Teaching English in 2021: Setting Realistic TEFL Goals


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thanks so much for joining um as you probably already know today's topic is teaching english in
2021 setting realistic goals so basically setting your goals
uh for getting ready to teach english in 2021 that's what we're gonna talk about today
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my name is vidya and i came to know about your course yesterday oh cool non-native speaker in japan and want to
know more about the courses as i have started teaching kindergarten kids not tefl certified cool that's awesome
so you are already in japan and you are teaching kindergarten kids there that's awesome i used to teach kindergarten kids it's
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so great um yeah then let's get started let's jump
right into this topic so setting realistic goals basically a realistic timeline how long does it
take from actually taking a tefl course to then going on to teaching english
either online or abroad so that's what we're going to talk about if your goal is to teach english in 2021
what do you need to do what are the steps etc etc okay uh yeah then let me turn on
or add this little graphic here and let me turn this banner off okay so that's what i've prepared
for you guys setting realistic goals for teaching english in 2021 and as always please leave your comments
at any time there's also a q a section at the end of the session so
um there will be plenty of time to ask questions and for me to answer them
i am working this whole live situation by myself so i might miss a question here and
there but like i said at the end there will be another opportunity for you to ask questions
before i'm signing off and um yeah let's get started all right
so a little bit about myself my name is linda dunsmore um i am on the
one hand i'm a travel writer and content creator um under the name linda goes east
because yeah i moved to asia and that's why you know east but yeah you can find my personal
website at and on social media at linda goes east
um i'm from originally from germany at the usa so my mom is german my dad is
americans i spend um some time you know in both countries and now i
am based in south korea and i've been in south korea for five and a half years now and before south korea i also lived and
taught english in china and so that's kind of my passion i've always really
been interested in asia and specifically china and then i met my now husband and he was
korean so that's how i ended up in south korea that's kind of the story and then on the
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course provider worldwide and we've actually been in business since 1997 so a very very
long time and we have graduated over 120 000 teachers since then
who have moved on to amazing adventures overseas or teaching english online and even you
know opening their own schools opening their own teaching businesses and all that good stuff or becoming tefl recruiters so there's a
lot of opportunities and options out there but yeah enough about me but if you're
interested in teaching uh english in china and korea just asia in general you know you can
look at my handle here and you'll find some maybe inspiration and some really cool
ideas that might be helpful to you but yeah
um so before i go into this um i would like to know if you know are
some people already teaching or are some people here completely new to teaching
and are starting really want to start teaching english uh in 2021 so what is your
what is your goal that's what i'm interested to know from you guys so
who here is already teaching and who here is interested in teaching
starting to teach i feel like i can't talk today again
um let me know there's always like a 20-second um delay between me talking and then
sorry there's always a 20-second delay between me talking and then you hearing what i'm saying so um just bear
with me okay excuse me there's something from anthony
anthony i've been teaching english for about five years i've taught some europeans a few asians but mostly hispanic
speakers since i'm close to them not an idt tefl t-cell certified but i would wish
to get them so as to have the chance to teach abroad okay cool nice and what country are you
teaching in very good so you're already teaching but you're looking to get certified for more
opportunities that's great lewis is also already teaching okay great
tiana i'm completely new but i'm not start until a few years from now okay great
all right well it's never too early to start you know gathering information so that's really great susana switch
from teaching science to teach english okay very cool video
i have just started for the past one year but i do not have much direction so i want to upgrade myself with
appropriate skills with appropriate skill set to teach okay
nice hi hi muhammad thanks for joining okay
very cool so yeah it's kind of mixed so a lot of people are already teaching and a lot of people are completely new
so that's great you know and there'll be some useful information in this uh presentation for all of you i hope so
yeah let's jump right in um so first i want to talk a little bit
about the demand for teach for english teachers in 2021 and if you're interested
in more details into this uh topic basically you can take a look at um our
previous previous live session so last week's or last week
it was i was off because it was a holiday the week before um that was the topic and i took this
information from that presentation basically but um you can find it on our facebook page
it was um teaching english in 2021 what you need to know
you can check that out there'll be more information about the trends you know after and with covet and everything like
what are the trends in teaching english in 2021 basically but so yeah just four
key things um in 2021 employers they tend to be more selective
in choice of who they hire um because of the sort of additional hurdles now
with you know the pandemic and everything because you need additional um certifications and it's
it costs a little bit more money to hire somebody to teach english this is mostly for um teaching
english abroad to bring somebody to your country costs a little bit more so they are more selective they look more closely at
your resume um just to make sure they hire really the best
possible candidate for their school so that they don't have to you know there's not a high turnover
they don't lose too much money so that's just one thing to know also very interesting and this was from a
unesco article um not only for 2021 but for the
years ahead um there is this 2030 education goal to have enough
teachers for all primary and secondary students in the world and we actually need
69 million new teachers um to reach this goal so the demand for teaching english
in 2021 and over the next few years is still very high so despite you know everything that
happened in 2020 um it's still the demand is high teachers are still getting hired
for also teaching jobs abroad not only online um yeah and schools will be able to hire
a much greater volume of teachers for the february and may 2021 teacher intake
compared to the previous intake in 2020 that's also because um
the governments have responded in a more um positive way or in a more productive way
now they had time to figure things out uh in terms of how do we deal with the
pandemic who are we letting into the country they make new regulations new visa regulations new laws and
things to allow people to come back as teachers especially for if you have a work visa
um and things like that so the teacher intake will be higher in february may 2021 more teachers are
getting hired um again and yeah teaching english online continues to
grow in popularity obviously and i think a lot of you guys might also be interested in teaching
english online um so yeah
i got a couple of more responses about what you guys are currently doing so i just want to look through that real
quick um we have fannie here she says i've taught in
china for a few years i'm certified and now i'm looking for more opportunities okay great love that
all right then christy says what additional qualifications have you noticed so do you mean like this first point
here when they're more selective and like the additional
the additional hurdles that i was talking about um basically while a lot of countries and i
talked about this in my previous lives so if you want to know more about that you can check that out but basically you know um a lot of
countries now require you to have a covet test you know before you enter the country um so you need to take
care of that then there's the quarantine phase in many countries
um and what my prediction is also with the vaccine so that maybe
later in 2021 or even in 2022 it will be another requirement to have a
vex to be vaccinated in order to you know teach somewhere because we see
this in a lot of other countries other countries where they have um you have to go through health checks or
you have to take an hiv test for entering some countries or there is a uh
japan has a tb tb test you need to do in order to enter things like that just
additional things and i think we're gonna see more of that so that's what i'm talking about and
obviously because they're more selective so you want to have you know the best uh resume possible so
you could get like additional qualifications and stuff like that okay then juliana hi nice to see you
again switch teaching art design and chinese and tutoring organic chemistry and sat prep to
teaching english okay cool awesome all right great so that's
the demand for 2021 and the next coming year so as you can see the demand is still really high and
english teachers are still needed and still being hired so right
then i just want to take a look at the teaching english timeline and
basically there are five steps from choosing your course or when you
think about you know taking teaching english abroad to actually teaching so i've separated
divided that into five different steps so first choosing a teflor tesol course
then obviously you work through the units the third step is receiving your certificate
fourth applying for jobs and then the fifth step starting to teach and so
this pretty much takes at least six months some people can do it more
quick depending also on if you want to teach english online or if you want to go abroad it's a
little bit more different obviously moving abroad requires a little bit more time to you know set
everything up and then actually going abroad versus if you want to teach english online from your home
right so but at least figuring like six months even up to a year especially if you want
to go abroad and now i'm gonna go over each of those steps
in a little bit more detail so that uh yeah we get more information about
what's uh about to come okay
so first step would be choosing a teflor tesol um certificate or a course certificate
course and then a lot of people ask you know why should i get tefl certified i'm already a teacher i have experience
maybe i have a teaching license in my home country um do i have to get tefl certified um
most likely yes okay um because a tefl certificate has become a required
certification in the english teaching world worldwide and it's even a requirement um
to secure a work visa in for example in china um south korea as well if you want to
enter the um epic teaching program same for japan many many other countries are you know
making teflor tesol a requirement and um also even if it's not a requirement in a
country then this a lot of schools would also um just require their teachers to be
tefl or tesol certified so they have their own requirements the schools themselves
so that's one thing the required certification that piece of paper to hold in hand and
to show look i am certified but on the other hand why you should get tefl certified
is because a teflon or tesol course teaches you the skills you need to teach so it teaches you
the theories the methods and the techniques of teaching it teaches you about classroom
management it covers lesson planning which is super important um if not the most important thing if
you know how to structure your lesson you already have one basically um it also teaches you
about evaluation and testing equipment and teaching aids and also english grammar
excuse me so two things why you should get temple certified
one it is a required certification in many cases and then also just for yourself so that
you know you are able to provide value to your future students that you know what you're doing
basically in the classroom that's why you should get certified um
yeah also how do you choose a good test
how do you choose a good tefl provider um we always get this asked a lot you
know what's a good um how how do you figure out because if you do a google search for tefl course or
tesol course i mean there's so many options right so you're like well which
course provider which company should i choose and so those are like the six main
points you should look out for so basically that provider's accreditation
are the tesla or tesol courses accredited where are they credited and by who by what organization are they
accredited um who also who are the teachers
the teacher trainers and the staff have they taught abroad have they taught online
what's their experience basically do they know what they're talking about um also a great resource obviously
reviews um check out review sites you know like trustpilot
google reviews you know search for that and read through the reviews or reviews on a
facebook page check their social media you know um are they very active on social media how do
they present themselves on social media things like that then um do they offer
job support is the job support free is it lifetime do i have to pay for placement
what does that look like what other included services are there when i purchase a tefl course so um
do i have to pay for my certificate my hard copy certificate do you have to pay for shipment do i have to pay for the notarization do i
have to pay for you know what's included um and then the job the job prospects so
what are the course graduates the former course graduates doing now are they teaching where are they
teaching what are the opportunities um yeah ask for that look for that
and any good tefl course provider should be able to answer these questions
and um yeah so those are the things the six things you should look out for
when choosing a tefl course provider and then yeah why obviously why choose
itt i just included this real quick i think it's probably too small to even read but um yeah so and those are not even
all the reasons we have we have like this whole page on our website why choose itt
um actually let me paste the link for you guys right here so you can check
that out it's really cool there's like almost 50 reasons why you should
um why you should choose itttt but
basically those are the important ones right here so like i said we've been in business since well 1997 1998
our staff is all experienced we all have taught english abroad so that's one of the things i mentioned to look out for our courses
are for all fluent english speakers so not only native speakers but also fluent non-native speakers you get an embossed
certificate like so um we have certificate notarization you
get pdf a pdf copy of your certificate we have 24 7 customer care we work with
a lot of recruitment companies um our courses are obviously accredited worldwide
and we have one of several awards and we offer lifetime job assistance and
then also we have excellent reviews online so it's just a short version i don't want to
bore you with this but um yeah i just pasted the link into the comment box you can check that out for more details
about why you should choose itt when it comes to teflon tesol training
um yeah and like i said we've graduated over 120 000
people so and we on our youtube if you're tuning in from youtube there is a
um actually also on our on our facebook page um there's a section with uh video
testimonials you could check that out so we always get a lot of video testimonials from
real graduates talking about their experience and they're always really good to watch all right
so then once you have found your um tefl course provider it's about which tefl course is right for me and i
actually already did a live a live session just about that topic so which type of course is right for me and
if you're interested you can check that out if you're completely new and you have no clue because we offer a lot of different
course options as you can see those are all the course options here that we offer so there's um the highest
level is pretty much 550 hour to 550 hour course um then there's like specializations
business english young learners teaching online the most
popular course that we offer is the 120 hour course this one right here um
then there's a diploma so there's really something for everyone depending on what your goal is
and what you want to do so once you've figured that out you've picked a course and you fill out the application you're
all ready to go um then you can start you work through the
we're already at step number two so that's pretty much self-explanatory
working through the course unit so if you take an online course you obviously study at your own pace you can work through the as many
units as you like per day or per week depending on your schedule you know do you work if you don't work
um and you have up to six months to complete the course and with our diploma you actually have
even more time so it depends on the course but most of the courses are
six months to complete so that gives you a lot of time most people finish the course in
depending on the course and depending on you know your own learning style and how much time you have but
i did mine and i was working at the time uh in three four months something like that
so if you have a lot of free time you could finish it even earlier just depends on you and you can also
study the course on any device on your laptop on a pc on a smartphone on a tablet
it doesn't really matter as long as you have a stable internet connection and also there are no specific times
that you need to be online no classes like live classes you need to attend or anything
so you can study from anywhere anytime
okay all right let me answer this question real quick so what the 120 hour
course suit my case of teaching kindergarten kids they do not want grammar as such but learning through fun activities
basically yeah so um the 120 hour course is basically the standard
tefl course so that's the minimum requirement that most schools will have around the world at
least 120 hours of training um and this course is not necessarily it
doesn't have a level like a student level attached to it so you certainly it's right for you
and then if you do the 120 hour course if you sign up and do the tutored
version there's always two versions of the courses so one is with tutor support and one is without tutor
support if you choose the one with tutor support you get one free course a specialization
and then in your case i would choose let me go back i would choose this one the young
learners specialization this is specifically for children for
young young learners young kids so in your case i'd recommend doing the 120 hour course plus
young learners and then depending on what your goal is later on you could do business english
as well this is a specialization so those are like the shorter top top-up courses basically
and also here teaching english online those three are specializations that you
can take on top of your normal regular course basically
all right okay hi ellis i just tuned in hey thanks for
tuning in price of the course please so this depends which course
but um let me drop the link to it all so you can have an overview
you can check that out so it's basically online minus tefl minus courses
and there you have an overview of all of these courses right here and their prices for tutored and for not
tutored so that would be where you can find the price information i didn't put that up
in this presentation now because there's so many different prices for all the courses but um yeah
check that out yeah then we talked about this so
working through the course units it's pretty self-explanatory but what you can also do
in this step while you're working through your course units you can start
getting your documents ready so um and what kind of documents you need in
order to teach english is going to depend on uh whether you want to teach english online
or incl in class or abroad um so there's some basic documents basically
you will need and this is mostly for teaching abroad so you'll need a passport that is valid for at
least six months or even a year even better if it's more than that because if you
go abroad and teach for a year um i mean you can in most countries you can
depending on where you're from go to your local embassy and get a passport renewed i just did that last month um but it's
it's pricey it's a hassle so if you can't avoid it um you know have your passport ready and
valid for a couple of years before you go um then you'll also most likely need a
copy of your cv or resume and cover letter obviously if you want to apply for a job that's what you need
so you have to have that ready um then also in some cases you will need translated documents so depending on
where you want to go and teach you could get your resume translated in that language where you want to go um
or you know your cover letter as well and then it's also always a good idea to
have some extra passport photos because in some countries where you go you get
a visa issued or like an id card a local id card which will also need a photo of you
so how have a couple of extra passport photos
ready um then there are some special documents that are a little bit more harder to get or it takes time and money
to get um that's a visa so you need to figure out will i need a visa what kind of visa
will i need but this is something either your recruiter or your future employer will help you with so in
some cases you will already have you'll be able to get your work visa before you leave your country
at the local embassy and in some cases you will just have a tourist visa and
then you'll be able to change it once you are in the country so it depends on that country's rules and laws and stuff
in some cases you will also need a criminal background check and that takes a couple months to get so
that i did mine in the u.s and it took a few months i think to get you need to
get your fingerprints taken and then um they do a criminal background check with that
so and now with everything you know still being closed and not working really well this is something you would have to do
really quickly if you're planning to teach abroad it takes a long time also things like
university transcripts if you don't have them anymore sealed ones um you need to get those sometimes they
need to be epistled that's a international kind of stamp um there are also online services that
do that but again it takes time you need to mail your documents there
you know it's like official process so it takes time uh depending on if you want to drive a
prop abroad when you teach uh you might want to get an international driver's license
so those are things to think about and then also things like vaccines if you are teaching you know depending
on where you teach in a very tropical destination you know check with your doctor
um what kind of vaccines are recommended for that place and also health check some countries
require you to take a health check sometimes after you come to the country
to teach and you do a local health check here but sometimes they want you to do one before
or like i said things like a pcr covet test before you leave so those are things you
know to think about make a checklist um and it depends on
mostly depends on where you want to go and most of these things are obviously for teaching english abroad
so if you want to teach english online your list is going to be shorter but if you want to teach abroad it's
probably this long maybe even longer depending on the country you want to go to so do your research and know and contact
people and the local authorities and stuff like that okay um
let me look at the comments real quick all right alice asks is the diploma mailed to you
yes it is and i'm actually going to mention that in just a few minutes
um but it is yes you receive it in the mail anywhere in the world
um and then also another question from alice what country do you suggest to teach you know it all depends on what you are
looking for and what you want so there's destinations where you can earn more money less money also depends on
what culture you're interested in maybe if you want to learn if you want to learn a new language what
language you want to learn what country you want to go to um i personally
always loved teaching and living in asia so that's what i do and what i love um
i actually already did a live on the best tefl what was it the best teaching
destinations 2021 two lives ago
so you can check that out there's a lot of cool countries in there with a lot of current information um
yeah i suggest you check that out it's really good cool let me take one sip of my coffee
and we are moving on okay
all right yeah this is actually the step that i was talking about so step number three you will re if if
you pass your course and chances are you will it's uh you know we don't get a lot of people who
don't pass um then you will receive your hard copy certificate
in the mail and you actually get two versions of your certificate so to speak
so one is obviously this embossed hard copy certificate so this
is what every itt course graduate receives and let me show you this so they have a
per personalized certificate number uh that can be verified by employers and
governments directly through our website and let me show you
let me make myself bigger okay there you go so where's the number here
this is the personalized number right here so every certificate has a
unique number that your employer can use
basically to check if this is an original real tefl certificate
because there are some people that think they're smart and they photoshop their own tefl
certificates and so this is basically something that avoids
that so that your employer
might turn it off again so that your employer knows that your um certificate is legit basically
and you as well so that's what that looks like yeah okay um
and then you also receive a pdf copy of your certificate
so while you are waiting for your hard copy certificate to arrive after you complete the course
you get a pdf version immediately that you can use to then apply for jobs
okay oh hi irma hey i'm late no problem no problem
thanks for joining all right then we have a question from vidya okay could
you also talk about how non-native speakers are also able to succeed with their tefl certification
and do the courses also provide guidance for online teaching if i want to expand later yes
okay so actually uh my co-worker lisa she does her live sessions every
tuesday and she she did hers this wednesday though she was off monday tuesday but
anyway she um did a live exactly on this topic because she's
a non-native english speaker she's from russia she's an excellent english teacher she's
so confident she knows a lot a lot of stuff and uh she her topic was literally
pretty much the same how to what was it how to succeed uh with your tefl certification as a
native non-native english speaker i think so check that out she knows all about that
um but what i can tell you you know tefl is not only for native
english speakers i think that's one of the biggest misconceptions so you as a non-native english speaker
you have also opportunities you know it's not you might be a little bit limited in in
destination because some countries have rules um yeah we only hire native english
speakers um but it's not everywhere you know so you still have a lot of opportunities and
like i said check out my co-worker lisa's live session on just that topic because
she knows all about that and she has a lot of great advice because she's been through that so i recommend that check it out on our
facebook page we have a whole folder about videos and then live sessions and then she's in there
and that topic is there it was not too long ago it was yeah i think it was wednesday or it was last week
um we also have yeah guidance on teaching online we have a special course
for teaching english online so you can take that and it includes a lot of helpful information
we also all itt course graduates and that's something i'm going to mention in just a bit
also have lifetime job guidance so um i'm going to tell you what that means
in just a bit all right another one from ellis oh don't be sorry for asking questions this
is awesome i love it when people ask questions that's great is the test
hard so the tefl course so um i did a live about this um basically
a deep dive into our 120 hour course and the platform and what it looks like
so there in that course it's 20 units and after every unit you do a multiple choice
assessment based on the con course content that you learned in that unit
and then uh once you have all 20 multiple choice assessments done
and there you the pass rate is over 75 um you move on to your final
test and it's actually not an exam it's a final summative task so it's kind of like an essay so there's
no final test like a test it's a summative task so you
write an essay about a tefl teaching related topic
um so i've done multiple courses from itt as well um
and uh i didn't find the test too hard you know you have to read
through the material and uh if you you know pay attention you really read through it then
it's really not difficult to pass in my opinion [Music]
okay all right so we have received the certificate
and then we are applying for jobs so there's basically two ways you can
find jobs one would be the independent job search
so where you look for jobs on your own in online job postings on facebook
groups forums or you can also do your own school research if you already know oh i want to go teach in this city
in this country then you could go to this city and google like english schools or something and then you would write
to those schools directly that's one way and the other way would be choosing a
recruitment agency so there are international or local
recruiters so local meaning like focusing on one country like uh recruitment agency in china or then
there's like international ones they focus on whole of asia or whole of like regions
um and what's interesting to know about that is that generally recruitment agencies
come at zero cost for the teacher because
i get cut off again the recruiters are paid by the school so if you see
somewhere a recruitment agency promising you tefl jobs but you need to pay a fee or you need to
pay like a visa fee or something it's a scam so don't fall for that it's likely
to be a scam usually you do not have to pay for uh recruit recruiters
and we at itt we actually work with a lot of um a lot of recruiters um
in all different kinds of regions and we can uh connect you with them so that is part
of our lifetime job support it never
expires and this lifetime job support basically gets you access to our
database of potential employers so the recruiters that we work with and also the schools that we work with
both teaching abroad and also teaching online you get exclusive leads on unadvertised
jobs so many of those partners they only share their job openings with us
because they value our certification they know that our courses are great value and they only want to hire itt
grads so um you cannot find those jobs anywhere else on the web
uh we also offer advice on constructing a high quality cvr resume
um we also offer advice on writing cover letters for your portfolio and there's also
assistance with planning trial lessons for job interviews because some in some job interviews um schools will ask you
to hold like a 10 minute or 20 minute uh like lesson they give you a topic
for example oh teach like phonics to kindergartners make like a topic and
then you have to teach so it can be quite intimidating but we also help with that yeah and like
i said it never expires so even if you like get tefl certified with itttt
um and you never use your certificate let's say you want to do something else and then 10 years later
you're like oh hey i have the certificate let me teach now then you can still contact us and we'll
still help you because this job support never expires for all graduates
okay now we're almost at the end last step you start teaching
uh you have everything done now you have your tefl certificate you hopefully have your documents in
order you have your hard copy certificate in hand you applied for jobs
you got a job and now you start teaching so you either go abroad to teach english you hop on the
plane and you move or you start teaching english online so um yeah and actually let me ask you
guys which one are you more interested in are you more interested in teaching english i can never figure
this out teaching english online or abroad let me know in the comments which one
are you more interested in for 2020 or in general 2021 or in
general are you more interested in teaching english abroad or teaching english online
while you're thinking about this let me answer this question here flavia asks is there any practice at the
end of the course so you mean teaching practice so depending on which course you take there
is a lot of there are teaching videos included of you know teaching uh methods and things like that
then there's also a lot of hands-on like activities and information we teach
a uh pretty well-known teaching methodology that follows a structure so you will you have to um
during the course create your own lesson plans and things like that so that's very hands-on
but in terms of actual teaching practice that is not included in the online course but we do have an extra course um
that focuses on teaching practice so you can check that out on our website
it's called let me find it or let me um
let me drop you the link it's somewhere with uh the online courses
i think i have to look at that later i can't find it right now real quick on the website we have so many different course options
it's sometimes hard to figure it all out but yes so
reach out to us we have a course like that with teaching practice
sorry you can find the link real quick sorry about that okay then back to the question so which
do you prefer teaching english abroad or teaching english online so lewis prefers online okay great
video says oh sorry i wanted to do video first video says both in class and online haven't tried
online yet so want to improve in class teaching first yeah that's cool all right a lot of
people also try um online first before they go abroad you know
but either way works obviously so that's great i also have a couple of friends who do
both so they're full-time uh in-class teachers and then on the side they teach english
online you know to make some extra money so it's also really great irma says interested in teaching english
abroad but kobe is blocking my way and now the new cobait variant makes it harder i'm
confused right now yeah i think we're all confused irma but um you know they're still hiring
also abroad so uh like i said in the last session it's not like
uh the door has been closed on teaching english abroad it's still you know open and going and the demand
is really high don't let something like that you know hold you back but obviously also be responsible at the
same time so whatever makes more sense for you in your current situation
okay says abroad i hope i'm saying your name correctly
abroad cool do you have like a favorite country where you would like to teach
juliana says teaching online would be a good choice for now i think so too yeah a lot of people are
definitely going in that direction right now for sure
all right let me take a look what's next okay all right q a i think we can start the q
a part right now um yeah and there's a 30 off link that i want to share with you guys
and i tried something new this life i included this qr code so if you're on a computer or wherever
wherever you're watching from you can scan this qr code and it should lead you to the 30
off link as well so if somebody could try that and let me know if it works it'd be
great um otherwise i'm posting or pasting um the the 30 off link into
the comment section now i hope you guys can see that um
but yeah if somebody could try and scan it that'd be really cool i tried it myself
and it did work but um just want to make sure it works for everybody
if you're if you use qr codes not sure i just thought sometimes it might be
some people can't um see the link in the comment section so be good
all right then we have jacinta jacinta i ctt is the best
thank you i did the 470 hour and i'm still doing the last two specialized courses
structure is clear information research tips etc literally everything yes writing tips
too oh thank you so much that's awesome congratulations on choosing that
course i think it's a great course uh it will definitely set you up for great success in the teaching world
so good luck with your last two specialized courses and yeah all the best to you sounds
awesome all right q a we still have a couple of
minutes here um so if there are any questions that you have that haven't been answered
um you can do so now and please if somebody could try the qr code
let me try one time if i can figure it out
[Music] i just thought it might be easier for someone you know just watching to scan
the qr code yeah i think it works so i'm doing it right now
so this is what it should look like oh the glare i don't know so it leads you
to the application page okay
okay yes it's just into cool i love that name it's a pretty name
okay vidya by when do we have to pay i'm expecting my pay only after the 10th so
i wouldn't be able to pay immediately can we get some more time yeah i mean it's it's what is it today
it's the eighth here um yeah like you can fill out the application and then complete the payment later
we'll send you several several reminders via email so you don't have to pay like today you
can fill out the application and then pay later
uh payment modes yeah we have different payment options um i can remember exactly now but like
credit card we also have installments depending on your situation
um the usual you can also wire transfer you could do like wechat pay
yeah different options so fill out this application form um this is non-binding so you can just
fill it out and you know see what it looks like um and then once you hit like
the green button at the the at the bottom and it goes to the next page they'll be
like listed all the the different payment options so and then you can pay either right now or
you can pay later that's okay all right and then lewis says it works
yay okay cool yeah nice i'm glad the qr code works
okay cool well if there are no more questions i think i'm gonna sign off
um remember that all of our live sessions are um [Music]
always available i don't know why this mic is turning off today all the time either way our live sessions are always
available for replay on our facebook page and youtube channel you can always come back and re-watch uh
again my name is linda and i am live every friday uh in korea korea time or thursday
maybe still where some of you guys are always this time pretty much unless it's like a special
day i guess and my co-worker lisa who is a non-native english speaker english teacher she's really
awesome has a lot of great tips for especially non-native english teachers she goes live every tuesday
so there's always two lives per week unless there's like a holiday um and yeah i
highly recommend you like and subscribe again so that you
don't miss any of our live sessions so that you get a notification and
whenever we go live and also before i go let me just ask you this question
what other topics would you like us to talk about in these live sessions because we always
obviously we're doing this for you guys right so we are always looking for interesting
topics um to make you happy basically so um yeah
what are you interested in seeing more of
in terms of teaching tefl or destinations or things like that
let me know video says thank you so much i'm so glad i could make it today
talk about divine timing yay awesome i'm so glad to have you here you asked a lot of great questions
i like when people ask questions obviously because um if nobody asks questions it'd be
quite boring and i'd probably get more nervous so it's great
hi there good morning we're actually already at the end but you can watch the replay thanks so
much yeah and don't forget to use this code
the 30 off code it's in the comment box or you just scan this qr code you fill out the application form
totally non-binding no pressure you can just fill it out and then complete the payment
later today whenever you feel like it um yeah okay lewis says he's interested in
online teaching okay let me write that down i always write it down all your suggestions online teaching
okay good noted great
hi daniel from haiti cool we're actually already at the end
of the session but you can watch the replay and don't forget this
30 off link scan the qr code or look for the link in
the comments actually let me just post it again i feel like a lot of people have joined
just now maybe they haven't seen it so this is the 30 off link
that you can see in the comment box now isn't there an option where you could pin the comment
um not sure okay so we're working with this all
right so yeah i guess there's some more questions for now let me know um
[Music] let me know what else you're interested in hearing from us
and yeah check us out make myself bigger again
hi i feel like i'm too small and you can't really see me but anyway um yeah it was a fun session
today uh and there's one more question from
jacinta do you guys do any communication between local teachers and the native teacher
um do you mean it itt or how do you mean communication so me
i'm a native teacher and then my co-worker lisa she does her lives on tuesdays she's
a non-native teacher and um yeah it's really interesting to watch
her lives as well especially if you're a non-native uh teacher
okay margaret says what is the name of the facebook group
um our facebook group hold on hold on
let me show you well i mean you are watching from facebook so you should see it at
the top of the stream right i don't know what it looks like on your end what but um
let me share that with you real quick and then you can leave a you can follow
um here here this is our facebook page you can
check out we share a lot of posts every day we have a blog that we share um you know blog posts about faqs
videos teaching tips teaching material we share a lot of stuff so yeah no problem
okay justin to say
at a local school i'm currently teaching at a hong kong teacher oh cool you currently a teacher
in hong kong love hong kong very cool nice all right video says
could you provide tips on classroom teaching grade wise like kindergartners primary school
and so on okay let me write that down tips on classroom teaching
okay tips on classroom
teaching okay sure okay great
all right cool then um yeah i think we're done for today
um yeah don't forget this 30 off and let me make this bigger again
in case somebody wants to scan the qr code i don't know if it's it works if it's too small but um yeah
if you're looking to teach english uh taking a tefl course be sure to
take advantage of this offer you know 30 is a lot and um this is also we only share this
30 offline during the lives so this is very special only for you guys
okay then um yeah thanks so much for watching a lot of new faces a lot of old faces
that we've seen before very cool if you just joined um just watch the replay
um and i hope you found it informative and i hope to see you all again next week
for another live session and i wrote down the topic suggestions that you guys gave me it's really good stuff helps us a lot
and um yeah stay safe out there and have a wonderful day thank you so much
have a beautiful day uh and yeah
thanks so much for tuning in oh video says i have applied 120 hour
course plus younger learners cool from this 30 percent off link did you just apply right now yay awesome
thanks so much that's great so excited for your journey so um yeah keep us updated
tune in again next week and let me know how your course is going always interesting okay then i'm signing
off and i wish you all a wonderful day or a night evening afternoon
wherever you are and um yeah i hope to see you guys next week again don't forget my co-worker lisa who's
doing her lives on tuesdays about topics about non-native
english speaking teachers and also online teaching she does a lot of online teaching stuff
um somebody just for lewis lewis i think suggested that so louis also check out lisa she does a lot
of online teaching topics so yeah thanks so much for tuning in again i know i repeat myself but um yeah i'm
really tuning off now um yeah thanks so much guys and have a lovely day see you again