region right now
so yeah something like that uh all right i can see um another person
um mahdi hope to pronounce the name correctly from algeria
thanks a lot for joining in and yeah i really like this um
the way how comments show up uh on the stream right now
it looks much better than previously and there is also um hema from plymouth
the united kingdom um are you based there and or like
um you are visiting let us know it's really interesting all
right my neighbors are doing that again um and yeah once again just to remind
you guys if you hear any noises um that are interrupting my speech my i don't
know um the way you hear me just let me know i will try to change something
uh and once again today's live stream session is right for um non-native esl speakers
non-native english speakers who want to become tefl teachers probably or who are looking forward to
getting tefl certified so if you have any questions related to the problem or
maybe you want to discuss something related to um this career uh in general
let me know in in the comments section right now uh because probably uh if there are no
questions there is no point for this live stream session not sure uh but
who well well we'll see okay uh so there are some people
um who are watching currently not not that many but i hope guys that
we can have this lively chat with you so let me know if you have any questions
and just um as a starter as well um i want to draw your attention to this
qr code here uh so this qr code is a thirty percent discount of any um
idt's online tefl courses so if you're willing to
become a temple certified teacher uh you can totally use this qr code uh
scan it and then you will get to the website and uh this qr code actually
contains uh the discount right now uh so you will be able to
uh get any online TEFL certification course with this nice
30 percent uh discount it is really valuable i believe uh because um it can
save you um a lot of money yeah otherwise you can follow the link from
this chat box so uh the same link with the same coupon
uh so if you follow the link from the chat box you will also have the same
discount so if you need it just um feel free to save
it um it is a unique link uh specifically for those people who join
this live stream sessions so it's like um a special offer for you guys
and i hope that you can use it when you really need it
and by the way the new year is coming and i suppose
that it's a great idea for those who want to change their lives
probably um so yeah you can start another year uh from
scratch maybe with um a nice temple course of your choice so feel free
um and yeah just as a reminder don't
be shy don't be shy to ask me questions any questions maybe about teaching um
working abroad uh if you're really interested but actually my
specialization is actually um more about online teaching because i've
been teaching for almost two years already online uh and i don't work um
in a real classroom anymore and i doubt that i will do that um whatever again
um so yeah that's just my cup of tea i don't like
real classrooms due to many different reasons beginning with classroom management
group sizes then those relationship between
a teacher and a company so yeah i just decided to go online and
to work as a freelancer so that's it uh so if you
wanna ask me about online teaching feel free to do that as well
um yeah so let's go ahead don't be shy guys so we're 10 minutes
live right now and no questions but i saw actually a lot of registrations
so it feels like many uh many teachers many people uh want to ask questions
about uh tefl um business tefl uh what TEFL certification
but not no questions uh on the chat box unfortunately
so let me know what you think about this um career maybe
if you have any doubts about getting tefl certified
so yeah don't be shy once again otherwise i will have to finish the live
stream session and um it's not that useful i suppose
um and yeah if you have any further
suggestions related to some future topics you can also uh let me know
um what else uh i also have um
a group on facebook so i know that some people uh feel
stressed to ask questions um in this
real time uh live stream session so maybe if you have any questions
later on uh you can also message me or you can type in your question on the
facebook group yeah and i will try my best to help you out
as well yeah so as for now your questions guys so this is the time
when you um think of any uh problems and i tried to
reach you out and help okay
all right uh
what else i can do as for now is to show you our website probably so not
many people know how to um get apple certified although
um many of you actually send out such questions as um how to
apply and how to find a tefl course so let me show you
um what we have and how to
get enrolled into TEFL certification so uh if you go to the website
by the way just check that out so we are currently having this 10
discount um on on the main website on the main page
but if you follow the link from the chat box you will get the highest possible
um the highest per possible uh discount um like 30 percent
so yeah that's a great um chance
i suppose so let's overview some courses that you can um
consider so i always suggest checking out online
courses because it is the easiest um training mode
um and it doesn't require you much time um
it's not like half a year you know um just being super consistent and focused
um you can do it um when you have your free time and at the same time you can
choose your uh perfect pace so if you if you are a slower learner
you can do the online course up to half a year because this is
how much um this tefl course um is accessible
um in in in the case of uh in-class tefl courses it is slightly
different you basically can't do anything but study so uh my choice is definitely
online uh courses uh doing doing an online course
okay uh so yeah just let's uh check this out
we have a bunch of different uh TEFL certification courses
uh if you go to this website page uh you will see um
some of the benefits and also how to pick your right tefl
queries so uh i strongly recommend that you read this
section because it might be easier when you don't know what to
choose there is also a brief description of
idt who we are uh what we offer and so on
then some reasons why you have to why why choose itttt there are actually many
different providers um but not all of those providers
have um similar what um similar benefits i should say
uh some providers um showcase online courses that can be priced
really low but then when you start such courses uh you may find some
hidden costs that's a great disadvantage and you have to check out
um all possible resources like reviews uh then information on websites
uh and so on maybe ask questions in terms of such live stream sessions
about hidden costs um because uh it it never should be a surprise for
you uh you have to know what you pay for so uh speaking of our options
uh we have several types of uh online TEFL certification courses
the very basic one is a 120 hour tefl course so it's level four uh tefl course
and uh as you can see it is university accredited so we work with a specific accreditation
body it is official and so
this way you can um you can be totally sure that um
itttt is a trustworthy uh provider
okay um yeah and the prices um so i bet this
price is like with this ten percent discount on the website uh which is working right
now uh but if you follow the coupon from the chat box or scan this qr code
you will see a different price with that specific discount
okay with this 30 percent discount uh what else
so this is the very um the most basic course um it includes just um
well those knowledge uh you need when you don't know anything about teaching in
general so if you feel like this is your case uh you can definitely
check out this one also um i know that some other providers
have such tefl courses that have less than 100 hours they are like introductory
courses it is fine as well but you have to know that
if you want to work all over the world usually uh the general requirement um
for english teachers is to be 100 hours
certified um as the least amount of hours
um it is like the basic requirement not just uh by employers so not just
employers ask for that but also it can be important for um
visa issues so sometimes some countries have some specific requirements
okay all right let me check out the chat box there is catherine
uh she's an english teacher from the philippines but she um lives in france
that's awesome um i just wish to go to the philippines i
think it's a beautiful place and the same about france actually um i really
want to visit um france and other european countries when
when all the borders are open now hopefully it will happen really soon
by the way let me know uh what is the situation with those lockdowns and stuff like that
in your countries is it better now uh by the way this is
one of the other reasons among many um
things convenience like stuff for
picking this online tefl courses instead of in-class courses so
many centers st are still closed due to different regulations and
um well some uh trainings are being cancelled uh
because situations all over the world are still challenged
so if you are looking forward to getting tefl certified
i thought i recommend uh checking out online tefl courses
okay so let's see some other uh options so we
also have this 170 hour tefl course um it is another level and it includes
not just the basic um not just the basic course not just the
basic outline uh but it also has this 50 hours
specialization in teaching english online so uh if you're feeling like you want to
work online uh then this is the right choice for you because um
there are some skills you have to develop for online teaching
and frankly speaking if you have this teaching background already
and you got used to working in a real classroom um this specialization may be really
useful for you because you will expand your um experience and uh your
skills uh so these days online teaching is in great
demand um and there are many uh reasons for that not just the kovit restrictions but
in general so um just check out this type of course uh it may be
really useful um by the way if you want to take just um this
specialization there are options of course uh so if you want uh to take uh
any specific specialization you can navigate uh to um another
section which is actually called specialized courses and you will see all
different types of courses of possible courses we have um at itt
team so let's just have a look there are some of them so
um as i have already mentioned we have this 50-hour um online english teaching course um
what else yeah they are actually listed here we also have 60 hours
uh teaching business english and 60 hours teaching
young learners uh so it's actually a great idea to narrow
down your niche if you for example work uh with general
english right now and you're probably an in-class tutor
it's a great idea to narrow down your niche and then find an online teaching job
it may be really really profitable because not many people are actually
specialized in teaching a specific group of people
so for example in my case i decided to narrow down to teaching teenagers
and i am also specialized in preparing
for cambridge exams and
maybe in a couple of years or so i will also focus on preparing for
those local intern uh local national exams for example in russia
uh there is this special um standardized exam
uh for all um high school students they take it at the end of their high school
and they need this certificate uh for applying for universities around russia
uh so this specific exam has its own structure
and um well basically teachers who can prepare for such an exam they are in great
demand in russia and i know that um in other countries
there are standardized exams as well and
it can also be really profitable for english teachers to work
with such exams so think about getting a specialization
and it might be really helpful for you in terms of
your development your teacher career development and of
course in terms of your um income okay
uh so as for some other specializations um so teaching english online is here
it's also 60 hours so if you take it as a part of
the general course so which is like 170 hour course
it's going to be a little less hours for this specialization
but if you take it apart for example you have already
obtained your tefl certification some time ago but you want to specialize
so in this case you will get this 60 hour
specialization uh you can also check out all of the
prices and as i have already mentioned if you have um if you
copy or if you follow that link from the chat box with the coupon or scan the qr
code you will get a different discount so you will get a
30 discount instead of this one on the website which is just 10 percent
so this is a special discount for um live stream session
uh visitors okay uh all right there are some other
specializations that can be really helpful to those who
don't have any training any experience
um for example this one teaching practice recognition so if you really need
to showcase that you are experienced in english teaching
and your potential employer asks you to provide
some proof you can actually take this uh specialization
uh for just 99 with this 10 discount so um it should be
even less with this coupon from the chat box
if you need uh to showcase that you are an experienced
teacher but you haven't taught in a real classroom
yet so uh we will be able to cream to help you with this thing as well
uh all right so this is just some brief explanation and i can see that some more
people joined this live stream but i'm still waiting for your questions
guys so if you have any questions related to
tefl certification what else maybe teaching in general english
teaching working abroad online teaching let me know in the comment section
i'm here to help you out and if you need some support if you
have doubts or something don't be shy just type in your question or concern in
the comment section and i will try my best to help you out
another thing to mention if you have your questions slightly later when the live stream session is
over you can send your questions to me directly on facebook
or you can write your question uh in my facebook
group as well so do that um don't
um i don't know uh don't be shy don't be
afraid or worried uh this is a nice chance to have some networking
and i believe that this esl teaching community that we
create at itt is really really helpful worm nice and valuable
so let's keep in touch okay so
all right um i actually see that there is
also hope to pronounce the name correctly for
from myanmar uh this is a beautiful country um i wish
i could visit it as well maybe some
maybe one day hopefully all right guys so um i've been
i've been live for 30 minutes already no question yet no questions yet
unfortunately i really want to help you um if you have
any concerns so please send your questions
to the chat box section okay
and um i will stay here for another minute or so
and uh if you don't know if you don't ask me anything else for today
that's probably it that was a really brief section
a really brief session that section okay sometimes i make a lot of mistakes
because i'm worried and nervous about my speech you know especially when i talk to myself
right now it's like that i see my video stream
and um i don't see other people behind the screen
unfortunately so i have to get creative and
say something just for the sake of doing that you know
and i just wonder why um why some people
stay uh from the very beginning till the end of this live stream session and
don't ask questions so adam maybe you have any questions
uh feel free to ask okay uh it sounds like i'm begging you right
now because you know i'm desperate here nobody asks questions
maybe these live streams um that we have been doing for
a year actually um they are so helpful that our audience became
really really um well professional i should say something like that and by
the way uh remembering that thing that we go live
for a long period of time already i should mention that my colleague linda actually
goes live um at the end of the week usually
not sure if she goes live this week um because she is actually
uh visiting her family in germany in her native country in her motherland
so yeah uh but usually um these live stream sessions uh from itt
are done um every week twice so i go live on tuesday and uh linda goes live
at the end of the week thursday or friday all right i see a
question from antonio thanks a lot antonio for asking me
uh so yeah they are um
okay yeah so uh this question uh what should
you choose between um this online degree uh or
a 120 hour tefl certification so usually the minimum requirement all over the
world is at least 100 hours so basically uh you should be trained um
at least for 100 hours and then um you will be able to start
working but some countries um some employers i should say they ask you to have a
college degree it is really subjective to the country uh to the location so
what i recommend doing all the time is navigating to uh the official website
like a web embassy website or maybe to the employers resource and
check out uh what they ask for um also
the thing is that regulations change oftentimes for example a year ago it was
possible to work without any degree without any certificate
in location a but this year they have a new policy and
they have to work on building this network of teachers who
are actually professionals uh so uh what options do we have
at itt let me share my screen once again uh and i will
show our website another time
so um as you can see uh we have already looked at some specialized tefl courses
uh but if you need an expanded course an extended course
with more hours you can go to the online diploma because
uh this section gives you um equivalence to university
diplomas i can't say that they are like 100 percent the same as university degrees
uh it's not like that um because there are some special
differences um you can actually check out the whole
description here on this page let me actually send
send out the link to this webpage
just a second so if you follow the link from this
chat box uh you will get to the online diploma
page on our website and you will be able to read everything related to tesol
diploma tefl tesol the same but it's another type of course that can
be uh more useful because it is research based so uh it's not a basic course like a 120
hour certification it's an advanced certification
which is more or less equal to the diploma
okay and uh by the way you can do this
diploma certification with tutor support only so we don't have options without a
tutor because uh in this case you will do a lot of research
and you will need to um develop skills gradually so
in this case tutor support is like a must and as for me it is much better to um
get this training with tutor support um i i would say that uh when i did this
tefl certification i got 120 hour chapel course
um in 2017 uh i picked um this
without tutor support option and i had a lot of questions and
troubles uh when i created my first lesson plan
so um being not a teacher um
by my major was really really challenging when i
started working on the course because it wasn't clear completely how to create
lesson plans even after getting this training in terms of
methodology so sometimes uh it sounds really simple and you get the
idea pretty fast but when it comes to practice um there
are some challenges so if um you feel like
it is better to be guided so this is your choice uh tutor support is much better
than without it okay so there are three options advanced uh
pro and expert and you will have trainings with different um
numbers of hours um so that's pretty much
yeah and the prices will differ but um just as a reminder
if you want to get a bigger discount a 30 percent discount
just follow the link from the uh description and you will see
um this 30 discount not sure if it is
calculated with the discount right now it should be i suppose
uh okay let me see um another question from the chat box
[Music] by the way antonio i hope that i answered your question if not feel free
to ask some additional things okay
all right uh is the 120 hour tefl course enough to find a job
um it depends uh so there are many things that can influence
the ease of finding a job for example in my case it was completely
easy it was just a piece of cake i did this one 120 hour tefl course i
wasn't a teacher before the course i was a translator
and my training was related to english linguistics so my major was in
english linguistics and i didn't know anything about teaching
uh that's why i i did that 120 hour tefl course
uh then i went to china and the demand in the country was really huge at that
time uh so in two in 2017 it was really easy to get a job in china
and basically all over the world for example i have a friend who um was teaching
in kuala lumpur so in let me
remember the country in malaysia so she taught in malaysia a couple of years ago
being a non-native esl teacher and that was okay
these days unfortunately due to all of those restrictions
policies might have been deferred uh so just make sure you go to the official
resources like to um embassies websites uh employers websites and check out what
they request and another thing
from my personal experience when i decided to stop teaching in a real classroom i switched to the online
teaching mode and at first i worked for online teaching company here in russia
they actually requested all possible certifications i had
so i um copied my 120 hour tefl course
and they said it's like perfect because uh not all teachers actually come with
any background uh with any teaching and professional background um and when you have this
proof um in in the shape of the certificate um of
a real certificate they actually um trust you much more
i also copied my um what my ielts certificate
that was also necessary for that employer so you have to check out maybe
tefl certification isn't the only certificate they ask for
they can also ask for your english level uh proof and stuff like that and by the
way let me show you my certificate um from itt so uh this certificate is
actually from 2017 so it's actually slightly different
from those we have these days those we issue these days
um so you can go um to our website and check out what
changed actually i can't say for sure because i i didn't compare but i bet
um they add something else related to um authority related to
um you know authorization and stuff like that but
all certificates are actually embossed and you can even
um verify this certificate or your employer
can verify this the certificate because many people actually fake such
certificates um so yeah that's pretty much as well so there are
options um to find jobs uh with that with and without certifications but it's
really subjective and it also depends on your personal uh needs
some people um work without any education but they get
paid less if it's not what you want you definitely
have to work on your professional development and certificates
is a great way to showcase to your clients that you uh work on your skills
and you get experience you learn new techniques and stuff like that
oh gosh yeah i totally understand you
so uh xena has a trouble with creating a lesson plan i
don't know why but for me it was also such a pain in my neck
uh so uh it was really challenging to create this uh lesson plan and if you work with
the tutor support uh what i recommend is ask um
specific questions ask questions the way the tutor gets you
faster and can provide you a full feedback
so maybe you don't see some things related to
methodology and maybe you can't um you know like
uh you can't build a solid lesson plan based on uh this methodology
so if you have a trouble um implementing methodology
on your lesson plan then you have to ask this specific question
maybe you can ask to show an example
if there are not enough examples in the course for you you can totally ask your
tutor to help you out with that uh what else
another thing you can try to uh create several lesson
plans or several several parts of lesson plans uh that
don't uh work out for you and uh send them to the um supervisor
send them to the tutor and ask as well like um for example here
it is so and there it is in a different way what is better
um also don't uh don't be afraid don't be shy to ask
questions related to what's actually the problem sometimes people
don't give this full feedback uh just because they believe that well
it's like simple it's easy to understand uh but sometimes as students we
uh don't understand actually and we are for uh we are afraid to ask
uh follow-up questions so as for me the thing is try to
communicate with your tutor the more uh you can
and it should work out definitely uh in my case i didn't work with the tutor
support but um i finished my lesson plan after the second
so i submitted and it was accepted just after the second attempt
um yeah so don't worry if they um don't accept your
lesson plan after the first attempt um it can be the second or even the third
attempt uh and um you will understand it better
this way yeah so you definitely should try um and be flexible probably
okay so i hope that i answered this question as
well so if you have any further uh things to discuss just let me know
um but it's almost 50 minutes of this livestream session so i believe
we can wrap up so another two minutes
and probably we will be done and by the way i would really appreciate if you suggest
me any topic for my future live stream sessions because uh it it gets
um more and more difficult uh to come up with some decent topic
for my live stream sessions because it feels like i have already told everything everything that i know
everything that i researched so maybe you have some questions related to
teaching in general online teaching what else traveling usually as
in terms of traveling and working abroad it is when linda is more helpful than me
so if you have any questions related to
international teaching teaching in different countries yeah just check out linda's live streams
and by the way uh on youtube we uh have a nice folder and not just on youtube
but also on facebook we have folders with a previous live stream session
recordings and there are so many useful tips you can actually check out
and try to implement uh in your personal experience so um
don't forget about such an opportunity check check that out okay
all right so uh there is another question from harrison let me see this
question uh all right
yeah so uh as a non-native tefl certified person i would say that um when it comes to
online teaching you have to learn more about new tools
of teaching new modes of delivering information so
uh these days for example um so many options to deliver information
appear and this is a great chance to
get your students involved and engaged at 100 percent
when your information when your classes are dry and not um
you know um not that interactive probably students can can
get easily bored especially when you work with young students like um children or
teenagers so you definitely have to come up with different ideas how to
interact with them online there are many tools um and i have
actually already done a bunch of streams related to online teaching tools
but if you would like to learn a little bit more about it i can go live next
week uh with this topic probably i i should do that because
uh this year i have changed my um training mode not training mode i have
changed my approach probably and uh my my lessons uh get
um different for sure so uh the rule of the thumb is you have to
involve your students and make them as happy as possible um in terms of you
know using these online tools yeah that's pretty much
uh and also another thing to mention is that you have to vary your uh teaching style
and methodology because if you use um the same
method of teaching it might be daunting for students as well
some learners their personality is
um more close probably like introverted and they prefer um some direct teaching
or something like that but some other students they really enjoy when
they are provided with opportunity to open up and you have to count
that they are different and some sometimes if you work with groups
there are people with different um attitudes with different mindsets uh
learning styles this way you also have to consider how to provide your classes because if they
are the same and if the um style of teaching this
is the same every lesson it is so so boring for your students so make sure
you are flexible in terms of using different methodologies
um maybe i should go live uh with the topic of methodologies as well
all right guys so uh by the way aries uh ariston
let me know if i answered your question uh adequately
um yeah anyway i think that this is the end of today's
live stream and next week i will definitely go live with this topic of online
teaching tools so stay tuned if you feel like this is some something
you would like to learn about um just feel free to
check out our updates on facebook on the group
also you can check out my facebook group join my facebook facebook group if you um
if you would like to keep in touch um if you have any questions uh that you
haven't asked yet but you would love to maybe sometime later uh feel free to direct message me on
facebook as well or you can ask your question on um
where let me know on the facebook group because um this is like a teaching community
there are so many many people who can um support you as well so feel free to ask
questions um share your um maybe concerns yeah
uh don't be shy all right so thanks a lot for joining in
today uh don't forget that we go live every week twice so at the end of this
week um i think so linda will go live um as well or maybe not this week because
she is traveling um anyway uh we have a great folder full of
previous live stream session recordings uh that um
that um were targeted different topics uh that
targeted different topics so check out those ones as well uh we also create this live we also
transform these live stream sessions uh in podcasts so if you like to listen to
instead of watching uh you can check those ones as well uh podcasts are um
available on all podcast streamings um street streaming platforms
uh and on facebook as well so that's the end of today's live stream
thanks a lot for joining um hopefully i will see you next week
guys um just don't be um
afraid to ask questions another time so see you in a week bye bye