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marcia hi juliana hi good to see so many familiar faces some new faces i love it
thank you so much for tuning in today and yeah i'm sure um since you're here you're all interested in teaching
english online so i'm excited to talk about that today um i know my colleague lisa who also goes live once a week so
at itt we go live twice a week one time it's me and one time it's my colleague lisa
and she um already did a live or i think two or three with like teaching english online
she was talking about how to plan your online class i think she did it last week and
the best platforms to work for when teaching english online also for non-native english speakers um
but i decided to also talk about teaching english online today
and just kind of cover everything all the basics and how to get into it
and all the little things that just are associated with teaching english online because i myself
started teaching english online this year and it's been
six months now yeah it's been six months um or seven months i forget but um yeah
half a year that i've been teaching english online i've really enjoyed it i learned so much
and now i feel slightly ready to pass on some of that knowledge to you guys or just you know
share what i experienced and yeah like that so that's what we're
gonna talk about today as always if you have any questions just feel free to ask
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was good then we have alessandro from brazil hi
thank you so much for tuning in and irma hi nice to see you again as well irma
thanks for being here okay so i'm sure you're all excited that we're finally getting into this topic
now teaching english online it's been a huge topic um for the past year or two and it's
increasing all the time so um let's get into it
again i'm gonna make myself smaller and i'm just gonna do a quick introduction because i do see some new faces here who
might not know who i am who might be watching for the first time so my name is linda i'm on the one hand i'm a
travel writer and content creator that's just one of my passions i love sharing
my experience of living abroad in asia under my name linda goes east east
because i've been in asia pretty much since 2012 i've lived in china and i now live in
south korea i've been here for the past six years already you can find my own website at and also on
on instagram on facebook as well but also on instagram that's my main platform where i just love to share my
content at linda ghost east linda goes east i can't talk this morning
um so you click on that and you just you know you can send me a message at any time you can just say hi
um you can like some of my posts and follow me that we highly appreciate it and yeah i'm originally from germany and
the us my mom is german my dad is american and i'm based in south korea i've been here for six years now
and uh for the past uh yeah five six years i've also been a
teflon t-slow marketing professional um for itt before that i was actually teaching full-time
and then i transitioned towards just uh teflon t-cell marketing for itt itt
stands for international tefl and tesol training and um yeah our website is and also on instagram at international tefl training and itt is a leading teflon tesol course
provider worldwide we have a great variety of different courses some of you have already taken a course with us some
of you might not have taken one yet but um that is who i am and what i do
and um yeah hi guys i keep an eye on the comments hi joey
hi jerome from boston and jonas from staten island awesome
thank you so much for being here today i see there's a lot of people here today interested in um teaching english online
so um let's get right into it first up i want to ask you a question so who
uh watching right now is already teaching online
um let me know if you're teaching online or if you are teaching
uh like in person if you're teaching abroad or if you don't have any experience yet
let me know in the comments let me know so who is already teaching
online who is not teaching online but in person and who is not teaching at all
a little bit complicated okay pedro says in person okay great
in person uh marcia says i'm teaching both okay
great that's good mm-hmm um and adriana also both juliana in
person online also both um jerome not currently at all okay
great um joey is on instagram cool yeah i'll connect with you and he's
teaching online via zoom awesome so i'll go ahead and um connect with
joey here on instagram irma really wants to learn how to teach
online okay great and alessandro also both
look man on oh sorry lookman not yet but soon okay
jonas i have never formally taught but i did once teach homeless people to read
cool so you do have teaching experience and i bet it's very difficult to do to teach someone how to read so um that's
great the turks is online valerie says i've taught in japan and
the jet program three decades ago wow three decades ago that's amazing i have
a friend who also taught um in japan in the jet program that's very cool now i
have my certificate i want to start teaching again that's great awesome
um cool uh blended learning to neat okay so
is that both in person online awesome great so i guess you already know a lot about um teaching english
online uh so maybe there's something that you can also teach me today if you have you know whatever um you know tip
you have advice you have or if there's a platform for teaching english online that you especially like share that with
everybody that would be really really awesome i would appreciate that because there's always something that i also learned
from you guys which i what i love doing these live sessions
okay joey also says in addition to online teaching i do in-person assignments in russia
very cool okay great we have a very very good group here so i'm sure this is going to be
very very beneficial for all of us today
very nice we have amy joining as well hi amy welcome
we're talking about teaching english online um so first let's cover the basics of teaching
english online so some of you might already know this but people who are completely new to all of this they might
not know this yet so um let's just cover this real real quick um so basically what does teaching
english teaching online in general it involves either or most of the time
one to one lessons sometimes also group lessons or you know you teach two
students for example but typically it's just one to one these lessons are obviously delivered
online either via skype or zoom or other platforms so depending on which um
platform you work for it can be that they maybe have their own internal platform through which you're teaching
so it's not through skype resume but their own um internal one
why teach english online um maybe you can answer this why are you teaching
english online but basically teaching english online allows you to work from anywhere in the world and also take
command of your own schedule most of the time which is really great what a lot of people want in today's world just being
able to get away break free from the nine to five and just make your own um
schedule and hours and just have a little bit more freedom which is great and you can make money from literally
your couch basically which is great who can do it so anyone with a tefl
qualification a webcam and a reliable wi-fi connection can find work online
sometimes you don't even need a tefl but um with the huge surge
in teaching english online it's become pretty much the standard also online
to have a teflor t-soul certificate and then the last question do i need to be a
native speaker to teach english online no it's possible to teach english online
also as a non-native english speaker and actually my colleague lisa that i mentioned just earlier in the
introduction she has a lot of great advice um
on that oh joey says technical difficulties am i not here
oh no
can you not see me right now can you hear me was i gone am i back
i hope i'm back i just want to make sure
can somebody in the comments just let me know if i'm back if you can see me if you can hear me
i might have to check on my phone oh okay valerie says i can still see and hear you perfectly okay great
good i was scared for a second because i was just talking and talking and then someone said oh no technical difficulties i'm sure linda will be back
soon okay great good all right valerie says you never left
okay so maybe it's on um on your end um great thank you so much for letting me
know i just got a bit of a shock um all right never lost you here great okay
so yes what i was saying about non-native english speakers and teaching english online i highly recommend
checking out my colleague lisa's live sessions treated live sessions about how to find a job also abroad teaching
abroad as a non-native english speaker she has a lot of great tips how to enhance your portfolio and all those
things so i highly recommend checking her out because obviously that that's the great
thing about both of us because she really has that insight into what it's really like um you know having
a successful teaching career as a non-native english speaker so um yeah just that on the side check her
out as well she is mostly teaching english online now so those are the basics
then um i also want to cover obviously what do you need to teach english online
so those are the three main things you need first up is a teflor t-cell qualification
of at least 120 hours so that is the same for uh teaching english abroad
nowadays you need at least 120 hours of um you know tefl certificate there are
different types of tefl certificates so some of them are uh under 120 hours but um so you don't
want to get that one you should really at least have 120 hours also from an accredited course
provider like itttt for example it's also very beneficial to take a
specialized course that focuses on how to teach english online there there have
been a lot of new uh courses like this specialized tefl courses introduced in
recent times specifically for teaching english online and obviously itttt also
has um those so i'm just going to share that with you real quick if you're interested
so the first one is the 120 170 hour tefl certificate
which is what i just shared with you here in the comments um so this is that you can click on that
this is for people who are not yet certified at all so this is basically 120 hours the standard tefl
plus 50 hour specialized teaching english online course
and then if you are already certified and you have your standard tefl you can
just take a specialized um the specialized teaching english online top up course
which yeah looks like this that's the link you can just click on
that check that out that's 50 hours only so if you already have a 120 hour tefl
um you can take that separately just to 50 hours very quick doesn't take much time it's not very expensive and like i
said we also have the 30 off which you can scan in the upper right hand corner i'm also going to mention it
again at the end of the class the class at the end of the session so i'm already
so into teaching at the end of the session so you can get your 30 discount so those
are the courses that you want to take if you are serious about teaching english online i recommend those
um so that's one side the tefl qualification the next point number two here is the right equipment and i think
um this is very important and also the teaching platforms they really look at
that as well so you want to have a laptop a computer obviously a webcam and
a good headset they're all absolute must so sometimes it's better to wear a
headset a headset with a mic it's just gonna be a lot clearer for the students to
understand what you're saying because sometimes there is like this background noise or like noise from the computer i
know my laptop is sometimes very loud and students can hear that working the brumming sound so you want to avoid that
by just having a headset um you also want to make sure that the lighting is good um so i can actually
show you what i use normally because i i go live um during the day in the morning it's 11 30 now so actually the sky is
blue it's very nice i don't actually need additional lighting but sometimes i teach
students at night when it's already dark and then i like to have a ring light like this so this just kind
of stands um next to my laptop or kind of behind my laptop
and it just gives me if i can put it back it just gives me this additional like
light especially at night this is very nice um because it's very important that your students they can see your facial
expressions right when you teach english pronunciation they need to be able to see your mouth you just need to be well
lit and this thing literally just costs 20 bucks it's so worth it it's really
nice so i recommend getting something like this and then also especially if you teach
children you want to get a variety of different props so this could be a white board even just a small white board that
you can you know it's like this those little ones that we all had when we were kids one like that for example or just
any kind of little toys um flash cards anything like that and i
also like using flash cards or like some kind of props also for my adult students actually so sometimes what i do is i
have like these little cards um i just written this is actually german i teach german as well so those
are questions that i prepare on cards because sometimes it just makes it a little bit more interactive
um and i let them choose you know a card um and they're more involved in that or
i'm just gonna show you this real quick this is great for kids um so those are like little
abc little tiles that you can use so if you have a board
you can stick them on there and you can build words for example so just something like this to make it a little
bit more interactive especially for kids excuse me especially for kids it can be
difficult to just sit in front of a computer um for a long period of time so you want to have some
props [Music] um yeah and then other requirements
for teaching english online so some platforms they require their teachers to
have a degree so university degree usually doesn't have to be in t in
teaching in english it can be any degree obviously a teaching degree or in english is obviously a plus
you also want to have a good fast internet connection and some platforms they actually uh
check your internet speed so you have to do a speed test on your computer and um you might not be able to teach on
that platform if you fail that speed test and also what i've seen recently some
teaching platforms even require you to do a background check
so they require you to do a background check i i checked it out on one platform recently who wanted
a background check on all of their teachers which obviously is great so uh that you know
parents it was for kids to a platform so that the parents can be sure that you know the teachers are decent
and um yeah but that can happen so it's it can be a lengthy process um from
actually uh applying to then getting to teach it's not as quick as like this so there is an
application process involved some platforms are more strict than others um so
yeah that's typically what it looks like good
then let's see what's next yes let's talk a little bit okay
one second i'm gonna look at the comments
jonas says thanks so much linda i'll absolutely continue to watch you all the best great thank you so much are you leaving us
already you can always watch the replay no worries um great all right let's talk a little
bit about the online efl market what it looks like at the moment and some uh
trends and how the facts basically about online efl
so um according to the british council there are um around 20 billion people
who are speaking learning english around the world which is very very
which is a lot many many people and it's increasing
and then also what boosts online efl market the online efl market is an increase in internet
access globally as well so there is a statistic as of 2019 there were 4.2
billion active internet users 60 of the world's population and that is increasing all the time so more and more
people are getting connected to the internet and more and more people are learning and speaking english and you
combine those two and you have the online efl market also increasing
um then something very interesting that i read recently so online teaching has proven to be
highly effective actually so some research actually shows that on average
students retain 25 to 60 percent more material when learning online compared
to only eight to ten percent in a classroom that is crazy i think that is really
crazy so i read that in an article um and i thought that was very very interesting because a lot of people
that's what a lot of people complain about since the whole pandemic thing and a lot of students had to go online that
they're not learning as much um but this research actually proves the opposite so
how effective online learning actually is which i thought was super interesting and then also
with the online efl market evolving and growing comes great innovation so you'll
see a lot of new and interesting platforms showing up um that you can use
in your virtual classroom so things like unlimited video conferencing time auto translation
capabilities which is super cool real-time co-editing of project work for
example and also a smart calendar scheduling all of those things um
are improving since um the pandemic and since the efl market the online efl
market is growing so much so just a few four major points about the online efl
market at the moment that i just wanted to show you and why it is so booming at the moment and why it's a good idea to
get your foot in the door now all right
good now let's cover the types of online teaching so
and you can let me know your some of you are already teaching online which of those two fits or you are doing which
of those two so one is online platforms you're working for an online platform or
the other one is teaching independently so online platforms there's so so many
out there the pluses for working for an online platform is you can easily
connect with students because they already have this huge student base right um and you're just new you're
adding yourself to the platform and then you have access to this huge pool of students
you also have access to lesson material normally some platforms where you don't
and you have to create your own lessons so it depends um but typically a lot of online platforms
they will have their curriculum they can provide that to you you don't have to do anything else
however um there can be lengthy application processes for these online platforms so it takes um some time to
get started with them you have to do you know maybe you have to do a mock lesson you have to do an interview you have to submit all your applications and stuff
so it takes some time and the worst part they take a cut of your pay so they take a commission
that's how obviously they work so if you're working for an online platform they take
a commission from your pay so you need to keep that in mind versus independent teaching where it's
all on you you might have your own website or you're just your own social media channel and you advertise through
that and get students you can set your own prices you can teach your own lessons whatever
you want however it needs a lot more advertising efforts so you need to
promote yourself you need to get yourself out there versus on the platform where you already have access
to all of those students and some setup costs are involved so you might have to do a website you might have to you know
print business cards you might have to pay for some like ads online to get students or access to
different groups and things like that so um that's definitely one of the
downsides all right let's take a look at valerie's question with the online platforms don't
you have to compete for students with all the other teachers yes that's also true so actually when we talk about
online platforms there's also two types of online platforms so one is the
online like school platform and the other one is the online marketplace so
if you're teaching for a marketplace or you have your profile set up on a marketplace
um you basically need to attract your students so they need to book you
um and you need to advertise you can also make your own price uh the kind of lessons that you want to
teach that's within marketplace so you put up yourself basically like a profile
and then students can find you and they can book you versus with an online platform like a
school where they pretty much give you a student they assign you students so yes
you do have definitely there's competition especially with the marketplaces with the other online
platforms typically the schools they would um more or less kind of assign the students
to you from what i understand i actually work for a marketplace or i work on a teach on a marketplace um
which has been actually great because what they do because they also want you
to be successful on those platforms so the platform that i teach on and i can
share a little bit more about that in a bit but what they do for new teachers the algorithm how they structure their
site is they push you so you would show up in search results as new teachers
and you can also you know have like promotions coupons free trials so that
you can build your student base it takes a little bit of work and effort and now for me teaching
after six months i have a steady pool of regular students but it definitely took some months so now after
six months i definitely can say that i have a steady um yeah pool of students regulars that book
me every week but that definitely took some effort but those platforms they have those
strategies in place to really boost um and encourage their new teachers
because they want you to be successful so they would put you higher in the search results as well when you're new
there so that you can have a good position and a good start basically so yeah
great so that is that so you can choose for yourself which one makes more sense typically for new teachers obviously a
platform makes more sense because if you don't have any experience yet um or anything then it's just easier to
start with a platform and then maybe once you have your material you know how it works teaching you know you have a
couple of students you can maybe move over to independent teaching and set up your own website and start you know
doing that without having to give up part of your pay
basically but yeah so those are the options then we have the pros and cons of
teaching english online i want to just take a look at that and then juliana says i'm on one
platform online platform and two online marketing platforms yeah cool
definitely that's also the great thing good point you don't have to stick to only one right you can work for multiple
so you could do one platform one marketplace or whatever like juliana one platform to marketplaces so it's totally
up to you you just need to make sure that your schedule doesn't um you know that two students don't
accidentally book at the same time and things like that so it takes a little bit of um scheduling and time management but you
don't have to just stick to one platform absolutely great good point
so the pros and cons of teaching english online let's have a look at that real quick
so first up with the pros just want to talk a little bit about those so obviously the flexible working hours and
the great work and life balance are the biggest draws i think to
um the biggest pros for teaching online for sure um it's also a good earning potential
it's basically you know how much effort you put into you also get back so you can decide essentially how much you want
to make right how much you want to teach how much you want to earn it's all in your hands which is really great
it's also a really really great way to just get started in tefl or efl teaching
so if you are someone who's maybe interested in teaching abroad later you could start with teaching english online
get experience and then this is a good and also make money earn money save some
money up for then to move abroad and teach english abroad the startup costs for teaching english
online are also very small you only need a few things you can literally work from
your couch your home your office room where i am right now so it's it doesn't
take much money you save money you don't have to leave your house there's no
commuting um you know you don't have to go to an actual office you don't have to buy any fancy clothes to go to an office
or anything like that so you actually save some money you can also take holidays when you want which
is really great so um you know whenever you just don't want to work you just
block your schedule and students can't book you for example so it's totally up to you which is super
great for teaching english online the cons obviously it's a variable
income so that means every month will be different you don't earn a steady income it always
depends how many students you have that month that's how much you make so it's never the same amount so that can be quite
tricky um for me actually my experience teaching six months this is not my sole
income so i'm not i'm not dependent on it then it would be a different story but um
and i also don't do this full-time i just do it a couple of hours a week but um
it's definitely been increasing also in the first few months i didn't have that many students
um so it's slowly increasing to where to a point where it's now pretty much
similar every month because i do have my regulars so you can kind of expect to
see you know it's fluctuating a little bit not too much after a certain point
um loneliness yeah let's talk about that for a second so if you work like me i work from home
all day every day it can get lonely i'm a person who doesn't who doesn't really
um i mean i'm fine by myself i enjoy some me time but definitely can get lonely especially if you're a very
social person so what i do i just sometimes go out work from a cafe so i am among people um so you can always do
that um yeah khan's staying healthy obviously if
you're just sitting in your house the whole time i'm not so healthy but i mean in your free time you can then work out
um the danger of always working that is a real thing because you work from home
if you work you know in a office or outside of your house you have very it's very clearly separated this is work this
is home but when you work from home you teach english from home um it kind of merges into one
and actually a funny story because the platform that i work at i had a student yesterday just randomly call me at
like 10 p.m i didn't know why i was calling me and i actually didn't pick up but that is the danger of you're always
working because you're always sort of there right um so yeah and then slow to start
that's also something i just talked about it now after six months of teaching online i can say i am um at a
point where i'm pretty happy with my regular students the amount of work i get from the platform but definitely it can be a
slow start so you need to put some effort into it to get the ball rolling
tech issues yeah just like now in our live session so sometimes for you
probably the video will be you know it's buffering or like the sound will be on
and off sometimes so that's the same with online teaching obviously that can be quite annoying
um i had a student where we were both in korea but it was like thunderstorm and
there was a typhoon so the connection was horrible and it was a really challenging class to do i couldn't
really hear her she couldn't really hear me so that's that's sometimes really um frustrating when you're trying to teach
also yes unreliable students you can also sometimes get those i've had those they book a time slot i sit on
the computer i prepared myself for the class i wait and then they don't show up so that also happens but most platforms
my platform at least they will still pay you especially if they cancel like if they don't cancel at all or if they
cancel very short notice um i on my platform can actually decide if i want
to charge them for that or how much i want to charge them for it so it's in my
hands so i can make that decision but yes unreliable students are annoying but you have them in real life as well
and then yes working late or early so depending on where you are um you might have to work really late or
really early especially if you're working for a platform that mostly caters to asian uh students for example
but you're in america right so that's the typical scenario then you have to get up real early or
you work really late i'm very lucky i am in asia and my students are all from asia so we're pretty much in the same
time zone it's like one or two hours different which is not a big problem so but you have to take that into account
because you want to teach when most of your students are there right you want most of you want to be you want to get
students so you need to look at that so that's also one point that you need to look at when choosing your platform
all right valerie had a question about taking time off do students drop you as a teacher because they want the
weekly regularity so this depends on you know how often you take holidays i guess
if it's every week uh you're not there every other week probably they might not like
that um you can also try and give them you know advanced notice what i do as
soon as i know i go somewhere i just mark that in my calendar um it's never been like weeks and weeks
on end it's just been a couple of days or like three days that i didn't work or like one week um
you know a whole week um so they know in advance and they can prepare um typically they're not that
mad about it if it's just one week you know um yeah that's why it's really important to
build good rapport you know you have a good relationship with your students um so that they really like you and only
you as their teacher and then they are happy to wait until you're back so i wouldn't worry too much about that
good so those are the pros and cons then let's look at how much can you earn teaching english online so this really
depends on which platform you work for or if you work independently how much
the platform pays their teachers typically they pay by the hour and an average hourly rate for online
english teachers ranges from 15 to 30 us dollars can be more some
platforms you can make your own prices so you can earn absolutely more than that um but you just need to make sure
that it's also competitive um you know so you're not if you're much more expensive than all the other
teachers on the platform um how do you justify that you know do you have more experience do you have
uh better like qualifications you need to justify that somehow um or else students are going to go elsewhere so
yeah i think that's it about that part thinking i feel like i forget forgot to
say something but i don't think so typically you will also be paid once a
month on a specific date that's when they pay out all of their teachers um
you can usually either be a bank transfer or like paypal or something you get paid out
um you can usually choose that and uh yeah
so it's in your hands how much you want to make a month basically that's how many hours you need to work then
but yeah that's what it looks like okay um yeah which platforms hire online
english teachers so many there's so many out there now and those are just a few
um requirements hourly pay bonuses teaching hours and other factors they
all vary obviously from platform to platform but those are some very well known ones and you're going to notice
some of them are uh chinese yes so magic ears cute kids vip kid they are
chinese i think and if you heard about the recent situation about
online teaching in china i'm going to talk about that in just a minute because you might want to look for other
platforms other than the chinese ones at the moment i think that's next yes so the online
teaching market in china in 2021 so what's happening i just wanted to mention that because that's a big thing
and um a lot of these platforms are chinese because the like online
education english education in china is just so huge and so important
um so a lot of people work for chinese platforms and so this is what's happening let me just
read that real quick so in late july of this year the chinese ministry of education announced new legislation with
big implications for how the online tutoring market operates in china the new legislation places a ban on online
teaching companies hiring teachers outside of china this means that it will no longer be possible for english
teachers living elsewhere in the world to get hired by an online teaching company that caters to young chinese
students and this is the point young chinese students so this is only for children if you work for a chinese company out
and you live not in you don't live in china but you teach adults you're fine
from what i understand from what it says so this is specifically for kids because they're trying to avoid the huge
pressure um that english education or education general is being put on uh young chinese
children um so that's what's happening and i actually have
uh 20 non-chinese online teaching companies that you can work for so you don't have
to worry about any of this and i want to show you that and you can
also i'm going to share the link with you so you can access this sheet you can apply to all
of these platforms they are not chinese so you don't have to worry about any of this new legislation and stuff
and you can be sure that you are not going to have any problems um
so let me just share that with you [Music] and we can go through that
so this is the sheet the google sheet you can click on this link
i'm just going to show that to you okay
i'm gonna turn this one off for a second
one second i just want to show you this sheet so you know how to
work it yeah so this is a sheet 20 non-chinese
teaching companies to work for so you don't have to worry about any of these new regulations in china um when you
click on this yeah i see someone's clicked on it so great what you can do is file and then uh just make a copy and
then you can edit this file yourself or you can just click on these and then
apply directly so 20 platforms they're not chinese so
you can just check them out and also information about the hourly
rate what degree is required lessons provided yes or no you know do you need to plan your own lessons or not um what
kind of students you're teaching okay valerie says i can't seem to open
it um i see some people here if you see people here already um joined and they
opened it so i don't know maybe this is on your end hmm
um maybe you have to copy like
highlight the link and then instead of just clicking on the link maybe you just need to highlight it
copy and then paste it in a new tab um valerie maybe try that
if that doesn't work i can also send that to you directly maybe
if you just send me a message after this i can do that too but yeah it should
work i see people have clicked on it already so
i'm just gonna give you one more minute
so yeah these are a lot of companies where you don't i don't see the link anymore oh okay
uh if you are in the you're on facebook so if you scroll the comments
it looks like this docs that's the link
i can also share it again one second let me share that again
here this is the link so you click on that
and then you'll okay alessandra says i've just clicked on it worked for me
okay and juliana says i see my marketing platform on that sheet cool which one is it do you want to share
which one is it
okay just came up got it okay perfect okay yeah so this is it and you can just
pick you can apply to all of them you can pick the one that fits your um you know
your style so whether you know the minimum some of them as you can see have minimum hour minimum hours can i make
this bigger yeah some of them have minimum hours so you can just check you know do you
want that or not are you a non-native speaker then you have to you know applied to those that accept
non-native english speakers if there's experience equal experience required all
of that stuff so check them out and then you just click on apply and you can apply very easily okay i see a lot of
people have joined now great oh valerie says oh now you're turned off
am i turned off oh no am i here
i'm here hello
super prof okay super prof
am i here hello okay
hmm my sheet just i don't know my sheet turned off
that is very strange anyway
uh so you can just click on file and copy
okay thank you guys oh valerie maybe valerie had problems
okay all right cool so um you can just click on file and then make a copy and then
you can always keep the sheet and you can just keep it for reference and apply good moving on
oh yeah we're almost at the end so i just want to mention that itt also has
job support that never expires also for teaching english online so every course
graduate from itttt um gets access to our database of
potential employers those are online jobs those are in-person jobs abroad
those are exclusive leads on unadvertised jobs you can you won't find them anywhere else just our partners our
recruitment partners and school partners and platform partners um we also give you advice on constructing
a high quality cv or resume also advice on writing cover letters and assistance with planning trial lessons
for job interviews so sometimes when you have to do a job interview also when you sometimes when you have to teach online
they ask you to just hold a quick trial lesson or a mock lesson for like 20
minutes so we also provide help with that just wanted to mention that in case you did not know that so
yeah that's that and yes now we're up for q a but just let me show you before we go into that
um how you can find itt online so one way is our website
then you can also find us on facebook and on twitter on instagram and obviously youtube where some of you are
watching from right now so check us out on there you can also check out my um
profile atlanta goes east on instagram i would love to connect with you send me a
message with your questions i'd love to help you out or just have a chat and then
we can move on to q and a so if you have any more questions also that's not
related to teaching english online that's fine or if there's something that's not clear that i talked about
today do let me know and then again you can get thirty percent off your teflor tesol course
um by clicking scanning this qr code or i'm gonna share
the discount link one more time in the comments and you can get
that um like i said if you're interested in teaching english online i really recommend taking
um the 170 hour course in teaching english as a foreign language with
online specialization or if you already have a 120 hour tefl
i recommend getting the 50 hour course in teaching english online cteo
so and you can do that um 30 off
all right i'm a little bit out of breath now but um yeah that's what i prepared for today i
hope you guys learned something from it i think really the sheet that i shared with you today with 20 non-chinese
online teaching platforms would be super useful for you because i know a lot of people are worried at the moment about
china um and what this means for the online teaching market but as you can see there's so many other options out there
so many other options so you needn't worry you can still um teach english online successfully and
make it a career and pursue that so yeah i hope you learned something from
today do let me know if you have any questions also any other questions now is q a time i still have some time
before i sign off so here we go
yay farah said thanks a lot for sharing all of that thank you so much for watching until the
end that's awesome jerome says thanks a lot linda it was
helpful and the sheet is helpful yeah i think that's the most important takeaway
from today right the sheet um so pr please make sure you make a copy of that so you always have that um
available you can also save it as a pdf if that works for you uh we can do that
alessandra says thank you linda i really appreciated that awesome marcia says
thanks for everything again linda juliana says i'm teaching languages on my online tutoring platforms yes that's
also the great thing so if you speak any other language um like myself i speak german and english
so i also teach both on my platform i teach english and i teach german so if
you you know if you're not only an english speaker if you also know another language very very well
um you might as well you know have uh also offer that for teaching it might be
don't it was kind of daunting for me to teach german because um it's very difficult
and i don't know all the i i didn't take like a course for teaching german like i did with teaching english the tefl
course um so it was kind of daunting at first but now i really enjoy it and i get a
lot of students for german as well so you never know maybe you start i started out with
teaching english and now i'm doing english and german so maybe there's some opportunities for some of you i know
some of you are speaking a great variety of different languages so you might as well look into that as well maybe that
works out for you too yes marcia i'm thinking of teaching spanish in the future yes you should
definitely go for it there's a huge demand for spanish as well definitely check that out
great definitely do that
and that's the great thing about teaching online i think you can just set up a profile and you can give it a go and then if it doesn't work out you just
delete your profile like it never happened you can always do that
your students don't know where you live so they're not gonna come to your house and complain
yeah but it worked out well it worked out really well for my students and that's why in the beginning i also
charged less because i was a new teacher so i kind of put my price you know below average so also i
would get more students maybe we could do a live about that too like how to uh those little tips and
tricks on how to build your online platform and like make it on the platform that'd be a
good idea but i don't know if my tips are so great for that
anyway all right we have a question from adejumo i hope i'm pronouncing that
correctly um nice of you linda i just got here a couple of minutes but i got that spreadsheet i'm going to watch the
video over again i hope you post this video yes we keep all of our live sessions in our playlist i see that
you're watching on youtube so you can just go to youtube we have a playlist there called live videos i think so it
will be there it will be there for sure
okay valerie says does the itty online teaching course cover some of the tech setup yes yes we actually do or it does
the course does yeah it covers it i'm not on instagram yeah you don't need instagram it just
covers a lot of the other like technical things yes
it does yep also i think um you can check your speed
and it gives you help on that um your internet speed and stuff like that yep
definitely oh i can also show you before i sign off
what it looks like this the certificate i mean um
yay this is it this is the certificate in teaching
english online you can see it here teaching english online yeah and i took
this or i completed this on the 10th of july 2020 so
a little over a year ago this is my certificate
this is what it looks like if you've completed a course with itttt before you'll know what the certificate looks
like the certificates look like it just looks like that as well
um okay adejima says i've always wanted to teach english but i noticed it's a bit
daunting for non-native english teachers thanks for sharing this it will encourage me to take the teflon tesol
certifications now great yeah don't be discouraged at all there's so many
platforms or also countries abroad that hire english non-native english speakers and if you
did not hear me mention that earlier my colleague lisa she's a russian
english teacher and she teaches english online she also taught english in china before so she
actually has a lot of great advice in her life sessions about or for non-native english speakers to
advance in that career so you should check her out as well it's also in our playlist if you see um a different face
she's blonde and has short hair check her out she has really really great advice for
non-native english teachers
valerie says how do you learn how to self-promote you can take a marketing class maybe
um definitely use social media you know um
or also what lisa i think lisa actually did a live session about that how to promote yourself you should check that
out i think she did that yeah because that's what she does she teach i think she teaches on a platform but she
mostly teaches independently and she just finds students by herself so check
lisa out um she has a lot of info about that so
browse our live video section for lisa again short blonde hair that's
lisa and she has tips about that but yeah it's like facebook groups um you know
for teaching english as a foreign language and all that stuff so she'll have great advice for that
okay uh jerome's asking how about future presentations on teaching techniques
using technology oh is that a topic suggestion for a live hold on i need to write this
yeah that's a good idea okay i i think this is a topic suggestion
right for a future live session that's a good idea okay future presentations on
teaching techniques using technology yeah
i'll write that down
okay yeah awesome idea i will get on to that
thank you i always i always look for new suggestions so that is great um
awesome all right alessandra says do you think
we should take tkt or celta as well let me see tkt
tko teaching knowledge test hmm
i think actually lisa she mentions because you're a non-native english
speaker alessandro so she has a live session about
um what non-native english speakers can do what kind of certifications you can take
to advance and to add on to your portfolio and i think she mentioned um cpe is that
it it's also a cambridge certificate so check that out um that's what she recommends doing one of those
[Music] jerome asks do you use zoom etc do you
use an actual whiteboard or online etc things like that yeah okay
that's a good idea i'm gonna i'm gonna do that yeah great
actually lisa again i refer to lisa but she she's great for teaching english
online honestly that's why i didn't talk about this topic yet because i feel like lisa knows so much more about that than
me she did a live session where she explains how to plan your online lesson
and she uses um things like myro or miro which is online like whiteboard so
that's really great and i started using that after i watched her lesson or her live session about it
um and then also a thing called world word wall word wall i've also been using
that so that's really great those are very interactive fun things that you can use for your online platform check that
out myro m-i-r-o and word wall
okay i have maria says yeah tkt is from the cambridge university i took it twice
tkt is something like a proficiency certificate proof you can speak english okay yeah i mean anything like that
that's the thing with your um english uh online teaching platforms you can add your certificates so anything that's
well known um you know that's always a plus so anything from cambridge is great or ielts or toefl those things are
always great for non-native english teachers great you can add that to your uh
profile on those platforms and then you can usually what you do is you have to take a picture or send them a pdf of
your certificate and then they verify it that's usually how it works so anything
that you have definitely useful in a plus
okay adijuma says please don't forget to post a link to the 30 discount offer i
think i did i did i can do it again no problem
no problem i thought i did maybe i forgot here you go it looks like this
here so apply slash and then the end part but um
yeah if you're listening to this as a podcast episode um it will be in the podcast description
anyone else watching live right now you can just click on this or scan the qr code up here
i can never get this right because it's mirrored it's it's weird
anyway good okay great awesome you had a lot of great
questions today i am signing off very soon so if someone has a very last
question i'm gonna take it if not i'm gonna um get ready for some lunch it's
after 12 now and i'm getting a little bit hungry i'm in south korea so it's already uh
friday noon friday noon but yeah today was really great i hope
you really learned something from today and um i highly recommend checking out that sheet again make a copy save it as
a pdf refer to it um you can apply to all of these platforms without any hassle without
worrying about what's going on in china right now so um yeah
anything else thank you so much um jerome for the um to suggestion
the topic suggestion i wrote it down and i'm gonna do that probably very soon um
or maybe i'll pass it on to lisa and she'll do it i think she has a lot of great tips or you might do it together
you know we did a live session before together lisa and i was really fun as well so we might do a joint one again
i think that'd be really cool for you guys as well so yeah
cool i think yeah don't forget this link here it's in the comment box um 30 percent off and like i said for
teaching english online i recommend the 170 hour course from itt and the 50 if for those
who are not yet certified at all in tefl um
if you are already certified in tefl and you have the 120 hour certificate already
take the 50 hour course in teaching english online which i showed you just a
few minutes ago looks like this i took this course as well because i was already certified as well i took this
when it came out it's really great i started teaching online six months ago and i'm pretty happy with where i'm at
now i have a regular flow of students every week and i really enjoy it so yeah
thank you so much everyone for being here today i love this crowd so much please come again next week
um thank you adijumo for coming all the way from nigeria it's 4 a.m in nigeria
thank you so much for staying up i really appreciate that that's awesome fares thank you again also please take
care also juliana thank you so much for always being here um
i really appreciate you guys marcia as well thank you
have a great weekend as well yeah it's friday i'm so excited for the weekend have a great weekend stay safe wherever
you are don't forget the discount um reach out at any time here instagram
linda goes east or just itttt directly and they will forward it on to me as
well no problem reach out and um any questions you might have
no problem at all all right then guys i'm gonna sign off and um yeah i hope to see you again next
week thank you so much bye guys