An Overview of ITTT's Specialized TEFL Courses


okay hello hello and welcome to today's session my name is lisa from
itt uh today i'm going to guide you through uh some of our
main uh specialized tefl courses uh if you are joining please let me know
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hello hello so as i have already mentioned my name
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thank you guys thank you for joining um and right now let me come back to the
main point of today's session which is um a quick overview of
overview of uh some of our tefl courses we will talk about some specialized tefl
courses provided by itt uh these courses can help
you to enhance your resumes um and they are really interesting
to um dig a little bit deeper so uh you can enlarge your professional
skills professional teaching skills so um if i
don't respond to your answers um that's because um there are there is so
many things going around myself so i will uh reach you back a little bit
later during the session and right now let me share my
presentation with you please so as you can see today
we are going to cover um our tefl specialized courses
um and that's something about myself
so my name is lisa am an efl teacher and a tefl and tesol expert
with itttt um i've been working online recently and i'm also
um um specialized at uh teaching children and adults
so uh we are probably having a lot in common with you guys let
me know where are you at on your tefl path
have you already finished a tefl certification or um are you just willing to
uh enroll into a course uh so let me know
okay um and um here is something about itttt
so we are um one of the major tefl providers and we are
presented on various uh platforms so um make sure you join us and you follow
us we usually share different stuff on our social social networks
and we also try to give you some tips and
professional tefl advice so if you don't want to miss anything
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and uh today uh we will um overview the specialized courses
uh that we provide on um that we provide to our uh tefl graduate
uh graduates and those who are willing to um spice up their tefl
resumes so um here what we've got
there are three main specialized courses uh at itttt we provide a
certified with a certification in teaching english to young learners
we also have the option related to uh business
english teaching and there is a course in teaching english online
so as you can see if you want to dig a little bit deeper
with your tefl certification there are three options that you can obtain
and become a little bit more um
skilled in teaching english okay so there are
some people interested in starting the course and it is really really
cool and there are some people that have already enrolled
so i hope today's session will be informative for you and uh keep watching because um
a little bit later uh closer to the end of the session i will share as
a special of um i will share our special offer um i'll give you
a discount for uh the specialized courses
and again thanks for joining uh thanks for watching
and let's quickly uh go further so
as for teaching english to business english students and to
young learners we have this two general options
uh you can take a tefl uh a specialized tefl course
in teaching business english or in teaching young learners and they
are covered in six modules it will take approx approximately about
50 hours or so so there are still many people who
uh can deal with it uh really fast and um it's totally okay it's totally
normal we all are different in terms of consuming information and we're different in
learning styles so but basically uh the courses are
about 50 hours and all of the contents are covered in six different modules
uh there are also two options in terms of tutor help
you can uh take a course either with tutor help or without
the tutor help uh the main difference is um in the quality
of the assistance provided so if you choose um a course without
uh the tutor support uh you will be working on your own and uh there will be
uh guidance uh in terms of uh some technical support so um
all of the uh courses include uh technical support and if you have any
issues with the uh general um course um flow um
our technical specialists will definitely help you
and as for the teaching english uh online certification course
uh there are also two options you can do it online uh you can do it with tutor help
or without it so um basically um it just depends on your personal
needs if you want some more guidance it's absolutely normal to apply for
a course with tutor support and our professional um teachers will help you uh
in different aspects of um doing uh these courses
and teaching english online certification is also covered in six
modules and it will also take approximately around 50 hours
if you guys have any questions related to these three types of courses please let
me know in the comments box and i will reach you back a little bit further
during the session and of course if you guys have any other questions related to tefl
certification please let me know soon um
and i'll go a little bit further and uh i want to tell you about uh some
requirements for applying uh to these specialized courses so uh
generally speaking uh to apply for some uh for the specialized tefl
courses you guys need to be tefl certificate you guys need to be
temple certificate certified already sorry for uh
um me uh mispronouncing some things i'm a little bit nervous uh hope
it won't bother you so um general uh requirement
is tefl certification uh you should possess at least 120 hours
tefl certificate uh if you do have one then you can apply for a specialized
tefl course of your choice um and in case if
you are not tefl certificate certified yet uh there are several uh options that
can be um interesting for you uh we've got uh these
specialized courses as a part of uh three bundles that you can see
on the slide here so um if you want uh to get
one of the specializations you can apply for a general uh tefl certification
course and um the specialized courses will be included so
um as for the bundles uh they are
a little bit more advanced so some of them include uh 120
hours tefl course in general and um one or even
all of the specialized courses um as a plus as a bonus so
if you want uh to get certified in various qualifications
you can consider one of these tefl courses one of these packages
and uh you would probably ask how much are the specialized courses so
uh if you choose um a course without tefl um without the tutor support
uh it will cost around 175 dollars
if you uh stick to the tutored um course with full tutor support
it will be 275 dollars but don't forget that um
at the end of the session i will share the special offer and you will be able
uh to um get a discount so if you are uh considering
uh to apply for a tefl course whatever course you want um this
coupon will work and will give you a discount uh to any
of the courses uh even to specialized ones
um and actually it's here so it's time to share the coupon link so
i will do it through the comments section make sure you copy it and you save it
you can apply during today
it is a limited time offer and i hope that uh you will take this opportunity
and uh jump into the tefl train really fast
uh and there is a there is a difference between um the coupon links i will share with
you uh the first one is for uh general courses and the second one is
for specialized courses and remember that the specialized courses
can be taken only after the general tefl certification
so if you haven't got certified yet uh consider this opportunity
and um apply for the general tefl course first
so if you are a new student please copy this
coupon link it will give you 30 discount um for any course
you like um and if you have already obtained your tefl certification
here is another um coupon blink you can use so
the second link is for those who has already got their tefl certification
and right now um i'm going to check the chat box so if you guys
want to know anything about tefl courses about specialized stuff courses please let me
know and i will try my best to help you and answer your questions
okay so one second i will check up it really quickly
so this is a q a session and the first question is what should a
person do if they have a tefl certification less than
120 hours so in this case um it's a good idea
to apply for another tefl certification that will
help you expand your existing certificate and
um it won't be a case for specialized courses
unfortunately but you can try to
gain more hours through some other types of tefl
certification that we provide if you need any assistance on this point on
on the point of expanding your existing tefl certificate please um contact us uh
on facebook or email us and our professional manager
who is in charge of this whole tefl certification will reach
you back and explain you everything in details i don't want to miss with you
so make sure you contact us again
on this very point thank you for the question gwendolyn and the next question
is um i've done the 120 hours course and the 50 hours specializing in english
online the courses are brilliant oh that's not a question um thank you carol um i'm really happy
to hear your feedback um it's it's really um pleasant uh to know that you are
satisfied um and let us know if you have already using your tefl skills have you been
teaching uh lately or uh you are willing to um expand your tefl skills
even more uh what about it and another question um i
finished uh the 120 hours tefl 50 hours young learners and 50 hour
hours business english in october i'm still waiting for my certificates i would
really like if itt would send them to me okay so um you've got some problems with
um getting your tefl certifications as they figured out um it can be
um a problem here uh due to uh due to the pandemic situation because
the delivery um delivery time has been expanded
as i know but i'm sure that you had to receive
a digital copy of your tefl certifications if you haven't got it yet please
contact our tefl managers uh you are probably being in the
email chat with your tefl uh tutor or um any other
representative who um stated that you successfully fulfilled the course
please make sure that you reach us back on this point as well
um yes because uh we usually not actually usually we always send the
pdf copies so uh make sure you contact us on this
point and um i want to run the program
in nepal would you suggest me the process uh could you please um
tell me a little bit could you please provide me with a little bit more information on this point uh are you
willing to take our course uh in class in nepal or you are referring to something else
thanks for the question anyways
and i'm working [Music] as a teacher but don't have a tefl
certification which course is best for me so if you
have already been working as a teacher the best choice would be taking a 120
hours tefl certification this
course includes um all the necessary information related to
planning um methodology uh and um delivering your classes
so um that's a great uh way to start from here and um
then develop your uh teaching career as a professional thank you
and is it still acceptable to enroll in a specialized tefl course
after earning a temple certificate but not from idt that's a great question as well yes
you are allowed to apply for a specialized tefl certification with
itt if you got your tefl certification
from some other tefl provider but make sure that your certificate
is 120 hours at least so the general requirement
is that you have already obtained the minimum of 120 hours
tefl certification uh and it doesn't mean that you can't
apply for any other tefl courses with itt if you got certified
um anywhere else
okay so um you want to run a course getting affiliation from your
institution uh so um the guidance here will be on our main
website we've got a special section saying affiliation or
uh partners you can um check it out there and uh
contact us um via email or on facebook as well uh you can
get all of the information related to this point uh through the managers who are in
charge of this point thank you uh and now again guys um
don't forget that um i have shared the coupon links for you
if you are willing to take any of our courses make sure you copied and
saved this link it's a limited time offer um so make sure you apply
soon because uh this discount is really
really valued and if you guys don't have any other
questions um we will probably finish the session
a little bit earlier if you still have any questions related to tefl
or maybe teaching in general let me know
so i would definitely um like to respond to
your questions and concerns
okay so how should i know my online certification is accredited our
organization itt is an accredited and
is accredited temple provider you can check our accreditation on the
main website which is tefl course dotnet so
let me write it in the chat box so you can go to our main site
and check that we are an accredited organization uh
it means that you can uh make sure that your tefl certification
is also accredited and um our um
brand is actually uh recognized uh in the temple world and
employers are usually happy to welcome itt tefl certifica certified
teachers so don't don't worry about this uh problem
and uh it is also possible to verify your uh tefl certification uh
on our main website as well so if your tefl employer is concerned
they can uh check that you obtained your tefl certificate
certification um for real because some people um sometimes uh try to fake
temple certificates uh they photoshop them and so on but uh it doesn't work this
way because um employers can actually check through our database
and make sure that their employees are really taboo certified
okay do we need to reapply for the specialization of for the specialized
courses if we finish the course with itttt yes uh you need to apply separately
i have i have shared the link a little bit earlier
let me find it
so um if you apply with this link uh
first of all you get this 30 discount um and uh you will be also
able to see the special form for those who have already finished
the main tefl certification
okay uh does south korea hire a non-native tefl certified teachers
um it is always um better to check if some countries uh
hire non-native teachers or um for example teachers who don't have any degree
in teaching um on the country's embassies
uh so um you can definitely find um an employer uh in any country
you like even if you are a non-native teacher uh but you need to um
find out if it is legal um and you can do that only uh
doing your own research um there are still opportunities for
non-native teachers all over the world but it may take a little bit more time
and more documents to apply for a work visa so um
my recommendation is uh go to um the south korean
embassy website um and check out uh what policies they have
in terms of hiring english teachers some countries state that
they allow native english teachers only for example that's the case with
the chinese policies they usually hire legally only
native english teachers and they state it on their website
okay and i believe that with south korea the situation
may be different but it is still worth checking
um yeah uh how long will the special offer last
so it will uh the discount will um work today for sure
so try uh your best to make it until the end of the day
uh if you are um if you have already weigh up everything and decided to go for
this opportunity um but if you have any uh further concerns
related to this discount or something you can also be in touch with us
and we'll try we'll try our best to assist you
is there a branch located in alexandria yes i believe so
we have a branch in alexandria um you can um get to
our website as well and uh find the location you
want to take a course in but the best option i believe is taking
a course online because you won't need to go anywhere you will be
able to obtain your temple certification from the comfort of your home office
so but if it is vitally important for you to take
in class to take an in-class course then um yes we do have um
our tefl center in alexandria and in many other cities around the world
i'm a graduate and planning to take up the 120 hour tefl course that's awesome to know
uh make sure you copy this discount link and apply um real quick
you will be able to get a significant discount and you will be able to take this course
cheaper than we usually offer uh this discount is actually
um like a vip discount uh just for those who uh watch these online tefl uh
sessions and we are really happy to find new people interested in tefl
uh courses and in tefl career in general um you can also
check up on some of our earlier live sessions because
uh me and my colleague linda um shared a lot of useful stuff
um in terms of online teaching um teaching english as a non-native speaker
and um so on so uh you could check um our folders on facebook
and on youtube and uh you can also listen to us um in a podcast
so i choose uh whatever mean um of
getting information you like and um keep in touch uh
is china recruiting teachers from overseas during covet that's a great question um i have
uh several friends uh who um just went to china during this
pandemic situation uh but they um they got this um
corridor when china allowed um foreigners from some particular
countries they had to stay in the quarantine for two weeks
but after that they moved to the city they chose and um
it's all great right now they are working and basically they are
non-native english teachers so it is still possible to work in china
this way but all of these policies are changing quickly because of the
whole situation of course there is another option working for china it's online
this market is uh boosting with offers right now there are uh such
there are different applications and plot platforms uh that allow teachers from all over the
world uh work with chinese students so make sure you check this
information as well and yes you can work um in china but
online okay thank you for your questions if there are
no more questions related to tefl teachers uh for related to tefl teaching
thanks guys for uh this session uh i will be finishing it um
and i would like uh to remind you one more time that itt
can be found on various social networks
please join us um like and subscribe and keep in touch if you are willing to
take a tefl course or you are concerned with any other uh questions related to
tefl certification and efl jobs so thank you for today's session
i hope that it helped you to make your decision um and i hope that taking a tefl course
or some specialized tefl certifications will help you in your efl career
development and i will um answer the last question
and will finish today's life okay i've done master in education which
uh major english do i need tefl certificate for teaching english
uh so if your master's degree uh in education is from
a native english teaching country you are allowed to work all over the
world without any other credentials but if your degree uh is from
some other institutions um around the world so if it is not from a native speaking
country uh tefl certification uh would be a benefit because it allows to work
you all over the world and it's um
proof that you are specialized in teaching english in general
so thank you for your question and um make sure that you saved
the coupon link and i hope you uh will join us uh next time
so today's session uh was probably um the last before
uh so my colleague linda uh will be off uh this friday
because um of christmas but next week we will um
meet again uh to discuss some other things related to tefl and i hope to see um you guys again
um if you want uh to get some more uh tefl advice please
contact us quickly and if you want to learn a little bit more about
teaching tefl and so on uh check us on social media
um yeah keep in touch so see you guys next time thanks for
joining me today um i hope you um like this session
and yes see you next time again bye bye