Part-Time Online English Teachers Wanted

Date posted:2022-07-22 | Writer: Monte School | Email: [email protected]

We are currently looking for Part-Time Online English Teachers, ITTT alumni, Russian or Portuguese speakers (desirable) to work with us and teach youngsters 7 to 13 yo!

With us, you do not need to prepare lessons materials. Our school materials writer prepares them. As a teacher, you have to teach children online using our lessons materials. Most of the lessons are 30 or 45 minutes long. You have to be punctual, ethical and professional while teaching.

Methodologies we use: TESOL for YL, Montessori, Callan, Communicative approach.

Hourly rate is US$ 7 to 9 depending on skill level.

We are special, because we do make lessons interesting for children by
1.    Student-centred learning
2.    Respect to children and teenagers
3.    We make all clear by using simple language to explain
Our Teachers (and we invite you if you have the same values)
1.    Love to teach English and love to teach children
Children are special, sometimes emotional, sometimes talkative, sometimes even sad, hungry, irritated, and lazy. But very intelligent     and easy to response and get motivated with proper tools usage
2.      Have a neutral accent
It is not necessary to be a native speaker to join our team, but it is important to have a proper pronunciation, because our students copy our accent easily!
3.    Have TEFL, TESOL or equivalent certification or expertise
We guarantee our clients and students that only advanced and effective techniques and methodologies are used within the lessons. No oldschool tools, strict distant teachers etc. We are professional and friendly educators!
4.    Punctual
We start and complete our lessons on time
5.    Ethically correct with students
We take care of what we teach and say. We stay within our lessons materials and do not discuss any controversial or sensitive topics (no discussions with kids about religion, LGBT etc.)
6.    Ethically correct with school management
It is prohibited to teach our students privately out of the school, to use or share our lessons' material provided you as our teacher for your private lessons out of the school or any other way, and to discuss with the students any organisational or financial conditions of their contracts.

For more details, please contact Eliza at the email address given in the job heading.