How can I get a TEFL job abroad if I don’t have any previous teaching experience?


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okay there we go so yes teaching english abroad without
any experience is it possible how is it possible what can you do to achieve this
goal yeah so let me tell you it's actually easier than you might think it's a lot easier actually i when i
first started did not have any experience when i taught english in china i did not have any experience
most of the people that i meet in china and in korea who are teaching are first-time teachers and they do not
have any experience and so how come basically what you need to keep in mind
is that the demand for english teachers for english language instructors outstrips supplies so there are more
vacant positions for teachers than there are actually teachers to fill them with so that's why
it is totally possible to find a teaching job abroad without any
experience it's a lot easier than some of you might think but there's certainly a couple of things
you need to consider and a couple of things that you can do to ensure that you can go and teach
abroad where you want to go and teach abroad so let's take a look at um where you can teach english abroad
without any experience so with no experience and as you can see there's quite a lot of places and actually
there's these aren't even all the places where you could go obviously there's a lot more than that but um pretty much as
you can see we have um central and south america we have north africa we have the middle
east we have europe and we have asia so actually asia is a huge market asia is
the biggest market for esl for english as a second language or efl english as a
foreign language so most people typically with no experience they either
go to asia or south america i would say but asia is definitely the most popular
and so right of the bat i want to share with you a um sheet a spreadsheet that i made and you
can actually go in there and it has all the countries listed
um let me share the link with you and then you guys can click on that you can see it um and you can also save it for your
future reference okay so let me share that link with you and then this is something that you can keep
and refer to let me see so
you can see the google stocks link right now and you can just click on that
i also have it open yeah i see some people already looking at it i think
and um i'm just gonna share that with you
and i'm gonna show you how to um work with the sheet basically okay
all right so uh yeah this is what the sheet looks like and as you can see um so the best thing to do actually is to
go in here file and then uh make a copy and then you can make a copy for yourself and then this
copy you can actually edit this one is now only view only i think it should be only view
only so you can't edit it um yeah so this is what it looks like as you can see it's sorted by um continents
so down here we have asia with europe we have south and central america and we
have middle east and africa and i highlighted this column right here
which is about teaching experience so those are all the countries where you need or don't need teaching experience
so teaching experience no no no yes so india would be not suitable no no yes
preferred preferred so sometimes when it says preferred that means teaching experience is preferred but it's still
possible to find a job without teaching experience there as well um and there's a lot of other
information on this sheet as well as you can see there's average monthly salary then there's a section whether or not
the degree is the degree is required or not when the
typical start of a school year is if you need teaching experience and also like the benefits included housing
flights included yes or no and then also here's a column if it's suitable for non-native english speakers
so that might be interesting for um amy here and then also age restrictions because
it's also ques a question we get asked quite a lot you know i'm older can i still go abroad and teach english
so this is a great sheet to have for you if you want to go abroad to teach not
only uh if you don't have teaching experience but in general so you can refer to the sheet and you can pick
out um you know a suitable country so please go ahead and yeah just save
this sheet for yourself and um you can really work with this so as you can see here
europe for example there are no age restrictions whatsoever so this is great for older people
because as you can see in asia for example there are some um where the retirement age is actually 60 or around
60 so people who are older than that might have some issues finding a job abroad
um but yeah today is about teaching experience so that's why i highlighted this column in green so you can easily
see which countries are suitable and which aren't
so yeah that's just for you to have and you can
save that and then you can refer back to it for reference but as you can see there are so many so
so many um places where you can teach english without any experience so
definitely good stuff here okay then let's move on in my um with my
slides uh let me just get that back
good okay yep so i just wanted to share this sheet
with you so you can have it you can save that and you can um just refer back to
it at your own convenience and there's so much more information on those sheets um except besides the teaching
experience so yeah you're very welcome jason thanks for all your help happy to watch your
life thank you so much jay that's i appreciate that okay good so that was the sheet and
where you can teach english abroad without any experience as you can see there's so many countries to choose from
um so now we're going to talk about i'm going to share with you four tips for finding a tefl job without experience
without teaching experience so just four things that you can do to basically make
sure you know to enhance yourself and to get the best possible
um base or like the best possible start to your english teaching career abroad
basically all right so first up we have obviously you should get tefl certified so that is
a very important part not only especially actually if you have no teaching experience obviously because a
tefl certificate a tefl course teaches you how to teach so if you don't have
any teaching experience take a tefl course and you will get those skills even though they will be
you know you'll you'll learn about them theoretically um you will still be able to apply them in
your classroom and you will uh sort of know what you're doing you're it's a good base to have for sure and basically
you should choose a tefl course that is at least 120 120 hours in duration so study hours and
from an accredited course provider that is very important there's so many course providers out there
um some even have like a 20 tefl
i don't even know 20 tefl course that's like 20 hours and um from groupon or i
don't even know those are not accredited and those are not uh good enough
to be accepted by employers worldwide so stay away from stuff like that um i don't recommend that at all
it's just it's a waste of your time and your money um even if it's just 20 but it's not going to get you anywhere so
with tefl courses with any kind of education really what you pay is what you get usually so if your course if a
tefl course is free um you're probably not going to get much in return in terms of extra benefits you
might have to even pay for your certificate to get shipped to you you have to pay for like the actual hardcover certificate
all the extra things you need to pay for and then those things are actually gonna um it's gonna
pile up and it's actually gonna be quite expensive or comparable to a course provider like itttt where you pay um a
certain amount and everything is included so we ship your certificate to you anywhere in the world for free and all
those things you have lifetime job support i'm actually going to talk about that as well in a bit but um yeah just
for now keep in mind to get tefl certified or tesol certified of at least
120 hours from an accredited course provider that is the international
standard with 120 hours these days and it's also very beneficial for you to
take a specialized tefl course so for example teaching english online or um business english or young learners
i would say especially because today we're going to talk we're talking about going abroad to teach so obviously the
the teaching english online specialization might not be um so suitable so
um i would definitely say business english or especially young learners so this is gonna depend on where you will
go but um especially here in asia most teachers are teaching young learners so starting
from kindergarten all the way to university um high school university so
um if you have that young learner certificate that is definitely going to be an additional boost for you
and down here are just some options from itt that i would recommend so this is
the basic 120 hour course um then we also have a 220 hour master
package which actually includes the 120 hour course plus the business english and
young learner certificate and then we have a 470 hour professional
package which also includes all of that plus a tesol diploma course
and then we have the 550 hour which also includes all of that plus um the
teaching english online plus um some teaching hours practice observe
teaching practice i believe um so you can find all of these options on our website and check them out in
detail before you make your decision but basically um obviously the more
training the more hours you have the better this is the minimum that you should have the 120 hour but it depends
on you know where you want to teach um then you should go higher obviously you
know if it's a more competitive area um the the more you have the better
but um yeah just check them out and uh like i said you do get 30 off with the
link that i shared with you so um yeah make your decision we also did some live sessions before about which tefl course
to choose which tefl course is right for for me for you um so you can check that one out where i
go in depth with of all of these courses and course options so then maybe you can make a decision after that but um today
i'm not going to go into all of them in detail but just to let you know that it's
what to keep in mind from this is definitely get tefl certified and at least 120 hours from an accredited
course provider all right good then we have the second tip
uh or step is choosing a destination so asia south america southern and
eastern europe they're all great options if you don't have any teaching experience yet this again you can refer
to the sheet that i just shared with you and check out all the locations in asia and south america in southern and
eastern europe to figure out which one interests you the most
it's also worth knowing that the biggest tefl job markets are in the in the world can be found in china in japan in south
korea and thailand and vietnam and also some other emerging countries
definitely but those are the biggest especially china and japan south korea thailand and
vietnam are very very big markets at the moment
still there they there have been some issues in china lately so maybe
uh you don't want to focus on that right now but um japan south korea thailand
vietnam still great and as you can see all of them are in asia so asia is really the
biggest market for um tefl jobs but if you don't want to go to asia no problem
as you can see there's also other destinations also something to keep in mind is that
many countries require their teachers to have a bachelor's degree so it's very important to research the
requirements to make sure that you're eligible so that is one of the first steps you should do think about the
destination where you want to go and then see you know what are the requirements so that's also where the sheet comes in
handy that i just shared with you because there's also a column
saying whether or not you need a degree so you can also check that out but yeah choosing the right destination
um is definitely a good strategy so first you want to take a tesla course and then you want to choose
a destination where you want to go and teach and then next up
obviously then you need to also prepare your tefl cv or resume so i actually did a live
session about this uh before as well i go in depth um of
really how to do a a tefl resume a teaching resume so go
check that out i'm not gonna go too much into detail now but basically um especially if you don't have any
experience right you're worried well i don't have any experience what can i put in my resume what can i put on there
it's not gonna it's not gonna be a very long resume i don't have experience so that's what a lot of people are worried
about um but yeah don't worry don't worry um
important let's talk about this first so on your resume obviously there's no room for errors especially if you don't have
any experience but just in general no errors should be on your resume so no
spelling errors no grammar errors errors something like that um you also should
include your complete contact details and date of birth and also a professional photo of yourself so it's
definitely a good idea to um you know go and have pictures taken for sure
and then skills and qualifications so that's the important part about when you apply for
a job without any experience um so any language skills you should
definitely put on there also any kind of experience abroad so whether that was
you know an exchange semester abroad or kind of uh any kind of any kind of time
that you spent abroad will definitely be a huge plus and um be recognized and then also any
kind of experience related to teaching or leading managing a group so even if
you don't have actual teaching experience maybe you have tutoring experience or maybe you have experience
you know managing kind of like a church group or something like that or like a sports group or
you teach some children it doesn't even have to be like english teaching but any kind of teaching so if you're like uh
if you teach children how to play the piano or something like that that's definitely also a plus um
so any anything that is remotely related to teaching
someone something you should definitely put on there if you don't have any experience and obviously what you also
put on there is um you know your educational background your language skills any other qualifications
obviously also your tefl certificate would go on there so then you already have something um that's related to
teaching on your resume when you have your teflor tesol course um yeah and then i'm actually gonna
mention some other things that you can do to boost your resume to make it look
more uh like a teaching resume in just a bit but let me just finish this fourth
part here so after that you would apply for jobs and
what's important to know is that all itt students they actually have lifetime job
assistance access to lifetime job assistance from itt
you can also find jobs on online job boards so especially linked in esl cafe
jubal and all of these other sites down here and i actually also did a live session
about um how to teach in europe how to teach in asia and i name specific um job
boards or online job websites there so you can check it out so for example expats czech republic this would be for
if you want to go to czech republic but any kind of expat group is great esl
base is great the guardian jobs this is great for europe and also they have some
other jobs in other countries as well but yeah glassdoor also linked in is great
and then also any kind of um facebook groups there's a lot of facebook groups
for like teachers in korea teachers in china so those of those kinds of groups
if you join them you can net network and find job offers there and connect with
people so that's also really good and then i also recommend efl recruitment agencies um i know a lot of people are
worried about recruitment agencies they think it's like a scam um but
uh there's so many trustworthy recruiters out there actually and the great thing about recruiters is that
obviously they know the market um they know the market very well and they come at no cost
to you to the teacher the school pays the recruiter the teacher never pays the recruiter
so this is a service that you can take advantage of completely free so i definitely recommend doing that
and also obviously an independent job search on yeah all of those sites and what you can also do the facebook groups
forums you can also reach out to um former itt course grads on our facebook
page if you browse on the reviews for example you can also um
[Music] i forgot this point um just slip my mind oh yes you can also
what you can do if you know where you want to go you can pull up for example google maps and then put in the city
where you want to go and then just put in english language school in that city and
you just contact the language school directly that's another uh way to go about so basically yeah those are all
great tips for finding jobs also if you don't have any teaching experience yet so those are the places
where you can definitely go and look for jobs next up yes i just want to go a little
bit more in depth of the ittd job support if people don't know so this is something that we offer to all of our
tefl and tesol course graduates it never expires and this job support entails
basically access to our database of potential employers you get exclusive leads on unadvertised
jobs also advice on constructing a high quality cv or resume so you can actually
write your own resume and then show it to us and we just give you some pointers how to make it better perhaps
and we take a look at it also same goes for the right for writing the cover letter
and we also help you with planning a trial lesson for job interviews because
sometimes when you have an interview lined up they ask you to hold a quick mock lesson or trial lesson
and we can also help you with that so that you can totally smash that interview and get
hired all right
good now those are some bonus tips that i just want to mention so basically what you can do to enhance
further enhance your resume so definitely take advanced and specialized
tefl certification courses so we like we said the 120 hours is the
minimum so what you can do is take specialized courses on top of that so that is the
50-hour teaching business english course the 50-hour teaching english to young learners course and also um
teaching english online course that those are our specialized courses that we offer so if you have that that's just
an additional boost that will give you um a great looking resume
then if you really don't have any teaching experience what you can do before um you start applying
um during your process of maybe get getting your tefl certificate or just during um
yeah once you know okay i want to go abroad so these are the steps you can take you can just do some volunteer
teaching um either in your community or anywhere abroad you can also there's so many
volunteer teaching positions obviously they're unpaid but at least that gets you some teaching experience and that
looks really good on your resume another point online teaching
that's also great to gain initial experience and you get paid so um if you don't want to do unpaid
work you can definitely do online teaching there's so many different platforms out there and lisa both lisa
and i my colleague lisa and i we did um a lot of different live sessions about
teaching english online especially recently because it's just so popular so if that's something that
interests you go check out our previous live sessions about teaching english online
and then you will find out how to do that but yeah if your plan is to go abroad and teach actually now is a super
great time to gain experience teaching english online
and then i already mentioned that a little bit but um yeah joining online forums and facebook groups for
networking so there are so many groups for like english teachers in korea english teachers in spain or whatever
you'll find a facebook group or a forum um expat websites and then you can do
some networking there and see what you can do to enhance or get some tips from people who
are actually there and also network and there's a lot of people who are like hey i'm leaving my
school my school needs a new teacher and then they usually look for new teachers also through groups like that
through direct networking like this so yeah those are some great bonus tips and i just have a
question here so i want to um check that out and that's actually a really great question
so brian is actually asking if i have only the online tefl certificate can i
get a job abroad yes absolutely so i only have the online tefl certificate
and i was able to find a job in china and in korea as well so um it's true that maybe 20 years ago the
in-class tefl course certificates were more like highly regarded but these days
um the online certificate and the in-class certificate are pretty much really on the same level most people
really do the online course because of all the benefits because it's just easy to do from anywhere in the world
um the the course content is all the same like the in-class course except of
course for um the online you don't have um the teaching practice yeah and you're
saying i'm not a native speaker yeah that's no problem so um i don't know when you tuned in but at the beginning
of the session i actually shared a google sheet um where you can see
different columns like i don't have teaching experience i'm not a native english speaker so you can figure out which country you can go to
so i don't know if you've um if you saw that but you can see it in the comments it's a google docs
spreadsheet and you can check that out and he says in china and korea they care
about that a lot they do so um maybe china and korea are
not countries where you you know should go um there are a lot of other countries
where non-native english speakers with no experience can go certainly so um
check out that sheet i still have it open on my end but um there's so many places and you can navigate you can see
if there's a degree required or not if teaching experience is required or not and if it's suitable for non-native
english speakers so yeah um
yeah i just actually looked at cambodia as looking at the sheet and cambodia
yeah it looks great for you so um definitely you know there's so many options and then once you are in there
it's like once you already once you have like your first teaching position from there you get a lot of
experience but also a lot of networking you can make connections and then you can improve and find a better school or
a better school in a different country and things like that so um
it doesn't mean that you need to stay there forever at this certain school in this certain location it's all about
growing and improving and um taking the next steps to um
yeah better schools better salaries etc etc so um yeah
good great all right let me know if there are any questions about these tips bonus tips
and now we can go into the q and a part of today's live session so now is
your time to ask your questions about today's topic about anything related to teaching
abroad or online or our tefl courses i also have my certificate always here so
if you have a question about that i can answer that as well but itttt about
korea about china about anything um you can you're free to um
you know go ahead and i see i think i missed a question here from marcia so i just want to look at that real quick so
she says i want a scholarship some years ago to stay in scotland for a month attending a course
um to refresh teaching methodologies that should be useful yeah that sounds really great
definitely you should do that why not especially if you won that that's great
everything free is great right awesome congratulations that's great
also just a reminder here to check out the 30 off um so you can scan this qr
code or i'm just going to share the discount link one more time in the comments so you can have a look at that
yep it looks like this and if you're listening to this as a podcast episode
the link the discount link will be in the description as well
so don't worry but yeah good
okay then i'm gonna make myself a little bit bigger here my throat today i don't know what's
wrong i apologize
all right good i hope i didn't go through my slides too quickly i'm
worried now but um do let me know if you have any questions i can go back to somewhere or we can take a look at
the sheet again if you have any questions do let me know um the worst thing that could happen is um somebody's
you know leaves today's session confused i really don't want that so any question you might have just ask
away i don't want anybody to be confused about something or you know shy don't be
shy ask your questions there are no stupid questions don't worry about that um
yeah i just want to give everybody the opportunity to ask their questions okay
[Music] yeah i'm just thinking if i forgot anything
to mention anything but i think i didn't also if you have any um topic
suggestions for upcoming live sessions also feel free to let me know always open to topic suggestions
and maybe it's something we already did and i can point you to that specific video as well
but yeah
okay brian says so on your youtube channel why don't show people who got the
in-class training oh yeah we actually do that though there are videos about that as well
um you can check it out there are testimonials of people who took on the
in-class course there also some videos of people who took the in-class course we do have that
yeah yes it's on there there is a playlist um
called testimonials and there are a lot of online testimonials because nowadays
people just take more online courses but they're also in class testimonials on
there as well and also on like the website itself
there's like pictures and videos as well
okay marcia says i already went to scotland and took that course in methodologies so i meant that it should
be important to include that in my cv yes absolutely yeah
good that sounds like a really great experience i've always wanted to go to scotland anyway
awesome yes definitely put that on your resume all right chad i'm doing the 120 hour
course but i'm not quite finished oh congratulations that's so exciting
congratulations so soon you'll hold this certificate in your hands or actually
which one is it this one yes the certificate
120 hour congratulations awesome
oh flavia has a topic suggestion so maybe a live about countries where we
can get citizenship if we work there as an esl teacher oh wow
i'm not quite sure because um that's very specific and we are not from an
embassy or any kind of government institution um and the laws really vary from country
to country so that is something really difficult to do but um
i can tell you about south korea that you can get citizenship here they
have a point system where you can get citizenship um but you need to be able to speak korean
you need to take a course and you need to spend a couple of years here but it's not impossible
but yeah that would definitely be interesting information i agree with that
all right then we have a question here from english teacher is it a lifetime certificate or should we update it
continuously that's a great question so this certificate never expires
they never expire so um yeah i got mine in 2015 i mean
it's not that long ago but yeah your tefl certificate never expires it is good for life
obviously it's good to stay up to date um in general on like
teaching things um but yeah you don't need to update your certificate
you can always take you know another specialized course to upgrade it so i recommend that
okay chad says i also paid for the tyl in business english but have to
finish that 120 hour course first yes yeah that sounds like the 220 hour uh
package that you have yes so everything uh bases off of the 120 hour course
that's why you need to take that first because that's the initial uh that yeah the first step of your tefl
certification that teaches you all the basics all the things you need to know and everything
all the other courses that come after build upon that so that's why you need to take that one first
but i think that's great so actually that's what i also have the master package this is what i have right here
and you can either choose so that's what i did i actually when i took the course they didn't have the package yet so you
had to purchase all of these individually which is more expensive so now that they have the package or wii
itt has the package it's cheaper but um so you can either choose to have
your um the master package you get three individual certificates like this or one
certificate that says 220. so that's a great thing so i actually have that too this is my young
learners this is business english and then this is the
normal 120 and then i also have the teaching certificate and teaching english online
so that one that's the newest one i i got that last year this i think that's when the course came out as well in 2020
so yeah i recommend that i actually i actually also started teaching english online this year which has been super
exciting um especially during this time where everybody went online for t for learning
languages and new skills and stuff so that was really great so i recommend that if you're uh
yeah if you're looking for something um you know teaching job then teaching english online is really great i
recommend it and actually i think last week was it last week i did a live session about teaching english online
last week or the week before um so do check that out that was really interesting as well
okay awesome all right let's take a couple more questions before i sign off i still have some time so if you are
curious about something do let me know okay great question english teacher asks
how long does it last on does it last online courses uh so how long do the online score
online courses take to complete and how much do we pay all right
um so it depends on which course you take for example the um [Music]
the uh the 120 hour course the one that i
took or the the ones that's the standard that one takes you have up to six months
to complete that course but a lot of people actually complete it quicker i completed it um in i think four months
but i was also working full time at the same time so it depends on how much time you have
you have up to six months to do it but most people um get it done before that and then how much do we pay um if you go
to tefl or let me show you on here real quick
with everyone um because it really depends on the
course we have so many different options so they all have different prices but let me show you real quick
um this one so this is what the website looks like
okay and so you go to courses
and then you'll see all the different options so these are the online courses
online courses here and this is the 120 hours so this starts
at 249 that's without tutor and then i think 339 with tutor
and all of our courses they always come with tutor and without tutor
yes 339 with tutor and the tutor um is basically there to guide you
through the course to help you you can ask the tutor questions if you didn't understand anything it's just a little bit more support so it depends on you
know on your personal teaching or learning learning style you know do you are you fine with just learning
studying on your own or you know do you need someone by your side then you would go with tutor support
so that's that okay then we have henry here
asking a question the tefl certification you showed moments ago where did you get it the one that never expires cambridge
no hold on this one yeah so this one is from itt
international tefl and salt training so that's uh also what where you the
channel that you're watching on on youtube this is itttt's channel so this is our tefl certificate
and um i think you just tuned in so you actually can get a 30 discount
if you use the discount link i'm just going to share that one more time so you can go check that out check out
the website for more information and you can get 30 percent off any itttt
tefl course all right then chad asks is the mastery
certificate more flashy um i think it's the same
i'm not quite sure i think all itt certificates look the same i mean it's a really nice certificate
it's a really nice paper it's not just normal regular paper this is a real nice certificate
it would probably look a little bit more flashy if i put it in a nice frame you know
but i just i have it like this so i can easily show people during my live sessions but this is actually a really
nice certificate it's really really nice and it also has the little thing here
it's really pretty i like it and i mean you you don't really need to
show it to anybody anyway right you also get a pdf copy of all of your certificates so that's just so easy when
you apply for stuff so
okay i love this brian says i'm tired of
teaching online i want to see the world yes me too that's true yeah
i've yeah i get it all right hey giuliano it's been a while
how are you okay giuliana is asking which one of them do you recommend linda i know there
are many different courses and prices on itttt there are yes okay let's look at
this again let's go back to the overview
so it really depends on your goal you know what you want to do so um
you know 120 hour course that's really the basic one that's the one that
the minimum you should have let's say this one is especially if you want to teach english online
then this one's great um i actually really recommend the this one the master package um because i
think it's just i think it's the best one um for me personally so this includes
the 120 hour certificate the business english certificate
and the teaching english to young learners certificate so those three courses are included in this
master package and i think that's really for teaching abroad all you need
and then if you're like okay now i taught english abroad for a few years now i want to go more i want to go
higher maybe aim for a more like head teacher kind of position um then you would do the diploma course
this one um yeah or if you know that that is your
goal right off the bat uh you can take this one
which is 120 hour business english young learners and the diploma and then the 550 hour that's the highest
level that we offer at itt oh you can't see that really well
that's the highest level that we offer at itt this is everything that this one
includes plus um uh where is that oh let's click on this
hold on plus teaching hours let's have a look
yeah plus practicum so that's all of the um
other things yeah here can you see that so 120 hour plus 50 hour business
english plus teaching english to young learners plus teaching online plus diploma
plus and this is um what really sets this course apart 30-hour certificate of
teaching practice recognition so that is actual teaching practice but we also have this course separately
so if you for example have the 120 hour course you can also take the 30 hour
certificate of teaching practice recognition individually and then you have to 120
hour course plus some teaching practice um so yeah
all right great question brahim says d pride the highest level in class so the
in-class course is oh the in-class course
is basically everything that you learn in the 120-hour course
plus teaching actual teaching practice so with the in-class course you spend four
weeks in a location of your choice we have a lot of different locations for in class
um and yeah i think you have class monday to friday morning until late afternoon i
believe and you actually teach also um students there
so it's a bit different but it's you don't learn business english or you don't
learn teaching english young learners you don't learn how to teach online it's not the diploma either
so it's it's a little bit different yeah okay
good good questions thank you so much all right we have a little bit more time
um but let me share this one with you again so um
people don't miss out on this discount i know that's why a lot of people come
here to get the 30 off because we only share that during our live sessions so if you're not yet qualified certified um
that's really a great thing to check out right here so yeah
all right i'm just gonna wait a little bit longer for maybe one more last question and
then i'm gonna sign off for today but um thank you so much for watching today it was really really great thank you so
much for asking all of your questions i really appreciate that um and i hope you learned something
new today hopefully and um yeah i can't wait to all uh to speak with you all
again next week i will be here again next week um i haven't decided on the time yet but
i think i'm not sure we'll see so that's why i always say um like and subscribe so you don't miss any
of the upcoming live sessions so um please do that
yeah sure you're welcome brahim says thank you a lot i wish you the best thank you i wish you the best as well
juliana thank you so much thank you juliana
all right then i think i'm just gonna sign off looks like maybe there's no more questions coming
um if you have a question later on you can just leave them in the comments and i will get back to you anyway
so don't worry about that and you can also reach out to me directly here on instagram i know some
of you have done that and i really appreciate it it's so fun to connect with you all so if you want to ask
something you know more private or like i mean that you don't want everyone to see here in the chat you can just do that
um if you have a more specific detailed question no problem you can just message
me here on instagram you can also reach out to itttt if you go to our website there is a contact us
um page so you can reach out oh yeah oh no i just got here yes we are
actually done for today but feel free to um watch the replay and if you have any questions like i
just said you um i will get back to you also in the comments later on so don't worry about that but yeah thank you so
much for watching today and i hope you're staying safe um you're
saying happy and you're gonna have a wonderful weekend and um
yeah i hope to all see you again next week and yeah i think uh
yeah i'm gonna sign up thank you marcia thanks so much all right guys and don't forget to take
advantage of this 30 off check out the link in the description and in the comments
and in you know where to find it you know where to find it and then yeah
i'm gonna sign off so thank you guys so much until next time bye