TEFL for Beginners: How to Get Started


hello everyone hi linda here from itt welcome to another live session um i'm
so happy to be here back for another live session and this week we are going to talk about tefl
for beginners how to get started so this is really for people who are very new to tefl um and
to teaching english as a foreign language um you have heard about it um
and you're kind of thinking hey maybe this is something for me i want to go abroad and teach english or i want to
teach english online but i have no idea how to get started then this live
session is for you yeah welcome hello everyone my name is linda from itt
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um so i'm excited all right iku is asking question already
how can i change career paths to teaching english yeah this is the live session for you keep watching and you're
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also let me share the um 30 off
thing right away i think that's the next slide or maybe it's my intro it is my intro so let me do my
introduction real quick for anyone who doesn't know me but you can keep
commenting where you are right now so my name is linda i am a travel writer and content creator
under the name linda goes east east because i've always been super interested in asia and i've lived in
china and in south korea but i'm originally from germany and the us if you're interested in korea in asia
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soon in a couple months so um yeah a long time and i'm also a tefl and
tesol marketing professional for itt which stands for international tefl and
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um because that's today's topic we're going to go down to the basics and how you can get started
so i'm going to show you all the different course options that we have so that maybe you can get an idea and find
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that's awesome all right and then we have a couple more comments we have brett saying taking
heavy notes today want to put the ball in motion for sure to work definitely next fall maybe this summer awesome yeah
today we're not going to talk so much about finding jobs however but i think i did a live
a couple weeks ago maybe three weeks ago that was all about how to find tefl jobs
and i think you were not there that time i can't remember but i don't think i saw you there
um so maybe go back in our playlist and watch that one as well that will be really useful for finding jobs um
i'm gonna share a link to our playlist later as well i'm gonna show you guys how to find our other play our other
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if juliana hello juliana i'm watching from illinois it's 7 p.m here we are
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all right this was this so um yeah like i said at any time feel free to ask questions um very welcome to do so
and then we're just gonna jump into today's topic tefl for beginners how to
get started if you're interested in teaching english one more thing i want to mention you
might notice over here these little um icons over there i
mentioned that last week as well but we did get some awards and we're very proud
um we got this community choice award from go overseas as voted uh oh what
does it say best oh 2021 best tefl provider because i
don't want to say anything wrong that's the exact wording on here so we're super excited about that and we also got to go
abroad verified um badge so go abroad and go overseas are
two of the biggest uh providers for um like international overseas
experiences and itttt is on those platforms and we
have gathered so many uh positive reviews over the last year so that we
were voted best tefl program in 2021 so i'm super excited about that um and i
just wanted to put them up here so that we can kind of celebrate together and see that and have it in
front of us kind of as a yeah as a motivating factor here
but yeah super proud of that um so enough of that
let's jump in and let's see what's happening so the
first thing we're going to talk about is first of all what is tefl what is t saul
and i know that some i've mentioned this in previous lives before and some of you are already teflor t-cell certified so
maybe i can give this question to the audience to you guys and you can tell me
what this tefl stand for and what does t-sol stand for and let's see if you
were paying attention let's see
i'm sure some of you know this what does tefl stand for what does t-sol stand for
put it in the comments we're gonna i'm gonna put you to the test i'm gonna have some coffee meanwhile
if you wanna get tefl or tesol certified you need to know what that stands for right
so this is uh the very first thing that we're going to learn today
and hopefully some of our previous course graduates brett juliana
will be able to answer this question without googling
let's see all right juliana
stands for teaching english as a foreign language perfect yes that is tefl so tefl stands for
teaching english as a foreign language what about tisol what about tesol
what about tesol
it's similar it's very similar
let's see i'm gonna give it a few more seconds and then i'm gonna
reveal the answer let's see five four
three two one e
too slow all right let's have a look and i'm gonna make myself smaller so we can all
read this but it was correct tefl stands for teaching english as a foreign language
and tesol stands for teaching english to speakers of other languages so it it's
very similar isn't it and also the the training that's involved for tefl or tesol is identical
it is basically the same thing these days um the only difference is that
tefl is most commonly used within the uk and europe the term tefl
and then t sol is usually the preferred term in australia and the us and i
believe also canada north america um so that's the only difference oh yeah now the answers came in thank you brett
yes you're right teaching english to speakers of other languages juliana also right
there is a delay sometimes in the live so maybe that's why all right you'll you'll get a point it's
okay yeah so these are the only differences now at itt what you can do is you can choose
whether your certificate says tefl or t cell on it so it's your choice it's the
same thing but depending on maybe where you're from you want it to say tefl because you're
from europe maybe or you're more used to the term tisol so you you you want your
certificate to say tesol so that's up to you it means the same thing
it is accredited and recognized exactly the same um [Music]
you know so it really doesn't matter and the courses are the same tefl chorus t-cell chorus you will learn
the exact same things so that's the first thing so always remember that um
because some people get confused you know what is tefl what is t soul and then there's another one some people get
confused um about that is tefl um i'm just gonna put this in here
truffle oh and what does that stand for actually is that something different that is
something very different oh yeah here
so tefl i'm just gonna put this here and show you guys
some people they email us and they're like hey do you also f offer truffle can i take a tuffle
here test of english as a foreign language so this is an english english proficiency test or certificate so it's
not the same thing as a tefl a tefl or a t-soul is for
a course that teaches you how to be a teacher right a tefl course this one
down here is basically a certificate that proves your
english language ability so those are different things now we do recommend especially for
non-native english teachers to get a tefl or a tesol certificate but also a
form of english proficiency certificate like a truffle or an ielts or a
cambridge certificate just wanted to mention that because there are different things
all right so this is tefl and tesol
hope that is clear um then we have a lot of people are asking
so what are the requirements for excuse me the requirements for teaching english
and there is no one answer to this question because the requirements they
vary from place to place just like the requirements for any other job vary from
company to company city to city um country to country so it's really
there's no one answer but in general we can say that most often we read in the
requirements for tef for for english teaching jobs abroad um that they want a
bachelor's degree so a four-year degree most of the time they're also teaching
jobs where a degree is actually not required
and the bachelor's degree most often does not have to be in the field of education
so for in my case i always mentioned that i have a bachelor's degree in management in foreign languages not in
english so that's still okay it doesn't have to be in the field of education or english
but obviously that's a plus that's a big plus if you majored in english if you
majored in diesel etc that's a huge plus then another requirement is a tefl or a
t cell certificate so what we just talked about there are also jobs that don't require a
tefl or a t-cell but the situation has just become so competitive nowadays that
tefl or t-cell certificate is pretty much the standard um and you should have one and people
who are teflor t-cell certified definitely have an advantage and are preferred most of the time they also
earn a higher salary so when i um i came to korea and i was tefl and tesol
certified i had actually a higher salary than my colleagues who didn't so
you can earn more money as well teaching experience most of the time not a requirement it
depends on where you want to teach so actually most people especially in south korea where i am or i taught in china um
in those regions most people are first-time teachers that come here
however if you're interested in the middle east which tends to be the the
highest paying tefl teaching um region they have tax free salaries it's
incredibly competitive um and you can earn a lot of money there there they
will need teaching experience most of the time there's also places where you need to be
a native english speaker not everywhere though the majority
of places they will also accept non-native english speakers but in that case like i
just mentioned with the tefl they uh usually want some kind of english
proficiency certificate on top of that so that you can prove you know that you
are fluent in english um or maybe you have lived in an english-speaking country or maybe you went to an
english-speaking university and things like that um then yeah the other two points are
just um like personal traits so obviously if you want to teach english abroad you need to be you need to have a
good adaptability to the new culture new countries etc and an eagerness to
learn new things but i think we all have that that's why we're here that's why we want to go abroad right
because we want to see and learn new things so um yeah so these are the general
requirements for teaching english again they vary from place to place so you're going to see places where there are very
few requirements you don't even need it you need to have a bachelor's degree but there are places where you need to
have a bachelor's degree and you need to have teaching experience and you need to have a tefl so it varies from place to
place i did some live sessions before about specific regions so i did teaching
english in asia where i go over all the different countries in asia and the requirements for teaching there so you
can browse again our playlist and check that out for the country or region specific live sessions to find out more
about the requirements for a specific country all right
good that's that so now what are you what are the requirements to take a tefl course
there are really none only thing you need to be a fluent english speaker right because the course isn't english
you want to teach english so you need to be fluent in english there are no other requirements
you don't need to have a degree you don't need to um
have a i don't know work visa or anything like that um
you only need to be a fluent english speaker and you can uh start with your tefl course it's really
that easy it doesn't matter where in the world you are you can do this from anywhere in the world we have online
courses that are a hundred percent online so you can do this anywhere you can do this at home
um that's why our courses are so popular because they're so flexible as well i'm
gonna talk more about these online options in a bit but just wanted to say that because some people we get emails
you know what are they what are the requirements can i take a tefl course all you need to be is a fluent english
speaker native english speaker fluent english speaker doesn't matter as long as you
speak and understand english you can take a tefl or a tesol course no problem
and you can get certified that's all there is to it it's super easy
okay so now we talked a little bit about what
is tefl what is t sol so again tefl stands for
teaching english as a foreign language and t sol stands for teaching english to
speakers of other languages so now what is a tefl or a tesol course what does
the course entail right we learned the two acronyms now now let's go over the
the chorus in in general um
did that skip now hold on oh my god it's skipped forward what is
that okay there we go that was weird so what is a teflor t-cell course when you take a teflor
t-cell course you will get a tefl or a tesol certificate at the end right
that's the goal you work through the course and then you get your certificate
so why what does the certificate mean what does it do i like to explain this this way it's it
has two sides on the one side it is this piece of paper this uh yeah certificate
that you can touch and show other people here i'm certified because it's a
required certification in schools around the world in countries
like china south korea and other places you need to have it in order to teach
there but it is also um the course itself
will teach you the teaching the the skills necessary to be
an english teacher so it's something also for you personally you want to be an english teacher so
you want to make sure that you can offer the highest value to your future
students right at least that's how i think uh
for me as a teacher there's nothing more like embarrassing than if when i teach something and my my
students just don't understand it because obviously i can't explain it very well then
um you know they don't understand so a tefl
course teaches you exactly those skills how you can teach effectively right
so a tefl course or a tesol chorus entails topics like teaching theories and methods and
techniques which is super important and we like to use this one teaching methodology called esa engage
study activate many of you have already taken the course so you will be familiar with this and i actually did also a live
session about esa before um so you can check that out but that's something you will learn um
during the course and this methodology is is so useful for planning your lessons
especially as new teachers um you know it can be very daunting to
to stand in front of the class and you kind of lose track of time or you don't really know what you're doing
in the moment so this esa methodology is kind of like a guide
and you can plan out your entire lesson and we always refer and come back to it
so that is super important another very important part of a tefl course is classroom management how to deal with
different students there's always going to be troublemakers in a class or there's always going to be shy students
in the class that don't want to talk or say anything at all so how can you manage that
how can you still kind of yeah make the best out of it
lesson planning again that's where esa comes in how do you plan your lessons you don't want to just come into into
your classroom without any plan at all especially as a new teacher maybe if you've taught for years and
years and years always the same stuff you can kind of whip it out like that but as a new teacher it's very different
you don't really have a whole array of of uh
lesson plans like saved in your brain yet you still kind of need your practice and lesson planning is very important
especially for new teachers so a tefl course is going over that also things on evaluation and testing
how to test your students progress tests placement tests
all those kinds of things also very important equipment and teaching aids
um what kind of equipment can you use in the classroom what do most schools use in the classroom um it's also very
important to kind of switch between different teaching aids to keep it interesting not to only stick to the
textbook stuff like that and also very important english grammar um so that's kind of what our courses
are 50 50 like uh all the theoretical part in it or like
the teaching methodologies and and classroom management and lesson planning and things what i just mentioned and
then the other half is focused on english grammar specific english grammar
points um and how to kind of effectively teach those
and what non-native or english learners most struggle with with when it comes to
different english grammar patterns and how you can how you as a teacher can then effectively
teach those and this is i think a great uh advantage of non-native english teachers
because they they know uh what you know english grammar points are
a problem for english learners whereas native english speakers usually don't
know this kind of stuff so um especially native english teachers
give us great feedback about the english grammar points that they learn a lot
that they didn't even think about before so anyway so that is the tesla course and
what you will learn and what it gets you at the end the tefl certificate um it
looks like this obviously without the sample written on it um
and we ship that to anywhere in the world once you complete your tefl course
um we also give you a pdf a digital version of your certificate right when
you complete the course so you can start applying already because really you don't you really need this physical
on this actual paper hard copy certificate most of the time you really
don't need it because when you apply you just would apply online and you would attach it as
a pdf anyway the only time where you would need it um is for example if you want to go to a
country where a tefl course is a require or tefl certificate is a requirement for
the visa so for example in china and some other countries where you then actually need to show the certificate to
the officials at the embassy to get your work visa but that's not everywhere the
case so most of the time you just need the digital copy anyway
all right let me look at the comments now uh everything is clear if you have a
question if something doesn't make sense just mention that in the comments and i'll try and explain it better
we have um e hardy hello oh or to binder is that your name
from manchester here oh yeah tabinda cool i like that name i am okay how are you i'm doing very
great thanks for watching we have thumbs on hello
good to see you i'm doing very well how are you oh i like this little smiley face cute
all right good so this is what a tefl course will teach you and what it gets
you in the end okay so now we're let's go over the
different types of tefl courses out there because there are many different
types and if you're new when you're new to tefl and tesol you might probably not
know well which course should i sign up for so um
let's go over that marcia hello good to see you how are you doing
good to see you too linda kinda miss you oh i missed you too
good to have you here today oh we have la luz
from libya very nice hello welcome welcome
cool so yeah no tefl course is the same um this is these are the tefl course
options that we offer at itt it starts with the 120 hour course um
and there's a little star next to it so this is basically the international standard the minimum
the minimum required tefl course that you should get
as a teacher if you want to teach english abroad 120 hours this is the most common one yeah this
one good question that's exactly that so what is the minimum qualification to
start a tefl as a beginner to achieve certification this one 120 hours
that is the minimum that's where it starts usually and then you can um kind of build upon that
most people i also started out with the 120 hour one and then i got three additional specialization
certificates later on i'm also going to show you those in a minute and they're also included in the higher um
the higher hours here 170 hours the next one then we have 220
370 470 and 550 is the
highest one that we offer at itt and
i'll show you those in depth but this is what it looks like and depending on sort of um what your goal is you will choose
you will choose the course depending on what your goal is so um if you already know you want to teach
english in let's say the middle east
and you want to stay there you want to stay there for a while you want to be a very successful teacher there then you
should aim for higher hours because the middle east is more competitive and you
are aiming for a long-term career so more hours will be better for you
whereas if you're like yeah i just want to teach english abroad for a year and then i want to go back home the 120 hour
is more than enough for that that's kind of how you can figure out
which course is right for you and i'm also going to show you in a little bit the differences between those so that
you can see kind of what's what but um just to know that there are
different hours of training hours of tefl courses and the international minimum
like juliana pointed out is over 100 hours and so that's why we offer the 120
hour course um because that's the international minimum qualification these days
yep you are welcome okay let's move
on so now you're like okay cool i know what tefl means what tesol means now and what
a tefl course entails so how do i get a tefl qualification now
okay before i answer this question let me answer brett's question here uh he's saying i have the hard copy of
the certificate should a digital one have been sent to me or should i just scan to my thumb drive yeah you should
have received a digital one uh oh but you did the in class course
right um you can scan it
that works or i would recommend email us and
then i think we can also send you a digital one i'm not sure about actually the in class
one but i'm pretty sure we will still be able to send you a digital version but a
scanned one will also work um that's essentially yeah that will work as well if it's like
you just want to make sure that you scan it like properly everything is straight and all but that works as well for sure
or just email us this is for everybody if you have any questions about anything that i'm talking about today tefl tesol
about itt email courses at t-cell minus
and you'll get your answers there from my lovely colleagues
yeah good question all right
so now how do you get a tefl qualification
basically you need to decide what i just mentioned which course you want to take and we have three different kinds of
courses at itt we have online tefl courses we have in-class tefl courses
and we also have combined tefl and tesol courses
so i have taken only online tefl courses um and actually i i started with the 120
hour back in 2014 um and
i had never taken an online course before in 2014 it's a long time ago and
online courses were kind of just like a new thing i want to say like a
newish thing it's not like today where literally everybody's taking an online course and it's like
you know no big deal but before it was more it was like oh it's an online course like is it gonna be
worth it is it gonna be you know will i learn something how is it gonna work is
it good and i really had a good experience i was definitely skeptical it was my first online course um and i
really enjoyed it it was fun the the online course platform is super easy to navigate um you also have you
can you can choose a tutored option um so you have you can actually talk with a with a tefl tutor um if you have
any questions but it was everything was pretty straightforward i worked through my units if you're interested in how
exactly it works with the online course i did i think two live sessions before
where i show you the online platform so you can go to our playlist and check that out how it works
it's really straightforward it's super easy you don't you can download the course units as well we have a lot of
people doing that then they print it out and they keep it in a folder in a binder um you know actually print it out some
people like to study that way i actually didn't print anything out i just studied everything
on my computer which worked as well so it depends on you what you want to do
um the in-class course and luckily today we have brett here who took the in-class
course in rome last year last summer um so how that works is it is four weeks
at a center in uh one of our in-class centers around
the world with rome for example where brett was we also have we have seoul we have
places in china we have us locations we have paris we have
many many locations in in europe also in latin america south america um it really
it's we have them all over the world we also have them in africa um
there is one in egypt or two maybe even so i actually have a map that i can show
you later but those are the in-class courses four weeks at a tefl location
of your choice and um you will basically learn the same contents like the online the 120 hour
online course but in a classroom setting with a teacher trainer and with other trainees
together and you also get to teach actual english learners at this center
um because they are working english schools with actual students so this is
the big benefit of the in-class course that you actually get that teaching experience that you don't have with an
online course for example and a combined course basically combines
both benefits so first you complete an online part of the course and then you add
5 to 10 days of teaching practice
at a location of your choice on top of that so that that's the combined course
and typically the online course obviously is the cheapest then the combined course and then the in
class in class is the most expensive because you spend four weeks at a center versus online where you just work at
home and you own like on your computer so it depends also on your budget and what you
want to do after okay very good
um yeah that's what i already mentioned so our courses are actually here it says between 50 and 550
50 because we also have specialized courses i'm gonna talk about that in a second as well and like we already said
the minimum for teaching abroad or online is 100 hours at least so you want to aim for the 120 hour course minimum
yeah like i just said we have a wide variety of courses at itt online
combined and in class uh we also have specialization courses that you can add
to your portfolio once you are already certified so that's what i did i took the 120 hour course first and then three
separate specialization courses afterwards those are 50 hours um
i'll show you those in a minute all of our courses are internationally accredited and accepted worldwide and
there's actually uh recruiters and schools around the world that specifically only hire itt course
graduates we've been working with them for years and they know our brand and our courses and they trust
that um they value the training so we have established those kind of partnerships
um and um yeah just wanted to mention that
so yeah 120 hour course i already touched on that but it's 100 online which is
great so um there are 20 units i already kind of
showed you that teaching methodology and grammar um the great thing about this course is
that you can study at your own pace you have up to six months to complete this course so this was really great for me
when i took the course because i was working full-time at the time so i didn't have so much time to study
on this course all the time i only did like a couple of hours a week um and i was able to finish i think it was
four months i was done in four months but if you obviously have more time on your course for your course you can
finish much faster as well at the end you will receive an embossed hard copy certificate which is delivered
straight to your door wherever you are in the world and you also get a pdf version of the certificate as soon as
you complete so you can apply right away we also have notarization services
available so some countries i know that china needs that and i think also vietnam
they um for their visa purposes they want an additional like notor notarized
stamp on there and we can also help you with that but that's rare um so only if
you want to go to a certain location you will need that but we can also help you with that this course starts at 249
or 339 with tutor support where you can ask a tutor and you kind of have a
little bit more of guidance with this tutor so depending on your study
learning style so if you're fine with just studying by your own on your own by yourself working through
the units you don't need to tutor support but if it's your first time taking an online course you're not quite
sure how to navigate everything you have questions you want to know more then the
tutor support would be recommended yeah and with 30 off down here um
[Music] you obviously will save a lot of money taking this course i'm just going to
share the link one more time um the discount link if
anybody wants to take this course today's a great chance to do so and get
30 percent off so use this code at this link
uh apply and then facebook live minus linda
at the end this link will get you 30 off any teflor tesol course so the 120 hour
but also all the other ones and if that doesn't work for some reason this link
let me know and i'll help you out with that um yeah so this is the 120 hour course
our most popular option um by far
and a great choice if you're new to teaching and you want to go abroad or you also want to teach online
this course is the one to choose all right then these are the
specializations that i talked about so those are shorter 50-hour courses and we have business
english teaching business english teaching online as well and teaching young learners so teaching children
because all of those fields are very niche they're very different from each other so if you're interested in let's
say teaching children i was actually teaching children and that's why i took this course and it helped me out a lot
teaching children is very different from teaching adults so you're going to learn a lot of these um very
important techniques to kind of manage children and how to teach complete beginners with
any knowledge in english whatsoever can be very challenging and that's kind of what this course is for then we have
business english also completely different how to navigate that and then obviously also teaching online also very
different um you learn a lot of techniques um that you can obviously also use when teaching
english online you learn a lot of techniques i mean in the in the standard course
that you can also adapt to teaching online but some things just really don't really work in an online setting so this
course will focus on how to yeah successfully effectively teach
online and kind of activities you can do what kind of tools you can use when teaching online
um and all of that and those courses they start at only 175 us dollars or 275
with tutor support and again excuse me use the 30 off code and you'll save a
lot of money for off of that i recommend them i took all of those
and they're they're really good i enjoyed taking them and then you can work through them really quick uh
because they're only 50 hours it doesn't take so long but still you will learn a lot of good stuff there are a lot of
resources a lot of stuff you can use afterwards in your classroom so definitely worth it
i recommend it okay those are the specializations
those are the bundles so those are the ones that are the higher hours so 220 hour
uh if you already know so let's take a look so the 220 hour includes the 120 hour course the
standard one and business english and teaching english to young learners so what i just mentioned so the standard
one plus two specialization courses is the 220 hour master package so if you
already know that you want to do you you want to take the business english one and you want to take the young learners
one i recommend just going for the bundle right away because it saves you money rather than
doing one after another um you know that's what i did i first took the 120 hour and then like a year
later i took the other one and a year later i took the other one um and it's more expensive that way so if you
already know hey i want to take this one all three it's cheaper if you just buy
the package the bundle same with the 470 hour one same with the
550 hour one it's much cheaper to buy the bundle um than
paying for all the courses individually so just side note wanted to mention that
yeah yeah and as you can see like the 550 hour one
includes six different courses six different certifications so you really
get the best of the best training with this one highest hours so this is great for people who
know yeah i want to teach english long term i want to make this my career 100
then the 550 hour expert package will be the best choice for you
so that's just something to think about um that's why taking a tesla course it's
it needs a lot of research and a lot of like yeah just thinking about what you want to do
uh where you want to go with it and then you can make a decision which course is
right for you so yeah okay those are the bundles those are the
in-class courses just real quick i mentioned that already uh four weeks at a location of your choice and this is
the map of all the locations that we have as you can see literally all around the world every continent almost
um not an arctic not on antarctica but um
yeah a lot of locations there and some of the pictures are actually from our centers so this is what it will
look like um in the classroom with a teacher trainer and with the other trainees and
stuff so yeah if that's something that interests you check it out and you can also ask brett about his experience
this is the combined option that i also just mentioned so it's basically online you complete the online component you
also have up to six months to do that and then after that you can spend five
eight or ten days at a training center worldwide to get the teaching experience in that's another option that's very
popular and we have a lot of u.s locations so that's very popular in north america we
also have a canada location but many many locations in the u.s so that's why it's very popular we also have some in
asia and in europe as well but the most combined course locations are in the us
all right we're almost at the end now i just want to also mention this teaching english timeline
um so a lot of people don't really know how long is this all gonna take um you know from the beginning to
starting to teach how long is this taking um so these are the five steps
that you will kind of pass through first what we talked about now the whole time
how to choose or choose a tefl course choose the right tefl course and then number two working
through the units those are steps one and two first one you need to pick the right course what i
just said depending on what you want to do with it that's kind of then the kind of course you choose
um number two yeah work through the units like i said you have up to six months
the more courses you take the more time you have also once you're done you receive your
certificate your digital one pdf version and a hard copy version and then you are
ready for number four applying for jobs and obviously this can take um you know depending on where you want
to teach if it's very competitive it also depends on hiring seasons um this can take
you know not can't really say how long this takes applying for jobs until you find the
perfect job and then number five you start teaching so down here i put it takes anywhere from four to six months
plus and i mentioned this in my last live as well um
if you want to teach abroad for example i recommend starting this whole process
at least a year before because you also have to worry about visa documents and
all of this stuff so this will take a while depending on where you go there is a english teaching program
in korea for example called epic the english program in korea where
english teachers are placed into public schools all across korea and they
recruit almost one year before these the start date and that's when you need to be ready that's when you need to be at
number four so you already need to have your tefl certificate by then so the earlier you start the better
for teaching online it can go much faster so four to six months is a good timeline for teaching online it goes
really fast there also is a application process for most teaching
online jobs um but obviously you don't need to worry about visa stuff documents you don't
need to worry about um you know apartment hunting and
booking your pla plane ticket and stuff and traveling to the other country because it's online you can do this from
at home um so it's much faster so yeah this is the teaching english
timeline just just so that you know kind of how long this whole process will take the earlier you start the better
and for teaching english abroad like i said a year in advance would be great
to start i think this is the last one let me check
oh yeah i want to mention this as well because i refer back to our previous live sessions so this is where you can
find them on facebook but also on youtube um and i believe i can click on
this link i think
yes okay so i'm gonna copy this and also share it in this chat
so you can easily find it if you don't know how to how to access
um the playlist oh no is this the wrong hold on
this is my no it's not what i wanted
oh yeah it's right it was right i think here
this link it added some weird stuff at the end but this is um the link where you can find all of
our previous live sessions and as you can see we talked about many different topics and this is not even this is not
even all of it um we've been doing this for over years there's a lot of material there
you can check out and for me and my colleague lisa who is
a non-native english teacher from russia she taught english in china and now she's in russia teaching mostly online
and she knows a lot of good stuff and has a lot of information for non-native english teachers how to be successful in
this field so do check her out as well and
what's next ah come on
yeah here you can find itd online again on our website on facebook where you're
watching many of you on youtube where many of you are watching and we're also on twitter and on instagram
check us out and now we have time for a little bit of a q a um
if there's anything that you want to know that i didn't talk about or anything that wasn't clear any
additional questions now is your time to ask them before i sign off and again um
just a reminder 30 off today you can scan this qr code
and you can also use this link in the comments down here with apply facebook
live minus linda to get 30 off your teflor tesol chorus today to start get
your career started and your adventure started on the way um so yeah
take advantage of that and then let me know if there's anything that's not clear if you have any
questions about anything in specific um let me know
i still have time i'm still going to be here for a little bit so now it's your opportunity now is your time i will be
back again next week um we do go live regularly so you're going to see me
again next week same time same place i'll be here um and yeah
also if you have any topic suggestions for upcoming live sessions what you want me to focus on or talk about feel free
to let me know feel free to let me know
or if there are no other questions then maybe yeah i will sign off
did a good job explaining everything maybe
don't be shy there are no stupid questions i always say that
but yeah thank you so much for everyone watching today i hope you learned something new i
know that this topic today was more for um people who are not yet certified so
maybe it was not so interesting for people who are already certified and who already know a little bit more about
tefl um so yeah oh brad thank you
he's just glad i didn't miss miss it this time we'll definitely be back next week thank you so much for watching if
you're taking some time out of your day um you're already certified so maybe it was a little bit boring for you
um brat but maybe you still learned something um but yeah we need to kind of switch it up
you know different topics um so i picked this one today because we do
get a lot of questions all the time about how to get started so i thought this would be a good topic
to talk about today so yeah thank you so much for staying on the whole time that's really nice
marcia says thank you for everything again linda that information is always worthy
thank you you're so sweet i really appreciate all of you who
always come back every week every week again brett marcia
juliana who are here every single week fawzon
um and also all the new people that we see every time i like this it's a good mix
of regulars and new people watching and joining so i really really appreciate
that um it's really great
[Laughter] thank you brad offer definitely open for you and hubby to eat with me wherever i
go yeah i'm definitely gonna take you up on that for sure
especially if you move to italy um because italian food is my favorite
when we when we were me and my husband we were in rome uh we traveled there one time it was amazing and we had the best
food every single day it was so good i love it
is there anything better than italian food i don't know i don't think so
all right good all right i guess no more questions coming in um
that's fine that's great that means i did a good job explaining everything so um yeah juliana says it was a great
introduction to the tefl course i really enjoyed it thank you so much for staying on as well because you're
already certified as well um so thanks for staying on and still
watching it yeah definitely not yeah no it's the
best okay then i hope you all have a very very good weekend
stay safe stay you know warm juliana with your snowstorm i hope you're gonna be fine
um everybody else please stay happy and healthy and i hope to see you
all again next week with another topic and then
yeah until then if you have any questions if you watch the replay you can still leave comments here
um and we'll get back to you or if you have any other questions as always um email us courses at
feel free to reach out also feel free to reach out to me on instagram at linda goes east if you have any questions i
know that some of you have already done that and i really enjoy talking to you so um yeah
thank you marcia hugs have a great weekend thank you brad
all right see you all later then
awesome all right signing off now uh if i can find the end screen yes
there it is there's too much going on in this live stream thing
okay found everything all right okay i'm ready alright bye thank you guys bye bye