Teaching English WITHOUT a Degree: Yes, You CAN!


hi guys hey linda here from itt back this week with another live session
uh thanks so much for tuning in today i hope you're gonna enjoy enjoy today's um
live stream today's topic i think is going to be really interesting to a lot of people because
we do get that asked quite a lot at itt you know can i teach english
abroad or online without a university degree and the answer is yes you can it's
possible and in this live stream i'm going to show you exactly where the best places are
for teachers who don't have a degree but they do want to go abroad to teach so i'm going to cover specific countries
where teachers without a degree can work and i'm also going to cover
a couple of different online platforms where you can find work where you can work where you can teach
english without having a university degree so i hope that sounds good i hope you
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you that way all right i see i have a lot of comments already hi guys tiana recently moved to arkansas
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then we have donomin from mexico and marcia in chile awesome so it's
mostly still thursday evening for you guys okay i appreciate you tuning in thank
you so much tiana says it's beautiful here oh cool
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live in a city called osarno it is in the south of chile oh amazing i
hear amazing things about chile i really want to visit then we have hima from plymouth uk
cool what time is it there it's like 2 am isn't it 2am thanks for watching him i appreciate
that okay great so today's topic
let's jump right in teaching english without a degree yes it is possible and i'm going to show
you how basically so i'm going to make myself smaller again
feel free to keep your comments coming at any time ask your questions or if you have any
comments if you have experience in one of the countries that i'm gonna mention teaching without a degree um i always love your
input so don't be shy let us know share your insight with other people that would be really really
great and then we're just going to start so first off just a little bit about
myself i know this is always the same if you're a regular watcher you're probably already like oh
over it but i know there's also a lot of new people watching and i just want to introduce myself to
those people who don't know me yet so my name is linda i'm a travel writer and content creator
under the name linda goes east east because i've always had a passion for asia and moved east
to asia and have been in asia pretty much since 2012
and you can find my own content at you're going to find a lot
of different travel content about countries in asia specifically nowadays a lot of
korea content i live in korea um have not been out of the country for
nearly two years as most of us and so i've been exploring a lot of korea content before
the pandemic i was pretty much traveling all across asia and have content about that as well
also on instagram at linda goes east check it out i love sharing my travel content on there um and if you
want to reach out to me directly you can also do that on instagram feel free to message me i'm originally from germany and the us
so my mom is german my dad is american but i was born and raised in germany and then finished university in the
states and i've been based in south korea for the past six years i taught english
full-time in south korea before that i actually lived in china i also taught english there
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i've been a marketing professional at itt for the past
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great okay so then i would like to know where would you like to teach now i know
from some of you because some of you are watching week after week and after week and i've been getting to know you guys
so i know some of you guys where you want to teach but let me know where you would like to
teach and why so it could be like a country or a specific city
or just a specific continent or if you want to teach english online let me know and why you want to teach
there what is it that attracts you and i'm gonna take a look at the comments here
all right we have martyr who oh you've watched before too high
from bangladesh thanks for tuning in again and then with hannah from singapore but residing in korea
great where in korea do you live i live about i live like near daejeon in
a city called chongju how about you all right
here is andy from pretoria south africa great cool all right so we have an
answer where would you like to teach tiana says south korea yes i knew that
one and i also live love italy awesome south korea or italy awesome and why
though why would you like to teach there okay hannah lives in namyangju yeah i
know that good i had a friend who lived in hanam city uh so kind of also that area i've never
been to namyangju actually but i know it okay tiana says i love south korea for its scenery
yes great yeah south korea is a very beautiful country it's small
um but beautiful so yeah how about you other guys hannah
do you want to teach english in korea or do you want to teach online or do you want to move to different country to teach
how about andy and hema mater
how about you guys let me know where would you like to teach or you just don't know yet that's okay too so i taught
english um in china in a city called changsha in hunan
province that's the capital capital of hunan province and it was really cool there i loved it
very spicy food but um yeah it was great and then i taught english in south korea
also at a private uh kindergarten uh so we taught kindergartners in the morning and then
elementary school sort of after like in the afternoon
okay hema wants to teach in plymouth okay great so where you live okay
cool marcia turkey interesting interesting mercia wants to go to turkey
okay cool and hannah is currently teaching english in korea private
one two one very cool okay and andy wants to teach online
perfect all right thanks so now i know a little bit more about you guys
and what your goals are so that's very interesting i'm actually going to mention some of these countries in just a little
bit then we have naim from pakistan thanks so much for tuning in naim
and dhanam in in canada or maybe europe i like to teach in somewhere cold since
here in southern mexico is really hot that's awesome it's funny because i'm from europe i'm from germany and
i've never heard anybody say they want to teach somewhere cold because it's too hot it's like the
opposite right where i'm from because it's kind of colder there so we want to go some place where it's
warm so that's funny okay hey nancy thanks for joining again
and then with diana who wants to teach in istanbul in turkey very cool okay so
i prefer the call too tiana oh really now well i like i guess i like
everything but i do like warm weather more but it's getting really really hot in south korea and
it's like humid hot it's really not what i'm used to in germany does not get humid
as much um so it's really it's kind of killing me you really need ac all the time and you can't really be
outside too long and then we're also getting into a rainy season soon it's gonna rain a lot
and maybe some typhoons coming so yeah that's summer in korea
all right then juliana says i would like to teach esl students in my state or
online cool okay all right great so then we're moving on
jumping into the topic of teaching english without a degree and yes it is possible because we do get
that asked quite a lot you know at itt people ask us do i need a degree
to teach english abroad can i teach abroad without having a degree because there are a lot of people who
don't have a degree and don't despair yes it is possible uh however what you
these are the three main things that you need to have uh for teaching abroad or also online
without a degree so the first thing would be to definitely get a teflor tesol
certificate um that you at least have some kind of
certificate and nowadays like a teflor tesol is pretty much a standard thing
uh whether or not you do have a degree so also people who have a degree should definitely get teflortisol
certified it has become a requirement in many countries to go
and teach there and also a lot of employers prefer hiring people with a tefl
and also if you don't have a degree then it's definitely a huge plus at least having a teflor
tesol certificate and for people without a degree we definitely recommend going for a
sort of bigger kind of tefl certificate so one that has a lot more hours than the
standard 120 so we would recommend um the uh
the um one of the packs so master package that is 220 hours
and then we have the professional package that's 470 hours that includes the standard certificate
plus the specializations in teaching english to business people teaching english to young
learners and also the tesol diploma course so we recommend getting that for
people without a degree that is really going to enhance your chances of landing a job so that's the one thing
and then the other thing obviously experience would be great so this could be any kind
of experience you know even volunteer experience or some kind of teaching experience even in
your hometown you know maybe a church or at like your local just in your neighborhood
tutoring and teaching you know younger kids maybe or older people or whoever
that is definitely counted as experience or if you want to go usually what a lot of people do who want
to go abroad they start teaching online first to get experience so some kind of experience is also going
to enhance your chances if you don't have a degree and you want to go abroad and then also a big thing is flexibility
so what do you mean flexibility a lot of people obviously come um you know into the whole idea of
teaching abroad and they have this one place where they really want to go so for example tiana really wants to go
to south korea well if you want to go to south korea you need a degree
so if that is where you want to go and you don't have a degree you might have to just change your uh
destination and you might not be able to go there so um
just be flexible be open-minded um you don't you definitely don't have as
many opportunities as many you know as people with a degree so it's more limited so you do need to
be a lot more flexible in terms of location where you want to go
so that's one thing okay let me look at the comments over here
so marcia says the thing is that i'm already a teacher of english here in my country so what i want to
know is to live oh the new experiences that teaching abroad can bring yeah okay got it cool cool yeah for sure
for sure and tiana says that's my plan while i work on my degree
yeah teaching online getting experience yeah okay all right and andy says i have a
bachelor's degree in religious education so i just would like to be teflor tesol certified
yeah absolutely great um [Music] so what i actually also want to mention
when uh that's also a question we get a lot for teaching abroad or teaching english in general online as well um do
i need to have a degree in english or in teaching in education
and the answer is no most of the time like 90 percent of the time you just
need to have a degree in any major so it doesn't matter so even your bachelor's degree is in
religious education so that's also fine it just needs for a lot of countries
it just needs to be a four-year degree so it doesn't matter my degree was in
business administrations and management so um
i was still able to go and teach so it doesn't matter your major doesn't matter obviously if it's in education
if it's in tesol if it's in english it's gonna be a huge plus and you're probably gonna have a lot
more opportunities and also probably gonna have higher pay but it doesn't have to be and
actually most of my friends who are teaching abroad don't have a degree in education or in teaching
so all right
good so yayan says i want to take the certificate how can i start
great you can start by uh going clicking on our 30
off link and you can sign up for a course that suits your needs we always
recommend you know the 120 hours standard or like i said if you don't have a degree
and you're a non-native english speaker we recommend higher level certificates so
maybe the 220 hour master package would be great for you and you can get that thirty percent off
uh now new only during like the this link we only share during the
lives but you can also sign up later if that makes sense so do that go there
uh and check it out
okay so then we have oh hi illustrate
i love your name he says linda would you mind bringing some live sessions with pronunciation slides and some grammar
issues such as conditionals interesting that's a great idea i might do that in
the future so yeah i'm open to that thank you i will definitely keep that in mind
good okay so now what i want to talk about are the places the countries where you
can go teaching if you don't have a degree so first we're going to go through um countries and then we're going to
look at which online platforms hire teachers without a degree all right so if you're interested in
teaching online stay until the end it's not going to take too long don't worry
just stay tuned it's coming so first up we have asia so where can i
teach english without a university degree in asia the best places tech most of the time
are southeast asia specifically countries like cambodia vietnam and
indonesia and just look at the beautiful pictures here that i picked that's kind of my favorite part when i uh make up
big slides the pictures it's so beautiful
okay like i want to go everywhere
so cambodia vietnam excuse me i have something in my throat now so
cambodia vietnam and indonesia are the best places in asia to t to go and teach if you don't have a
university degree also the cost of living is very low there which is great and the salaries in southeast asia are
up to 1500 and um i did a live session about
teaching english in asia before where i mentioned more details about each country
so you should go and check that out but basically uh that's always something to consider like
the cost of living versus the salary because one thousand five hundred dollars might not sound
like much but considering the low cost of living your uh that salary is going to get you very
far um extra benefits not that many so extra benefits
for example in country especially in east asia so like china south korea taiwan japan there you
get a lot of great extra benefits like free health care
you get bonuses end of contract bonuses pension you get free housing free
airfare things like that in southeast asia not really that's not really a thing so you
just get your salary and that is it pretty much but great places to go if you want to teach
uh without a degree and also worth mentioning um south korea here
so normally for south korea you do need a four-year university degree to go and teach there however
there is the talk program where you can apply to if you have a two-year associate's
degree so maybe that's something that you know a lot of people didn't know
so if you have a two-year degree you can apply through the talk program and then teach english in south korea that might
be a really great opportunity salaries are higher and you have a lot more extra benefits
and you are in korea which is an amazing country then we have china which is worth
mentioning because it used to be a couple of years ago where you could go and teach without a
degree but things have changed and now teachers are required to have a
four-year degree in order to qualify for the z visa in china which is the work visa
there and that's the visa that you need to be a teacher in china
to work there so keep that in mind of course there are schools because
china is actually the country with the largest demand in for english teachers it's a huge
country there's like language schools everywhere so they have a huge um demand
in teachers and so some schools they also hire people
who are for example on a tourist visa which is actually illegal and we do not
recommend it you shouldn't do that if you get caught and they do inspections if you get caught you get
deported and find and i don't know if you can ever go come back to china i don't know
but it's it's not a great situation you want to be in and some of the schools they like don't care
because they don't get deported they probably have to pay a fine but they're probably worth it's probably worth the
risk for them so um you're going to find a lot of sketchy uh schools who are trying to get
teachers to come luring them you know to china on
a tourist visa and then just having work technically illegally um
but you should not do that so there are a lot of other great places to work if you don't have a degree so
cambodia vietnam indonesia just look at the pictures amazing places amazing places
all right so let's see [Music] material question i have a master's
degree in english literature been teaching english in bangladesh which country will be suitable for me to
teach english great okay so actually i think my colleague lisa she did a live
session about uh you know teaching english abroad as a non-native english speaker
so i highly recommend you check that out she names all the countries and we also have
actually resources um let me see if i can just find it real quick or
or i have to share that with you um [Music]
here i found it so you can go here
to this blog article and you'll find the best places for non-native english
speakers to teach english abroad so that's going to help you and then also reach out maybe to lisa
watch her previous live sessions for um more information about that
okay but i mean a master's degree in english literature and you have teaching experience sounds really really great so
i'm sure you can find a position abroad as well all right then we have nuntana with a question
what's teflor t-cell certificate that accepted worldwide to work in teaching
definitely itt ours our certificate is accepted worldwide
and i actually have some certificates right here this is the um teaching english online certificate so
this one is accepted worldwide um it's also really nice quality um i
really like those certificates so yeah our certificates are accepted worldwide
are accredited um you can also what's great about this one and i've
showed this before but let me just show again um so all the certificates they do have
a unique number here that employers can use to verify that this is a real certificate it's not a
photoshop one or anything like that um you can go to the itt itt website and
punch this number in and verify that it's a real uh teflor t-cell certificate
um and yeah you can actually find more about our accreditation and affiliation on our
website we have um an accreditation tab on our website if you click on that you'll find
out more about all of that hi mikey good to see you cool
all right then with iran one more question from india mumbai i have completed my
master's in science and right now pursuing a teflor tesol course can i teach english in europe
okay great i'm actually gonna cover europe in a little bit so you can stay tuned and then find out more about that so
this is asia i think europe is right now yeah now is europe okay so where can you teach in europe without
a degree uh great places are for example spain
and italy russia the czech republic and turkey
the only thing about europe is that the cost of living is quite high and you're also not going to get that many benefits
compared to other places in east asia what i just mentioned where you get free airfare free housing
bonuses and all of that stuff um salaries they range from 700 to 2400 a
month so it's a huge range it really depends on you know where you work also what kind of city uh what kind of
school um so it really depends
yeah italy yes is a great place so yeah that's europe so spain italy
turkey russia and czech republic are great places to start teaching without a university degree
okay let's see what andy says and he says thanks a lot of people say
that i suppose it's good to do with the kind of lifestyle i'm living okay
don't know what you're referring to right now but good and also you know there's always like a
delay that's sometimes the unfortunate thing there is like a delay between me talking and you seeing it it's about
like 20 seconds i believe which is quite long so does russia need native speaking
teachers that's a good question um i'm not quite sure i don't think
it is a requirement um but that would be a great question for lisa because she is from russia my
colleague lisa so tune in on tuesdays and ask her that that's a great question
yeah and also we actually publish a lot of job offers on
our website and also on our facebook page so look out for that there's a lot of
job offers for those countries as well so you can apply there and i also did a live
session about teaching english in europe specifically with more details about each individual
country which was really great um and basically how to find a job there
so you can go back to that live session and there will be like the best job sites
if you want to teach english in italy what job sites you can look for jobs there and turkey and czech republic
and things like that so check that out but yeah so it's
it's possible to teach english in europe without a decree certainly yes
um yeah not sure what else i could add uh so those are the countries
um what's good maybe that's worth mentioning for spain and italy what's great there
also is um with europe it's like
um sometimes the problem for people from outside of the eu not so much in the
czech republic and in turkey um it's easier to get a work visa there
for people from outside of the eu but i'm not sure about russia for spain and
italy and also france germany other popular countries in europe
it's a lot harder to get a work visa if you're not a eu citizen um so
the great thing in spain and italy is that they offer um these like student visas
so what a lot of people do is they sign up for a spanish language class or an italian language class
in spain or in italy and then you get a student visa and this
visa also allows you to work a certain amount of hours per week so that's what a lot of teachers
do especially the first year they go they do that and they go
to spain or to italy do the language course and then also teach on the side because that's the legal way to do it
and we also on our blog the link that i just shared so that's
blog you're gonna find articles about that how to and also the faq faq page the slash faq if you look on there you're going to find
step-by-step instructions how to do that with the language course in
spain and in italy and france also has that but in france you do need
to have a degree they don't really hire without a degree
so but they do have that language option as well and that's like through the government as well so that's like
there's an official site and you need to apply through that um i think you also
for france you also need to speak french um at least a little bit you need to
submit an essay in french why you want to come to france and do that program um but yeah
so there you have it europe spain italy turkey russia and the czech republic are great places to teach in europe
without a university degree okay good then next up we have
latin america um and maybe uh marcia can let us know
if that's the truth so where can you teach without a university degree and those are the countries that i
found where you can find positions without having a university degree that is argentina brazil chile mexico
colombia ecuador and uruguay and here also the cost of living is very
low which is great but also the salaries tend to be quite low compared to other regions
and also not that many extra benefits so and we're still working on
putting together a live session about latin america um it's just that i've never been and i
don't have experience teaching there and so i'm still looking for somebody uh a course
graduate or some of our we do have in-class tefl centers in latin america so i'm looking for
someone to join me together live so we can talk about latin america
but um yeah so a lot of countries you can choose from um latin america is a great destination
for teaching however what a lot of people just don't like about it is the the low salaries so it can be quite tough
um making ends meet you can't really save anything um that's really hard compared to east
asia or the middle east for example middle east has the highest salaries for teachers
but also the highest requirements so you do need to have a degree there you do need to have teaching experience
also a degree like in english and in teaching is much preferred in the middle east for example that's why you're not
going to see the middle east in today's presentation um
but yeah so that is that and then we also i want to mention
africa because a lot of people actually always ask about what about africa because we never really mention
africa as a destination for teaching and most of that is because it's mostly
unpaid volunteer work um certainly teaching and it's obviously
great it's a great thing to do uh you know to go there's a lot of
programs offering like volunteer positions in africa in different countries specifically in
ghana tanzania south africa kenya madagascar and you can do that without a university
degree a lot of people do that like after for example after high school even after
right after college for like a gap year um but unfortunately most of the time
africa is just not the destination for um like teaching full-time
um you know earning a good salary so but the cost of living is very low
all right i have a couple of comments about latin america so let me just check that out so donovan
uh donovan can confirm that from mexico a true shame because there are many great places to live
and teach in yeah i think you're referring to like the the salaries and that it's hard to make
ends meet yeah marcia also says yes the salaries are too low in chile i saw an
advertisement from iitt for teaching here and the salary was 530 us dollars wow a
month yeah and then you need to get an apartment you need to
you need food you need to live it's rough yeah very rough so that's why a lot of
people they would love to go to latin america i would love to go i really love to go but it's just not
something really sustainable and i think a lot of people at least i
guess the people that i meet you know teaching english in uh korea in japan in china
those are the kinds of people who come here for the high sel also for the high salaries but also for the culture and
the country but definitely one of the biggest benefits of coming to this region are the high
salaries the great benefits and teachers are really able to save like
a thousand dollars a month uh from their salary which is just great so a lot of people
pay off their student loans they come right out of college um that's what my my friend one of my
friends did she came here for a year and saved pretty much everything she
could to then go back home and save up pay off her debt um so that was one thing and obviously
you can save money you can travel a lot so yeah but not really the case in latin
america also not the case in africa but you know some people like people are looking for different
things right some people are looking for being able to save a lot travel a lot while i think with latin america and
africa it's more about like the experience as a whole um i mean i i would think that
you know volunteer teaching in africa is like a once in a lifetime amazing experience so it really depends
on you and what you're looking for and if africa is calling you if latin america is
calling you then you should definitely do it you know so
yeah marcia says with that money it's too complicated to live here and i think especially right for foreigners who are not from
chile uh we're not from there so
where's this you can come to my place if you want to know chile i would be happy to have you here i can
lend you my apartment oh that is so sweet yes i'm definitely gonna do that
thank you so much i'm really gonna do that i'm gonna take you up on that because chile i'd really love to see chile especially
the south um and just latin america in general i've always wanted to go
so yeah definitely definitely definitely that would be amazing especially then
with local you know that's amazing thank you so much i'm definitely gonna take you up on that
you can come to korea in in return okay we also have a guest room you can stay there
good okay then let's talk online teaching online teaching so i've got a couple of
different platforms for you here where you can teach online without having a degree
so the first one is cambly and cambly um
doesn't require a degree however they do only hire native english speakers from us canada
the uk australia and new zealand and also other countries in certain circumstances so
i'm not sure what the certain circumstances are um so just be don't be discouraged if
you're like a fluent english speaker um definitely check out kimberly it's
worth applying you know um the pay is 17 cents per minute which
equates to 10 and 20 cents per hour us yes yeah and i think cambly is really
one of the biggest platforms as well so that's good to know and then we have lingoda
right here lingoda lingoda is actually a leading online language school in europe
and applicants must be native english speakers they also need to have a tefl tesol or
celta certificate two years of classroom experience is also required
and to pay is between seven and 11 euros per hour so
if you fit that description if you have all the other requirements but you don't have a degree you could go
for lingoda then we have schema talk
also schematog only hires native english speakers that are over 18
and that have an american british canadian australian new zealand or irish accent
you can set your own hourly charges on schema talk which is really great and then schema talk
takes 20 off of your rate and you keep 80 which is also really nice actually yeah
and then we have palfish palfish is another very very big popular online teaching
platform and there are no rules regarding the nationality of the teachers on palfish
so that's really good and but a teflor t-cell is required and the average rate is between 10 and
18 us dollars per hour so it's actually quite quite nice yeah palfish
so those are the online options um i'm sure there's more out there there's so many online teaching platforms um it's you
know impossible to cover them all um but those are like the four main ones that are ideal for people without a
university degree um and also if you are a non-native english speaker you can try out cambly and
palfish and if you are a native english speaker you can apply to all of them
so yeah that is that and i also want to i actually want to get back to one of the questions i read earlier
and i skimmed skipped i'm so sorry um here andy is age a factor i hope
you're still watching andy i'm sorry i didn't uh i didn't get back to you about that but um
so it depends on the country you're 60. uh it depends on like where you want to
go i know that for china for example um the age limit is actually 60
might also be 65 i need to double check uh but some countries do have
you know their their retirement age which is either 60 or something 65
um so it really depends on the individual country where you want to go but also even in china because of
or despite that age limit i met people who were older than that who
were still teaching so i think it then just depends on the individual employer
if they want to hire you or not um i would say with 60 it is maybe a little
bit more challenging but definitely not impossible so it would depend on where you want to
go so you should do some research about you know that country where you want to go to and what it
looks like there you can always reach out to you know to the um local embassy um of that country where
you want to go to so for example the korean embassy the chinese embassy near you or in your country and ask them
those specifics because they would know um because also regulations they change you know sometimes change
especially for china they change a lot so it's kind of hard to keep up with everything but yeah that's what i would recommend
ah if you teach online okay if you teach online um i'm not sure i don't think they
really uh specify that i don't i haven't seen that
i actually teach online at a platform called cafe talk and there i don't think they have
any age limits uh because it's similar to
uh which one was it where you can um oh schema talk where you can
basically set your own hourly rate uh you can upload your own like lessons
that you want to offer and then also how much you want to charge and then people can book you
um so with that age doesn't really matter no you just set up your profile your
qualifications you write a little bit of text about yourself you can also add some photos and a video
um so that would be maybe a great way as well so schema talk or cafe talk that's where i teach you can
check that out certainly i should have mentioned cafe talk here too because i don't think you
need a degree there either it really uh doesn't matter cafe talk is really
really good so check that out good okay
uh yeah that's the end for today now if you have any
more questions feel free to leave them now into the comment box and i also just want to mention one more time
the 30 percent off discount code so you can either scan this qr code or i'm just going to share that link
with you one more time because a couple of people were asking about tefl certification
today so i want to make sure that everybody knows how to get the discount you click on this link you fill out the
application and then you see the discounted price on the next page you can also do this tomorrow you can do
this on monday um whenever you want to do it it doesn't
have to be right now it can be though you can do it right now but any time um
yeah if you have any other questions feel free to reach out to itttt check out there's a
contact us button you can reach out to us my colleagues will get back to you you
can also contact me directly especially on instagram at lunagoseast
send me a message if you have any questions i would love to speak with you and now is your
opportunity your chance to ask some more questions either about today's topic or about
something else but tefl teaching korea china
anything you want to know so yeah
now let me finish my coffee now
but i hope that today was um useful another useful session for you guys um
and i just want to show you that you know you don't have to be a native speaker you don't have to be
you don't have to have a degree to teach english you don't have to have years and years of experience it's
possible you know to do it without a degree without being a native speaker it's
possible it's more challenging you need to be more flexible like we mentioned in the beginning but
it's not impossible so don't be discouraged all right deanna deanna says i'm taking the 120
hour tefl course do you recommend any other course to take so you know this depends on what your
goals are what you want to do what do you want to teach later where do you want to teach later
um so i also that was like six years ago took the 120
hour course and then you know you can take that first and then you can always come back and take more as well so let me just
show you those are my certificates [Music] uh where is the 120 here
this is the 120 that i did in 2015 yeah six years ago
and then i got both of these okay this is january 2016
where i got the teaching english to young learners certificate so i taught
children at the time and i knew that i was in china i knew that i was gonna move to korea and i was
teaching children there as well so i got the certificate the 50-hour uh cteyl it's called in
short and then just three months later i also got the business english certificate and i
taught business english to um people here in korea after that so that was really helpful um and then
last year 2020 or 2019 i can't remember we introduced a new
um specialized course at itt the teaching english online specialized course and i also
took that and then i started teaching english online this year so um it really depends on what you want to
do you know what you think is the most useful then there's also the tesol diploma course
um that's sort of the highest level diploma course that we offer and that one is
great if you want to teach like long term if you sort of want to be a head teacher
if you want to have some kind of leading manager role like in your school then that one
is really great or just to get like more um you know teaching
insight more experience more knowledge about teaching english as a
foreign language than the tesol course the tesol diploma is really really great
so yeah i hope that was useful and answered your question
we also that's actually a new newer thing we have a uh
it's called otp ct hold on ctp that is the
teaching practice recognition um certificate so for example if you
already have your 120 hour just looking for this course the 120
hour course which is all online right so then some uh from school some employers they also
want uh some teaching practice so then you can take that course there's
also options and that's like an add-on
let me yeah so for example 30-hour certificate certificate of teaching practice
recognition if you're already teflor t-cell certified but also lack a teaching practice com
component our 30 hour ctpr is perfect for you yeah so that is that
i'm going to share that in the comments so you can check it out that's another good one to have actually
especially for people who don't have experience yet here this one check that out
all right then we have something here from donovan thank you very much you're really nice surely we'll come back and definitely
check out the courses i'm already studying the elt degree but it's worth checking out other
opportunities definitely yeah there and i mean there's so many options out there
tefl tsaw celta delta elt i actually don't know what elt is i
need to look that up um so okay elt
oh elt certificate advanced english language teaching certificate
yeah see i mean there's so many different options out there it's hard to choose right which one should you get
um so yeah definitely keep your eyes open your options open um feel free to come back i'm here every
week at this time so i'd love to see you again uh we're always talking about something interesting usually and you
can also check back like i said in our playlists um our previous live sessions maybe there's something that
is interesting to you as well and um oh yeah english language teaching thank
you yeah thanks i didn't know that cool i need to check it out
awesome yeah so we're close to a one-hour session now so
i'm gonna soon sign off but yeah today was really cool uh thanks
so much for joining thanks so much for being so active and so positive and good vibes um i really love
going live every week it's so much fun we started doing that back in october last year
and in the beginning i was really worried i was like oh i don't know if i can do this
and you know there's so much hate online and like people are mean but like this group every week
it's just so much fun and you guys are so nice so i appreciate you and i hope you learned something fun um
yeah okay andy one more question great for online teaching should i do two certificate courses um for online
okay for online teaching so it depends on what kind of online teaching you wanna do do you wanna teach like children or
adults or both so then i would recommend
the 220 hour master package which is the 120 hour course
this one the 120 hour course plus two specialization courses so you can
pick for example the teaching english online uh specialized course plus either business english
or teaching english to young learners i think that would be great for you
um so it depends on do you want to teach children or adults then you would pick you know for adults maybe the business
english or if you want to teach children than the young learners but the 220 hour
master package would be great i think that includes 120 hours plus
the online specialization and then you can choose one of the other ones that you think fit best
okay great awesome i had fun
yeah is there one more slide oh there is find itt online oh and the twitter logo
didn't make it today so yeah
good i think then i'm signing off even if you comment on this later i'll check it out and i'll
get back to you or like i said um find us online hit us up here with your questions
also our faq section again that's faq um a lot of questions are answered
there then on our website the contact us tab or if you want to contact me directly
instagram linda goes east check me out um i'd love to speak with you
yeah thank you marcia as well i'm really gonna take you up on that offer and coming to chile and staying at your
apartment i'm gonna do that i just need to get vaccinated
but that's another that's another thing all right yeah see you next time as well uh
don't forget the code um [Music] yeah if you have any topic suggestions
like um someone mentioned earlier the love stray mentioned um some grammar ideas that would be
really cool um if there's something that you really that you're curious about that you want me to talk about let me know i'm
always looking for you know thinking about what can i talk about next to make it interesting and yeah then i got i see you guys
next week again i hope um and yeah stay safe stay
happy and curious and um
yeah that's it i'm gonna start rambling now so i'm gonna sign off yeah thanks so much for watching and i see
you guys next time don't forget to like and subscribe don't forget the 30 off discount code we only share that
during our live sessions it's like a secret code so don't forget that and um i see you
next week bye bye bye