I'm a Non-Native English Teacher: How do I find a job?


hey guys i'm super glad to welcome you at a new ITTT live stream
um i'm going to wait for a moment um until some people um join me
but uh today's topic is devoted to a really um challenging issue
um for those teachers who are unaware about their abilities to
uh find a job uh and i'm going to dwell upon the problem
of um getting employed as a non-native speaker
so basically this is a tough issue for
all new teachers and for some current teachers i'm going to share my own experience but
at the same time i would love to give you a piece of advice on how to build on
your um successful teaching career and i should say that um actually
today's live stream isn't for those people who expect that everything comes
super easy and that someone will do everything for them so basically uh this live
stream and this discussion is going to be useful just for those people who are
motivated enough and who are uh proactive enough to work um on the
teaching career all right thanks guys for joining me um
hello uh tikaram i hope to pronounce your name correctly if i'm mistaken uh just let me
know um i'm glad to see you guys joining thanks a lot uh the results of harass
i'm i'm really good today thanks a lot uh by the way in my place um in my
region it's getting colder and i should say i couldn't sleep at night without my
warm blanket but it is still too hot if i use it
so let me know what is the situation in your places is it still hot or it's
um cooler okay so um as i have already mentioned we are
going to discuss the problem of being a non-native teacher and being a little bit unaware of the
situations um related to employment i hope uh to
help you out with this problem but basically i should say this this situation is like
your uh mostly mental situation like psychological
issue uh i don't say that everyone uh who is not aware of uh getting
employment uh is a psycho or some something like that it's just like you
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all right so um where i am i am uh based in
yekaterenburg russia so it's um it's a place uh located
located pretty far from moscow it's like um
the central part of russia even even the euro region yeah it is the euro region
so um we are by the way pretty close to the uh kazakhstan border
uh yeah like that but it is really far from the western part of russia
so it makes me a non-native speaker and a non-native teacher and all things i'm
going to tell you today guys are based on my own experience because
basically i am a non-native esl teacher working with uh people from all over the world
and um i should say that this experience um
like it i didn't get it overnight i had to work for
several years in order to get um to where i am now
okay so that's that's pretty much so the point um i'm going to ask you the
question i'm going to ask you is this so when it comes to finding your
employment researching your employment possibilities
it is really important to clarify if you actually plan to build a teaching
career because many people consider uh teaching
as a side hustle um many people don't think that they are going to do
teaching job in several years it's more likely that they want to take
to have it as a part-time job or as something in
between like you know when you don't know what to do in your life you you research you
investigate everything and yeah that's what you try to do because you have this
english speaking abilities but uh if you expect that you
get a really nice job a really great employment opportunity
um this mindset from my point of view of course you uh you might be you might not
um you don't have to agree with me so it it might be not such a great
uh way to think like that so if you are going to change jobs um
recently if you are going to change like uh your positions in a couple of
years so maybe teaching career teaching isn't actually for you
and um from this perspective it's going to be a little bit more challenging to find a really nice
job but that's what i believe uh basically there are many um life
situations when people just uh combine different jobs and make a lot
of money doing so um but yeah it's it's totally up to you uh from my
perspective it is always better to uh choose some specific um
uh track and follow it so uh in in my belief it
is really important to decide that teaching is my uh career for life and i
am going to work on it um the next point is here
so uh when it comes to teaching itself um
it is also necessary to decide which mode of
teaching you actually prefer is it online teaching or probably you
want to teach in a traditional classroom like one-on-one or maybe work with a
whole whole group for some other people teaching abroad
is a really interesting career path and some people choose this option
but anyways you have to consider uh one specific mode of teaching
and stick to it because if you change um your approaches if you change those
modes of teaching it might also be uh difficult in terms of building this
whole career track um what i mean by saying that is that for
example if you work as an online teacher it's actually my um situation right now
so i've been teaching online only for the past two years
and i i can't imagine myself being in a real
classroom communicating with real uh like not with real people but i mean um
in person face to face um i i don't even know um
i don't even know what approaches to implement of course i know all of those
methodologies and stuff like that but um i have been stuck to online teaching and
i'm more or less active there so i believe that
my teaching mode is online teaching not in class teaching
okay and um what should you consider next what you should consider not next
is um like what you are going to teach exactly and
who you're going to teach because usually people uh especially those
people who have recently been tefl certified
they have this major training they have got that major training and
they are like um those teachers who are able to teach anyone
who are able to to work with whatever types of students with whatever
types of groups but this track is also not really um
successful and clear because uh you can work with these people a
little with this one with those people a little but um you are not professional in a
specific niche so my um recommendation to you is that it is
always better to niche so to choose uh a specific group of
people um to target some specific age group
uh to choose something clear you are going to teach
for example my situation right now so last year i worked with uh children
from seven years to 15 years but then i realized that um
working with young children is really challenging for me and i um didn't
uh succeed that much with that group a with that age group
um and it was yeah like every lesson was stressful for me as a
teacher i had to prepare a lot i had to reconsider a lot of activities
during our lessons and stuff like that and moreover there are some emotional
situations when p when children don't want to see it or don't want to do some
particular activities when they don't want to listen to me that when they switch off their cameras and stuff like
that so um after the previous school year i decided to
stop working with young children and chose those kids i really adore
uh yeah i started working well i just decided to work with teenagers only so
my age group now my target age group now is teenagers from 12 to 15
and i don't have to spend time on preparing for
younger kids for choosing like uh various
activities related to lower
levels of english as well although some teenagers still have like
the a1a2 level um but the approach is absolutely different and
i feel like it is more comfortable for me to work with teens compared to
children so let me know what you think about this point please guys because i know that
many teachers still prefer to you know to target
uh whatever students um possible just to make money
so what is your opinion uh considering the age group um the
audience in general so um i would love to hear from you so
use the chat box and let me know what you think and i'm going to comment on the second
point um from this slide which is right here so after you've chosen your niche
after you've limited uh your services uh it is really important to build on
expertise so basically uh when you work on your professional development in
general you are um you actually build your expertise but in general when it comes
to niching uh your services
you have to like narrow down to some specific skills uh
you have to work on so um once again my personal example
i've mentioned that i started working with teens only but
i also decided to limit my services i stopped delivering
general english classes i chose um an absolutely
different approach i decided to offer exam preparation
so this young teens and older teens like um
from 12 to 15 years this age group in russia
doesn't have to pass any governmental exams any public exams you
know uh they uh actually study this general english
at school but usually they don't have enough classes and their abilities they
don't level up they they never grow they stay the same
uh so that is why i decided to uh offer this opportunity to learn how
to pass exams and there are nice exams there are a lot of
uh awesome exams international exams i mean uh so i decided to focus on uh
preparing for the cambridge exams and this year
one of my students have already passed
b1 preliminary which is a b1 level exam like an
intermediate level exam uh we are waiting for uh her
results but i believe that she did a great job so i helped her during the
whole course we learned uh different strategies how to pass
those exams but at the same time we worked on her abilities
um the most the crucial one of the crucial abilities was uh speaking to
other people and um working in collaboration so we
learned those strategies uh that are actually important in our daily
life uh so she actually succeeded in communicating to other people and after
the exam she said like it was a piece of cake for me um i wasn't nervous i wasn't
i didn't worry so i just um talked to another um
teen another girl and that was like that that was it so we
worked on building necessary skills uh in general but at the same time we
worked on um different sub skills related to the exam
uh so yeah coming back to the building uh
your expertise uh i should say that uh when you pick a specific niche you
have to find um some ways uh
that can help you work on your um personal skills of um you know preparing for
something you want to prepare for in my case
was to seek some training in exam preparation so i
actually joined several workshops related to exam preparation
and what else i also read a lot of handbooks for teachers
and i worked with teachers books related to the course so this is
something you can do for free absolutely except for workshops and some specific
trainings uh but if you want to understand how to how exams work it is like um
absolutely uh accessible so you can find it on the net and
yeah build on your expertise on your own so uh it is really important and i believe
that uh if you decide as early as it is possible
who to work with and what to teach it's going to be much more beneficial
for you uh yeah and don't neglect building on your expertise in different ways
it's also crucial okay let's move on to uh the next point
so how to build on your expertise basically uh three
steps to do that invest in your professional development it can be
something related to trainings workshops whatever
you have to invest your money you have to invest your time um yeah it takes a
lot of time but you have to be um you have to be frank with yourself
if you build on your career as a teacher you have to invest
you have to spend a lot of time energy resources on becoming an a better
teacher for your students because you want to make sure that your clients get
these perfect services maybe not perfect but at least decent
services uh the next point for all non-native speakers is work on your english skills
um i am actually uh i actually have um a teaching blog uh on
instagram and a month ago i asked my followers there
are several teachers actually among those followers i asked my followers
if uh they wanted to pass ielts or exams alike
and to my surprise teachers said that they don't have to
pass any international exams i was really shocked by that
that because basically if we want to provide those high quality
services to our students especially in those cases when we prepare students for
some international exams we have to pass international exams
ourselves as a bonus when you prepare for international exams like ielts
you also build on your english skills for example i took ielts two years ago
um at that time i wanted to um enroll into a university so i decided to pass
ielts academic which was much more challenging than the
second one than the usual type of ielts but
while preparing for that um exam i worked on my listening skills on my
reading skills i learned several uh reading techniques myself
like those uh speed reading techniques they are actually really important for
all english speakers and for not just passing exam but
for you know doing this research work while studying at university or while
being a teacher we have to work with lots of information and we have to pick
we have to be able to pick um only that relevant information so
um i uh improved not just my specific skills but uh not just those reading
skills but also some sub skills uh and finally yeah i got that
certificate i proved that my english was um
of the high level and yeah uh i believe that these days uh
one of the things uh my clients choose me is that i have
different proofs of my professional skills and english skills are absolutely
important for english teachers and the last point
is to get relevant experience i it is pretty challenging especially at
the beginning of of your career however do not overestimate do not underestimate um any
you know voluntarily jobs or in internships
uh whatever lets you get this relevant experience
so for example if you want to work with uh children
uh try to find some opportunities uh to um work a couple of times for free
probably why not so anyway experience is much more valuable
than the money you get so try to find
at least one or two opportunities uh to get this first experience and then
you can add it in your cv in your resume
and you can also use it as a story uh when you reach out to new clients
so something like that um it it might sound easy
when i talked when i speak about it but in fact uh this is the way uh you get this
experience and um when i was uh
at the beginning of my teaching career that was like that i worked for i didn't
work for free as a teacher probably with my brother only
so i taught my brother uh he was six years at that time
and i restarted working with my brother again these days
um so this is probably the only case when i work for free but at the beginning of my teaching
career i actually charge charged really little so my um
lesson my my lesson with children um aged five
to seven was like oh i can say um how much it was uh in
dollars probably like three dollars or something at that time so um these days
we have a different currency so probably it's even less than three dollars
but anyways um it helped me to get that relevant experience and then i um worked
as a tutor uh with school kids it was also really cheap um i wasn't an
experienced teacher and i wasn't a teacher on the first place i was a
linguist so i actually was a student at that time um at the linguistic
department and yeah i didn't know anything about teaching
that is why i decided to you know get some initial experience and
then to reinvest those money i made on
tutoring and some side jobs into my studies and that's how i
get got to my tefl certification so i got
that initial training uh the 120 hour tefl course
and yeah that was my first step on how to build on my teaching career
after that i started you know narrow down
my services and got some other trainings when i went to china uh to work with um
to work in a chinese kindergarten at that time i tried to find i tried to get
as much um training as possible uh in early childhood education that was one
of my strategies but when i uh when i came back to russia
i understood that teaching children wasn't for me and started like
changing my career track so that's in a nutshell
i hope uh this information is relevant to you guys let me know what you think in the
comments section and if you agree or disagree with uh the points from this slide
um i am actually going to check out um the chat box right now the comment
section right now uh because i saw there were some uh questions or yeah
yeah let me check uh so t karam asks about um a tefl course
i'm going to answer um such questions related to um
tefl certifications and stuff like that at the end of my presentation
but stay tuned i'm going to answer your question uh let's see
yeah yeah so uh zakhara says that
they prefer teaching to teens and adults yeah i believe that this
age group um these age groups are really um
interesting to work with um of course uh they are also
challenging uh for example when it comes to teaching adults it is always
difficult to you know to synchronize schedules and to understand if it's it's going to
be a long-term relationship um i have a lot a lot of um
examples when we started working and there there was a lot of motivation but
because of the tough schedule uh because of the hectic lifestyles
people just left after a month or so and yeah but um
you know you can't do anything about it if people want to go if they
are not um able to prioritize english
you you are not um who to be blame yeah
okay and yeah as for china um i stayed in china
for almost three years i worked in two different kindergartens
um actually even in three different kindergartens because after one year uh
in one of them i was relocated in a different branch um in another city
yeah and i worked i in the first kindergarten i worked with
children from two two and a half years to seven years
um i i taught large classrooms that was absolutely insane
that was really difficult um especially for me being not skilled not um experienced at all at
that time uh and then um i found a job in a different kindergarten um
yeah and taught a small group of 16 children yeah that was much easier
and much pleasant uh because i stayed in one classroom um during the whole day
and uh after like nine months of um my work i i could actually see the results
because children could you know uh could speak out could express themselves
a little bit and that was really nice yeah and yeah that's it
so let me know uh if you have any further questions related to
uh this slide or maybe related to something about your training
and stuff like that so let's move on to the next point uh by the way uh yeah here on this slide
i would like to uh tell you a little bit about specialized courses um
at itt team so we've got a lot of specialized tefl courses
by the way this presentation contains different links so if you need direct
links links let me know in the comment section and i'll send you
the link to this presentation and you will be able to have it so
um as i have already mentioned before it is important to uh narrow down your
services and then build on your expertise and um getting specialized tefl courses
might be that training you actually want to have
because uh such trainings help you learn specific skills you need
uh to when when you teach some specific groups for example if you want to work
with a businessman um why not taking um
um certificate for teaching business english if you want to work online
and you don't know how to start we have this tefl course
for teaching english online and um a couple
of other interesting courses they are actually brand new at itt t
so you can check these two out they are related to academic planning
and teaching grammar and funnel phonology so if you want to learn a little bit
more on how to teach grammar for example this last
course can be a really great addition to your general training and by the way
these two courses can be taken um outstanding you don't have to take any
um other trainings if you want to learn just uh these particular skills
and these two courses involved they are a part
of our expert packages so you can't
take it without any previous training
and you can do it just um in terms of the expert package
uh so if you're interested in this um information let me know in the comments
section because um i can share all necessary links and stuff like that
and just let me remind you that we offer this 30
discount so if you consider taking a tefl course uh feel free to scan this
qr code or you can follow this link from the chat box
uh and you will get this nice incentive yeah i think that it it's a really
valuable um discount because it's the highest at
itttttt um yeah just feel free to use it
and let's move on i think it's one of the last points i want to discuss with you today guys uh
but anyways it is really important so
when it comes to teaching abroad i usually meet those people
who consider it for the sake of money only but the truth is unfortunately
it is not um 100 guarantee that in another country you
are going to get more money than in your uh native country
uh the truth is um it is really subjective this teaching business is
really subjective to the current situation in a specific location and for example
if it comes to uh different asian countries uh maybe in china you can get paid
higher than in thailand um at the same time it is more
challenging to get a job in in china than in thailand because in thailand it
is um legal to work as a teacher without uh possessing
this uh native uh speaking country passport so in thailand it it might be
uh easier to find a job uh i don't guarantee that as well but
you can research this point and uh from the legal perspective it might be easier
and if we get back to the problem of china um
if you know that this country um is really um
you know subjective on the first place and then they try to regulate
everything every business every um area so you have to know that
recently they have created a new policy and nowadays it's actually getting
challenging to work as an online english teacher
via different you know platforms um so
even for native speakers so there are uh online schools like uh vipkid
uh they actually uh they either stop working
at all or they change their scheme because from now on um it is actually not
allowed to provide um extra services extracurricular
activities to chinese uh students uh it is um actually just about uh
schools so if you work with teenagers and some
other school kids it might be challenging to work with them online
even online but um at the same time um
yeah it's challenging to get a job in china as well in in the location
yeah and uh of course uh
if you consider uh this situation slightly different if you approach it
different yeah as uh mahmoud says um first you get experience yeah then you
build on your expertise and then you may get more money than at the beginning of
your career but yeah you have to understand it's not easy it's not
fast you have to be um patient and you have to work hard
yeah and in my case i can give you an example
last year i couldn't charge more than uh 15
that was just you know just challenging for myself uh because i thought that i wasn't ready
that i wasn't experienced enough i wasn't trained enough so the whole year i spent um
on getting relevant more relevant experience and uh getting some
additional training and this year yeah i i started charging
um 18 to 20 dollars depending on um
the course type yeah that's that's it
uh so let's move on and uh another point i wanted to
mention is that when you want to work in a specific country
in a specific location the thing is you have to research it on
your own so there is a question in the comments section uh is is there a chance to get a job in
vietnam there sure surely is but i can't
guarantee it unfortunately you have to research it on the first place uh you have to see if
you are eligible for this location um you have to consider if there are any
open positions you also have to research what is the
situation with this covid um 19 problem because many countries are still closed
many borders are still closed and it's basically impossible to get
into the country uh even getting this um
work visa so yeah my suggestion is research and then
um you will get you will have more information and understanding
uh what areas what what gaps you have to work on
uh if it is your experience you get more relevant experience in your home country
if it is something related to your english skills you work on your english
skills and and alike and by the way if you want to work in a
specific location you can get relevant experience online as well
i usually uh recommend uh teachers who reach out to me
to consider teaching online but to work with those students who are
actually from that destination of their choice it can be a
great idea because online you can understand if you you actually want to work with
this or that um country yeah without relocating there
okay um yeah probably this one no
uh yeah uh almost the last point um how to get
employed i have already mentioned that nothing comes easy you have to work hard be
frank with yourself nobody will come
right after your temple certification and offer you a job opportunity
you have to carry out a really thorough research
related to the niche related to the age group you want to work with you have to work on
your cv uh you have to learn how to present yourself so lots of things are important
and yeah you have to be able to sell yourself because
uh even if you're a non-native speaker there is still an opportunity to get a
job um my example once again so uh
half a year ago i got a job uh in a in an american company
uh it's a really niche uh company um offering pronunciation courses to
students who actually live in native speaking countries so their audience
is adults with a higher level of english
so they are able to speak uh pretty fluent some of them are really fluent
some of them are proficient but they have some problems with their
accents and they want to reduce accents because they can't um
be you know um 100 percent members of the native
speaking society so that's why they come to that company they start taking courses in that company
and yeah um they work on their uh sub skills in
english so i got a job in that company as an english teacher and i deliver
english grammar classes and speaking clubs the ceo of the company is american she
is from the us and she she's a really um you know
proactive lady who wants to give the most um
high quality services to her clients so how i got the job
i researched i um initially i was her student as well
so i saw the company from the inside as a student
and then i noticed that many people who get um who get enrolled into the course
they are actually not that advanced they are probably like intermediate level
and they still have problems with basic skills
oh um so there was some uh error i hope you can guys see me and
hear me let me know um and i'm going to um yeah
continue my um story so i noticed that those people needed uh
some help with their basic skills and i created a proposal
uh for the ceo of the company and reached out to her uh via email and said
like i can give you this value you can um you can actually
benefit from it and your students can benefit from it and she decided that it
was actually a great idea because uh this type of um
training is a great bonus for her pronunciation course students
so this is another approach you can get a job but you have to work
you have to research and you have to find opportunities even if there are not many
opportunities at all so another suggestion is try freelance work
sometimes people stick to working through some providers through
some employers but basically you can find students on your own
when i was a student myself i mean when i studied at university um
five years ago even more i started tutoring
uh just to make some uh extra money some cash money
um yeah and i i found students on my own
i offered uh people my services i used um
you know placements like craigslist uh yeah and i just advertised myself that
way um so you can try that too and you can start um as a freelancer and then it it
may lead to your own business um don't underestimate this experience
as well it is really valuable um don't stick to um just
you know um direct employment um
or stuff like that when you work with some some specific employers
um also if you consider teaching online there are many um teaching
marketplaces like properly italki and stuff like that
so you can uh work there as a freelancer as well it's possible to get your direct
students um working for such companies versus for
some specific online schools so um it's a better approach from my
point of view because you have this you know um
you have a place to move you can decide what to do on your own and how
how many hours a week to work so something like that
um yeah i hope guys you are um on the same play
on the same page as myself let me know what you think in the in the
comment section and i'm going to drink some water
okay uh yeah so now the last point of today's
presentation um how itt can help you so basically we have really useful
sections on the website uh first of all um if you haven't taken
tefl courses at itt you can still um check out our job
postings because we um post um for um
the whole public for the whole audience uh you can find this job posting oh yeah
here it is you can find this job posting uh via this link
okay or you can follow our facebook group and uh check out
our feed because um we post uh different uh job prospect
prospects uh weekly yeah just um have a look
we work with um different recruiters from all over the world
uh with online recruiters as well and we try our best to pick out
uh the most relevant vacancies for you make sure you subscribe and you you know
turn on the notifications button so you get updated
um at the same time you can check out our website that section um we have postings
uh based on different locations um another point uh
we at itt offer um an instant job support so a lifetime job
support if you took um a tefl course with itttt
and you are a graduate at itt uh you can get this job job support um
anytime you must have been notified about that uh in
your final email from your tutor or from a tefl manager so check out your inbox
because you should have an access to a private platform
where we share specific uh information related to
you know job support uh okay
[Music] what's next let's see
okay that that was the last um slide oh and i haven't mentioned the
expert package so the expert package so if you consider
taking a tefl course with itttt i would recommend you uh checking out
the expert package it is probably
a huge decision for most
students because this expert package is
the most pricey one however it's a great investment from my perspective because you
invest one time and you get various types of certifications so let
me share the link to the expert package as well
you can check it out yeah you can see all of the points
related to this type of certification but basically you get um all necessary
skills uh from one uh training but um i'm not sure if no it's actually
not one training but um trainings um that follow each like one and another
something like that um but it is really valuable because
there is that uh teaching practice component it is valuable for those people who want
to build on um the teaching career from scratch and who don't know where to get
the first experience so that's why i recommend it um yeah just consider it
and that's my last point i hope that today's
presentation uh was clear to you and if you still have any questions
related to the employment process as a non-native teacher let me know
you might disagree with me on some points
but i still believe that only your own pro activity helps you get
whatever you want and build on whatever teaching career you want
so make sure you um yeah you do your job you uh do your
homework um yeah
i see there are no questions uh except for
tikaram's question so let me answer that one
okay one second
all right so tikka ram uh thanks for the question so tikka ram
is a student uh and his major is english it's actually a great advantage
for um those who want to start teaching
yeah what tefl course to choose well i have already recommended the um
expert package but you should choose the that course
which fits you best so think about your needs so for example if
you don't know anything about teaching uh and you just start um
looking at that you know direction uh check out some initial trainings
um the minimum requirement for uh tefl teachers all over the world is 120 hours
certification so check out that one
let me let me send you a link [Music]
so here it is
oh thank you fares thanks a lot for such a nice feedback uh
thank you for saying such great words it is actually so so nice
i'm going to blush right now thanks a lot for your kind
um awards okay um
yeah so uh tikaram i recommend you checking out our online tefl courses
you can consider uh some initial certifications like 120 hour course or
170 hour course um you can also choose
an option with um tutor help uh because if you don't know anything
about um teaching methodologies and stuff like that um
tutors might be really helpful yeah you can ask whatever questions you
have and yeah they will assist you uh what else
if you want uh to narrow down uh your niche you can actually choose um some
additional trainings uh like teaching um business like business
english teaching or uh teaching to children online teaching so whatever fits you
your needs best so make sure you um choose the um you check out the
website and if you have any further questions feel free to ask um so you can
uh email us or you can actually direct message us on facebook group
um yeah that's pretty much do you guys have any further questions
let me know and i am going to um invite you in my facebook group
so i created my own facebook group um and you can actually
uh see this qr code on your screen or let me change yeah
like this so you can um join in my facebook group
you can add me um in your facebook friends
uh yeah yeah that's right tikaram there are two options self-paced well basically all uh
online courses are self-paced because you work um at your own pace
but you can choose an option where a tutor helps you out via email
so uh if you have whatever questions you can ask them and if you have any uh
challenges um doing some tests or
you know projects on the course you can also reach out and
your tutor will help you yeah and let me send you a link to my
facebook group now uh it's right here i will be glad to see you guys um
as a part of my facebook group uh feel free to join in if you want to add me as a friend on
facebook feel free to do that as well you can also uh reach out to me if you
have any questions related to tefl certification i will try my best to help
you out but um i believe that is all for today
so i hope to see you next week um yeah
that's pretty much for uh today's meeting it was actually so uh it has
been so um you know fruitful in terms of uh
discussion thanks a lot for your questions yeah that's it
i'll see you next week guys if you have any suggestions for the coming live
streams feel free to message me as well i will try my best to create a new live
stream devoted to your problem okay and make sure you
uh use your yeah make sure you use this 30 discount
uh if you want to take a tefl course because it's a really great discount um
it will save you a lot of money um yeah next week i believe next week i
will go live at the same time because um in the previous
live streams i i did like um in the early morning and that wasn't
probably convenient for most people and today i see there are a lot of
active uh listeners so i will do um my live stream next week at the same time
but stay tuned uh i will create um the event on youtube and
facebook and you will be able to subscribe to you know to click on the notification
button and um yeah and join in when when it's time
okay thanks a lot guys uh hope to see you next week thanks for joining me today
and that is all bye bye guys