Teaching English in 2022: What you Need To Know


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um our agenda for today is going to be to talk about the different things that
you should know about teaching english next year in 2022 and that includes
teaching abroad but also online um as you know
uh it's a bit of a different situation due to covet and the pandemic and all of these things teaching english abroad now
since before it started a lot of change has happened a lot of things are different the industry has definitely
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my recommendations after my own research and what other teflon teaching experts
have said in terms of what are really good places and countries to
teach english abroad in 2022 and one of the countries is actually in
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so what to know about teaching english abroad and online in 2022 let's jump in
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so first off a little bit about me in case you don't know who i am yet um i
have been doing the live sessions for itt for about over a year now but um we
constantly get new viewers regular viewers and new viewers so i always like to introduce myself before i start so my
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cool so this is a little bit about myself and now let's move on to today's topic and let's really talk about this
um who's currently who is currently already teaching abroad
um and maybe where are you teaching and if you are not teaching abroad
where would you like to teach abroad or would you like to teach english online let me know
um i don't have that as a banner as a question but yeah let me know where
would you like to teach uh what's your situation right now this way i can better answer any questions or
tailor um you know my answers better to you guys um
when i understand a little bit more about your backgrounds but um yeah hi irma good to see you again as well how
are you thanks for tuning in yeah
i know a lot of people who um actually taught english abroad and then due to the pandemic they moved back home or
they moved to a different country i also know a lot of people who um actually started teaching english abroad
during the pandemic so um yeah it's everything is possible
oh you're in puerto rico awesome cool nice i like that
hi nalin oh i like that name nalin i hope i'm saying that right i'm listening from
the bahamas ooh i'm so jealous of you all in the in the
most beautiful places here oh nice that's definitely a place where
i want to go um maybe next year maybe 2022
will be a good opportunity to visit that part of the world finally so yeah let's look at um the first thing
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are of today's um poll but yeah it's very interesting and um
also helps me like i said in kind of tailoring um to your um to your needs
all right juliana here says i would like to teach english in japan uh south korea taiwan and online
nice yeah so east asia great irma is listening from the
philippines cool hi irma thanks for joining again and blarina is
from canada awesome hi okay all right good then let's go back
to the slides here and um let's talk a little bit about the first point i want to mention so i think
that a lot of people who are interested in teaching abroad um kind of
are thinking that because of covet and the pandemic it's an impossible thing to do and everything is closed and there's
no demand right now no not true so this first point i want to mention this is actually from the
unesco institute for statistics they have found that the world actually
needs almost 69 million new teachers to reach the 2030 education goals so
by 2030 the demand there will be so many new students that
we need almost 69 million new teachers to cover that demand and a lot large
part of that is english education so despite
the pandemic despite covet the demand is still very very high and we're gonna talk a little bit about that later on as
well excuse me when i'm gonna talk about the specific countries and destinations that
are hot right now where the demand is really high and why that is as well so
you want to stick around for that but um i just want to say that off the bat that um
the demand is still high uh english teachers abroad and online
obviously are still getting hired and um
it's of course different now things have changed and this is why um we're doing
this live session today to talk about the changes of the industry due to the pandemic due to covet but
also due to some other things that i'm also going to mention all right i just want to start off with
that and tell you that it's still a very in-demand industry
still even teaching abroad is still very in demand and compared to this year 2021
2022 looks a lot better in terms of actually going abroad to teach it looks
a lot better it still it wasn't impossible in 2021 but it was uh you know a lot of
new restrictions came around it was very quick those sudden changes a lot of governments they were like all over the
place there were no uh you know cohesive um it was not very transparent about all
the regulations and things that are going on turning 22 in that aspect looks a lot better a lot better
okay what one big change and i think everybody um is aware of that that for
2021 if you want to go and teach abroad you might need documentation certifying
code-free status so this could either be um you need to take pcr tests before you
know entering the country same as tourists it could also be also some countries have um require
tourists and people foreigners entering their country to be fully vaccinated so you might also have to
provide proof and documentation of um being fully vaccinated um this however
is still even still now kind of in the early stages right and a lot of governments a
lot of countries are now developing these new regulations um and entry
regulations for tourists and for also migrant workers teachers um expats
so um this is obviously not something that you can just pinpoint and say this
is how it is because it's different for a lot of countries in every country they have different um
regulations right now some don't have any regulations yet they're completely closed some opened up already they have
regulations and some have stricter regulations than others and it also depends on your citizenship or the
country where you are coming from so it's very it's not very uh see-through
right so you need to do your own research always and check with embassies as well because i put this little
disclaimer here which says on regulations
regulations are changing frequently always do your research and check with official authorities right we are not an
official authority so you might want to check with the embassies of the country where you want
to go to or your own like the embassy of the place of the country where you want
to go to in your countries they will give you the most up-to-date information that fits for your case
but this is um probably something that we're gonna see a lot more of in 2022
when it comes to international travel or just moving internationally so to a different country
and um i wanted to share with you this interesting map right here
which is a map um what does it say exactly it shows
uh yeah how vaccination passports are applied worldwide okay
so for example in the blue the dark blue countries they have extended use of
vaccination passports nationwide so these countries have more stricter regulations when it comes to covet and
um vaccination passports so they might might have certain restrictions
for unvaccinated people right so this obviously does not is not
specifically for teachers teaching going abroad to teach but it's kind of going
to help you to get an understanding of if you for example want to go to korea right here
they have an extended use of vaccination passport so if you are not vaccinated
you might not be able to go you might not be able to uh yeah enjoy life to the fullest have all
the advantages that non-vaccinated people have so those are the dark blue colors for example right
um and then you can see the different colors what they mean but this is just a trend that we see right now so those
countries are enforcing those regulations more than others so that's something to be aware of like i said
always um check with the authorities right and i'm gonna share this map with you i'm just gonna
share the link with you so you can have a look because it is interactive so you can actually hover over the countries
and then get more information as you kind of browse the map so i just
wanted to share this with you it's from
this is the link um and it's called the vaccination passport
map so if you're interested you can have a look at that to get more details but yeah this is just something kind of to
take into consideration that um definitely if you want to go to those
blue colored countries you 100 need to be vaccinated
probably for sure and then the other ones just take that with a grain of salt right
hope that makes sense but yeah good so this is definitely something that we see
um not only for teaching abroad obviously but international travel in general vaccine passports and proof of
um yeah vaccination and uh covet-free
statuses the next point kind of um adding on to that that if you want to go
and teach abroad you might have to spend two weeks or maybe one week it depends
on the country in quarantine on arrival and this is still something that we still see today
what has changed though compared to 2021 actually um that
now more and more countries are recognizing um vaccine vaccinated travelers right they
have um they give benefits um to people who are vaccinated as so
they can skip quarantine or the quarantine time will be shorter so that's also something that we see a lot
of countries are doing now also a lot of countries for example i'm in korea and they just recently signed a deal with
singapore where they created a travel bubble so singapore and korea now have
this agreement that they allow um they mutually allow vaccinated tourists
from each place so if you're vaccinated in korea you can travel to singapore without quarantine without any problems
and vice versa if you're from singapore and you're fully vaccinated you can now travel to korea without any problems so we're
going to see a lot more of that definitely definitely a lot more advantages for people who are fully
vaccinated in terms of skipping quarantine or shorter quarantine time
but some countries don't do that they don't care if you're vaccinated or not you still need to spend the full two
weeks or ten days or one week in quarantine so again always check with
your um with official authorities and do your research and adding to that for a lot of people who are teachers
um i know that in korea um for people who arrive in korea
teachers are actually able to quarantine at home in their teacher home which is
completely free so you don't have to spend any money for quarantining however there are other countries where you are
required to quarantine in a hotel and that is oftentimes
very expensive and you need to cover the costs so again varies from country to country
i know that that was the case in vietnam for example and a lot of other places where you need to spend um quarantine in
a hotel um probably near the airport it's like designated from the government
where you need to stay and how much you need to pay for and most schools i heard
that some schools that was specifically for vietnam they do like a 50 50 thing where they cover 50 of the quarantine
costs for you the other half is paid by the teacher or um they pay the quarantine
uh fees for you but then deducted from your first salary or first two salaries
or things like that so it depends on where you're going so again
your own research is involved here so that's i think also another thing worth mentioning that probably teaching
english in 2022 involves a lot more research a lot more phone calling to authorities to embassies and things like
that right another thing all right
okay next point um employers are more selective in choice
of who to hire so because and there's two things kind
of because the first thing is because of these new uh regulations and the quarantine and
things like that it's kind of employers they need to go through more hoops in order to hire teachers from abroad it's
a little more complicated right now because of these new regulations so
they are more selective they are definitely going to hire um
the best of the best basically because it's it's money and it's more time the
hiring process right now but also because there are a lot more applicants
for 2022 compared to 2021 and that has kind of two reasons so 2021
uh there were fewer teaching positions also in the big government funded
programs that we see like epic in korea jet in japan they had kind of lower
intake numbers in 2021 and now for 2022 they kind of had have their intake
numbers higher again but now all those people who couldn't go in 2021
are also going to apply for 2022 so you're gonna have a lot more applicants
especially in really popular countries and countries who are now open again
in 2022 so two things employers are employers receive a lot more
applications and they are more selective
because it takes more time and a little bit more effort to hire people so that's something to to note and i'm
going to give you some tips later on what you can do to stand out
and to have better chances to stand out from all of those other applicants and what you can do to have better chances
that's going to come in just a little bit later but it's coming
yeah and feel free to ask any questions if you have some in between
so that i know that i'm making sense because sometimes i know it's it might be a little bit um
rambling or not sure just want to make sure that everybody's understanding what i'm trying to say
but yeah i hope that we are good so
next point will be that teaching english online continues to grow in
popularity and we've seen this since really the start of the pandemic how teaching english online really just
grew and was through the roof um a lot of in-class teachers had to
transition to online and many of them liked it so they also started teaching online they might have gone back to the
classroom but also now teach online a little bit on the side myself included i actually started teaching
english online this year in march um also due to the pandemic because before that i had a lot of in-person
classes that because of colvid were all cancelled um
and so i started teaching english online and it was it was really a lot of fun it was great it has been great i'm still
doing it now um so i think a lot of teachers are doing the same thing so and there's so
many teaching platforms that you could choose from but and that kind of i think that's the next
point as well there if you watched i think two weeks ago my live session it was about the
things happening in the esl industry in china which plays a huge role here so in
uh july august of this year the chinese government announced that um
basically english online classes were no longer uh
will be able to continue so no english teachers from abroad will be
able to work for chinese online teaching companies that has many different
reasons and if you're interested and want to know more about this issue i think i'm going to talk a little bit
more about that in just a second but i'm really going in depth into that whole situation in that life that i did two
weeks ago so if you're interested in that go check that out i'm also providing
in that live a google sheet of 20 non-chinese teaching platforms
where you don't have to worry about getting pay cuts or getting just um
sacked from one day to another so um you can check that out
but basically yeah so a lot of online teachers especially from north america and
countries outside of china just lost their online teaching opportunity from
one day to the next that's what happened because now a lot of chinese online teaching
platforms are no longer able to hire people from abroad um
and so that kind of was a huge blow in the online teaching world
but it's gotten a lot better now there a lot of these companies have kind of restructured and there's so still so
many other online teaching platforms to choose from um you don't necessarily
need to teach um you know on those chinese platforms so there's there's um it's it still grows
in popularity online teaching so that's what i'm trying to say see and this is where i go kind of rambling and
off topic so that's what we're trying to avoid here all right
yeah so this is uh the next topic yeah um usually and that's what we've said in
many many live sessions before it's what we always recommend to other teachers
that china was like this huge amazing esl wonderland
um too many vacant positions to fill with teachers it was literally if you wanted to teach english abroad if you
were a non-native english speaker native speaker didn't matter where you were from you could go to china you could
find a position and you'd be set but this due to that new regulation which started
out with online teaching is now also kind of um
drizzling dribbling into teaching in person uh
in teachers and like i said i talk a lot more in depth about that in the other
life so if you're interested go in in our playlist and go to that live about china and the regulations
um but yeah for 2022 and from then on it just doesn't look like it's the esl
wonderland it used to be um so very that's a huge change i feel like
because china always if you watch some of my live sessions before i always talk about
china as being really this incredible place for english teachers and now it just really doesn't seem like it's that
anymore um it's it's a lot more difficult to get hired there now
and most especially private language schools are very much struggling
there's a lot of new things that they need to do in order to hire foreign teachers so it's a lot more complicated
now and a lot of people actually a lot of teachers who were teaching in china after the new regulations they left
they went back they went elsewhere so um but again it's something and i also said
that two weeks ago in my live session it's something that we still need to kind of keep an eye on there's still a lot of things that are just not clear
what that actually means um the regulations how they are going to be implemented exactly so at this point
we can just kind of watch and be cautious but at this moment i would if
you're not already in china i probably would not recommend going there at this point until this is all
figured out and more clear because the last thing you want to do is go
you know go and teach and then maybe two three four months in um the regulations are kind of
changing and then it's like yeah you can't stay anymore you have to leave you know
and then all of your effort might have just been for nothing and you have to pack and leave from one day to the next
which can be very scary and i don't want that to happen to anyone so that would be my advice
in terms of china yeah so i'm i like i said in my life in my other life i'm keeping an eye on the
situation i'm talking with a lot of people and i'm gonna definitely give you an update maybe in two three four months
we're gonna have a much clearer idea idea idea i can't talk idea what it really means for china and
what the future of esl teaching in china looks like for 2022 for right now i would say maybe
choose a different place until they have figured their stuff out okay
yeah let's see this is a little bit slow okay yeah so also some changes i want to
talk about here are that some teaching programs are actually no longer operating
what are what teaching programs am i talking about i'm talking about those government-funded programs that a lot of
countries have in place so for example the jet program in japan is one of the
biggest ones and also the epic program in korea they hire english teachers
foreigners from abroad and then place them into schools around korea and japan
to be teachers um and those programs are really really great um obviously they
are also quite competitive a lot of people apply for them but they are great um especially for first-time teachers
abroad because they offer a lot of support they have like two weeks orientation they have this really great
community they have this really good support system for their teachers um
and so that's why they're also very popular some teaching prog programs are actually no longer operating due to the
pandemic and that is the one program that i know is
no longer operating is the talk program which is also in korea and this program
used to be very appealing for people who have completed an associate's degree so two years of university um
university a degree of two years in a university and younger people who maybe are looking
for like a gap year uh thing so they are no longer operating so that
program is completely gone now and only epic in korea is left that is a big
change huge blow for a lot of people it's very sad um and then the other
program that is also currently not operating is the um english open stores program in chile
which also was a really great program especially in the latin american south
american region because there are really not a lot of programs there at all this might actually be the only one i'm not
100 sure but this definitely was one of the very few programs of this kind that
we're operating and it's currently on ice so it's not no longer it's not
gone completely but it's still not accepting new teachers at the moment due
to the pandemic so this started i think in 2020
all throughout 2021 they were not doing anything and still they are not doing anything i just recently checked their
website they are not um back in operation yet um so yeah that's something also
definitely to note that some teaching programs actually do no longer exist
um but the other ones the big ones the popular ones are still working and existing
and so yeah i actually know a lot of people who started teaching in korea with um epic also during the pandemic so
um yeah however that the jet program i think in 2021 this year
or 2022 i can remember they had um lower intake numbers so it's something that i mentioned in the beginning
a lot of schools or programs had lower intake numbers
in this here or the previous year and now for 2022 they drive their intake
numbers up again so more positions but also more applicants are expected actually i read
an article um where a school now is getting four times
more applicants than before so the demand is like four times higher now you have this
whole bunch of people who want to go and teach abroad so something to think about
so these this is very interesting now so these are the high demand the countries
with a high demand for teachers in 2022. i read many different articles and those
four countries were always mentioned so the first one is taiwan um they have a very high demand
they actually they also recently just opened up again they are up um they're also hiring
we have a recruitment partner called reach to teach recruiting they are recruiting heavily for taiwan and also
for south korea and they actually stopped recruiting for china so you can see the changes here as
well and a lot of people who were previously interested in china are now kind of going towards taiwan
because they also speak chinese they have the same same history shared history shared background
similar culture so taiwan is a great alternative for people who were previously maybe really stuck on going
to china south korea as well the epic program is in full operation
um also private schools because epic is for public schools but also a lot of private schools in korea are hiring and
actually the hiring of teachers in korea never stopped um even throughout the pandemic like i
said i know many people who actually got here during the pandemic and were hired and started teaching
um which is really funny because all they know is korea during the pandemic which is really funny everybody's
wearing just masks all the time and they actually meet people some of their colleagues that they've never seen without their mask on it's it's just
wild but anyway also colombia has a huge demand
because they actually at the beginning of the pandemic they had they struggled a lot so a lot of teachers english
teachers there they just up and left on humanitarian flights actually they left the country um at the beginning of the
pandemic there was like this huge thing where a lot of teacher foreigners foreign teachers just up and left
and now there's a huge demand in colombia for
qualified teachers um and actually oh i wanted to put this up i think the numbers for colombia they
also have a high vaccination rate so they have it more under control now and a lot of
schools are looking for teachers and i've read several articles and several people people who have language schools
there and recruiters from there they are like they have like 600 open
vacancies so anyone who's coming to colombia right now and wants to teach
they've got a job 100 certain is what they were saying so yeah colombia's great
high demand right now for 2022 also in the middle east this is for who was
asking in the beginning about the middle east um i hope you're still here i hope you're still watching tony here
who wants to teach in the middle east oman is very high in demand right now they have a very high demand for
teachers they also have a very high um vaccination rate and they are looking
for teachers at the moment very very high demand so those are the four top countries to look out for in 2022 i
think it's a good mix because you have two countries in asia asia which
is the biggest esl region and then you have one in the middle east
and one in south america so i think maybe there's something for everybody here um but as always and i should put the
disclaimer here as well you know do your own research um in terms of you know what the
requirements what you need to in order to go there etc etc but those are the four
that are really looking for teachers right now very desperately
and now i think this is almost the last point now so tips um for teaching
english in 2022 what can you do now that we've heard all of this information
we know that there are a lot more teachers teaching this year what can you do kind of to stand out
from the crowd so one thing and i know that's why i did the poll let's go back to the poll just
one second uh here in our audience we have 57 percent who's certified 53 who is
uncertified so if you're uncertified definitely you want to get certified
or if you are certified upgrade your existing certification to 120 hours plus
so how can you do that the 120 hours is like the the international minimum the basic
requirement pretty much for tefl certification you want to have at least 120 hours and this is also why our 120
hour course is the most popular but if you're already certified you
already have 120 hours what you can do now is look at different teflon t-cell
specialization courses and let me just get the links for you so you can you
know exactly what i'm talking about so this is teaching english
to young learners this is teaching business english we also now have a grammar and phonology
course we also have a academic planning course so we actually just got a bunch
of new different courses um that you can check out and they will really kind of boost your
resume um and help you stand out so let me just share that with
you and again those courses you can use the 30 off link on those so
that's why i already added the discounted part at the end of the link which looks like this
and the discounted facebook live minus linda part will get you 30 off so on this page you will find all the
specialized courses that we offer and that we recommend and if you have specialized courses on
your resume this is really going to make you stand out from the other applicants a bit if you are not yet certified and
you also want to get you know specialized courses and better training you can do teflon tesol course bundles
which we also offer so for example here i'm also going to share that with
you so you can have a look um but it's basic basically bundle courses so you can buy um or purchase
uh the 120 hour course plus um the specializations already together which
can actually save you some money as well so let me just also post that here
in the comments so you can have a look at the bundles and again you can use 30 off off of
those bundles as well which is also going to save you even more money so there you go
basically the more tefl hours training you have obviously the better right so
that is the first point to get your teflon tesol certification in check
um specialized courses that make you stand out you can also enhance your resume with
professional development so there's a lot of other options you can do for example we also have an observed
teaching practice course where you actually get um a certificate for yeah
observe teaching practice so you teach you actually video yourself and then we
evaluate your teaching skills and you also get a certificate for that we also have that but you can also do volunteer
teaching in your community for example um you can also look at a couple of
different moocs so those are free online courses that you can find if you google like moocs you you'll see there's a lot
of websites like coursera or udemy or a lot of these websites they will have
free really valuable courses for your personal and professional development
um you can also get certain language certificates and this is definitely useful i would say useful for both um
non-native and native english speakers but for example if you are a non-native english speaker you
definitely want to get a english language certificate so a toefl an ielts or a cambridge
certificate of a very high level that proves that you are very very good in english
and if you are a native english speaker obviously you don't need to take an english language certificate
but what i would say what would probably really look impressive and helpful for
example if you want to go and teach in korea if you already had korean language skills
and maybe a korean language certificate obviously this would not apply for everybody and it takes a couple of years
probably to master that but and to get one but um that's something maybe you can work towards and that would look really
really impressive on a resume right um yeah and then also what you can do is to
boost your teaching skills is to go into online teaching so what a lot of people are doing actually
now during the pandemic or what they did this year was um doing a lot of online
teaching so that you can gain experience and also money on the side right and then for 2022 you can put that on your
resume as teaching experience and like you know also management skills etc
um and that will really look really really good on your resume as well and then another tip i want to give you
is to work with different recruiters and different experts so we at itt always uh provide lifetime
job support for all of our tefl and tesol course graduates so if you have a
tefl certificate from itt you probably know what i'm talking about you have access to lifetime job support we will
help you find a job in the place where you want to be we also work with a lot of different
recruitment agencies we have partners who are more than happy to help our
graduates also find jobs in other countries so that also includes that and
then also what you can do for yourself is look in different tefl forums if you just jump on google you search tefl
forums there are a lot of specific like country or region specific forums as well as tefl blogs so you find a lot of
tefl teachers who are teaching abroad blogging about their experience like what i do for example on i
share a lot of content about teaching english in korea and also facebook groups again there's a
lot of country-specific groups so you find for example groups like english teachers in korea english
teachers in japan things like that so if you join those groups it will also be a really great benefit they will give you
tips they also maybe share job postings in there and just local
little hacks and tricks how to find jobs and how to get hired there so that's also
something i definitely recommend and i always mention facebook groups because i think they're very helpful
okay i think this concludes my slides let me just double check but yes so now what i want to do is open up
q a so um and this is just a reminder for the 30 percent link so you can scan the
qr code or again um just sign up via the link that i shared in the beginning but let me just
share it again and then you can ask me your questions
if you have any questions if something that i talked about was not clear because i know sometimes maybe i don't make sense
uh feel free to just ask um like i s like i always say there are no stupid questions so feel free to ask
away um and then maybe we can also have a look at the poll again
um and see the final results and maybe i'll just share the mentee link also again
um so that you can vote but yeah
let's see where is it oh here
so i'm just going to share this again the minty link so you can vote if you haven't voted yet if you are
or are not tefl certified you just go to this link
and then we'll see some results here and we can check the final results before we
turn off for today
all right yeah i think somebody just voted now it's seven people okay cool
thank you so much for voting let's see
so yeah i think just a little bit of a recap um teaching english in 2022 i think it's going to be
um in some aspects probably easier than this year because now a lot more
countries are open again oh nice 50 50 now somebody voted are you
already teflon t-cell certified okay great um yeah so it's gonna be easier in some
aspects but also i think you're gonna need a lot more documentation um you definitely need to be vaccinated
probably if you want to go abroad so those things you need to think about
and just say it's more competition and the china thing for sure
maybe if you were set on china maybe not now now is maybe not a good time but
um yeah so this was it let me know your thoughts what do you think
what are you thinking was there something new that you learned today i hope there was at least a little bit
something new you learned and maybe something that surprised you or something that you heard that you want
to add um feel free feel free to add any comments
and yeah keep voting so now we're at 50 50. awesome yeah
so yeah those of you who want to teach english abroad or online and you're not
yet certified i highly recommend taking advantage of this 30 off
opportunity we only share that during our live sessions i always say that but it's true
it's true um so yeah i recommend checking that out
you know no pressure you don't have to fill out your application today you can also take your time and browse we have
so many different course options it can kind of get overwhelming so that's why we also have a great support team you
can reach out to us directly and we will help you find the best course that fits your
needs and your goals um for what you want to do where you want to go or if you want to teach
online we also have a lot of great online courses like um online courses specifically for teaching online
we also have online courses for them going abroad so
definitely hi leonore yeah i just saw your question
from earlier i didn't forget i'm so sorry you were asking about joining um the
tefl course in alexandria november 21 and i think if the date is on the
website then it should be running but what you want to do is double check with
our team and you can email them let me just get you that email address
if you don't have it yet so you can email our team and then house teaching in egypt
one second because yeah sometimes that's the other thing within class a lot of our uh
training centers are definitely running but you never know um the developments
and what is you know the regulations are always changing so you just want to double check with
them the course is definitely taking place
one second okay yeah and this goes for everybody so if
you have any questions about more like uh course details and stuff or anything else you can reach out to courses at
t-cell minus so leonard that's what i would recommend doing um for the
in-class course in egypt and actually house teaching in egypt um
you know it's actually not one of the most popular destinations for some
reason i have been to egypt actually but not for teaching but for travel and it was great
i had a wonderful time and i actually really really want to go back um and
i don't have too much information about what it's like teaching there i have not personally taught there
um but i feel like it's sort of an underdog destination so we do regularly have teaching
positions for egypt on our site and you can also browse those
think it's uh hold on and this is also interesting for everybody our job section
so you can check out our job section and look for jobs on there
like this and you can also read more about um egypt on our website in general
but i would definitely recommend reaching out to the support team at courses at t-cell minus tefl and they
will give you more information about the current situation there um so
please do that but yeah egypt is a great a beautiful
country i really want to go back i was so impressed when i when i traveled there and that's also a long time ago
already i really want to go back there
so yeah
okay good question ah
leonard says thank you linda i've been in contact with them already it's just that i was not sure but i definitely
love traveling yeah i mean i so i'm also a travel blogger
and travel instagram content creator i guess um and there's this one girl and she was recently in
egypt or i think she is in egypt still so um and they had a blast they did a
big trip there so it's definitely open to tourists it seems like
so i'm sure that they also hire teachers at the moment but yeah that's unfortunately all i can
tell you about egypt at the moment but yeah good that you were in contact already
with our support team that's really great um so yeah awesome what made you interested in
egypt that's interesting because it's like really not i'm not i think you're the first person who's ever asked about
egypt like on the live stream you know it's not super popular last last week was really interesting because i did a q
a and we also did a poll and it was like so many people were interested in japan
so japan was really a winner last week they were it was super popular which was
really like surprising but not really surprising but that so many different people were interested in japan it was
interesting okay
let's go back here and then yeah i'm just gonna take a couple more minutes so if you still have
a question um feel free to ask it now i'm gonna be here for maybe
two three more minutes and then i'm gonna sign off so if you have any questions feel free to
ask and then also again if you have any questions you can always reach out to us via email this is
the email address courses at t cell minus and you can also reach
out to me directly if you want on instagram at
lindagose and i'll um try my best and answer your questions on there too or if
there's something you know more personal or just a question you don't want to ask in this open chat feel free to um
yeah feel free to ask juliana thank you so much for watching
every week she says thank you so much for sharing this information with us i have learned a lot from it thank you i'm so happy
about that thank you and leonard says it's the one place that i have not visited from the country
offering courses this year oh cool wow then you also love traveling
that's great yeah cool definitely definitely so i hope it's
running i really hope it's running for you i want you to be able to go
cool all right let me see um i'm just gonna wait a couple more seconds here because
there is always a delay um between me talking and then you actually seeing it so just want to make
sure that everybody has the opportunity to ask a question before i sign off
okay and then just
final reminder please don't forget to like and subscribe before i go
and then i'll see you again next week hopefully probably
maybe again on friday like the the usual day
all right good then i think i'm ready um there
seems to be no more questions but still i mean if you're watching the replay and you have any questions you can always
put that in the comments um and we'll get back to you later that is totally no problem
also do check out our playlist on youtube and on facebook um for previous
live sessions there's so much information like i said we've been doing these live sessions every week now for
over a year so there are a lot of live sessions a lot of information out there
that's still relevant and helpful and useful so pick the topics that you're interested in
most and watch that and then yeah i'm gonna see you again next week it was a fun session thank you
so much for joining and um yeah i hope to see you all again next week and have a great rest of the
week and weekend and um yeah
thank you leonore she says thank you so much linda great life you have been so helpful thank you so much
you're very welcome awesome all right then have a great rest
of the week rest of the evening and day wherever you are and then i'm gonna see you again later okay
all right bye