5 Ideas How You Can Use Your TEFL Certificate to Make Money


hey guys welcome to a new live stream with
international tefl and tesol training my name is lisa and today we're going to
discuss a rather important topic how to utilize your tefl certificate
at one hundred percent to make more income uh and while waiting for some more
people to join us i would like to briefly introduce myself so let me
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if you don't know me yet here i am my name is lisa i am an esl
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tefl certification at one hundred percent to make more income
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i hope that today's session will be uh helpful and you will get some uh
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so basically there are not many um unique ideas i would say that all almost
all of them are um pretty common but i just want to um
make it i just want it to sound uh more reasonable probably because not many
people and understand how to uh utilize the tefl certification after
being certified uh and at the same time some people believe that it is absolutely useless
um i'm here to change this opinion and change this
attitude so basically the very first idea is super simple and it is straight straight
forward uh if you want to make money out of your tefl
certification if you want to um have it in return you know
like you spend some money on getting apple certified and then you want to get
this investment back uh the very first step for you to do is
to find a position and to start working online um well
basically you can work uh in a real classroom as well but the idea is that
um online teaching is uh more common these days due to
different uh situations happening all over the world like for example
in russia we will have a new lockdown
beginning in november and basically uh teachers who have just
one workplace uh in a real classroom they have to
stay home and they have to um you know they still have to make money
somehow that is why many in-class teachers go teaching online
there are two main options the very first and probably the easiest way would
be to find unemployment to find whether um well let's say
to find a teaching school like a learning center or some something
represented online and to work for them uh maybe an online platform whatever
uh another idea would be to uh do it completely um
as a freelancer and to me this um approach appeals most
because uh this way you are in charge of your own income and
uh you can make more money this way because you can um
get you you can set your own price um depending on your location or on your um
students location and um well it it depends how many students you
actually teach so the more you work the more you get but probably it is not the
best approach in terms of your uh time management you know and work-life balance but anyway the point of today's
session is to understand how to make money uh after being tefl certified and
um how can you use your tefl certification as a freelancer so basically uh you should show it off
and say everyone that you are not just a person from the street who knows english
pretty good um but you have to um well explain your um
your clients your future clients that you have this certification and you
are eligible to work in any part of the world because you know
methodology you know how to organize lessons and how to create content so
that's probably um the easiest way uh to get
your investments back uh all right thanks a lot guys for sharing your comments um i'm really
happy that you are here and i am um actually in the middle of my
um tip of the first tip but right now i'm going to move forward so the first
idea is the easiest one but anyway the more you work uh the more you get
so if you want to um if you want your tefl certificate work you have to work
as well uh that's pretty easy and if you are interested in different
uh options like where to teach uh how to teach and stuff you can check out our
previous live streams um linda my colleague linda and i uh
actually created a lot of videos and a lot of um content related to
teaching positions and teaching platforms for
english teachers to work online all right let's see the next idea and by
the way guys if you have any questions related to today's topic or to tefl
certification in general feel free to comment i will try my best to help you
after the main presentation so we will have this q a session
at the end so just make sure you um share your opinion or you ask your
question during this presentation um i will get back to them
all right so the next idea how to make money using your tefl certification
is also pretty obvious but not many people think about it right after
getting tefl certified or right before getting tefl certified but basically you
can use it um as a business owner um you can try to start your online business
before getting tefl certified and then you to utilize this certification as a
reason why clients should trust you why people should work with you
or you can use it the same way right after getting tefl certified
um of course it seems pretty challenging to start your own business especially
online but there are many uh useful uh tips and
answers how to do so uh online so just make sure you check out uh different
resources um online business is actually flourishing these days and it
is not that difficult to start um as soon as possible
so feel free to check out um our previous live streams we also talked
about it um well in different live streams and yeah um basically you can
open your online school or you can create digital products um as a blogger
you know so uh if you follow different influencers on social media like
instagram or youtube you know that uh those people actually create a lot of
content some of that content is for free but if uh their followers really like
the content they may actually pay some money like uh donations for example
or at the same time they can buy some specific products uh some specific
digital products and this is the way uh people get
money online as well so you as a teacher can think about some possible digital
products digital um things you can sell online and i would say that the easiest
way would be to distribute it on various um platforms like
teachers pay teachers uh so if you um are pretty creative and if you know how
to um create your own lessons you can basically create lessons and then uh
sell them online on marketplaces or even on your personal
website and that's that's it probably
um in terms of your own business but i would say that uh the beginning of your
own business uh seems to be um almost the same as freelancing so when you're a
freelancer you have to work a lot um you have to find clients yourself you
have to uh have skills to sell your
services and stuff that's pretty much the same um as when
you start your own startup or like a small business
um you you still have to do the same uh things and
yeah just um promote your services this way or products
uh let's continue and yeah the third idea is closely
connected to uh my point about creating materials so these days
uh this job is really is in great demand uh for example here in russia we have a
lot of online schools opening and everyone needs a methodologist who
actually knows how to how to create lessons how to structure
lessons and not just single lessons but also general courses so for example um i am
an online business owner i start my online school and i would like um
students to follow a specific curriculum so i hire a methodologist who creates
this curriculum who knows how to structure it logically and then
as a consequence uh i have this set of ideas
um then i will probably hire a designer and other people to uh pack this
uh course and then i will sell it so that's like a really brief description
how online schools work uh but you can be a part of this project and
you can offer your services at the methodologist
it's a really great um job and these days methodologists can
actually work as freelancers they can also get hired by online schools but all in all
what you have to do really well is methodology and basically if you have your tefl certification it
means that you have the methodology methodological basis because um itttt if you obtained your
tefl certification with itttt uh we have this methodological basis uh
in all of our courses so if you got this training then you have this
idea how to structure lessons in a logical way
and this is a really great skill you can you know you can
transform into money so basically the easiest idea would be
to get a job in an online school or create your
online materials as a methodologist um and sell them as well
so that's it if you guys have any questions and if um or if you want to
comment my ideas feel free to do so yeah um
okay so let's keep going probably and yeah before i continue my presentation i just
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all right so here we go um if you need to get tefl certified and if you want to
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uh okay let me continue my presentation
uh the next point how you can also make money out of you out of your tefl
certification is uh becoming a copywriter well basically there are not many
copywriters who can actually um do some solid copies
um well especially it depends on their
english skills uh but at the same time it is vital to know the sphere
so basically you guys if you got tefl certified it means that
you have a pretty fluent level of english a high
level of english you know how the language works and at the same time you know this field you
know the educational sphere uh it it can make you a great copywriter
because you can uh combine two different skills uh in one
specific job uh so you can write professional texts
for teachers uh for like bloggers uh or for different online resources uh
for example um almost every uh website for teachers uh has a blog there or has
like you know some written content and the chances are that this content is
written by a copywriter uh sometimes copywriters don't do a
great job just because they um are general copywriters so you can have this
uh benefit of being um a person who knows the sphere from the inside because
you actually teach people and you know how it it generally works
um so you can work as a copywriter for an online teaching company for an online
school that has this representation uh over different social
media or um what else uh you can also work for them
as a web copywriter and do
texts for their online blogs you can also work with
teachers teacher bloggers like those people who has personal blogs on
different social media or just on the web and also create
solid texts for them and it's a great way to make uh some extra money so if
you don't uh have this copywriting job as a full-time job so you can just make
some extra or vice versa you can find this full-time employment as a copywriter and
you you will also utilize uh your skills after the tefl certification
um yeah that's probably um the greatest idea that um appeals me
most uh because i really like to write texts and um it is a vital skill actually to
develop but many people neglect doing that and this will also help you
when you teach your students to write usually students don't like to write uh
and for example i have many uh issues with my
esl students when we start preparing for you know exam essay writings and stuff i
just give my personal example that like sometimes i do copywriting job and it's
a great skill to make some extra cash and this is the way um i try to motivate
my students um i think it's a great idea to show you know that
um every skill can be monetized so
yeah you can also try to do that okay and the last idea i would like to
share with you today uh is a job uh of a content producer so basically if
you know how the online business works you may have already heard about this
position almost every company or a project
a personal project of a blogger for example has a person who is
in charge of content uh in charge of the content production
and uh what they actually do is um really complex um set of um
responsibilities they have to prepare a content plan for like a month or
some some more time uh what else they also have to manage um
such people as social media manager um than
copywriters designers and stuff so it's like a manager who creates ideas
and then who manages people that um
get this ideas into real life you know
um so you can manage um the production
in in an ad tech company for example or uh you can work with um personal um
with individual brands like uh with bloggers or who else like let me think
um usually with bloggers yeah um and yeah this is also the way how you
can make some more cash or you can have this job as your full time job so
basically if you get tefl certified you um get some specific skills related to the
teaching position but it doesn't mean that you have to teach for la forever for the rest of your life uh for some
people um some other fields that um are connected to teaching can be useful
and i would recommend looking at that direction because it can be not just um
easier in terms of income or like more profitable in terms of income it can
also be much more interesting uh so just think about it
these are some ideas how you can make some extra income
or some more cash but in general uh all of your skills
that you obtain with the tefl certification can be used in
other fields as well in other positions as well not just english teaching
yeah that's probably it i think that i'm done talking here
i also want to well hear from you
if you have any feedback if you have any questions related to
today's topic uh or related to the tefl certification in general feel free to
ask whatever questions come to your mind i will try my best to help you
and you can see this qr code once again if you want to get at um a discount of
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and now let me see the chat box because i saw there are some questions
there right now all right guys i'm super happy to hear that the weather is fine
in various parts of the world um and i am really happy to know that we
are guys truly global uh that's so cool um i like to
communicate with the global community with the international community this is
the way i practice my english on a regular basis first of all
um and yeah what else yeah let's see
uh that's a great question um i hope to pronounce your name correctly aicha
uh if i mispronounce it just let me know in the comment section
um and apologize so what's the difference between itttt
and itti basically these are two different companies uh frankly speaking
i don't know anything about the second one but um this company that i uh work
for and um that i represent right now is called tefl international tefl and tesol
training and you can see our logo right here
um in in the center of the qr code um yeah and our
our website uh is right here in the comments section let me actually copy
the link once again so if you're curious um about different
uh options we offer uh just feel free to follow the link from the comment section
um and that's it
all right and uh cheap and lim asks a great question as well thank you
uh so you've got a tefl uh certification of 120 hours
it's uh the basic um requirement uh for teachers actually to have at
least 120 hours um and it means that you can start
teaching online and you can work um as a teacher in a real classroom all over the
world so basically any teaching certification with um at least 120 hours
uh allows you to work either online or in a real classroom
so i hope that my answer is full and helpful
okay um all right thanks a lot guys thanks a lot
for sharing your feedback i really appreciate it
and by the way um if you have any questions related to today's
content um to the ideas how to get your investments back after getting
tefl certified uh feel free to ask or feel free to comment
and there is another question
all right so basically what are the benefits if you are not
tefl certified the chances are you don't have the knowledge of
methodology which is the most important requirement for english teachers
especially if you weren't trained as an english teacher before uh you know there
are many people who actually get this education um in um in an authorized
institution like um a university an educational department or something
like that so um if you uh got your
major in the if you um majored in a different field
you don't know how to teach you know english but you don't know how to
deliver this information to um other people
you don't know how to explain it um you know um
in a professional manner that is why you have to get tefl certified or otherwise you have to go to
university and study for four years or like for six years you know
um yeah that's probably the most crucial uh point uh why people
should get tefl certified um yeah so if you want to teach you have
to know how to do it you have to know the methodology you have to
know how to manage your classroom uh what else you have to
know some basic basic things related to uh english like
linguistically as well and that's what is included in the
uh tefl certification in the tefl certification course
the other point is important in terms of certification is
that it prepares you to different situations in your classroom for example
um if you get the general tefl certification of 120 hours
uh you will learn how to work with various groups of people like uh but it
will be some basic um training but you will know how to
deliver information to adults how to work with younger students
and at the same time how to manage let's say teenagers or elderly
so these are different types of students these are different types of uh learners
uh in terms of their abilities you know uh and you also have to be able to
versatile you have to be able to distinguish between them because what is useful for young kids can't be
used with adults even if they have the same level of english
that's probably it and of course these ideas will be useful
like this skills and knowledge will be useful when you decide to work not just
as a teacher but as as a methodologist for example or when
you decide to start your own business you have to have this understanding that
just being a fluent english speaker is not enough so you need to
train specifically to work with people this way
okay so aicha i hope that i answered your question
if not please please try to give some more details and
i will try my best to answer it again okay
um all right uh so basically uh teaching in a specific
place uh requires you to check out their requirement uh the country's requirement
so in every country they have different regulations and
i always recommend that you guys be proactive and go to the
country's embassies check out their requirements for english teachers or for
other positions you want to apply for so
that's probably the first step how to work also
on the um on our website we have a section
let me quickly uh share the link to the section so we have this section called
um tefl employment uh just one second let me share it right now
so we have this section for hong kong and if you are curious about um some
if you are curious about different positions in in hong kong you can
actually check out this link right now um so
this is for general information uh we try to update
the positions regularly and you can actually find a new position
um that was published in september
so you will get some understanding what are the main requirements for teaching
in hong kong but at the same time what i suggested before uh that you have to go to um the
embassy's platforms and check out the requirements there they also are applying applied
so make sure you check different sources and how itt can help as well
you can check out our facebook group we publish um different uh job prospects on
a regular basis there as well so if they are not on the website
uh you can find them on the facebook group um that's probably it and it is for free
absolutely so you don't have to pay for such positions you know some companies some
uh toefl companies they actually share uh jobs share um
prospects uh just uh with their current students or graduates but
identity does that for free for everyone who is actually interested
but at the same time we have um a like um a personalized approach to graduates
so if you graduated from itttt's tefl courses
you get your personalized job support and
you will have this job support um um for free like uh during the lifetime
uh you will get an access to a special web platform
where we uh share some more content and a piece of advice for those
people who want to find find the job but don't know how to
start you know so these are some general ideas how you
can uh benefit from working with idt okay so let me see the next question
all right
[Music] all right
as for this question thanks a lot for asking once again thanks for being
active i really like to you know assist and um explain everything
uh so generally speaking you won't need to start it all over again from scratch
because you you have already got this basis um on the website uh you can
check out the diploma option uh if you are tefl certified you are
like 100 percent sure don't have to um get the
general certification once again uh but it is actually distributed um as
a complementary course so what i recommend uh to do
is to reach out our tefl manager
uh you can actually send uh your question send your request uh for an update for
um not an update but um you know
for an upgrade yeah you can send your question here
so this is my email at itt so you can send your
request here and i will um forward it to the manager
who works with courses and graduates um so i will try my best to find an
option but you can also check out um this link
okay one second uh it is our diploma course
uh if you have already been tefl certified you will just need to
get uh the general course uh not the general course but um
those uh points that you haven't worked on um
at your in your initial certification and uh yeah then you will get um a
different certificate after after completing all of the
necessary units okay so that's probably it
but once again if you have if you have some further questions feel free to ask as
well yeah basically uh letter um is right
there are some there are more options if you get this step if you have this tefl
certification you can be so flexible um well for example i am um i am an example
here so um initially i was just an english
teacher and i got tefl certified with itttt in 2017
at that time i worked um as a classroom teacher in china
as an english teacher in a real classroom then i decided to um you know
to go online i ran my personal blog on social media first
then i found this position in itt and
i could actually utilize my skills that i obtained after that i
obtained during the tefl course first and then my skills related to teaching
uh in a real classroom like apart from what i knew after tefl certification
then um i also learned something about blogging and stuff
and finally i can implement my skills as a tefl expert and as a marketing
manager so there are many ways how you can benefit from tefl certification
okay um all right guys do you have any further
questions so if you do make sure you send them
right now because um that's probably the end of the presentation that's for sure the end of
the presentation and um it might be the end of the q a session
so if you don't ask your questions right now um you will have to wait for an
answer um well as a comment you know as a as a feedback
to your comment as a reply um what i would like to say as well
yeah i haven't mentioned that i have a group on facebook
for those who are interested in online teaching and stuff
so this is a friendly invitation to my group feel free to scan the qr code or
otherwise i will also drop down the
link yeah check out the link if you are not on the facebook group yet
um join in um i'm trying to create this teaching activity uh not teaching
activity teaching community uh so if you if you have some questions
related to teaching in general online teaching um online marketing for
teachers or stuff like that you can send your questions to the facebook group um
and hopefully the community will will assist you um or i will create a post or another
video uh for that so yeah that's how i try to
be helpful apart from this live streams and i always appreciate your um
you know your messages on facebook um i
i am okay if somebody um reached me out this way as well using the direct
messenger uh it's okay too if you want to keep in touch
okay um just make sure that when you uh join
the group you answer all of the questions um related to the
um to that you know allowance to the group uh because the group is closed uh and i
try to filter people um sometimes you know different bots um
join the group and that's not the best way and yeah and the content is also
um not for everyone just for those who is motivated and
interested and yeah that's probably it all right guys so i don't see any
further questions in the comments box so that's probably it
thanks a lot for your feedback if you have your feedback uh later you can also
direct message me i will really appreciate it thanks a lot guys
uh that's the end of today's live stream if you watch it um as a recording or if
you listen to this live stream as a podcast thanks a lot for downloading
thanks a lot for um you know reaching out to the
content um i hope to see you next week if you have any requests
in terms of topics you can also suggest me using my group or through the direct
messages or just in the comments section here if your topic is relevant and it might
be interesting interesting for the audience for the general audience i
will do um this full live stream devoted to your question
and that can be also a way to uh work on your problem okay
so that's it for today thanks a lot for coming and see you soon
once again bye bye