TESOL TEFL Reviews – Video Testimonial - Kensey


Kensey is from the United States and took her TEFL course in Prague, Czech Republic with ITTT. In her TEFL review video, Kensey explains how she found the training to be very good with qualified and experienced instructors. The support during the course was good, especially when preparing for practical teaching sessions. Kensey enjoyed the fact that she got to work with a range of people including young learners, which is something that not all TEFL courses include. The most difficult part of the course for her was the amount of studying required and the creative work needed to prepare lessons. Although she is still new to teaching, Kensey feels the course has prepared her well for the classroom and a future career in teaching English as a foreign language. Although initially worried by the location of the school outside of the city center, she actually found this to be quite useful; using the commute to reflect on her classes and learn how to get around Prague. Kensey would recommend the TEFL course in Prague and has already told friends about it.

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