ESL Teaching Strategy in 2022


hey everybody it's lizzy here and i'm glad to welcome you at another
livestream session with itttt uh it's been quite a long time since
we've met previously actually it was like last year uh because i had quite a
long vacation and i hope that you still remember me because um i kind of missed
this live stream sessions uh so as i have already mentioned uh
today's live stream session uh is gonna be devoted to um
quite an interesting point which is the esl strategy for 2022
uh and i also want to say that um well
we kind of discussed this thing already but the problem is that uh not every
teacher is ready to implement this idea so i hope that today's live stream
session is gonna be valuable for you um from the perspective
of uh getting inspired somehow and probably changing your um
mindset and thinking about how to uh start working slightly differently uh
because we all are people and we tend to uh do
the same thing that is normal and um that feels um more
convenient uh unfortunately it doesn't uh work
quite well in this fast moving world that is why i i'm here to share this
idea and share my personal experience as well so stay here with me and i hope
that you will like um some of the points at least and maybe you will decide to
try them and if you don't know me yet i'm happy to welcome you at this livestream
session so my name is lisa i'm um a non-native esl teacher and a host of
these live stream sessions so i hope that um those of you who are non-native esl
teachers as well uh will find my live stream session helpful to some
extent at least and um i hope that um
you will get some valuable um tip from here and i don't know what else
maybe uh get in touch with me because i like to make meaningful connections with my
viewers usually and i also run this live stream sessions weekly so
um i hope that we will become real friends with you guys so
uh let me change my um video slightly let me twickle it so that
you can see my presentation better uh so yeah i think this way is better
all right uh let's dive right into and um
let me quickly see um the comment section because i can um i can say there are some um what
some comments all right
all right there is some communication going i i feel like that but no problem guys if you feel like uh
communicating talking to each other on the chat box feel free to do so because
this live stream session is for networking as well uh so feel free to do that
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the that course with which suits you best and uh also i want to say that uh right
now my speech might sound a little bit slow that's because i haven't practiced for a while
unfortunately here in russia i don't have much choices much opportunity to
speak so often so um that's why i might sound like a slowpoke so sorry for that i will
warm up probably i hope so at least okay and now um
the topic that i have already promised to discuss today
uh the esl teaching strategy so basically in my presentation i decided
to combine several popular approaches and um you know to present um this idea
that everything works in combination
i constantly get questions related to different teaching approaches and
many new teachers believe that uh if they uh pick just one it will work for
uh whatever students they have unfortunately it is not so it doesn't
work like this so um right here right now i just say that
it is always better to combine and to mix up
just to make sure you uh face the needs of various types of
students and the first idea which appeals me most is that
we teachers have to adjust our teaching style to the students needs
so every time you prepare for a class you have to
think of your student to be in the center of the class so forget about this
um old-fashioned teacher teacher-centered approach where
the teacher was like a leader in the classroom and all information was
coming from the teacher to the heads of the students
these days um it is old-fashioned it is um outdated it doesn't work like this
anymore uh because students also have um some basic knowledge of
different um concept concepts and they
can become uh you know like leaders uh in your classroom as well and this is
what you want to facilitate as a teacher so in this scheme
on this scheme you can see that um you um should constantly think about your
student being in the center and then you should um ask yourself uh how do we
we respond to students needs uh what do they want uh how to use content and all that
methodological stuff to engage students into the um
work into communication and so on and then how
to build those relationship to facilitate the learning process this is what we
have to consider and to me it works best through this in individualization
and personalization plus some positive relationship
now my personal example i have a really nice student she's 13 years old
and uh when we started working uh she has already been kind of
a proficient student not proficient of course but like um at her age she was quite proficient
so she was much more ahead of um the same age students
and her needs were um higher much higher than uh those who
studied um in the same grade as she did uh so
my approach was to put her in the center of our um one-on-one classes
and um to consider her personal uh interests needs and everything related
to her persona so uh that approach worked
really good because she developed that
trust and um these days like aft after um
almost two years of work she says that these classes like my classes
are not like uh school classes but rather uh like
communication with a friend and i believe that uh this is what we all
should uh strive for uh we have to consider our students
being our friends of course we should level up this you know uh relationship
we should balance them um and there is some limitation to what we can share
during the lessons what we shouldn't care and so on but in general this is a
great strategy so uh individualized personalize everything
you want to share um every content every material should be
um taken based on what the student needs and then build on this
positive relationship this is how this student center
learning framework works and then you just add on some different
things related to methodology um approaches and so on and so forth
so when you put yourself um
in this scheme like like a leader i it is not the same type of experience
for the student so these days uh student-centered learning approach
is the most modern and the most working one especially in the esl teaching
but unfortunately students not students we um people who used to work in a regular
type of classroom back in the day we tend to
uh you know make our teaching style
similar to that that our teachers had
at that time this is not the most proactive
idea unfortunately okay let's move on to the next part
the second point which is also relevant to this uh
20 20 uh 2022 uh strategy in esl
teaching is visualization and these days this is um
quite easy to achieve so uh there is nothing uh challenging
to make your classes uh visually um
uh friendly and at the same time interactive and uh engaging so on the
left uh on this uh picture uh on this slide you can see
um a list of resources you could use to make your classes
interactive and engaging with the use with the help of technology so uh this
platform called advibe it's a great um online teaching platform
uh which provides uh different templates uh and um
like kind of a constructor to make your outstanding lessons
so you can uh pick out uh one of like 30 different um
templates and create your uh engaging lesson and it's gonna be like interactive and
engaging of course um you can also use this platform to um
carry out your lessons to deliver your lessons because they have um a video
live chat uh what else uh you can also set assignments
um give homework through the platform and they also have ready-made lessons
ready-made materials so you can just save time as a teacher uh just making
copies and providing your students those materials
that have already been created by by some other teachers i i guess it's really convenient because
it helps to save up some time on preparation um the next platform called word wall uh
it's also a constructor with various templates but uh it's more
for creating games and activities uh so you can use this um tool to
make outstanding um interactive activities and then use them
at your convenience when you have your classes and so on um
the rest is pretty clear as well so um i for example work on nero it's like an
online collaborative whiteboard it is especially convenient to work on this whiteboard together with um
several students so uh if you work with groups it's super convenient because everyone
can collaborate um in real time and it is very very
engaging because students get involved into the uh learning process so again this is a
student-centered approach um and you can also see three social networks
uh why um did i list them here is that uh if you add on some
visual materials based on videos or pictures even blog posts
uh it should be um authentic from my point of view of course it is
also have it also has to be relevant so you should uh work you should um
you know [Music] discover so before you
offer some content to your students uh try to work on them yourself so pick out
the best quality materials because sometimes um you know like bloggers they
also create not the best type of content so uh work
on these platforms to find engaging videos and materials that are
relevant for your students once again uh and um these days especially if you
work with teenagers uh tick-tock videos are perfect uh to
start a lesson or to like you know to break the ice
and engage them into speaking activities or
uh engage them into grammar points so whatever um it it solely depends on
your creativity but these resources are perfect to find
something uh that is going to be authentic and um
like engaging at 100 percent so for interactive and engaging content
um to boost your students english experience use this resources
and i hope that your lessons will um will be outstanding okay
uh by the way if you have questions related to any of these uh materials let
me know in the chat box because um you know not everyone is um
advanced uh in terms of technology and i totally understand that i started
working online um almost two years ago and at that time
um i had to think a lot and i had to explore a lot
to make my lessons um at least a little bit engaging
my general strategy was showing pdf files and uh probably that's it so we
worked with some uh textbooks and nothing else
these days i work um with textbooks as well so i base my lessons
on um those um popular publishers so i don't uh
create anything from scratch but i i add on visual materials and
videos and so on uh to make it more um beautiful and to make it more visually
friendly okay and the last point uh of my presentation
is here so um the approach you should
implement in your esl teaching strategy this year is differentiation and recycling so what i
mean by saying differentiation uh it is especially relevant if you work
with groups or classes where a lot of people with different needs
are presented so sometimes in groups
we cannot control everyone especially in terms of needs and
their abilities so for this reason you should consider
that you have to vary your lesson contents and you have to adjust
the teaching strategy to the needs of the group not of a person
so sometimes you know it happened a lot to me when i was a student myself so um i should say that
i was not proficient so i was not the best student in the class
and i always felt um left behind because the teacher
offered content for proficient students who were quicker who were
faster learners than me and it felt so so depressing and knowing
annoying at the same time because i couldn't um catch up on them so i had to struggle
myself without any help and that's why i didn't like for example math uh physics and some other subjects
at school uh just because the content wasn't moderated to my personal needs uh
because of the whole group and i studied in a classroom
with those students who were better than me in science um subjects
unfortunately so i constantly felt um
you know escaped maybe so i constantly felt left
uh and these days being as uh being a teacher myself i understand that it is
important to think about everyone of course it's not um it's not a good idea
to provide content uh for those like considering just those who are
weaker uh because this way faster learners better students will
feel left as well so i have to moderate my teaching i have
to defer a differentiate so for those students who are
better who are faster learners i provide some new challenges constantly
and for those who are slightly weaker i offer some easier
type of content easier activities and exercises and of
course i give them support so if um you find yourself in a position when uh some
students uh try their best to answer faster uh to
you know especially when um it is quiet when you ask a question to a weaker
student and it is quiet uh in a room for some time it's important
to make sure the better learner the faster learner won't
uh feel the quietness feel the silence with their personal ideas
and this way you show your support to the weaker student um if you agree with this approach
please let me know in the comments because i'm not sure if uh this idea is relevant to everyone
so especially if you are if you work with a group let me know how
you do that and the second point from this slide recycling
i believe that it is absolutely a must to give
uh your students opportunity to repeat everything uh because um our memory
isn't that good unfortunately i mean um that memory
um that works like the the short-term
memory so you have to offer um different types
of um activities to repeat the content of your previous lessons or even
something you did with your students like long ago so for this thing i once again i have
listed several um resources that can be used so the first
one is quizlet uh it's a great online tool to create uh
those flip flap cards so um it is useful to
learn vocabulary and grammar if you um if you explain it um in chunks for
example uh so with this lexical approach um quizlet is perfect word wall once
again uh you can give your students tasks uh to repeat some content um based
on games and uh some engaging activities once again and this
platform advipe uh it can also be used to repeat to retain materials
so anyway it is absolutely useful and helpful if you
um work on the same content uh but from different perspective again and again
um not just like yearly or uh
once in a month or something like that sometimes retention is necessary even
off more often um yeah that's pretty much i guess that uh
this is it um in terms of this esl teaching strategy
i'm going to implement this year this is something i have already implemented
anyway but um i feel like um i'm a bit weak in terms of retention and
repetition so this is something i want to work this year more on
let me know what is your strategy for this year and if you find
the tips that i have just showed you relevant uh if you
if you want to try them so let me know in the comment section okay and right now let's have this q a
um i will answer your questions if you have any and also once again you can see
this uh qr code uh if you scan it you will get a 30 discount of any um itt
staple courses online so online tefl courses not uh all courses but anyway
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don't forget about your professional development and always strive for the excellence and i will now
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yeah it is right here so here you are
if you follow this link from the chat box you will also be able to get this 30
discount uh make sure you save it for later yeah actually there is bill
uh who recommends another tool which is kahoot yeah it's also very engaging and i
should say that on their um public page like the community page or something
they have a lot of materials a lot of ready-made materials
so it is absolutely cool to use this online tool as well
okay thank you bill and let me see another
okay uh so there is um acmel john
i hope to pronounce the name correctly if i mispronounce it let me know
uh so i took um a tefl course several years ago it was back in 2017
i guess and this is how i started working uh with um
you know um this is how i started my tefl career i would say that was almost
the first step so at that time i worked in china and i was um
i was a graduate student so i i finished my university my bachelor's degree
and i had no experience and also i had no clue about uh tefl certification i
had no clue about teaching in general but um my major was
linguistics was english linguistics so uh that was the most you know um logical
outcome i decided to start teaching because my english was quite decent
um so yeah um i started teaching in china and then i realized that i need to
work on my methodology and stuff related to teaching in general so i took this um
tefl certification in 2017 uh and um
i should say that it was um a great decision at that time uh because it
helped me to um start building my career
um yeah that was absolutely a great decision to invest into myself and into
my personal development and career of course
uh and let me show you uh not show you let me
read you what is written on my tefl certificate i guess that
these days it is slightly different but in general the
um visual appearance is quite the same so
on my certificate it is written that i was awarded certificate in teaching english to
speakers of other languages so at that time i decided that um getting a t soul
would be better for me but basically tefl and tesol are quite the same so
um the content is absolutely the same the content of the course itself
and this um explanation this title uh this is what you can decide upon
finishing your um study so when you
uh finish the last assignment when you finish everything uh related to your um
tefl certification course uh you will be able to decide which
title to write in your certificate so i decided that i needed
tesol instead of tefl but in general they are the same this is uh the most
common question we get like what is the difference between tefl and t soul so in
terms of content of those courses there is no difference uh but the difference is that
um the abbreviation is different okay um i hope that it works for you
um i hope that it is helpful all right yeah uh
as for advipe um so advipe is an online teaching platform uh for
example i i guess that you know such um such companies as vip kid for example
advipe is um a platform that you can kind of rent
so for example vip kit they have their own
uh platform where teachers deliver different classes and they get all the material but you have to um you have to
get hired by vip kid um as for advipe you can just rent that
platform and be a freelancing teacher yourself so you don't have to work for
the company you can work um as an
entrepreneur or for example you can start your online school
and you can have the same quality of uh teaching uh because you will have this
uh tefl platform not tefl you will have this teaching platform but uh what i recommend doing is that
go and google this platform they are actually
they got their renaming so before they call they called themselves uh progress me but
this day uh they they are advipe and i know that the this year they will go like um
on the international market um so i guess that they have already got
their um international website uh it used to be russian only but these
days um i i suppose they have the same
all right um yeah bill actually gives a lot of relevant comments saying thanks a lot
um thanks for recommending tesol uh yeah uh they are absolutely relevant
especially if you have no um educational background so if you didn't um if you
haven't studied um as if you have if you haven't prepared
as a teacher or but rather like i don't know like me a linguist
or even something else uh a tefl certification a tesol course
would be absolutely worth it um okay
um and as for celta yeah many people ask about celta as well uh so we don't
provide celta at itt but celta is absolutely different so it is more um
i guess it is more related to teaching adults if i'm not mistaken and this course
some time ago i'm pretty sure not sure about these days uh it used to be
an in-class course only so you couldn't take it in a real classroom
and at the same time it was quite pricey so uh when i was younger and when i um
haven't taught before um i considered like what to take a tesol or celta and i
decided to take a tesol because it was more affordable for myself so i could
pay much less and have a quicker course with this feedback and so on
so i guess it depends on your personal needs if you want a more
um feedback based thing and a real classroom study
maybe celtic will work for you but it's a bigger investment
all right i'm glad to hear that uh tesol courses and celta as well helped build
to find a job easily that's really really cool thanks a lot by the
way bill uh have you finished a tefl course a tesol course with itttt
or any other tefl provider let us know yeah
i guess that this is it for today but i would like to
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join in my facebook group and keep in touch i think that uh esl teachers can help
each other a lot maybe share ideas exchange
experience so this is uh where we can do that um i invite you in the group and um
yeah thanks a lot for your participation thanks a lot for coming to this live
stream session and staying with me um for 40 minutes
um i hope that my pronunciation haven't bothered you today because i had a
really long break after you know those active uh weekly live stream sessions
and unfortunately i have no um opportunity to
practice my english speaking in daily life because i live in russia but i work
um with a teacher myself yeah and yeah
actually i have a really great news i
took ielts last month so in december and i got 8.0
which is really awesome um i i hope that
this score will go even up uh so yeah
this is something i work on myself uh as well and let me know uh what do you do
especially with non-native esl teachers what do you do to work on your personal
uh skills and on your english as well so keep in touch with me and don't
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get a really nice discount so see you next week guys and this week
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little project we hope to be helpful and see you next week bye bye